Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1519

Tang Yaoen sits in center hall, complexion is not quite still attractive, Mu Yaobo sits in his side, Mu Yaobo to is a smiling face of face, two eyes look at not far away Zhao Hai. Wonderful non- ball window qi Mu Yaobo to Zhao Hai was really too satisfied, he has not thought that Zhao Hai competed however can enter to block Zhu Gui, moreover can Weave Fire Clan army washing out. although this matter has processed very perfectly, but some Mu Yaobo actually still fear, if not Zhao Hai according to the circumstances quick, first they have delivered Mu Yu , oneself block Zhu Gui at risk of life, what situation that present can be? Feared that was Zhu Gui already killed encampment, destruction wantonly in encampment. Such words encampment definitely does not guarantee, one, but encampment does not guarantee, that hundred treasure ended. Was negligent, these time was really somewhat negligent!” Mu Yaobo sighed said : darkly Zhao Hai, this time they were really dangerous.” Mu Yaobo look at Zhao Hai, smiles said : to be very good, Little Hai, your time has contributed to the great merit, said that these time does want me to reward you? Be not flushing me to want material, I may not have.” The audiences entered with a bang sound to smile, Zhao Hai smiled said : this younger generation not to want the material quietly, I want to manage the elder you to take one to enter.” Mu Yaobo stares, then selected eyebrow said : „to enter? Is it possible that do you settle on that miss? Can't? This you do not need to want the o flatter to me.” The audiences enter laugh, Zhao Hai also smiles is not the miss who said : I want, Tang Elder that Zhu Gui extinguishing, I want that Zhu Gui corpse.” Mu Yaobo listened to Zhao Hai saying that has hesitated next step: „Do you want to turn into Undead Creature him?” Zhao Hai nodded said : right, turns into Undead Creature him, I want to ask him, how he lets the bullet corner.” Mu Yaobo nodded said : I not to prepare Zhu Gui corpse give you, no matter what, he is Immortal Stage Expert, even if died, should have the dignity, but you said that that hands over give you him, if you asked that the method of that seed ball corner, must hand over.” Zhao Hai nodded, Tang Yaoen who Mu Yaobo turned the head to look at one also being angry, cold said : have not suspended the face, ran ran, next time will see to butcher him and that's the end, said that I losing that Zhu Gui? Looks to give Little Hai quickly.” Tang Yaoen snort|hum said : buried the back side of the mountain, your youngster dug.” Zhao Hai smiles quietly, does not care, nodded, then said : Elder Mu, if these two young nothing, I planned that the crag on-board goes, when there is a motion time was calling me.” Mu Yaobo nodded said : these two young not to have anything to move, must wait for the responses of other these big, if they have not dispatched troops, our oneself thousand, when the time comes may look your, if they dispatch troops, you are staying in crag star there, when wants to come back when to come back.”

Zhao Hai nodded, to Mu Yaobo gave a salute, turn around walked, Mu Yu also exited with Zhao Hai, left the hall to outside, Mu Yu turned the head to Zhao Hai said : „the Little Hai o flatter, in crag star there, made several types of good Magical Artifact to use to oneself, what thing there can deliver to come in any case, was is white, your many lanes, were right, how were this time you run away from Zhu Gui in hand?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : runs away anything, I cannot move Strength of Faith, the fellow gave to frighten to jump, otherwise you think that I can stand in this joyfully, look at, it will not take long, entire ten-thousand realms battlefield here, knows that on me had Strength of Faith, this troublesome just now starts.” Mu Yu one hear of Zhao Hai said that also sighed said : feel relieved, this matter I will talk clearly with Master, you will be our hundred treasure heroes, Master will be covering now into, not only don't worry, said it, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, had Strength of Faith your enters, all right.” Zhao Hai nodded said : line, I walked, has the words of matter to send the letter to me, I as soon as possible crag star there waste material reconstruct, then I makes some spear|guns, gives me in hand these Undead Creature to be joined to the spear|gun.” Mu Yu one hear of Zhao Hai said that to is two eyes bright said : this idea is good, your in hand Undead Creature that many, if joined to the spear|gun, that fighting strength certain, good, such thousand.” Zhao Hai smiles quietly, beckoned with the hand to Mu Yu , flies toward the back side of the mountain, was quick he to find Zhu Gui, was good is not long because of the time that Zhu Gui died, otherwise he did not have the means turning into Undead Creature Zhu Gui. Those who let some Zhao Hai mishaps is, in the Zhu Gui grave, Zhao Hai competes however thinks that Zhu Gui that large spear, this arrives stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai. Zhu Gui that large spear the spear|gun that but good thing, they to use compared