Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1514

Zhu Gui has not thought that own attack will be blocked unexpectedly, his face is somewhat ugly, in his opinion, around him two spear|guns cannot the result Zhao Hai, this really very much not have the face unexpectedly, moreover made hundred treasure people of Zhao Hai * on give to pack off, this hit his face without doubt face to face, his face naturally cannot be attractive. Zhao Hai has not actually managed Zhu Gui face , he presently this type of spring shield is very effective, although he needs many Spiritual Qi to support this spring shield, but generally speaking, this spring shield when blocking his Zhu Gui bullet, has not caused anything to injure to them.[] That is Immortal Stage Expert strikes, such attack was given to block by him unexpectedly, by a point wound, Zhao Hai truly is not been proud. However Zhao Hai has not treated it lightly, these time was different from before, before he can also hide in Space, this time he actually cannot hide toward Space , can only spell hardly, therefore Zhao Hai very careful. Zhu Gui look at Zhao Hai, cold sound said : good, is very good, Zhao Hai, has not thought really that your strength so is unexpectedly strong, I also on impolite.” Said that Zhu Gui at one fell swoop in hand large spear, buckles the board to strike one after another! However this Zhu Gui fire mode is somewhat special, before he is not likely , after these are ready with the rifle firing the aiming, is firing, then large spear in in his hand, lived probably was the same, he kept was brandishing that large spear, the bullet in large spear also shot from inside. Naturally, such wields spear|gun to him, that bullet naturally was impossible to hit toward Zhao Hai there, that bullet left right all over the sky randomly flew. Zhao Hai somewhat cannot understand the meaning of Zhu Gui, understand is he is not doing, such wields to him, can that bullet project on the person? However Zhao Hai presently guesses quickly mistakenly, that bullet not only can project on the person, but also makes him feel that very difficult entangles! Sees the bullet that all over the sky randomly flies, after departing is not far, started to make a turn unexpectedly, bullets were drawing the arc, struck toward Zhao Hai, blocked Zhao Hai all escape routes. Can the bullet turn round?! This world too «» to the bullets of these curves, has cannot help but gawked, he has not thought that the bullet turns changes this matter, unexpectedly real appears in own front.

However Zhao Hai also knows now is not time, his hand wields, that big shield fierce one exploded, changed into all over the sky flying sword. Zhao Hai deep voice said : Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations, scolds!” Along with his voice, about thousand flying sword have composed huge Sword Formation in his all around, these flying sword like the swimming fish same protection in Zhao Hai all around, all approach the Zhao Hai bullet, by these flying sword keeping off. Zhao Hai stands in Sword Formation, meets to begin to wield, 12 giant metal beasts, appears in his side, then these 12 metal beasts fiercely proceeds to throw, flushes away toward Zhu Gui. Zhu Gui has not thought that he has used the slippery trajectory, unexpectedly how Zhao Hai, his face cannot help but uglier, now looked that Zhao Hai also dares to counter-attack unexpectedly, he cannot help but filled with gas, his coldly snorted, in hand suddenly has emitted one group of blue flame, then this flame unexpectedly integration slowly to his hand in that greatly him, originally is outside fiery red large spear, has actually emitted the blue flame, this made his look like large spear was more attractive. However Zhao Hai actually does not dare to treat it lightly, he just although kept off the Zhu Gui bullet with Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation, but he keeps off is not relaxed, after all that is the bullet that Immortal Stage Expert shoots, he presently Might of this bullet, want on strong some compared with his Cannon. although kept off the Zhu Gui bullet, Zhao Hai also has actually had to sigh that this Immortal Stage Expert was Immortal Stage Expert, the strength is formidable, every struck equivalent to Divided Spirit Stage Expert fully to strike, such attack strength, if were used to cope with general Divided Spirit Stage Expert, feared that was extinguished already the type. But Zhao Hai uses this stars changes ten thousand changes Sword Formation, in each sword may have a yin Yang lightning pond, because has this yin Yang lightning pond, Zhao Hai can look like that relaxed block, the Zhu Gui bullet. although has existence of this yin Yang lightning pond, but Zhao Hai, when blocks these bullets, has spent many strengths, does not look like that relaxed like the surface. However Zhu Gui and don’t know these, he noticed that Zhao Hai unexpectedly relaxed keeping off has gotten down his attack, moreover started to counter-attack to him, how this enabled Zhu Gui to bear. Zhu Gui coldly snorted, two foot downward points, in his two thin snake, one flushed, welcomed toward that 12 metal beasts.

