Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1518

Chapter 443 Immortal showdown Comes the person Tang Tian graciousness, Tang Tian graciousness also extremely worried Zhao Hai, in adding on him also knows that now outside has the danger, therefore after Mu Yu exits, he continuously attention Mu Yu there situation.( However now encampment there few Immortal Stage Expert assumes personal command, the matter that he must handle are many, cannot pay attention to Mu Yu frequently they, when he notes Mu Yu they the time, Zhao Hai appears , Zhu Yulong began. The Tang Tian graciousness looked at Zhu Yulong to begin, immediately has caught up, shot down the Zhu Yulong bullet with the throwing knife, do not look that several throwing knives discarded, the Tang Tian graciousness was actually not grieved, because in hand of that throwing knife Tang Tian graciousness returned has plenty. Zhu Yulong looks at Tang Tian graciousness appears , his complexion also slightly changes, hard to deal with that the Tang Tian graciousness became famous, if were given to tie down by him, that troublesome is not small. Moreover Tang Tian graciousness appears , represented the motion of Zhu Gui to be defeated completely, they think that was attacking the plans of hundred treasure encampment to fail. Before Zhu Yulong and don’t know Zhu Gui was killed, after all Zhu Gui entered to hundred treasure encampment, in encampment of hundred treasure was any situation, Zhu Yulong and don’t know, although knows that this motion was possibly defeated, but he and don’t know Zhu Gui situation, Tang Tian graciousness appears in here, Zhu Yulong knows now that Zhu Gui feared was more unfortunate than fortunate. Tang Tian graciousness look at Zhu Yulong, sneers said : to wish the old turtle, you think that what bargain can grab in our here? Do not count on Zhu Gui, he was extinguished by me, your Weave Fire Clan really more and more went back now, sends such triangle cat to come attack unexpectedly our hundred treasure, is you dislikes the person on one's own side to be many, therefore delivers to make me kill specially?” Zhu Yulong gloomy face color said : „the Tang Tian graciousness, your few proud, your hundred treasure can only withdraw now in encampment defends, I thought that you can defend how long, sooner or later you must be given to destroy completely by us.” Does the Tang Tian graciousness sneer said : „to destroy completely our hundred treasure? Feared that your Weave Fire Clan that the age, when the time comes own Lair have not been given to carry, you may cry not to have the place to cry.” Zhu Yulong sneers said : to waste breath really many, is the old man to wants to have a look at your Tang Tian graciousness is so hard to deal with, take this that such as the person said.” Said that Zhu Yulong in hand long spear gearing dance, bullets shoot toward the Tang Tian graciousness, moreover Zhu Yulong this time has used on the slippery trajectory, bullets turned round shoots toward the Tang Tian graciousness. Tang Tian graciousness coldly snorted, hand wields, all over the sky blade light departs from in his hand, bullet that Zhu Yulong shoots, shoots down, has the throwing knife to attack toward Zhu Yulong. The throwing knife very unusual of Tang Tian graciousness, this flying sword compared with the common throwing knife on small many, the willow tree leaf-shape, is narrow and thin, does not look like like Magical Artifact that being used to kill people.

Zhao Hai knows that they are probing now, he turns the head to Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, immediately to arrange everyone/Great Clan to enter Yama Ship in a soft voice, we cannot become implications of Tang elder.” Mu Yu that observed micro same stares, immediately/on horseback responded, nodded, then in a soft voice handed down to transmit orders, people immediately/on horseback moved, under Tang Jie their arrangements, entered in Yama Ship in turn, then Zhao Hai several people also got up Yama Ship, he also other received, Yama Ship will draw then back slightly in the future, has not actually drawn back too, was at one type of, if the distance of if already leaving. although is fighting inextricably involved with the Tang Tian graciousness, but Zhu Yulong actually also noted Zhao Hai their movement, he naturally also saw Zhao Hai with the Mu Yu whisper, knows that these movements were the Zhao Hai arrangements, this made Zhu Yulong dread to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai when he fights with the Tang Tian graciousness, is maintaining calm, immediately arranged in the person Yama Ship, but fell back on one to support, distance that can also retreat, this explained that Zhao Hai was maintaining the calm brains, when two big Immortal Stage Expert fought, but can also so accurate judgment form, calm made to deal with the person, absolutely was a very dangerous match, must know like Zhao Hai them the person, but can see two big Immortal Stage Expert showdowns few, if they can from these two big Expert showdowns, there are to comprehend. Words, after them enters Immortal Stage very much to have the advantage. Before Mu Yu , because of such reason, therefore they begin, Mu Yu on looking at steadily look at, he is to have a look at two big Expert to the war, hopes that can comprehend. But Zhao Hai such has not actually done, does very calmly, has made sanely, the most correct decision, such person is most dangerous. Zhao Hai moves like this does, is firmer he to kill the determination of Zhao Hai. However he in wants to kill Zhao Hai not to have the means now, the Tang Tian graciousness is not a simple match, just as is such that Zhao Hai thinks, now they are just mutually are probing, so long as tries the details of opposite party to come, is their fully attack time. although still mutually is probing now, but they actually do not dare to treat it lightly, Expert showdown, any minor mistake, by person match capture, and with an according to more intense counter-attack. They have exchanged dozens moves, no one has profited, but Zhu Yulong had to draw back intent, here was too near to encampment of hundred treasure, if the Tang Tian graciousness does not give a thought to the Immortal Stage Expert honor, summoning the person to cope with the converging attack, he feared today must keep this, he does not want dead, therefore he wants to walk. However Zhu Yulong also very clear, even if he wants to walk, cannot reveal silk bold drawing back intent, he knows, if reveal that to fear that a drawing back intent, the Tang Tian graciousness can seize the opportunity mount a large-scale attack, when the time comes he passive, therefore he not only cannot reveal to draw back intent, but must attack! Zhu Yulong thinks that also such does, after he connects release several spear|guns, meets to begin to wield, one group created the Darkness color flame to fall on his spear|gun directly, then his hand revolution, has put out an out of the ordinary bullet, this seed ball long, point, looked like strange, then he used spiritual force control these bullets, these bullets have formed the appearance of ammunition belt link, the row in the spear|gun side.

