Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1523

Zhao Hai just appears in Transmission Formation, presently Mu Yu and Tang Jie and Tang Wen stands in there is waiting for him, saw his appears , Mu Yu cannot help but laughed welcomed. Wonderful non- ball window qi Zhao Hai stares, then puzzled look at Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, aren't you very busy? Ran?” Mu Yu smiles said : „we are very busy, these time specially in here wait for you, right Little Hai, didn't you go back to meet the family to enter? Met?” Zhao Hai nodded, his in hand is also holding Yama Ship, naturally, this is to do do not enter to look that one hear of Mu Yu such asked now, Zhao Hai wields, Yama Ship increases instantaneously, then Laura they walked out from Yama Ship. Mu Yu saw the beautiful woman who Laura their these countenances vary has cannot help but gawked, he has not thought really that Zhao Hai competes however is sentimental seed, competes however so many beautiful women to accompany in the side. Zhao Hai Laura their said : this is Mu Yu Big Brother, this is Tang Jie Big Brother, this is Tang Wen.” Laura their immediately/on horseback salutes said : to see Big Brother Mu to Mu Yu , has seen Tang Big Brother, has seen Tang Wen mister.” Mu Yu three enter returns salute hastily, Zhao Hai smiles said : these is my wife, Laura, Meg, Megan, Lizzy, Ryan, Berry, Maggie, Zheng Yun'er.” Mu Yu nodded, laughs said : not to think that your youngster competes however several such pretty wives, walks, first goes to your planet, Master these are young is giving your digging into all directions.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, entered Transmission Formation with the audiences, went to the blue tree star directly. Blue tree star there all calm, there did not have now into, several enter the appears place, is the Transmission Formation square of blue tree star. Left the Transmission Formation square, on-board visited in the blue tree, this planet is most is the blue tree, therefore in the air always fills one type of to let into the mind tranquil fragrance, planet first half area is ocean, only then a few places, that land was also turned round to be friendly by the blue tree, very beautiful. Now planet here has not entered, but Cave Mansion there to is very thousand only, does not have the dust, does not have Monster Beast to enter, because of the Magical Artifact protection of Cave Mansion there has plenty, is adding on the blue tree on-board not to have no formidable Monster Beast, therefore continuously preservation good of. Zhao Hai led Mu Yu they to sit on Yama Ship visits the blue tree star, Mu Yu then nodded said : really well, I also really don’t know this blue tree star competed before however is so attractive, what a pity the o flatter, I inherited Master planet, otherwise I also looked certainly for attractive planet.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turns the head their said : these to be young you to keep here to Laura, enters to build quickly the school, these children soon came, to strive for they to come to move.” Laura nodded said : Elder Brother Hai your feel relieved, we do certainly well, your time must be careful.” Zhao Hai nodded, Mu Yu actually stares, puzzled what? enters to Zhao Hai said : must walk? Goes to there?” Zhao Hai smiles said : these time returns to Comprehend the world there the time, presently Comprehend the world there Insect Race is ready to make trouble, I want to go back what's the matter, entering of Comprehend the world, the strength is not very strong, moreover these Insect Race do not deal with easily, therefore I want to take a look.” Mu Yu knit the brows said : „to please move you to go into action, that isn't Insect Race simple? What kind, with did not need our brothers several to have a look with you in the past.” …… One hear of Zhao Hai said that Mu Yu then nodded said : that to be good, has remembered, if there is any danger, must tell us the o flatter.” Zhao Hai nodded with a smile, making Yama Ship stop getting down team, fell outside Cave Mansion, then received Yama Ship, met to begin to wield, in his appears large quantities and all kinds of construction machines, Zhao Hai turned the head their said : to start to Maggie.” Maggie complied with one, immediately/on horseback has put out computer, then has been manipulating several, then has shot the information, these and construction machine started. cultivator must construct some house time also very simple, so long as uses Spell, may build up the wall, naturally, can cause a cover with Magical Artifact to the house, but like the gate o flatter, window o flatter these thing, cannot make with Magical Artifact, after installs, however general cultivator actually does not like being so troublesome, therefore cultivator will usually not construct the house, but digs Cave Mansion, security, convenient. If constructs the house, if there is an enemy to enter, was impossible to block the enemy to enter depending on the wall of house, but Cave Mansion was different, Cave Mansion dug generally on the mountain, there is mountain wall to prevent, this mountain wall be thicker than the wall, general cultivator cannot one give to overthrow mountain wall, this can play certain defense to do to use. Because of this, therefore regarding constructing house matter, cultivator is generally very strange, cultivator does not enjoy the life generally, the place that they live in generally is Cave Mansion that digs, can do well own Cave Mansion at most. Therefore now saw that Zhao Hai causes these many machines to come to construct the house, Mu Yu and Tang Jie they feel very curious, Mu Yu puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what do you mean? You were said that you can build a school? Governs these children for secure?