Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1528

Chapter 453 Immortal is polite Zhao Hai stands outside look at of Fabbio star slowly by Fabbio star that the flame swallows, actually relaxed at heart, he before now looks like regarding the Insect Race scruples is actually absolutely correct, by the Julie strength, even if were Immortal Stage Expert enters in that cavern to fear that could not ask to be good, that feared that was Julie has only wounded that Immortal Stage Expert, so long as made Julie obtain a Immortal Stage Expert gene, that Insect Race on great strength, when the time comes will fear that was he, wants to kill the present to Fabbio likely on-board, receives Julie not to be impossible. Moreover Zhao Hai was also rejoicing, luckily initially not directly Fabbio star to regret, if he can Fabbio star to the regret, possibly seal Julie that cavern destroying, if his real regret that seal, broke the shackles with nothing left, release fierce tiger, when the time comes by the Zhao Hai strength, has wanted, in deceives in Julie Space, actually cannot. The chance coincidence, Zhao Hai also has to sigh a chance coincidence now, if he were not learn Purifying Heart Perceiving Nature Profound Technique, feared that was impossible to make such decision. But most when lets Zhao Hai feels happy, Julie not before he attacks leave that cavern, this is Zhao Hai most happy. although that cavern has the seal, but Zhao Hai actually felt, that seal somewhat became less crowded, moreover energy probably was somewhat insufficient, otherwise not that relaxed by his Strength of Faith swallowing. If Julie present this point, is putting together ahead of time by the several times wound, attacks a several times seal, feared that is must broken seal, but left, but Julie is actually because before , suffers a loss too, did not dare to attack that seal, this point from her one presently that seal appears , frightens not to dare to be able to look. However this is better, to was cheap Zhao Hai, if Julie broke through that seal to run, not only Comprehend the world, feared that was ten-thousand realms battlefield there must have bad luck. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, is transmitting in the sound of this time broken wind, who Zhao Hai does not need to look actually knows is, is several Cultivation World Immortal Stage Expert, is adding on Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) calls their some Transcends Tribulation Stage or Transcends Tribulation Stage beforehand Expert. Now ten-thousand realms battlefield there, Comprehend the world encampment just completed, Kong Miao their matters are too many, therefore has not come back, in person who therefore here comes, Zhao Hai many did not know. Zhao Hai does not know them, they actually know Zhao Hai, that several Immortal Stage Expert to the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai also turned the head look at they, that several Immortal Stage Expert, immediately/on horseback has seen Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai ritual said :.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, is ritual said : Zhao Hai has also seen several senior to several people.” In that several Immortal Stage Expert, quickly said: Works as not to mister such name, mister was really too polite, this time matter unexpectedly exhausted mister make a move, I and others really felt sorry.”

Zhao Hai is actually shows a faint smile said : several not to need to be how polite, Zhao Hai now although is hundred treasure people, but actually also comes in Comprehend the world, Comprehend the world has the matter, I naturally cannot look at, no matter, must say that this Insect Race also is really fierce, in the center of earth position of Fabbio star, gigantic incomparable Queen Nest, by my strength, abandoned the big strength to destroy unexpectedly unexpectedly good Queen Nest, but outside this small Insect Race was really annoying, I on directing Earth Fire, when these small Insect Race has burnt down, Zhao Hai made the position friendly, please everybody excuse me.” That Immortal Stage Expert said : of lead „, when can not mister so say that mister so does is also good for Comprehend the world, moreover by the mister status, can violate the danger for Comprehend the world by oneself, is I and others, mister did not invite, along with me and others, I and others under the preparation some food and wine, wants to ask mister to enjoy.” Zhao Hai can know that the Comprehend the world here food and wine may be good thing, the average person unable to eat, even if however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called the status person like Huang Dao, could not eat the several times food and wine. Zhao Hai smiles said : this to arrive hastily does not need, I in hundred treasure, the matter return has plenty, is really inconvenient remains, regard Zhao Hai understand, but Zhao Hai is the Comprehend the world family background, is the Comprehend the world working sentiment should also be, everybody does not need to be so polite.” That two Immortal Stage Expert one hear of Zhao Hai said that to does not have to demand, but Immortal Stage Expert has put out Space Bag, Space Bag has handed Zhao Hai, deep voice said : so I and others also inconveniently kept mister, mister, I and others know that the mister nature collected some unusual thing happily, here installed was some unusual thing, some I and others also don’t know about the use, today give mister, asking mister to kindly accept.” Zhao Hai to stares, but he also knows, if do not accept these thing, that arrived is really somewhat unreasonable, he showed a faint smile, received Space Bag said : so Zhao Hai ashamedly to lead, everybody, please.” That Immortal Stage Expert looked at Zhao Hai to receive, on the face immediately has shown the smiling face, then each and every one accompanied in the Zhao Hai side chats. But this was to let Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry somewhat looks silly, they were under the order of Kong Miao before, let them to Zhao Hai politely, they also knew Zhao Hai join hundred treasure, but has not thought at that time actually, therefore was somewhat polite to Zhao Hai although, did not have the polite excess. However now looks at the appearance of that several Immortal Stage Expert to Zhao Hai, they are actually startled extremely, that was Immortal Stage Expert, even if to other Interface, wanted respected existence, was that several Immortal Stage Expert, actually wins good will by deferential behavior in the Zhao Hai front, probably a staff treated own boss to be the same, such manner lets Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) calls on understand Zhao Hai now in the ten-thousand realms battlefield there status. Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called at heart cannot help but one with amazement, they knew Zhao Hai join to hundred treasure, but don’t know Zhao Hai really had such status. Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called the time in ten-thousand realms battlefield not to be long, naturally cannot the understand these big and Comprehend the world disparities, what status is adding on Zhao Hai now in hundred treasure be their also don’t know, naturally did not have to be serious. However these Immortal Stage Expert actually understand, Zhao Hai in hundred treasure there status is very high, only compared with generation of Mu Yu and Tang Jie on low, that Mu Yu and are Tang Jie what kind of person? That is hundred treasure future props, the status is lofty, Zhao Hai can with them side by side, Comprehend the world Immortal Stage Expert, how also dares put on airs before Zhao sea surface.

