Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1516

Chapter 441 greatly harvests Zhao Hai these time also calculates that the initial capital, some although strength formidable Undead Creature had not moved, but in his hand all with Undead Creature of spear|gun actually all sent, Mu Yu they are not in any case now, Zhao Hai also firmly decided to the lesson that these Weave Fire Clan forever could not forget. Zhu Gui presently own Space Divergent Technique does not have the means to limit Zhao Hai, moreover Zhao Hai one three Great Magical Artifact let out, his in hand spear|gun still has not stopped, one after another is fiercely attacking to Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact, but does not have what effect, Zhu Gui knows that this is because has the matter of Strength of Faith protection. Before Zhu Gui, only heard that the Strength of Faith wondrous use is infinite, but he does not believe that he believes that because the people cannot obtain Strength of Faith, therefore Strength of Faith passing on god too. However now looks like the rumor not empty, this Strength of Faith is really very formidable, no wonder that many people want to obtain this Strength of Faith. The Zhu Gui strength in Immortal Stage Expert is not very strong, but cannot be weak, just his match anomaly, Zhu Gui can compel to use in Zhao Hai the Strength of Faith share, was actually not simple. Zhao Hai Strength of Faith sooner or later must use, but he has not thought that such quickly was compelled to use, since has used, that does not use in polite, full attack. Zhao Hai command(er) three Great Magical Artifact, more than 200 Cannon are keeping bombs his Weave Fire Clan allied armies, simultaneously proceeding of three Great Magical Artifact also doom flush away. although Zhao Hai in command(er) three Great Magical Artifact, but he has not fired the spear|gun to that two silver whip snakes, Zhao Hai now with controlling beast **, thinks that is surrendering that two silver whip snakes. Like this he did not have too many energy to come command(er) three Great Magical Artifact and these Undead Creature, therefore Zhao Hai the command(er) three Great Magical Artifact Undead Creature matter, has given Laura them, he was coping with that two silver whip snakes with single-hearted devotion. Zhao Hai is very careful to these two silver whip snakes \; first, because he wants to receive in Space these two silver whip snakes, lets in Space by multi- one type of formidable Monster Beast, can let some Magic Beast quicker evolution in Space, second is he also wants to try this controlling beast ** Might how. He had not used these Buddhist Sect Profound Technique before, these time naturally must try well, Zhao Hai presently the response of that two silver whip snakes is very intense, is not willing to submit to him, but Zhao Hai was not actually worried that he currently has the time slowly with these two silver whip snake grinding. Zhao Hai thinks reason that one cannot surrender these two silver whip snakes quickly, certainly because of strength formidable of these two silver whip snakes, therefore he wants to surrender these two silver whip snakes so to be difficult. Actually he only knows its one not to know its two, reason that these two silver whip snakes are so difficult to surrender, except for beside strength formidable, a very important reason, that is they are raised, moreover since childhood raises in a big way, had already recognized main. Zhao Hai now equal to others' thing, snatching to own in hand, that naturally is very difficult, if these two silver whip snakes wild, feared that was already by Zhao Hai surrendering, Buddhist Sect Profound Technique did not joke. The although command(er) these three Great Magical Artifact people changed into Laura they, but these three Great Magical Artifact fighting strength are has not actually reduced, conversely, but also increased much, if discussed the command(er) ability only, Zhao Hai they miss compared with Lizzy on many.

