Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1525
Do not enter don’t know what's the matter, but Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called actually knows that two received information, knows that these Insect Race drew back returned to Fabbio on-board to go, to think Zhao Hai moved, two entered knows certainly why these Insect Race will retreat.

However because now Transmission Formation was sealed up, wants with quickly loses information is impossible, therefore Huang Dao however also can only take your time, was good draws back because of these Insect Race, they did not need to worry. Zhao Hai still in wormhole toward forward flight, moreover he felt, he feared that soon arrived at Fabbio star the center, because he can feel clearly that these Insect Race strengths were stronger, now keeps off in his front Insect Race, had the Transcends Tribulation Stage strength, the tribulation how also don’t know these insects crossed, in their white bucket attack strength, competed in any case however also has a tribulation strength, this was Zhao Hai has not thought absolutely. How however saying that Zhao Hai felt he to Insect Race den getting closer and closer, was getting stronger and stronger because of that dangerous feeling, this danger is not his present these Insect Race brings to him absolutely, certainly is insect Queen Nest. After striking to have killed some Transcends Tribulation Stage insect, the Zhao Hai suddenly feeling front, all insect vanish from sight, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai stare, but he puts up Yama to flush away toward inside. After breaking through two wormholes, Zhao Hai suddenly appears in very enormous Space, in this Space, is a incomparably huge lava pond, the lava in this in gurgle, gurgle the braving bubble, is understanding at a glance temperature Qi tall. But in this Space above, actually great exists in the incomparable egg-shaped meat pouch, this meat pouch looks like looks like a big egg, the best pupil has several hundred meters, most greatly directly also about hundred meters, moreover this big egg first scroll many sarcrolemmas, this sarcrolemma is looking like veins is the same, some sarcrolemmas are linking cavern above, the part of then underground that lava pond, has part one after another all around, on such hung this pork egg in in midair. Zhao Hai look at this scene, is quick he to note, these companies in the cavern above sarcrolemma were also having the pipeline, but under that cavern probably was downward the running water, flowed in directly in this pipe, but was also same including these sarcrolemmas of lava pond, inside also had the pipe, that pipe is inhaling probably also some lavas to the meat egg. Zhao Hai has cannot help but selected the brow, the temperature of that lava is not general high, but this egg competed however to be able the lava to inhale within the body, this truly somewhat stemmed from the attention of Zhao Hai, but his look at this egg, actually saw that felt this egg fighting strength resembled is not very strong, however that dangerous feeling to come from there? In this time, suddenly a laughter of young lady is transmitting, does the sound that then a female enters convey said : what? to enter in my small treasure is interested very much?” Zhao Hai stares, then under his two eyes looks toward that egg, along with falling of this sound, a that egg surface fluctuation, then a female enters from that egg walked out, this female enters has not put on any thing, is completely red, guan. Her skin is very white, nearly transparent color, black hair, his head is very however long, has towed the heel from the top of the head, this head is not the powder is approving, but has formed a braid, in the terminal of head, is bringing a ruler allow Chang bone hook, that bone hook looks like such as Bai cold is the same, very beautiful. But her head is not motionless, probably is Spirit Snake is the same, is swaying from side to side, situation very strange. Zhao Hai somewhat curious look at these females enter, the appearance that this female enters cannot say that is very attractive, but is bringing wild nature, charms, her stature actually very perfect, this big place is big, this small place was small, stands looks like in there has filled the black enticement picture.