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : is the o flatter, I planned that builds a school to settle governs these children, plants medicinal herbs this matter, I planned that gives to do the majority of work, these children must study some, but will not make them waste the too much time, his main work studies.” Mu Yu stares, then he frowns said : Little Hai, you must know that 10,000 enter is impossible becomes strength formidable cultivator, if you simultaneously taught them, that can spend your a lot of time, I thought that you moved according to the way that hundred treasure here other entered teach disciple.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, Big Brother Mu your feel relieved, these children do not need me to teach that I have found teacher to them, this 10,000 enter is certainly impossible becomes formidable cultivator, the young tax that but each entering is different, some children have the young tax regarding crafting very much, some much has the young tax regarding the planter, I must make them wield my young tax, this perhaps in the future can also become a promising young talent.” Mu Yu stares, puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „do please enter to teach them? What enters?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „the Undead Creature o flatter, you have forgotten, in my Space has plenty Undead Creature, has plenty cultivator Undead Creature, I can make them come now, when teacher o flatter.” Mu Yu then arrived was shocked, but he then was actually two eyes bright said : this arrives is good means that if these Undead Creature can teach these children, these children may have the luck.” Zhao Hai smiles said : present these children in initiation Stage, after these children grow truly, should be able to demonstrate that their Bai Shaoyao has bestowed on, when the time comes was teaching students in accordance with their aptitude is OK.” Mu Yu nodded said : well, presses comes, does not affect you who you said to practice on the line in any case, was right, two young these children must come, what to do did you plan?” Zhao Hai smiles said : what to do not, Laura they did not come, first made them look, I must return to Comprehend the world, but believes that quick will come back.” Mu Yu nodded, Zhao Hai turns the head to Meg said : Meg, prepares the point to eat, now is young I to ask Big Brother Mu they to drink.” Meg complied with one, turn around entered Cave Mansion, has become Cave Mansion room modified the kitchen, started the dish. Was offended to disappear Mu Yu to the behavior that Zhao Hai this being at variance with often enters, he has not said anything, stands with Zhao Hai outside Cave Mansion has no way is chatting, these construction machines are constructing the house under these control, chart marriage Maggie of house already presently these, believes that many will certainly construct. Before long Meg eating prepared, Zhao Hai they have eaten with Mu Yu greatly, especially Mu Yu they, they have not thought really that Zhao Hai things to eat competed however is this type can directly transform Spiritual Qi food, this was makes him be startled, but also made his appetite open greatly.

After having eaten thing, Zhao Hai with Laura their explain/transfer, with Mu Yu returned to encampment of hundred treasure, Mu Yaobo returned to encampment here, Zhao Hai with Mu Yao the porter greeting, said that he must return to the Comprehend the world there matter, Mu Yaobo naturally had not opposed that the Zhao Hai strength placed there, and has the great merit to hundred treasure, is adding on Mu Yaobo to appreciate Zhao Hai, this minor matter, nature inadequate anything issue. Zhao Hai through Transmission Formation returned to Comprehend the world encampment, then had not stayed, direct returned to Comprehend the world, his appears place is still the Yu Qing mountain. Now Laura they are busy in blue tree star there, reason that in Space only then Cai'er, Cai'er keeps in Space to because of her continuously control Space, original Zhao Hai does not want such anxiously returned to Comprehend the world here, but Cai'er told Zhao Hai, Insect Race has seized around Fabbio star five planet, slaughtered cultivator on planet negligently completely, now is expanding to all around. …… Because Cai'er told Zhao Hai these, Zhao Hai such anxiously returned to Comprehend the world here, Zhao Hai very clear, he cannot wait, and other Comprehend the world here loss even bigger, that only trouble, to solve the trouble of Insect Race, that only then means that go to Fabbio star there, projects on Insect Race Queen Nest, gave to destroy completely Queen Nest, did not have Queen Nest Insect Race, that was tail of rabbit, long not. Really Zhao Hai appears when the Yu Qing mountain, saw Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry, but two enter the present expression actually very heavy. ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;