Three Great Magical Artifact in rumbling crackle of gunfire, have crashed in Great Formation of Weave Fire Clan allied armies, although said that Zhu Gui has been resisting fully, but blessing/additional support Strength of Faith Great Magical Artifact, is not he can resist, three Great Magical Artifact crash in Great Formation directly. This crashed in Great Formation, these Undead Creature in Great Magical Artifact also starts attack, their spear|guns underwent the improvement, compared with spear|gun that the Weave Fire Clan person used, the lethality also wanted on big some, at once, Weave Fire Clan allied armies simply could not block the impacts of these three Great Magical Artifact. look at these three Great Magical Artifact of Zhu Gui two eyes torching, he has not thought that these three Great Magical Artifact unexpectedly such formidable, his Immortal Stage Expert cannot block unexpectedly. Zhu Gui clenches teeth, he decided that gives up pestering with Zhao Hai in here, goes to attack hundred treasure directly encampment, in his opinion, so long as striking to have dispersed hundred treasure, that Zhao Hai is also a rootless wild ghost, cannot turn any storm to come. Thinks that here Zhu Gui has cannot help but taken back the nether world ice fire on oneself spear|gun, received own spear|gun, did not abandon looked at that two silver whip snakes, was looking maliciously has stood in on the ship Zhao Hai one, personal appearance flashes vanish from sight. Zhao Hai although has thought is surrendering that two silver whip snakes, but he very pays attention regarding Zhu Gui, he has not thought that Zhu Gui will give up these two silver whip snakes unexpectedly, looked at Zhu Gui to walk, Zhao Hai immediately knows that he went to there, Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but changed, he just about to gives up surrendering these two silver whip snakes, simultaneously received three Great Magical Artifact to catch up with returned to hundred treasure encampment to go, at this moment, Cai'er open the mouth and said: Elder Brother Hai, you do not need to be worried that encampment there will not have the issue, Tang Tian graciousness already returned to encampment there, now Zhu Gui, because has fought such long time with you, the ten layers strength, went to three, four layers, possibly is not the Tang Tian graciousness match.” One hear of Cai'er said that Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, then he smiles said : well, even the Tang Tian graciousness elder went back, I do not have what good worry, Cai'er, you have given me to tidy up these fellows maliciously, I cannot I unable to tidy up these two snakes.” The snake is the snake, but is the earth name of Zhao Hai native place one type of to snake, Zhao Hai heard Tang Tian graciousness returned to encampment, on complete feel relieved. But those who make Zhao Hai not think, Zhu Gui vanishes, the resistance of that two silver whip snakes was unexpectedly small, Zhao Hai stares, then the great happiness, immediately/on horseback increased own Spiritual Attack, within a half hour, Zhao Hai felt finally these two silver whip snakes transmitted an intermittent worship also to have the mood of dependence to him. Zhao Hai stares, then his immediately understand, own Imperial Beast Profound Technique has succeeded, Zhao Hai received Imperial Beast Profound Technique, that two silver whip snake direct Zhao Hai shot, but Zhao Hai had not actually been worried that because of him on the bodies of these two silver whip snakes, has not felt any hostility. The quick two silver whip snakes have flown the Zhao Hai side, has rubbed rubbing with their bodies on the body of Zhao Hai, probably was the baby saw own father was the same. Zhao Hai looks at the appearances of these two silver whip snakes, cannot help but laughs, meets to begin to wield, received in these two silver whip snakes Space, this starts to pay attention to the external tactical situation. Now the tactical situation did not have well what the association soldier number that although this Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race sent had eighty thousand fully, but their in hand did not have Great Magical Artifact, but in them strongest Zhu Gui walked, they think that is blocking Zhao Hai is naturally impossible. In adding on Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact also has two hundred thousand with Undead Creature of spear|gun, Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race allied armies, naturally cannot ask to be good.

Zhao Hai calm look at these people, treat the enemy he not to have point pitying, now he has killed near thirty thousand person, these people turned into Undead Creature, took in Space, Strength of Faith that he can obtain were also more. Before Zhao Hai, regarding some Expert continuously fears of Immortal Stage, therefore he avoidance and Immortal Stage Expert as far as possible conflicts. However today and Zhu Gui this time fighting, let Zhao Hai understand, if he used Strength of Faith, can compare with Immortal Stage Expert fully. However Zhao Hai thinks that later this Strength of Faith little use to well, because also has a stronger enemy to wait for him, he does not want to expose too many cards in a hand. Therefore after Zhu Gui leave, Zhao Hai only has not been increasing Strength of Faith in own Magical Artifact, even if this, Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race allied armies cannot withstand Zhao Hai attack. However Zhao Hai actually notes another matter now, that is on his three Great Magical Artifact outside protective shield, many one layer blue flame, but nether world ice fire that this blue flame, Zhu Gui uses. Uses Strength of Faith in Zhao Hai, has untied Space, therefore he also found time to receive several Zhu Gui bullets to enter Space, naturally also has resulted in this nether world ice fire, now Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact, the defense capability was stronger, the Zhao Hai attack method are also simultaneously many were same. That this Weave Fire Clan and in the great Spirit Race allied armies some small Interface people, started the rout, these