with Zhao Hai now but much better, Tang Yaoen they have competed however have not stayed behind, but has been buried along with the dead to Zhu Gui, it seems like that this Immortal Stage Expert, even if died must also maintain the dignity. However Zhao Hai may not have politely, indirect turned into Undead Creature to receive in Space Zhu Gui, large spear also honest impolite received, fortunately, in Tang Yaoen also kept Zhu Gui spear|gun bullet, these thing regarding Zhao Hai may be very useful thing. After tidying up Zhu Gui, Zhao Hai went to Transmission square there, let look at entering of Transmission square, has delivered to the crag star him, that looked at the square was also Divided Spirit Stage Expert, but to Zhao Hai to was very polite, but also chitchatted a few words with Zhao Hai, this delivered Transmission Formation Zhao Hai. white light flashes, Zhao Hai returned to the crag star, the together crag star, Zhao Hai moved to enter in Space on the personal appearance, Laura their immediately welcomed, does Zhao Hai smile said : what kind of „? Finds out to transfer the extension? What looks at the crag star newly shortly is? If thinks, our together exits.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura they stare, then face pleasantly surprised look at he, but Laura actually face timid look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, can this be good afterward? What to do if let into think?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right quietly, I said that you are I enter in the sentiment that Comprehend the world there raises, I give to meet you were not good, don't worry.” Laura looked at Zhao Hai said : „, but we also want to analyze Zhu Gui weapon, but must ask his some questions.” Zhao Hai knows that Laura they are because , in Space stays was too long, this one must exit suddenly, somewhat is at heart timid, he cannot help but sad, he is blaming not to have earlier to bring Laura they to go out to play. His take deep breaths said : is all right, these matters we same can also do outside, have Cai'er, you are busy at anything, walks, leaves these Waste Mountain.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura they cannot help but have smiled, several enter nodded, Zhao Hai smiles quietly, the hand wields, leading several to enter appears in crag star there.

To be honest, crag star here environment really not much, if the environment is good, will not be regarded the trash star, but this they do not have what influence regarding Zhao Hai, Laura their although is not the attention practice, using that but they eat is thing in Space, Spiritual Qi is sufficient, now has also met the standard of Infant Stage time, the change of this climate, could not affect them. Comes out with Zhao Hai together, besides Laura beside them, Mo Sheng, this youngster follows unceasingly in the Zhao Hai side, but previous war time, Zhao Hai delivered returned to in Mo Sheng Space, this was also just his release. The although here environment is not quite good, but traded Laura of environment they are very happy, all around on planet was transferring, only then Cai'er, transferred while also wants control the normal operation of Space, but this regarding Cai'er was actually not the issue. Zhao Hai has not accompanied them, making them play, but he still toward tidies up these waste materials that in Space keeps, is decomposing. Reason that Cai'er control Zhu Gui, already all thing explain/transfer of his meeting, originally his bullet can turn round, besides using the technique and strength of spear|gun, this spear|gun also passed through modified. These spear|guns that before Zhao Hai they manufactured, to increase the firing distance and accuracy of spear|gun, in the barrel was to have the rifling, such bullet flew was to spin, not only flew was farther, is more accurate, the lethality that hit also met even bigger. That that however Zhu Gui uses large spear, his rifling is the somewhat special, ordinary spear|gun, in the barrel is loaded with the rifling from beginning to end, but the Zhu Gui spear|gun is the lattern half of barrel has the rifling, the first half does not have the rifling. Because the first half does not have the rifling, therefore bullet in shoot out, only needed was good, the phenomenon of bullet appears corner the technique and strength used, naturally, to let the bullet of corner, preparation hit target, actually needs the innumerable practices, otherwise was the bullet can turn round, could not hit target is also wasted in vain. Moreover besides barrel in different, the bullet of spear|gun is different, medicinal powder that in this spear|gun bullet installs, is one type of after again the medicinal powder of compound, combustion of this type of chemicals is slower, ability even bigger, but similarly, wants to light this type of medicinal powder, needs the even bigger impact, therefore the trigger of this spear|gun also passed through special transform, not only has used a better material, but also tentative plan also very special of this trigger, that on is power transmission specially good, for example the common board strikes, no matter you