This enticement is not because she has not worn the clothes, because of her temperament, her look, all these makes this female enter, to entering to have one type of very fatal attracting gravitational force. Zhao Hai is actually a face calm look at this female enters, this female enters to walk from that egg, moreover she also manages that egg to call the small treasure, can look from this point, this female enters is not absolutely simple, she has inseparable relationship with Insect Race, perhaps she is Insect Race Queen Nest, what most important is, Zhao Hai body that enters from this female, felt to a feeling of very dangerous, the feeling of this danger, compared with him to Immortal Stage Expert time, must intensely. Also wants the dangerous scarlet, guan and female to enter compared with Immortal Stage Expert, if Zhao Hai also dares to regard an ordinary female to enter to regard her, he was idiot one. That female enters looked that Zhao Hai has not spoken, she smiles said : what? to ask that who I am?” Zhao Hai honest nod said : of is the o flatter, I am very curious, who are you? If you are Insect Race, appearance why but you will turn into, moreover appearance that to be honest, you turn into really very attractively, stems from my anticipation attractively, my real don’t know, the aesthetic standard of Insect Race competes however so high, this is surprises me very.” That female entered one hear of Zhao Hai saying that the smiling face on her face were more, but she actually revealed doubts facial expression said : afterward who my also don’t know I am, I only know me, as soon as were born in here, this cannot leave here, why become this appearance as for our President, my also don’t know why, in any case I grow into this appearance, what's wrong, did you like?” Zhao Hai stares, he did not have really: Why do you want to cope with these cultivator?” That female is suitable the standard monster to smile said : is they come attack first I, moreover from their there, I can obtain many thing, this will make me more and more formidable, my don’t know why must become formidable, my however I want to become formidable, isn't this good?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he was really don’t know must say that any was good, his look at this female Entering the Dao: That present? You think that I am what kind of?” That female entered said : naturally to eat you, you were so formidable, after having eaten you, I meet become bigger to be formidable.” Zhao Hai was speechless, his really don’t know must say any good, this female enters even simply unable to be enters, she is very intelligent wild beast. wild beast eats into is because they are hungry, but this female enters to eat into to become by oneself formidable, in her opinion, entering to eat has been able to become by oneself formidable, why can't that eat? Moreover enters to annoy her, you cannot make is hungry wild beast not eat into. Zhao Hai look at this female enters, sighed said : to fear that was you cannot eat me.” That female enters actually smiles said : that not to be uncertain.” Said that female enters shakes, his head suddenly lengthens, then strikes bone hook direct Zhao Hai.

This cavern however is not small, but Zhao Hai actually cannot put down Yama Ship, Zhao Hai already received Yama Ship, now looks at this female entering type, his hand wielded on a flying sword direct that bone hook to welcome, listened to working as, flying sword struck on the bone hook, but that has actually been shot to fly flying sword, made Zhao Hai feel what was shocking, above flying sword, competed in appears small hollow, this situation was actually the first secondary. That bone hook ball flew flying sword, still strikes toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai stares, then is actually yellow light flashes, his hand proceeds to extend, one on capture that body root hook, the hand of Zhao Hai turned into team yellow knot Crystal Stone now, looks like glittering and translucent carving, is similar to general that Crystal carves, very beautiful. That female enters has not thought that Zhao Hai competes however gives capture her braid, on her face also appears an astonished expression, but along with her actually fierce throws toward Zhao Hai, simultaneously her two hands also turned into the knife edges of two made of bone, chops toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has not thought really that this female enters to compete however such aggressive, but he was not worried that the hand unclasped her braid, two hands only hand appears two axes, moved forward to meet somebody toward the blade that female entered, ‚, when working as two, Zhao Hai dumbfounded two blades that female entered, however his arm has actually shaken, this let Zhao Hai being startled extremely. Must know that Zhao Hai currently uses has bent down demon Profound Technique vigorously, in this case , he when blocks this female to enter two blades, felt that very strenuous, this sufficiently could look at the strength that this female entered is formidable how, but he did not have the time to think these, two feet that female entered have also kicked toward Zhao Hai, simultaneously her braid also in one time punctured toward Zhao Hai. A Zhao Hai personal appearance revolution, the in hand axe vanished, outside his fist, actually put on a gauntlet (glove), the shoes on foot also turned