Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1520

Brushes, finally the a piece waste material reconstruct material was put crag star here he, now entire crag star here turned into a giant store depot, all kinds of materials gave to cover entire planet. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, read crag on-board these materials, competes at heart however has the one type of sense of achievement, he three was young to crag star here from encampment there, Laura they already stayed greasily, ran in returned to Space, this do not blame Laura they, they came out to have a look, excessively was fresh on the chart, how the crag star here environment can with Space, Laura of staying custom in Space they, to crag star here, has looked like from a sterile room was the same to Wasteyard, if they can be familiar with that to call fishily. although the crag star here material are now many, but Zhao Hai receives the material in Space to be also many, naturally too ordinary he cannot have a liking , received Space is some compares the Advanced level material. Moreover these is young he not to idle, manufactured the hundred thousand only spear|gun, shell modified that type of special medicinal powder, Zhao Hai fighting strength was also also stronger. encampment there situation Zhao Hai unceasingly is also paying attention, entered in Zhao Hai to crag star not long after, ten-thousand realms battlefield there starts to spread Zhao Hai to meet passing on a message of Strength of Faith, but made Zhao Hai feel what mishap was, Mu Yaobo they heard this rumor not to have what performance, was very calm appearance enters, but Zhao Hai also saw, they probably were the appearances of relaxing, this will make Zhao Hai doubts, why don’t know they have such expression. This matter not like the Zhao Hai imagination causes anything to fluctuate, conversely, in Mu Yu after Mu Yaobo and Tang Yaoen annotation on Zhao Hai the origin of Strength of Faith, Mu Yaoyuan and Tang Yaoen to nodded, complete trust, this matter competed however on such conclusion of serene. Zhao Hai sees this situation, is surprised is Ao Hui, what he is surprised, Mu Yaobo obtain the Strength of Faith matter regarding him probably is not very meticulously, Ao Hui is actually, if early knows this, he already used Buddhist Sect Profound Technique, why with hardship endures to use now. He is also only worried, does not care, the matter lived in any case, even if cares is also useless. But encampment there receives next life matter, to somewhat stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai. After Zhao Hai enters to crag star one is young, encampment there competes however successively came place of major several chaotic war representatives, they come the meaning of encampment here, only then, dispatches troops to cope with Weave Fire Clan together, hits Weave Fire Clan, destroys completely great Spirit Race, blows the minute of great Spirit Race domain. Regarding such proposition hundred treasure naturally is the agreement, naturally, in chaotic minute of great Spirit Race domain , must have their point, moreover what hundred treasure want is biggest one. Regarding this point, entering of these big to do not have many entanglements, they know before one, wants to sort the cheap idea, hundred treasure are knows that now hundred treasure house multi- main point advantage, is not cannot, finishes competes their white bucket main target is Weave Fire Clan, but hundred treasure already with the Weave Fire Clan big battlefield, even if were regards to make up for hundred treasure to be good, therefore they not at this matter with hundred treasure arguments. However to has several big to make hundred treasure secret of Weave Fire Clan spear|gun public, was declined at the scene by hundred treasure, finally that several big has submitted, simultaneously dispatches troops to together to cope with Weave Fire Clan.

Saw these Zhao Hai also on complete feel relieved, hundred treasure present was safe, only needed these big together to dispatch troops, great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan could not ask to be good. However what lets some Zhao Hai mishaps is, they do not have immediately/on horseback to Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race attack, but discussed that in there allocation plan, used young much time to reach an agreement the plan, to Zhao Hai crag star all waste material reconstruct can the material, they not dispatch troops, but was just made a final decision the allocation plan, the representatives of major prepared to dispatch troops. Saw that this situation Zhao Hai was don’t know must say really any was good. Looked at crag star here already does not have well what busy, Zhao Hai then entered Space, well has rested in Space two young, in these two are young, these big Interface have dispatched troops eventually, really to such that Zhao Hai thinks, these macrocosms dispatch troops, entering of Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race really could not withstand, finally great Spirit Race enters one cruel-heartedly, clenched teeth, gave up the ten-thousand realms battlefield, entire great Spirit Race all entered withdrew from the ten-thousand realms battlefield, moreover gave to destroy Transmission Formation, looked like they in a short time is impossible in returned to ten-thousand realms battlefield here. But Weave Fire Clan enters looked that great Spirit Race retreated, they have also drawn back, drew back returned to indirectly the Weave Fire Clan domain, half in border there ** large army, you, if dares to attack, I with the posture that you went all out, looked at this, entering of major also retreated, remaining receives the great Spirit Race domain. Zhao Hai has not thought that two young time competed however lived such change, great Spirit Race competed in such ran, Weave Fire Clan such has drawn back, all came was too quick, to the Zhao Hai one type of very not real feeling. However Zhao Hai actually knows that this was lived, because of hundred treasure there, has redistributed the domain with various large clans well, Comprehend the world and must the clan enter to divide own domain. Zhao Hai has not really thought that this change competes however is so rapid, but he did not prepare to stay in crag star here, the personal appearance moved, arrived at Transmission Formation there, passed Transmission Formation returned to hundred treasure encampment. Hundred treasure encampment here his leave time is lonelier, Zhao Hai knows that these small Interface leave, can say now the ten-thousand realms battlefield regained the beforehand condition. Zhao Hai was also thinks understand, this that several big Interface entered the war, great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan know one must defeat without doubt, therefore great Spirit Race travelled decisively, this can also leave behind a batch Expert to own clan, took helping to preparing as later returned to ten-thousand realms battlefield again. But Weave Fire Clan also knows, if are hitting, loses is too big, that five side Upper Realm several other will not let off their Bai Shao, do not think that five side Upper Realm these fellows are anything friendly enter, if they think that Weave Fire Clan weakened, certainly to wicked wolf same throws. Because of this, therefore Weave Fire Clan has to draw back, they want under the assistance of great Spirit Race, with quickest processes hundred treasure, the domains of such hundred treasure turned over to them, when the time comes they can send army to come to guard, even if were other big of place of chaotic war wants to contend for the domain not to be impossible.

