Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1515

Chapter 440 fights to start! Zhu Gui the blue flame is not the ordinary goods, but is the nether world ice fire, the nether world ice fire is the one type of extremely Yin Attribute fire, no matter this type of fire bumps into any thing, can make that thing tie turn into ice instantaneously, then melts the turn into ice powder, very overbearing. Zhu Gui also obtained this type of fire, although said that this nether world ice fire very overbearing, Zhu Gui actually often does not use, because of this fire extremely in overbearing, although Weave Fire Clan had to control the fire Divergent Technique, but is overbearing fire not easy control, even if were the present Zhu Gui within the body had this type of nether world ice fire Fire Seed/Allspark, the long time use nether world ice fire will receive own meridians. He is Immortal Stage Expert, such Expert when the use nether world ice fire, the easy wound to arrive at the meridians, do not say others, this type of nether world ice fire can be said as Zhu Gui trump card. Zhu Gui coldly look at Zhao Hai, meets to begin to wield, a row of bullet under his spiritual force control, if bullet chain same appears in the Zhu Gui side, simultaneously Zhu Gui fierce buckle trigger. Outside red is actually measuring the bullet of blue flame, shoots toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai stern-faced look at that bullet, he is presently good a bullet not to be different, but this different place, is come from that blue flame. Moreover this Zhu Gui may not fire several spear|guns to finish up, but with having the spear|gun keeps is waving, bullet like rain same has shot. Zhao Hai wields, his body the quantity of sword in one time increased, ten thousand swords have composed Sword Formation fully, protects in his surroundings. The quick bullet hit on the Zhao Hai sword, this bullet one dozen on the Zhao Hai sword, one by the Zhao Hai sword blocking, however Zhao Hai complexion was actually becomes very difficult looks. Because he presently this bullet one dozen on his sword, unexpectedly his sword freezing! Not wrong, froze, the sword also received his control, but in sword the working efficiency of cloudy Yang lightning pond was slower, probably was the machine that soon was frozen is the same, moreover this flying sword also one became wonderful slow incomparable, this was Zhao Hai has not thought. He has not thought of this blue flame unexpectedly such overbearing , if before, he certainly of bullet attracting in Space, this knows that this flame was anything, when the time comes on his Magical Artifact can bring this type of flame, did not need to be worried about this type of flame. However now is not good, this Zhu Gui is Space Divergent Technique does, that Space viscous function did not have information, if Zhao Hai receives the bullet toward Space in, feared that is by Zhu Gui presently anything, then on big will not be wonderful.

Therefore he presently must only be able to keep is keeping off these bullets with flying sword, every time keeps off a bullet, he has flying sword becomes is equally slow to the snail, but Zhao Hai was also cruel-hearted, this time his right and wrong kept off may not, he to wants to have a look, can Zhu Gui be able to consume with him. But Zhao Hai and don’t know, Zhu Gui surprised becomes to point also no less than Zhao Hai, he has not thought that oneself took out nether world ice fire Ultimate Weapon, was unable how Zhao Hai unexpectedly. However Zhu Gui saw when with that two silver whip snakes fight the well-matched 12 metal beasts, had the new idea, his in hand spear|gun moves, several spear|gun direct that 12 metal beasts shoot. That 12 metal beast although very flexible, but wants to evade Zhu Gui attack is actually impossible, Zhu Gui is Immortal Stage Expert, how they can evade. 12 metal beasts are hit, their although had not been defeated, but moved slowly, but compared to flying sword to come, actually wanted quickly much. Zhao Hai present, the cloudy Yang lightning ponds in 12 metal carcasses, operation in the rapidness compared with flying sword, it seems like be because cloudy Yang lightning pond bigger relationship in 12 metal carcasses. Influence that although 12 metal beasts come under does not have flying sword to be big, is not small, simply cannot block that two silver whip snakes, that two silver whip snakes, seize the opportunity gets out of trouble, direct Zhao Hai kills. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback command(er) flying sword interception, but that two snakes are actually actually the ratios is flexible he, moreover does not fear Blade and Sword, kills unexpectedly toward Zhao Hai. A complexion ugliness of Zhao Hai, he he too good means has not coped with these two snakes now, he can certainly release Yama Ship come, but release Yama Ship can be what kind, he could not solve the problem of that blue flame, came to release Yama Ship, was a big target, can only stand in there withstands Zhu Gui attack one after another. attack that such words Zhao Hai spiritual force receives will increase, instead to is not cost-effective, Yama Ship strongest is actually his ramming capability and on the ship artillery, but that artillery wants some people of loads, the load needs Undead Creature in Space, if before , that naturally cannot the issue, but Zhao Hai actually cannot open Space now, therefore these Undead Creature cannot come out, this on giving Zhao Hai has brought very big trouble. The artillery is unusable, dashes, so long as got several spear|guns by Zhu Gui, feared that will become the slow-moving, simply will not arrive at doing that will dash to use, therefore Zhao Hai these time not Yama Ship release.

