Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1526

Chapter 451 appearing suddenly seal! As soon as that woman listened to Zhao Hai saying that was actually cannot help but two eyes one bright, then on face actually appears a vigilant facial expression, she snort|hum said :I not on your working as, your simply was impossible to help my leave here, you want to deceive here me, then has eaten me, your Human Race was sliest. Zhao Hai stares, puzzled said : you know that we are Human Race?” That woman snort|hum, proud said : I knows certainly that after I the person has eaten, will obtain their part to remember, snort|hum, your Human Race is not good thing.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, probably in the world of this woman, eats with is eaten is very normal, this makes his is not very familiar with, but Zhao Hai or said : I want to bring your leave here, not only brings your leave, will also be bringing that big egg leave of your side, like this you have stayed in side of big egg, will not lose the strength, how?” As soon as that woman listened to Zhao Hai saying that obvious has gawked, was very obvious, leave this cavern regarding her, the enticement was really too big, although she did not believe Zhao Hai, but was somewhat hesitant. Zhao Hai looks at her some appearances of moving, then deep voice said : I bring your leave here, but does not think that you were continue kill, your strength formidable, I can only fight to a draw with you, but was impossible to prevent all Insect Race to kill people, so long as you hit on me are not killing me, I brought your leave here, how did you look?” As soon as that woman listened to Zhao Hai saying that the hesitant sentiment on face to has been short of a point, her Qing very ~ why Chu Zhao Hai comes today, because of Insect Race now outside murder, therefore Zhao Hai will run, now Zhao Hai said that to was makes her believe. However is she said : how you wants to bring my leave?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „I am Space Divergent Warlock , in my Space, can install under some living creatures, does not believe you to look.” Said that his intention moves, that two silver whip snakes flew from Space, ran up to the under foot of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at that woman smiles two snakes that said : this was I raised in the past, has stayed in Space, what kind of? Good? My this Space can install under the living creature, naturally can lead you with that big egg leave.” The woman looked at that two silver whip snake one, the hesitant color in eye reduced, but she is said : is not good, this parent substance must by attracting the above water and following fire survives, if you bring me and parent substance leave, this water and fire did not have, the parent substance can not have the means to survive.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then often smiles, the hand wields, in hand were many boat same thing, then Zhao Hai this thing gave that woman said : this is Space Magical Artifact, can survive above, I can this Magical Artifact, transform with your this hole very similar, you can live like this, what kind of?”