Looks at the Zhu Yulong movement with the Tang Tian graciousness that the Weave Fire Clan person has fought, knows Zhu Yulong must really come, Tang Tian graciousness coldly snorted, the personal appearance is then certain, steady deciding in optical field, then temperament of his whole person one changed, if he just looked like looks like ordinary Immortal Stage Expert, that present Tang Tian graciousness is one blade of sheath, one throwing knife of sheath! With the Tang Tian graciousness temperamental change, appears slowly around his personal appearance phantom, phantom of Liu Ye throwing knife, this phantom very big of Liu Ye throwing knife, fully several meters high, but the Tang Tian graciousness stands in this phantom middle. Zhu Yulong has probably not actually seen this, in hand long spear wields, bullets have shot from the spear|gun, this time he uses is still the slippery trajectory, the bullet has the tune, is drawing the different routes, shoots toward the Tang Tian graciousness. Tang Tian graciousness turns, in his hand were many a throwing knife, is that Liu Ye throwing knife that he uses, this time he has not come out with too many throwing knives, only then, then listens to Tang Tian graciousness open the mouth and said: Scolds!” Said that a blade departs. This Liu Ye the throwing knife in leaving Tang Tian graciousness the hand of hand, entire blade started the flash, on blade also appears phantom of throwing knife, this phantom of throwing knife was almost simultaneously same as Tang Tian graciousness on that phantom of throwing knife, this sword strap unprecedented, cuts Heaven and Earth temperament, shoots toward Zhu Yulong. That this bullet that the observation that Zhao Hai has paid attention to very much Zhu Yulong is taking newly, he felt that these bullets have any different place probably, this makes among his one somewhat be in doubt. Quick he present, these bullets do not open the time in the leave muzzle, behind the buttocks of bullet, unexpectedly in time blowout flame, this flame blowout, bullet in one time sped up, Darkness color flame that simultaneously on the bullet adheres to stick cohere, combustion was more violent. The Boom! throwing knife and bullet hit in together, the incomparably powerful air wave, is centered on position that the bullet and throwing knife bumped into, toward all around is proliferating, the air wave place visited, the blown sand walked the stone, the big tree of ground is eradicated, moreover in ground about two meters soil layer, by this air wave curling, obviously this air wave the place of formidable. However this air wave when one Tang Tian graciousness side, by him on that phantom of throwing knife breaking, simply nearly Tang Tian graciousness body. The Zhu Yulong there situation is also similar, that air wave must nearly his body time, he sits down turtle shape Monster Beast, has opened the big mouth, blows to vent anger, that air wave one kept off to come back. Zhu Yulong two eyes stubbornly is staring at the Tang Tian graciousness, Tang Tian graciousness also coldly look at Zhu Yulong, after seeing the Tang Tian graciousness the prestige of throwing knife, Zhu Yulong strengthened itself to as soon as possible the idea of leave, his understand, if did not walk, really will have the danger, he felt that from encampment there of hundred treasure, several spiritual force just had swept from the battlefield, if his leave, did not wait for these person unable to bear make a move as soon as possible, that he on really danger.

Zhu Yulong has raised oneself in hand spear|gun, in a time buckle the trigger, simultaneously his coldly snorted, his Giant Turtle, has face upwarded to bellow, then big mouth, several giant gas bombs strike toward the Tang Tian graciousness, Tang Tian graciousness coldly snorted, both hands in front overlapping, four fingers gather, are pressing Liu Ye the throwing knife of palm place, then two blades also project! Boom! Boom! two loud noise, air wave flew in together, this air wave flies is fiercer, the dust that brings are more, but the Tang Tian graciousness has not actually paid attention, but is cloudy a face look at Zhu Yulong direction, he cannot see Zhu Yulong now, however his spiritual force told him, Zhu Yulong vanished, in other words, Zhu Yulong ran! In that flash that the throwing knife and bullet and gas bomb bump into, produced life energy to fluctuate, affected Tang Tian graciousness spiritual force, cannot feel Zhu Yulong in spiritual force of that flash Tang Tian graciousness, when that energy fluctuation calm got down, the Tang Tian graciousness in wants to look for Zhu Yulong is actually could not find, Zhu Yulong run did not have the shadow. Do not suspect Immortal Stage Expert, they, if wants all the running away road, Zhao Hai with Yama Ship, to arrive in a big way, is impossible to overtake. The Tang Tian graciousness has not thought that like Zhu Yulong becomes famous by long Expert, actually said that ran ran, because has not thought that when he presently Zhu Yulong ran time, wants to pursue already without enough time! ! # &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;