Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1517

Chapter 442 turtle Immortal! Mu Yu worries really very much, he is worried about the Zhao Hai situation very much, after especially Zhu Gui appears , Mu Yu knows that meeting Space Divergent Technique Immortal Stage Expert must come attack they, he has been ready, but came back in the Tang Tian graciousness well, Zhu Gui to exterminate, Zhu Gui this meeting Space Divergent Technique Immortal Stage Expert, unexpectedly was unable to run directly, on fallen, this little has really stemmed from unexpected of person. However similarly, this also made Mu Yu be worried, Mu Yu knows that this Zhu Gui was Zhao Hai was entangling that Immortal Stage Expert, the bullet that because Zhu Gui shot he has seen, before Zhao Hai delivered they came back, that direction of fire Great Magical Artifact bullet. Now Zhu Gui appears in here, but Zhao Hai does not have appears , this made Mu Yu be worried, he worried that Zhao Hai had an accident. If before , he that will not have been worried that after all Zhao Hai is Space Divergent Warlock , solid is not good can also be able to be inescapable, but this time is different, this Zhu Gui is also Space Divergent Warlock , is Zhao Hai nemesis. Therefore saw the Tang Tian graciousness tidying up Zhu Gui, moreover encampment here several Immortal Stage Expert one after the other came back, encampment will not have the issue, Mu Yu with Tang Tian said that he wants to go to look for Zhao Hai, but also kept outside person to entangle the Zhu Gui matter to tell Tang Tian Zhao Hai. The Tang Tian graciousness just came back with a Zhu Gui war, what makes him feel strange, this Zhu Gui although is Immortal Stage Expert, but the strength is really not much, was given exterminate by him unexpectedly, he when fights with Zhu Gui felt that somewhat strange, after Zhu Gui probably is some , the appearance that the strength is insufficient, one hear of Mu'en said now that immediately understand why Zhu Gui met this appearance, the Tang Tian graciousness agreed without demur the Mu Yu words, making him organize the person to go to look for Zhao Hai, lived to see the person, died to see the corpse. Reason that the Tang Tian graciousness said that is because he also has with the Mu Yu same idea, outside Zhao Hai remains is entangling Zhu Gui, but Zhu Gui ran up to encampment here now, but Zhao Hai does not have appears , this represents Zhao Hai unable to block Zhu Gui, he possibly matter. The Tang Tian graciousness is different from Mu Tianbo, Mu Tianbo works reason , if Mu Tianbo, he possibly will not make Mu Yu look for Zhao Hai, but will send Tang Jie they to go, after all now Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race Immortal Stage Expert sent out, outside very dangerous, if the Immortal Stage Expert ambush intercepts Mu Yu outside, that Mu Yu was dangerous, must know that Mu Yu was the people of hundred treasure key trained, he cannot have the matter. But Tang Tian graciousness conduct is quite impulsive, compared with getting emotional, his simply has not considered that many, a Mu Yu saying must go to look for Zhao Hai, moreover Zhao Hai is hundred treasure considers stays outside, his naturally immediately agreed. This is because of encampment here now few individual protections, if person are many, feared that was Tang Tian. Looked that the Tang Tian graciousness agreed that Mu Yu immediately organizes a batch person together to go to look for Zhao Hai, Mu Yu also knows now outside very dangerous, what he cared was Zhao Hai information. These time they exits with Mu Yu , besides the people in some hundred treasure, some Comprehend the world people and Palpus Clansmen, Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun heard that Zhao Hai has possibly had an accident, they have flustered somewhat, regarding them, Zhao Hai, if has had an accident, to their influences is very big.

They belong newly surrender hundred treasure, in hundred treasure here foundations very shallow, Zhao Hai entrusts with heavy responsibility in hundred treasure here now, this regarding them is good information, they can relying on Zhao Hai stand firm in hundred treasure here, but such as is Zhao Hai had an accident, they biggest dependence may not have, this regarding 2 Realms is very disadvantageous. Therefore heard that Mu Yu must go to look for Zhao Hai, Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun horse Ru on the arrangement person, goes to look for the Zhao Hai population to achieve about ten thousand people with Mu Yu as the matter stands unexpectedly. Mu Yu also knows now outside very dangerous, not only will meet momentarily Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race even/including Jun, might meet Weave Fire Clan Immortal Stage Expert, the person will exit instead to is will be safer. Tang Jie and Tang Wen are also very good with Zhao Hai relationship, they naturally, Mu Yu had not opposed, Battalion enormous and powerful has started out encampment, they expunged with the place of Weave Fire Clan army battle toward before. Just left about the encampment thousand li(500 km), Mu Yu they have to stop, because some people blocked the way, a Weave Fire Clan person, sat cross-legged to sit in carrying on the back of turtle shape Monster Beast, has blocked their way. This Weave Fire Clan person looks like age is not small, and switch of tail was all white, but he sits well above turtle's back, steady like the rock, although his both eyes has not actually opened, actually nobody dares underestimated he. However Mu Yu look at this old person, complexion is not quite good, his deep voice said : unexpectedly is turtle Immortal face to face, younger generation Mu Yu was courteous.” This old person given name turtle Immortal, known as Zhu Yulong, he is in Weave Fire Clan established Immortal Stage Expert, this time he is coordinates Zhu Gui to come attack hundred treasure encampment, has not actually thought that Zhu Gui was given to tie down by Zhao Hai, cannot go to attack hundred treasure according to the time of meeting time encampment, finally although went, actually returned Tang Tian pension extinguished, this makes Zhu Yulong very annoyed, he does not certainly want such to draw back, therefore dozen of opportunity around this, one has looked at Mu Yu to come out now, his immediately has blocked the Mu Yu way. Zhu Yulong one hear of Mu Yu said that has opened the eye slowly, in his eye does not have a confusion of old person, conversely, his two eyes clear, the none remaining sparkled, has filled wisdom radiance. Zhu Yulong look at Mu Yu , laughs said : well, worthily is in hundred treasure young one generations the first person, really the manner is uncommon, if our 2 Realms is not an enemy, Old Man to wants to lead by the hand your, what a pity we were the enemy, Old Man can only personally the result you.” Mu Yu one hear of Zhu Yulong said that cannot help but face proud Se said : so, asked the elder to advise, wanted the life of younger generation, was not that easy.”