However they have not thought that hundred treasure in they and great Spirit Race under oppresses, competed however has chosen fully rebel, they lost seriously in in hand of hundred treasure. But reason that they not take hundred treasure quickly , because in entering of hundred treasure, suddenly appears the massive spear|guns, this spear|gun unceasingly is their Weave Fire Clan weapon, now in hand of hundred treasure competed however had, this equal to was they stands with hundred treasure in the same level, cheaply could not occupy, in this case, they want to take hundred treasure in a short time are impossible, now these big Interface first moves, they know that own motion failed, therefore decisive withdrawal of troops. It can be said that that several big Interface join, simply has not lived anything to fight, great Spirit Race travelled decisively, Weave Fire Clan evacuated decisively, the war decisively had also ended, decisive Zhao Hai wants to scold into! Hundred treasure encampment entering of that guard Transmission Formation looked at Zhao Hai to come out, immediately moved forward to meet somebody, he now is also a smiling face of face, looked like the very happy appearance. Zhao Hai smiles to him quietly, that entered immediately/on horseback said : Mr. Zhao Hai, Immortal said that if you came back, asking immediately/on horseback to go to center hall there.” Zhao Hai nodded, expressed gratitude, flies in the direction of center hall, before long arrived at center hall there, this time he has not seen Mu Yu or Tang Jie, Mu Yu and Tang Jie they are very busy, now hundred treasure had just repelled the powerful enemy, regained oneself all domains, but also obtained the a piece domain additionally, these domains must divide, must carry on some rewards to these small Interface, but must help them reconstruct, the matter are too many, therefore Mu Yu they were sent, not in hundred treasure encampment. Outside of center hall, two Divided Spirit Stage Expert are protecting, that two enter sees Zhao Hai, immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai gave a salute, but has not actually been blocking the meaning of Zhao Hai, instead to the hand signal that has made invitation. Zhao Hai to two enters smiles quietly, returned the salute, but also gradually entered the center hall, now center hall here is also lonelier, five elders are sitting in there chat, evidently their white bucket mood is very good. These five elders when live the important matter to process, normally some small matters, hundred treasure these Divided Spirit Stage Expert can process, hundred treasure here have one set of very perfect management system, therefore five elder normally are not very busy. Now although said that hundred treasure here has plenty matters must be done, but these matters, give Mu Yu their such entered to do can, simply had no need for five elders, therefore they appeared such leisurely and carefree. Zhao Hai enters to the center hall, washed the young group to see Zhao Hai, Mu Yaobo beckoned with the hand to Zhao Hai, laughs said : Little Hai you to come back, some that what a pity the o flatter, you came back late, great Spirit Race withdrew from the ten-thousand realms battlefield, Weave Fire Clan also returned to their Bai Shao encampment.”

Zhao Hai pretended an appearance, was said : so quick? Did they such quickly run? This not like their white bucket style o flatter.” Mu Yaobo smiles said : they to draw back, if they do not draw back, forever kept here, come, said you in crag star there what kind of? reconstruct how much waste materials? Your reconstruct are more, oneself obtain are more, I told you, in does not snatch with you, you can take many with many.” Zhao Hai smiles quietly, held the fist in the other hand said : you to hand over the command to Mu Yaobo to the elder, crag star there all waste materials reconstruct become a useful person expected, asking the elder to send into to receive as soon as possible, otherwise that many materials placed there, if lost, I was irresponsible.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Mu Yaobo they cannot help but stares, Tang Yaoen was said : such quickly ends on reconstruct? Your isn't youngster is deceiving me?” Zhao Hai smiles said : quietly several elders , if not believe that please know along with me.” Mu Yaobo, the personal appearance moves, flies toward Transmission Formation square there, Tang Yaoen and other elders also follow on the heels. ( ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;