However release Yama Ship, he does not think that was defending these two silver whip snakes somewhat to be difficult, he can certainly manufacture a metal shell wrapping himself with Liquid Silver, but such one, to his later motion was actually somewhat disadvantageous. Because Zhao Hai already present, after by blue flame burning, wants to make Liquid Silver easily not achieve to former that quick transformation, if he a metal shell on own body outside the body bread, if by Zhu Gui getting several spear|guns, that troubled. Now the Zhu Gui spear|gun hits was getting quicker and quicker, although Zhao Hai flying sword in resisting of keeping, however his flying sword were also getting fewer and fewer, release flying sword that naturally, Zhao Hai can keep, but this type to consuming, does not have what advantage regarding Zhao Hai, if he is causing Great Magical Artifact, but gives itself to wrap words of metal shell, will only affect his control to these flying sword. These flying sword when form Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, can flying sword complete block of Zhu Gui, if only depends on his spiritual force to come command(er), may leave out some bullets, but this Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, regarding the request of spiritual force is also very high, therefore Zhao Hai wants in control Great Magical Artifact, while in control that many flying sword, he cannot fight too long time, must know that he now with is a consumption that Zhu Gui spells, who could not endure first, who on is bad luck that is the same. Zhao Hai can Immortal Stage Expert putting together this degree, he has been able to feel proudly, naturally, he needs first trying to find the solution copes with that two silver whip snakes to be good. Zhao Hai looked at that two silver whip snake getting closer and closer, cannot result in coldly snorted, then his personal appearance moved , the hand started to tie seal, seal very simple that this time he tied, only then Hand-Seal, but along with this Hand-Seal join of slowly, on the face of Zhao Hai also appears a dignified and gentle feeling, then Zhao Hai wielded, two golden radiance, direct that two his silver whip snakes shot. These two very fast, that two long silver whip snake simply cannot only avoid, under two a golden light hit a target, these two ray of light hit a target that two silver whip snakes, that two silver whip snakes stopped first, then starts restlessly is swaying from side to side the body, is struggling evidently probably, however their struggling a little are in a dilemma probably that ideological struggling, is not on the body. Zhao Hai knows certainly that these two snakes were used Imperial Beast Profound Technique by him, Zhao Hai also know, if today does not put out a skill to come, feared that will be will suffer a loss in the hand of Zhu Gui, therefore he has used Imperial Beast Profound Technique. While using Imperial Beast Profound Technique, Zhao Hai has also input Strength of Faith toward own these flying sword with 12 metal beasts, this Strength of Faith enters to these Magical Artifact, probably on flame that in one group must extinguish, irrigated a casing of gasoline to be the same, all Magical Artifact were almost restoring to the best condition instantaneously, 12 metal beasts were also same. Zhu Gui may have the experience hick, looked that golden light his cannot help but two eyes does shrink, calls out in alarm said : Strength of Faith?” Then Zhu Gui complexion one becomes very difficult looks, his very clear, this Strength of Faith is not general thing, he is attached to the nether world ice fire on bullet to meet Strength of Faith, certainly will be broken, moreover Zhao Hai can extract is entangling him more often. Thinks of here, Zhu Gui complexion cannot help but changes, he turned the head to look at one to stop in behind, has not dared dealings these Weave Fire Clan people, said loudly: All people begin, today must keep here this Zhao Hai, otherwise must in the future to become Dahai!”

Person who Zhu Gui very clear, has Strength of Faith, that practices, almost does not have any checkpoint, Zhao Hai is only Transcends Tribulation Stage so is now hard to deal with, if he in Level Up, that feared that was nobody can govern him, therefore he must before Zhao Hai grew Zhao Hai destroying completely. These Weave Fire Clan people, in the motion regarding clan are also know that they after and other Zhu Gui have tidied up Zhao Hai, is coping with hundred treasure with Zhu Gui together encampment, therefore they have stood in behind have not moved. These Weave Fire Clan person very clear, first Immortal Stage Expert has own dignity, they when fight with the person, if in has not been under his order , helping, feared that does not need the match to begin, that Immortal Stage will not let off them, therefore they have stood in behind watch the fun. To be honest, they think most from the beginning Zhao Hai is courting death, a Transcends Tribulation Stage person dares to remain to cope with Immortal Stage Expert unexpectedly, that does not court death is anything, however the powder of matter actually stems from his unexpected, they have not thought that the Zhao Hai strength to subdue|grams so is unexpectedly strong, unexpectedly really that Immortal Stage Expert blocking, this really stems from their unexpected. Shouted that to Zhu Gui the Strength of Faith four characters, are adding on the order of Zhu Gui, these Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race talented person responded that immediately took Magical Artifact to kill. Since has used Strength of Faith, Zhao Hai was impolite, Strength of Faith toward all around clashes, that Space viscous feeling one vanished, Zhao Hai just wants to try, has not actually thought that really success, Zhao Hai will not be will be naturally polite, the hand will wield, three Great Magical Artifact appears in their side, near two hundred thousand were then taking Undead Creature appears of improved card spear|gun in Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact, the artillery on Great Magical Artifact also has made a sound, war true start! ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;