small Interface people impossible were Weave Fire Clan with great Spirit Race with all one's strength, after all they more must consider for own Interface that looked like these small Interface of hundred treasure is the same, if Zhu Gui killed hundred treasure encampment, but Mu Yu they have not been able to resist, that hundred treasure the person of these small Interface, can the rout, they unable to bear the too heavy loss same. Zhao Hai has not managed these people, he impossible to leave behind this eighty thousand person today, although his in hand has two hundred thousand Undead Creature, but these Undead Creature depend is mainly the spear|gun, but in that eighty thousand person, most inferior is Expert of some Infant Stage times, moreover Infant Stage time are very few, majority is Transcends Tribulation Stage, even if the person of Infant Stage time, is in hand has the card in a hand, dares one to fight the person with Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, if these person wants to escape fully, he is impossible to block. Zhao Hai also knows that these people run, tomorrow he can the Strength of Faith matter, spread over the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield, but Zhao Hai did not fear that now, he uses the service of Faith, can with a Immortal Stage Expert war, want to find his troublesome person, well thought over own strength. Retreating of these small Interface, have caused the chain reaction, finally great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan person, could not withstand, started to retreat. However makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, Weave Fire Clan retreats that to retreat really greatly, absolutely does not have the organization, noisy crowd runs outward. Conversely, great Spirit Race although has been repulsed, but also can only call to be repulsed, cannot call to retreat, their retreat were very orderly, has composed Battle Formation, drew back slowly. Zhao Hai looks at the great Spirit Race appearance, cannot help but has smiled bitterly, why his understand great Spirit Race can maintain this condition, the number of times that because great Spirit Race fights with him were too many, knows, if retreats greatly, will lose certainly seriously, therefore they will draw back will be very slow, will be very steady. Moreover Zhao Hai also presently, just he used three Great Magical Artifact Charging Formation time, great Spirit Race has not appeared that flurried, when Great Magical Artifact Charging Formation, they fast resigned several passage, although Great Magical Artifact has overrun, but these great Spirit Race lineups not chaotic, moreover within the shortest time, restored the best fight lineup. Moreover Zhao Hai presently, the great Spirit Race present lineup was not quite same as before. Before great Spirit Race was the same with other cultivator, because they did not use the close combat, but was control own Magical Artifact attack enemy or the defense, their lineup generally very secret Ji.

However this secret Ji lineup, meets Yama Ship such Great Magical Artifact Charging Formation, they want to avoid not so were easy, therefore was the lineup clashes frequently is chaotic. Now is different, now great Spirit Race lineup before must be looser, moreover only will not discharge big square-shaped formation, but exhibits several small square-shaped formation, Zhao Hai with Yama Ship Charging Formation, their these small square-shaped formation can avoid quickly, even if washed out, can immediately join to another small square-shaped formation, still be able to maintain lineup attack. These are the improvements of great Spirit Race, can look, they study slowly in fight, growing, getting harder and harder has dealt with, if this time Zhao Hai were not release had Undead Creature of spear|gun massively, great Spirit Race feared that will be will not lose these many people. The great Spirit Race people of look at these routs, Zhao Hai know that they have paid attention the gunshots of these Undead Creature, he rushes, is impossible to have anything to harvest, therefore Zhao Hai has aimed at these Weave Fire Clan people the vision. These Weave Fire Clan people when the defeat run away, cannot achieve great Spirit Race that point, they are complete big retreating, disperses instantly, very chaotic, this will be good opportunity, how Zhao Hai to let off this opportunity, his immediately will bring three Great Magical Artifact to chase down. These Weave Fire Clan people, saw Zhao Hai to chase down, running was quicker, but by Zhao Hai killing many people, pursued the type two hours, Zhao Hai looked was also similar, this slowly toward the encampment retreats of hundred treasure. The harvest of this service Zhao Hai is very big, is counted these people who beforehand bombing dies, Weave Fire Clan and in great Spirit Race hundred thousand army, had been left behind about 60,000 people by Zhao Hai, moreover he also obtained two silver whip snakes, nether world ice fire. Reason that Zhao Hai did not have sharply to add to hundred treasure encampment, was because he knew the result, that Zhu Gui wants to run up to hundred treasure encampment to carry on the surprise attack, has not actually thought that the Tang Tian graciousness came back, these happen to hit in the muzzle, in adding on his strength was damaged seriously, cannot escape from hundred treasure encampment unexpectedly, was struck to kill by the Tang Tian pension at the scene. Moreover these days, hundred treasure there several Immortal Stage Expert return, encampment of hundred treasure is thorough was safe, Zhao Hai does not need so to be about to hurry back. Original Zhao Hai is the plan, allied armies around hundred treasure encampment these Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race well tidies up, then goes in returned to encampment, but he presently Mu Yu extremely worried he, now just wants to lead the person to come out to look for him, therefore Zhao Hai also has to drop own plan, first returned to encampment there reported that is listening to encampment there to have anything to arrange. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;