That boat same thing, to that woman in front, increasing fast, before long became incomparably huge, feared that wound to these sarcrolemmas, is adding on cavern is really limited very much, feared will increase. The thing that Zhao Hai takes, naturally is a lark fruit ship, must say this lark fruit ship, but the use is many, but Zhao Hai had not taken to use, is really this thing extremely in going against heaven's will, although was worse than a point Space, but regarding cultivator, this lark fruit ship was really too precious, any cultivator obtained hundred valuable fruit ships, met first to build up Life Source Magical Artifact him. But these hundred valuable fruit ships besides these functions, the place of most important lie, this thing does not have attribute, does not have the attribute also in other words any attribute person him to refine Life Source Magical Artifact. Thinks that can collection hurry along, the practice, defends, the attack, plants as one Life Source Magical Artifact, any cultivator wants to obtain. Because of this thing fantastic, therefore Zhao Hai cannot take him, if Zhao Hai takes this thing, that will certainly cause Cultivation World piece of carnage. Where Cultivation World is, the the weak are the prey to the strong place, any cultivator obtained the lark fruit ship, obtained one in a big way to help, but was good thing, the person who hefted to record were more, the murder seized the valuable the matter, in Cultivation World here, sometimes since birth, if the lark fruit ship present world, will decide however becomes audiences cultivator the thing of competition, was similar to relies on Heavenly Sword, Tu Dragon blade was common. This lark fruit ship is Zhao Hai first time takes, this does not have the matter of means that the morbidly suspicious mind of that woman is too serious, if did not put out really thing, she not obedient entered Space with him, so long as Space, that all ok. That woman curious look at lark fruit ship, her although is not good at to use spiritual force, but the strength to this level, spiritual force had, moreover very formidable, her spiritual force one explored into the lark fruit ship. …… That woman somewhat surprised look at Zhao Hai, how does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : you to look? If above, you can move, I naturally can bring your leave, even if your children, I can also bring.” That woman look at Zhao Hai, looked at a that lark fruit ship, to be honest, this enticement was too big, not being able to allow her to reject, she wants completely various means not to have the means leave here team, now opportunity on the pendulum in the front, how she can not trial. Thinks of here, that woman two eyes is certain, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : well, if you can bring my leave here , after me, decides however is not killing people, all listen your.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, if invited.” Zhao Hai believes that woman has certainly the means to get so far as lark fruit on the ship to go that big egg. Really, that woman looked at Zhao Hai one, meets to begin toward the big egg on to extend, then has closed the eye, some little time, the big egg started creeping motion gently, then sarcrolemma unexpectedly withdraw to slowly in the big egg, that big egg unexpectedly really turned into an appearance of egg. Then that woman gently leapt, stands above the big egg, two eyes looked toward all around cave wall on, that facial expression ten dignity. But at this time was up and down reclamations of two sarcrolemmas along with the big egg, in the hole the clear water releases together, that clear water one fell in the lava pond, splashed all round the mist, cavern made that was similar to the fairyland is ordinary. Then that woman waves, under the big egg flies toward the lark fruit ship, one sneaked in the lark fruit ship. Zhao Hai looked that woman has gone, cannot help but in heart one happy, in this time, the mutation is breaking out. As that woman enters to the lark fruit ship, this cavern all around suddenly shines innumerable Magical Artifact, in this Magical Artifact, really also has innumerable Swastika [卐] character Buddha mark, look at these formation and Buddha mark, fierce presses toward lark fruit on the ship. Zhao Hai one startled, but his immediately looked, these formation and these Buddha mark unexpectedly were a seal, did some people come to the seal in here Insect Race unexpectedly? Who is this person? Why does he want such to do? In puzzled time, that Buddha mark fell lark fruit on the ship, heard with a bang sound, the lark fruit ship to blast out unexpectedly directly, that woman and big egg in time appears in cavern. Eye look at that seal must fall to that woman on, Zhao Hai cannot actually be attending to too, the personal appearance moved, appears by that woman, met to begin to wield, directly that woman and big egg installing in Space, that woman probably by this suddenly in the appears seal frightening silly, ignored regarding the Zhao Hai movement unexpectedly, by the Zhao Hai very smooth attire in Space. …… At this moment, Strength of Faith fierce running out of Zhao Hai within the body, welcomed to these has invaded the strength of his within the body, these invaded strength very formidable of Zhao Hai within the body, but met Zhao Hai Strength of Faith, was similar to the white snow is ordinary with the scorching sun, rapid was melted, then the Strength of Faith counter- volume on, must invade these strengths of Zhao Hai within the body, swallowing!

This was Zhao Hai second time sees Strength of Faith swallowing other strength, the previous time was the strength of Tribulation Lightning by Strength of Faith swallowing, these time was actually the strength of this seal, this what's the matter? In Zhao Hai is not thinking understand time, his suddenly felt that Strength of Faith after swallowing that strength, immediately transferred in his body, in his body in all strengths, probably are then many some thing, the strength of originally Zhao Hai within the body is the silver-white color, above also flood faint trace the strength of Tribulation Lightning, but his body several strengths actually turn into golden now, above although also has faint trace the strength of Tribulation Lightning, but Zhao Hai can actually feel comes out, the strength of this Tribulation Lightning, probably becomes before was more formidable. Besides the strength of this Tribulation Lightning, in the Zhao Hai strength, were probably many thing, Zhao Hai cannot help but gently has closed the feeling, was feeling fully the thing that in within the body energy came out was anything. Quick Zhao Hai felt, the thing that in energy of his within the body came out, unexpectedly was very pure Buddha Force! This Buddha Force and ordinary energy are different, Buddha Force obtains enlightenment High Buddha to have the one type of strength that generally, if this strength is not the person of practice, is not useful, if the person of ordinary practice, the use will not be big, but will let in your attack, are many Strength of Light to come, may break ten thousand evils, this ability regarding others, perhaps some uses, but is not useful regarding Zhao Hai. But this Buddha Force regarding practicing the Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method person, is actually one type of unsurpassed Magical Treasure, practices Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method with Buddha Force, can actually the matter half merit generation, will make the Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method ability increase, can say that this is one type of regarding Buddhist Sect cultivator, strength that most longs for obtaining. However this Buddha Force is no one can obtain, this Buddha Force must result is some obtains enlightenment High Monk to have, but these High Monk almost will not begin with the person, only if greatly deceitfully the greatly wicked person, even if greatly deceitfully the greatly wicked strength, generally High Monk not under Assassin, but the seal settles, generally Monk wants to obtain Buddha Force, actually has a dream....... ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;