use many big strengths to buckle in a big way, striking that he produces. The strength almost will not have the too sweeping change, because the striking strength of that trigger is not your strength, but is the come from spring. However this type was been again different by the trigger of tentative plan, this type of board strikes produces by your strength strikes the strength, you hold the strength of trigger are big, the strength that this board mounts is also bigger, but general Divided Spirit Stage Expert buckles the board to strike generated strength, but also is not enough to ignite his medicinal powder in cartridge case, therefore this tentative plan they cannot use to Divided Spirit Stage Expert. But the method of this letting bullet corner, has a name in Weave Fire Clan there, called the slippery trajectory, this method including the barrel tentative plan change, the change of trigger, the change of medicinal powder, with the technique of spear|gun, the strength wait / etc., were generally called the slippery trajectory. Zhao Hai has not thought really that this Weave Fire Clan competes however such fine [say / way] regarding research of spear|gun, he has not thought of keep secret, carves these thing on jade slip, then has delivered encampment there, but he believes that Mu Yaobo they know this method, will not let hundred treasure enters casually practices, because that can spend the too much time. Now these of hundred treasure cause entering of spear|gun, can only be with the novice of spear|gun, they have not understood spear|gun, wants with the slippery trajectory, that is more impossible, as for the compound of that type of medicinal powder, to can use, but also can only use on the shell, is the Cannon, the shell of mortar does not have the means to use that type of medicinal powder. However the formula of this type of medicinal powder, the use regarding Zhao Hai to was not small, had the formula of this type of medicinal powder, his these Cannon of thinking, ability on even bigger. As for that type of corner bullet, Zhao Hai has not thought actually most from the beginning must study, finishes competes he not to plan with continually uses the spear|gun, therefore does not want to stay behind, regarding gives these Undead Creature this method, this arrives has thought that but corner bullet , if not use that type of special medicinal powder, the ability will drop many, this spear|gun technique only suits one to enter the use, you in opposing the enemy moment, can make the bullet make a turn, this will be entered virtually impossible to guard against even more by the enemy.

However this is not useful regarding these Undead Creature, these Undead Creature by the quantity win, exit is tens of thousands several hundred thousand, wants the attack enemy to enter, often is several, to dozens, several hundred spear|guns aims at one to enter, really has no need for this spear|gun technique. Can say the slippery trajectory spear|gun technique that this Zhao Hai obtains, regarding him was really extremely in the weak, simply is not useful, strength that might as well Zhu Gui came, Zhu Gui was Immortal Stage Expert, fighting strength is extraordinary, Zhao Hai obtained him, can say that was many one big has helped, moreover Zhao Hai also thinks that Zhu Gui to Strength of Faith that he provided, compared with these Divided Spirit Stage Expert on many many, moreover even more strong, this was Zhao Hai. How becomes the attainment of Immortal Stage Expert regarding Zhu Gui, now Zhao Hai cannot use, he has not worried to ask, moreover he has Strength of Faith to protect the body, knows don’t know these thing not to matter, like this, his these time biggest the harvest on Zhu Gui competes however is Zhu Gui itself, these thing that Zhu Gui studies, compete regarding Zhao Hai however is not useful. However Zhao Hai was also content, after receiving Zhu Gui, he made these Undead Creature build up the spear|gun, but can practice cannot put down, but he in being busy decomposing the material, he to received several metal plants, but these metal plants were almost a type, Space could not analyze, Zhao Hai also being disinclined managed him, he planted in one pile of metals finished up. As these waste materials are getting fewer and fewer, Zhao Hai obtains new ore opportunity to be also getting fewer and fewer, but Zhao Hai not, because this gives up, still in diligently becomes various materials these waste material reconstruct, naturally he also received toward Space in much, after this is remaining, uses, although used the ore in Space to be able indirectly, but Zhao Hai received some metals, because he felt the ore in Space, probably in destroying Space was the same, always some not too customs. Laura they looked at entire planet, this returned to the Zhao Hai side, chirp was chatting, evidently they excited. Zhao Hai has not said anything, only one face faint smile look at they, to be honest Zhao Hai like seeing Laura their this, before they can only move in Space, truly was too undeserved they. ( to be continued ) Reading most newly most entire novel &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;