Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1527
Chapter 452 in Level Up Zhao Hai in sensing this Buddha Force, after this Buddha Force although is being, integrates in Zhao Hai Spiritual Qi, made Zhao Hai Spiritual Qi live the change, before Zhao Hai Spiritual Qi, such as the stars were dazzling, but sharp was too abundant, was not very good-hearted. This good-hearted does not refer to Zhao Hai Spiritual Qi being not very sincere, here good-hearted refer to one type of felt that one type of boundary, before Zhao Hai Spiritual Qi looked like double-edged sword of sheath, cold light sparkled, the lethality was very big, but similarly, make a move will make people feel uncommonly. But now in Zhao Hai Spiritual Qi were many a good-heartedness, a tolerance, a mercy, this lets Zhao Hai Spiritual Qi probably is superior, does not get angry from the prestige, normally is actually the point does not reveal. Zhao Hai can feel, that Buddha Force in his Spiritual Qi, is genuine Buddhist Buddha Force, that includes the meaning of endless mercy, simultaneously and incomparable good-heartedness, moreover change bit by bit his entire Spiritual Qi. Meanwhile in his chest mutton smell above Dao Lotus in hole, suddenly faint appears elders and superiors Great Buddha, this long Great Buddha appearance and Zhao Hai were completely same, the Buddha eye shut, the corners of the mouth had a smile, said the endless gentleness. Naturally currently this Great Buddha has what use Zhao Hai to return don’t know, but after this Great Buddha appears , his top of the head hundred collect that spiritual force villain in hole, to was formidable, moreover that villain the smiling face on face, looked like with that Great Buddha more and more. Zhao Hai has not cared about these, but Zhao Hai can actually feel clearly that this Buddha Force regarding his 18 Arhat Profound Technique, truly has the inestimable advantage, takes Enlightenment Profound Technique as. Enlightenment Profound Technique is in all Buddhist Sect Profound Technique that Zhao Hai studies, abstrusest, what most important is, this Profound Technique can be said as the wondrous use is infinite, can lead into the path of virtue the enemy for forcefully has used, this is the place that Zhao Hai most settles on. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, this enters him to hear in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Presently includes the hostility heterogeneous Insect Race Queen Nest to enter Space to Space, surrenders, surrenders to start, surrenders successfully, this Queen Nest country Insect Race ultimate Queen Nest, includes the infinite evolution ability, presently is in the weak time, withdraws its infinite evolution ability, join to Space, join completes, Space may evolution, gain in the experience hereafter automatically, slowly Level Up, in Space all life form, non- life form, the increase automatic evolution ability, Space Level Up to dabbler Level 10, in Space Universal Manufacturing Machine Level Up, in Space Universal Analyzer Level Up, in Space the multipurpose manufacture machines and Universal Analyzer merges for the multipurpose refining machines, looks at Host to continue to try hard!” „In weak time because of Insect Race Queen Nest, Space automatic strengthens it, in prompt Space to mother poisonous useful gene join Queen Nest, in addition such as multipurpose, Insect Race Queen Nest Level Up succeeds, Queen Nest may absorb any ability to use for oneself, produce Insect Race, the produce Insect Race strength most may be Immortal Stage.” Thump, Zhao Hai felt that a pork pie one fell on own head, this meat pie was really somewhat big, making Zhao Hai feel somewhat accidentally.

The key is this Insect Race Queen Nest, to the advantage that Zhao Hai brings is really too big, first did not say other, considers Space to be able the Level Up ability, this is Zhao Hai most wants to obtain, before Space Level Up, Zhao Hai has to seek for various good thing in all directions, this let Space Level Up bit by bit, because now Space level was too high, therefore Zhao Hai wants to let Space Level Up is really too difficult, but this automatic Level Up ability, on was opened add-ons by Space probably, looked for generation to practice to be the same, can by Space Level Up slowly., although is not necessarily quick, is actually Zhao Hai most needs. In adding on Space all thing, had the automatic evolution ability, this regarding Zhao Hai, but the good deed, good thing in Space to be innumerable, if can automatic evolution, then regarding Zhao Hai, may really be fantastic. In addition, that Queen Nest can manufacture Immortal Stage equally strong Insect Race this point also to stem from unexpected of Zhao Hai, but afterward Zhao Hai one wants on understand, do not forget, in his Space present Immortal Stage Expert, although is Undead Creature, but gene actually, but reason that Insect Race can Level Up, be because they can absorb other life form genes by their evolution, now has absorbed this Immortal Stage Expert gene, in adding on Space innumerable life form genes, can produce Immortal Stage Expert Insect Race this be normal. Zhao Hai plans to manufacture some Immortal Stage Insect Race, but is remaining spare, time that does not arrive at to with cannot take to use, otherwise was really too scary. Is thinking in Zhao Hai these times, suddenly transmits prompt speaking sounds: Subdues Insect Race Queen Nest because of Host, obtains insect to give loyalty, from now on, Insect Race can also be Host provides Strength of Faith , because of Insect Race in Beast Race one type of, and is the insect class Beast Race ultimate situation, later Host increases to the Beast Race affinity, in all Space by having Beast Race, but is Host provides Strength of Faith, in addition pours, has Beast Race of Spiritual Wisdom only then to be able Host to provide Strength of Faith, non- Spiritual Wisdom Beast Race may not.” Zhao Hai in one time has gawked, he has not thought, this Space unexpectedly also in here an ambush, but this regarding Zhao Hai to is the good deed, later he can obtain many Strength of Faith. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, does not have what is good to yearn, his personal appearance flashes, entered in Space, just entered Space, saw Laura they to welcome, Laura their present each and every one are face the sentiments of excited, could look, they regarding this time Level Up, was very happy. Zhao Hai also slightly varies to smile, but his suddenly now Laura their with two people, one naturally were Zheng Yun'er, Zhao Hai although said that received Zheng Yun'er, because worried, therefore has not consummated a marriage with Zheng Yun'er to the present, therefore Zheng Yun'er saw that Zhao Hai somewhat was shy, naturally fell behind of people. But before another is actually , Zhao Hai in that woman who in the wormhole sees, can say that this woman is insect Queen Nest, he now is long, but has actually worn the clothes, to appeared gorgeously is more unusual. They said to Laura a few words words, Zheng Yun'er has then arrived at side Zhao Hai, supple said : Elder Brother Hai.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, said : in a soft voice lives can be also familiar with? Later you may be my Zhao Hai woman, asks a time to take in a maidservant as a concubine you.”