Zhao Hai has not actually managed fight of 12 metal beasts among with that two snakes, the motions of 12 metal beasts are quite free, when they think attack, when thinks retreat, by them. These 12 metal beasts, now his strength is not weak, after multiple Level Up, currently these 12 metal beasts, had almost the Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert strength, but their metals, are not violable, this is these 12 metal beast biggest taking advantage. Does not have formidable such by the top ten two metal beasts, but now in within the body of these 12 metal beasts, was installed the yin Yang lightning pond, has this yin Yang lightning pond to provide energy to them, their fighting strength have naturally promoted a political integrity. Zhu Gui is also very confident to oneself that two thin snake, that two thin snake is heterogeneous in Monster Beast, the known as silver whip snake, the bodies of these two snakes very soft, but defense capability also very strong, strength very big of this snake, in the mouth also two poison fangs, this poison fang is the midheaven, can spout the venom, this venom not only strange poison is incomparable, even if were in Divided Spirit Stage Expert this venom , was almost not good, moreover this venom also had strong corrosion xing, very fierce. These two silver whip snake although are only the Divided Spirit Stage strengths, but also with having Immortal Stage, but the attack strength is actually very strong, in five side Upper Realm there is very famous hard to deal with corner/horn . The strengths of 12 metal beasts were worse than much the silver whip snake, but defended strongly, entered two silver whip snakes to is fights evenly with 12 metal beasts. Zhu Gui face was uglier, he has not thought that oneself today not only has used Space viscous, but also the use slippery trajectory, has used including own treasure silver whip snake now, actually still cannot how Zhao Hai, how this enables supercilious Zhu Gui to swallow under this tone. What most important is, he presently are towed by Zhao Hai in here too long time, this regarding in plans very disadvantageously, this hundred treasure had gone all out, made they in all Immortal Stage Expert, this made Weave Fire Clan not think that Weave Fire Clan must send out large quantities of Immortal Stage Expert, coordinated great Spirit Race Immortal Stage Expert, gave to direct these Immortal Stage Expert of hundred treasure, then wants to make Zhu Gui attack hundred treasure encampment. Must say Immortal Stage Expert that Weave Fire Clan can transfer now is not many, five side Upper Realm are not the calm place, if they adjust Immortal Stage Expert, that has the possibility den not to guarantee very much, must know that several person is not being a vegetarian corner/horn , saw that enables suitable one upward to clash. Because of this, therefore Weave Fire Clan must leave behind enough Immortal Stage Expert to defend own domain, manpower that therefore they can adjust now very limited, has directed hundred treasure besides these Immortal Stage Expert, Immortal Stage Expert that remaining several can move. But meets Space Divergent Technique may his, want attack hundred treasure encampment, must have him not to be possible, hundred treasure the defense capability of encampment there, is not Comprehend the world encampment or octopus island there can compare, the octopus island and defense of Comprehend the world encampment there, can use break the formation Spirit Snake needle breaking through easily, but hundred treasure encampment here, actually cannot achieve this point, even if Immortal Stage Expert, is taking the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, needs to spend very big strength to be able against to fall hundred treasure encampment Island Guardian Great Formation.

Because of this, therefore Weave Fire Clan these time let Zhu Gui specially with, the Zhu Gui strength in Immortal Stage Expert was not strongest, but he can Space Divergent Technique, he be able to submerge using Space Divergent Technique to hundred treasure encampment, if in encampment of hundred treasure, there is Immortal Stage Expert to assume personal command, this plan was invalid, the Zhu Gui strength was not strong, strong was rushes goes, was possible to have is given to extinguish. Then is present hundred treasure encampment there, simply does not have Immortal Stage Expert to assume personal command, Zhu Gui naturally can rush, so long as Zhu Gui entered hundred treasure encampment, that can destroy from inside, when the time comes is closing in outside other Immortal Stage Expert, even if in hundred treasure encampment, has plenty Transcends Tribulation Stage and Divided Spirit Stage cultivator, cannot block them. But before making this planning for action, Weave Fire Clan gave back to Zhu Gui to issue an order, that must first Zhao Hai butchering, * in these cultivator stayed outside Zhao Hai. Weave Fire Clan hated Zhao Hai, a Zhao Hai person from all sides on kill their several thousand individuals, but also broke has gone bad their twice plan, how this let the Weave Fire Clan person to swallow under this tone. Moreover the Weave Fire Clan person also knows, Mu Yu with Zhao Hai in together, to be honest, Weave Fire Clan this time target, not only Zhao Hai, Mu Yu , because Mu Yu is the successors of hundred treasure key trained, he prestige in hundred treasure is very high, has him, even if were Zhu Gui has kicked hundred treasure encampment, Mu Yu can also organize the person to resist, insurance wanted Mu Yu to insist that turned back in order to help friendly forces to Immortal Stage Expert of hundred treasure, that this time battle, the victory and defeat was really is very finally difficult to expect. The plan of original Weave Fire Clan is very good, they know that Zhao Hai is Space Divergent Warlock , therefore makes Zhu Huo cope with Zhao Hai, in their opinion, sending Immortal Stage Expert to cope with Zhao Hai, that is also not easy, but they have not actually thought that a Zhao Hai present situation is not right, immediately delivered returned to encampment Mu Yu , then remained to tie down Zhu Huo. But Zhu Huo has not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly such hard to deal with, he has caused several methods, was unable to be what kind of Zhao Hai unexpectedly, if such is delaying, that this plan may probably be scrapped. Zhu Huo knows that cannot such delay, otherwise really without enough time , because of this, therefore he has used the hot spearplay. The one type of spearplay that after this hot spearplay is Weave Fire Clan achieves Immortal Stage, can use, he can Weave Fire Clan divergent flame, gather the use with the spearplay, making Might of bullet increase.!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;