Said that Mu Yu wields, imitated break the formation Spirit Snake needle appears in his front, Tang Jie the meaning of their also understand Mu Yu , immediately had ten Divided Spirit Stage Expert to stand the Mu Yu side, centralized to has imitated in Spiritual Qi the break the formation Spirit Snake needle. Then Mu Yu puts out ten break the formation Spirit Snake needles from own Space Magical Artifact, has given other people, making him be used to defend self, Mu Yu very clear, to Zhu Yulong such Expert, only then imitates the break the formation Spirit Snake needle resisting one or two. The Zhu Yulong look at Mu Yu movement, has not actually prevented, in his opinion Mu Yu their this is putting up a last-ditch struggle, he very likes the look at enemy doing to struggle, that cat stresses the Old Mouse same pleasant sensation, lets his being infatuated with. A Mu Yu present heart is also cool, but he is not extremely worried, here will not be far from encampment, has any sound, encampment there definitely knows when the time comes Tang Tian graciousness their Immortal Stage Expert will come out to help, so long as he insisted that was OK. Zhu Yulong has stood slowly, his first movement is very slow, probably is the natural disposition wastes own strength to be the same, his movement although is slow, does not have a point weak feeling, instead to is gives you one type of to save the strength slowly, prepares the attack appearance at any time. The Mu Yu complexion cannot help but single layer, his very clear, such enemy is very dangerous, only if his motionless attack, so long as he moved attack, that certainly is killing strike. In this time, a temperate sound is conveying said : lively, how this type was lively can little result in me.” Said person's shadow suddenly appears in the Mu Yu side. Mu Yu stares, then great happiness, because of appears in his person Zhao Hai. Mu Yu look at Zhao Hai, laughs said : good youngster, you came back finally, I know that you will not have the matter, HaHaHa, good, fantastic.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to make Big Brother Mu be worried, was right, this was?” Said that Zhao Hai looked at Zhu Yulong one. Mu Yu shows a faint smile said : turtle Immortal Zhu Yulong, in Weave Fire Clan established Immortal Stage Expert, has not thought that he runs up to here to come unexpectedly.” Zhao Hai look at does Zhu Yulong, show a faint smile said : looks like senior is waiting for me in here? Does not know how senior does know me to be able appears in here? But isn't direct returned to encampment?”

Also really made Zhao Hai guess right, Zhu Yulong in here roaming, for copes with Zhao Hai, he knows that now Zhu Gui was blocked by the Zhao Hai person, this cannot carry on their sneak attack to plan, this made Zhu Yulong dread to Zhao Hai, Transcends Tribulation Stage can block next Immortal Stage Expert unexpectedly, such person was extremely dangerous, if made him grow, that Weave Fire Clan were also many a archenemy, therefore he roaming nearby this, on has wanted to intercept Zhao Hai, naturally he also knows that this hope was not big, because Zhao Hai was Space Divergent Warlock , he can definitely direct returned to hundred treasure encampment, but Zhu Yulong has not given up, the long life lets his understand, so long as you do not give up, that will have opportunity. He will certainly not tell Zhao Hai these, therefore he, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but has selected the eyebrow, showed a faint smile said : lets the person who my Weave Fire Clan connected the unfavorable situation worthily, your Zhao Hai was really uncommon, the good old man in here wait for you, you suffered to death saying that he was not wasting breath, his back spear|gun arrived at in hand, a spear|gun hit toward Zhao Hai, then spear|gun repetitive swing of his in hand, bullets, they shot toward Mu Yu . This Zhu Yulong spear|gun with the spear|gun that Zhu Gui uses complete is different, the spear|gun that Zhu Gui uses is very big, looks like looks like the small artillery is the same, but this Zhu Yulong spear|gun is very thin, is thin and long, puts in order the spear|gun has two meters fully, the barrel is very thin, the bullet that but in this spear|gun hits is very long, that bullet looks like the needles of enlargement versions is the same, looks like very bizarre. However the Zhao Hai actually non- balls neglects, his hand wields, three Great Magical Artifact, 12 metal beasts, were adding on four Eight Sapphires Chariot appears in his front, he for blocked these bullets. In this time, a sound is conveying said : Old Turtle, when you I and others is a deceased person?” Along with the sound, person's shadow appears in Zhao Hai their front, his hand has wielded, all over the sky throwing knife shoots toward these bullets. dāng dāng dāng makes a sound continually, all bullets that Zhu Yulong shoots were shot down by the throwing knife at the scene, but these throwing knives have also been cut off, was discards thoroughly. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;