Zheng Yun'er complexion one red, has complied with one lightly, in this time, a sound is transmitting said : Young Master, when you also received the room me.” Zhao Hai stares, turns the head to look, speech that Insect Race woman, Zhao Hai then arrives is startled is not small, he has not thought that this woman so is unexpectedly aggressive, can say such words. Zhao Hai opened mouth, solid don’t know must say that anything is good, the Laura look at Zhao Hai appearance, smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, I have given a name to call Julie to her, Julie regarding Human Race some ideological also do not understand, but your feel relieved, she is studying diligently, moreover later Julie was also your woman, you looked for opportunity also to take in a maidservant as a concubine Julie.” Zhao Hai has gawked, cannot help but has thought Julie in that cavern that wild to the extreme attack strength, is the method of near body war, moreover of attack strength, even if Zhao Hai somewhat cannot withstand, has not actually thought that in the blink of an eye unexpectedly has become his woman, what most important is, Zhao Hai thinks that Insect Race Queen Nest status, is actually somewhat irritable. However changes mind thinks that also has actually felt relaxed, this Cai'er main body or Seven-Colored Flower, received including the flower, were receiving only insect also no big deal. Time that if Zhao Hai just passed through, certainly irritably dies, at that time he just passed through after all, always meets not on own initiative matter, on the matter with Earth handles to compare, at that time made him receive Julie to enter the room, was actually impossible. However now is different, now Zhao Hai arrived at ten-thousand realms battlefield here, became hundred treasure people, Beastman Race, Elven Race, Monster Race, what race his experience crossed, race of although like Monster Race, with Human Race ideological some not quite, however in the Zhao Hai eye, was the same with Human Race, therefore he now regarding receiving Julie to does not have too many dislike. Thought through later Zhao Hai also to nod, Zhao Hai also very clear, entered from Julie to Space at that moment starting from, has been doomed becomes his woman, he was wants to decline is impossible, complied simply. Julie looks at Zhao Hai to nod, this then said : Young Master, in Fabbio on-board, but also has plenty child, asking Young Master also to receive in Space them.” Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, but nodded afterward, these Insect Race place outside, making these cultivator cope is not impossible, but will make these cultivator lose some, the losses of hundred treasure in recent time were not small, do not make them in the loss for good. Zhao Hai deep voice said : Julie, you come command(er) one, I on-board open several Space channel's entrance in Fabbio, making these insect come.” Julie complied with one, Zhao Hai immediately opened several Space channel's entrance, these Insect Race under Julie command(er), swarmed to enter, Zhao Hai has put in these Insect Race Space on uninhabited planet. Afterward does Zhao Hai to Julie said : Julie, in that cavern, to your seal, you know don’t know that seal to come from there?”

Julie shook the head said : my don’t know, I only know that I awoke in there, that seal has also existed, if my leave cavern, that seal will not have the too big response, but one but Queen Nest wants leave cavern, that seal immediately will block us, we on that seal, but has not suffered little loss.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head looks like to Laura said : this Fabbio star cannot remain, must destroy to be good, this will not leave any trace.” Laura nodded said : this not to be difficult, in Space can produce leave some nuclear bombs, gives to blow up Fabbio star directly, but as the matter stands, all around planet will possibly receive affects, Elder Brother Hai, I thought that you destroy planet central there, then does to put a fire, this nobody will suspect.” Zhao Hai thinks that finally nodded, agreed that then he on some Insect Race the corpses planet collected, strongly to the planet center, then his immediately/on horseback control in planet that lava pond, fierce one has spurted, before long entire planet turned into incomparably huge Fireball, but at this time Zhao Hai also arrived at outside of Fabbio star. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" ……