into the metallic color, he simultaneously uses Dragon Descend Profound Technique and Crouching Tiger Profound Technique, because of Zhao Hai very clear, he uses the ordinary method now, simply possibly is not the match who this female enters, this female entered was too dangerous, was much more dangerous than these Immortal Stage Expert. These Immortal Stage Expert, generally with Magical Artifact with entering to war, but this female enters is actually not, she uses is near body attack, moreover her hand and foot can also turn into the bone blade appearance at any time, this bone blade also very hard. What most important is her attack strength, his attack strength very formidable, the strength is much bigger, now on the hand and foot of Zhao Hai brings Defensive Equipment that Liquid Silver is turning into, in this Defensive Equipment also has the cloudy Yang lightning pond to provide energy to him, enabling this Defensive Equipment to keep off next part of attack for him, even if so, he still feels, the attack strength that female enters has formidable how. Zhao Hai did not have other any thoughts now, his full spiritual force used in has coped with this female to enter the body, the strength that this female entered was really too formidable, formidable must stem from his unexpected. The body of although Zhao Hai can Crystallization, this not fear outside attack, the strength that but this female enters was too strong, Zhao Hai almost can affirm, if he were entered to get several by this female, undead also meets the severe wound. Because of this, manipulation that he has to be careful, two entered has fought more than 100 moves that tumbled, this in Zhao Hai this level entered, was very rare, like entering of Zhao Hai this level, their Bai Shao fights possibly very intense, but generally was only the probes, truly fully the time of attack, was actually very short, in other words, won the year certainly surely, often possibly in several moves. However these time is different, this Zhao Hai left fully, moreover he can feel, this female entered also left fully, Zhao Hai believes that along with him, other entered is Immortal Stage Expert came, was is also very difficult to live leave this hole, so long as entered this cavern, wanting the whole body to draw back, can only be defeats this female to enter, method that but this female entered but very strong, wanted to defeat her, difficult! Two entered and hits more than 100 moves, Zhao Hai had the support of Space, feared that already did not have is the match who this female entered, this let Zhao Hai being startled, the dignity of facial expression also in addition. At this moment, that female enters suddenly to leave to draw back, returned to side of that big egg, simultaneously in Bone Transformation part also vanish from sight on her hand and foot, she turned into the beforehand appearance.

Zhao Hai stares, but he is face alert look at that female Entering the Dao: How to hit? Do not eat me?” That female enters character and style ten thousand types white Zhao Hai said : could not hit you, but also hits any dozen, could not eat you, you walked.” Zhao Hai to has gawked, he has not thought that really this female joined a society said that he saw this female to enter one puzzled, actually presently this female enters correct use one type of pitiful look look at he, charmed the strength full big beautiful woman, naked body sub- stands in there, but also sprouted very pitiful look look at with one type of very much you, Zhao Hai felt one almost changed to become Langru. His take deep breaths, this suppressed own Qi to read, what saw that female to enter said : your such look at my thousand? What words had to say? Told you, I will not make you eat me, I cannot walk now, only if you forever did not make these Insect Race enter.” That female entered to knit the brows said : I not to eat you, but I think that you remained to accompany me, entered to stay in here is very bored, although these children can accompany me, but they will not speak, I was very bored, can you accompany me to speak?” Zhao Hai stares, did he see this female to enter said : you unable puzzled leave here? Can't? By your strength, can you unable leave here? Is this impossible?” What that female entered snort|hum said : this to have not to be impossible, if can leave here I already leave, but also has stayed in here? You think that here is very amusing? I besides sleeping, can only command(er) these children look for the point to eat, was bored, this was the place that I was born, I cannot leave it to be too far, otherwise I will lose the strength of whole body, one time left this cavern, I did not have the strength suddenly, almost died outside, from then on I in did not dare leave here.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he cannot help but looks at that big egg one, his two eyes suddenly one bright, look at this female Entering the Dao: „Do you think leave here really? If I help your leave here, you do want?” Zhao Hai these time to get so far as in Insect Race Queen Nest Space, but there are this female to enter, he presently he thinks that Insect Race Queen Nest gets so far as in Space, is almost impossible, Zhao Hai for this matter was worrying that one hear of this females enter now said that he to thought that the matter possibly had the favorable turn! ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;