Quick Zhao Hai they arrived to Fabbio star nearest/recent planet, Zhao Hai truly had not remained, with many Immortal Stage Expert explain/transfer several, has made Transmission Formation to return to the ten-thousand realms battlefield directly. Waits for Zhao Hai to walk, in that several Immortal Stage Expert, that immediately/on horseback deep voice said : of lead Huang Dao however, Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) said.” Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called does not dare to neglect, immediately until that Immortal Stage Expert front, has bowed said : Huang Dao however( the Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) cry) to see senior to that Immortal Stage Expert.” That Immortal Stage Expert nodded said : „, your two people are deepest with Mr. Zhao Hai relationship, presently in decided that adjusts ten-thousand realms battlefield there your two people, if there is any matter to need with Mr. Zhao Hai communicate, your two people must strive much, slice the preparation, some quick then people direct you.” Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called mind big quake, they presently somewhat underestimate status of Zhao Hai in High level heart, to be convenient with Zhao Hai communicate, must adjust the ten-thousand realms battlefield them unexpectedly, this was the huge good deed. Their former although entered to the ten-thousand realms battlefield, but quick came out, was injured to be delivered, displayed by them like this, was impossible in entering the ten-thousand realms battlefield, now for Zhao Hai, is calling in them the ten-thousand realms battlefield unexpectedly directly, this could look in attaching great importance to of High level sufficiently Zhao Hai. They do not dare to ask that has complied with one hastily, that several Immortal Stage Expert then suspend the sleeves, turn around enters Transmission Formation, in the blink of an eye did not vanish. That how many Immortal Stage Expert walk, all around Divided Spirit Stage and Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert actually however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called Huang Dao sphering, that the people talked at once congratulated, at this time shortly after suddenly person of said : Chen Daoist priest, you were not come back from the ten-thousand realms battlefield? And quickly said that what matter ten-thousand realms battlefield there did live? That several elder time are Expert unexpectedly so why polite to Zhao Hai?” That was called the person of Chen Daoist priest, is person who in the people sole has not shown the accidental expression, moreover just also some people noted, this Chen Daoist priest sees Zhao Hai time, manner respectful, although has not spoken the words to Zhao Hai, but actually continuously well-mannered, does not dare to have the meaning of slight disrespecting. Chen Daoist priest looked at people one eyes, sighed, deep voice said : everybody, the matter of ten-thousand realms battlefield, cannot say too, but I can only tell everybody, hundred treasure that Zhao Hai is at now, big of ten-thousand realms battlefield there crest of wave most vigor, its Expert were innumerable, that can send out several thousand Transcends Tribulation Stage and Divided Spirit Stage Expert casually, but these several thousand people of fighting strength, can us in ten-thousand realms battlefield there encampment razing fully, but Zhao Hai in hundred treasure, was actually most hundred treasure only Immortal Stage Expert settles on, was. In hundred treasure strongest Immortal Stage Expert, saw that Zhao Hai is also all smiles, it can be said that Zhao Hai a few words, can decide whether now my Comprehend the world can also get down in the ten-thousand realms battlefield dull, everybody you said that these Immortal Stage Expert, do dare to disrespect to Zhao Hai?” The Hiss! people have held breath a cold air, they have not thought that Zhao Hai currently really has such status in ten-thousand realms battlefield there, this already their imagination. What matter and Divided Spirit Stage Expert puzzled said : „has Zhao Hai handled? Why hundred treasure can such regarding as important Zhao Hai?”

Chen Daoist priest sighed said : actually Mr. Zhao Hai to seek our Comprehend the world one time, everybody, our Comprehend the world in ten-thousand realms battlefield there, but a medium grade below influence, we before hired oneself big known as Giant Spirit, every year on tribute to Giant Spirit, for seeks the Giant Spirit asylum, but that hundred treasure were the Giant Spirit generation foe, among 2 Realms has the battle, afterward that hundred treasure want through coping with us, shoulders with the great Spirit Race battle, coped with Giant Spirit from, we were the loss were serious, afterward Zhao Hai brought many times make a move first, has killed. Hundred treasure several thousand people, but has not actually thought that Giant Spirit must give up us unexpectedly, Mr. Zhao Hai is angry, finally discussed with everyone/Great Clan that we decided to hire oneself hundred treasure, hundred treasure agreed with our hiring oneself, but has actually brought in the army attack of great Spirit Race, Mr. Zhao Hai was getting us, with hundred treasure coordination, repelled great Spirit Race to attack repeatedly, but also compelled under great Spirit Race small to be separated from great Spirit Race, great Spirit Race made that was distressed.” Speaking of here that Chen Daoist priest to stop, looked at people, showed a faint smile said : „, when with the great Spirit Race war, the Mr. Zhao Hai status has treated as an equal with some promising youth of hundred treasure, mister demonstrated the method was to let me and others admired.” Divided Spirit Stage Expert said : „, no wonder mister so settled on by hundred treasure, mister helps them tidy up great Spirit Race maliciously, if hundred treasure do not settle on, that is strange.” Chen Daoist priest stared that person of said : you, when this matter such did end? That great Spirit Race suffered a loss, moreover looks not to beat us, invited ten-thousand realms battlefield there, Weave Fire Clan of name of five side Upper Realm came the helper, that Weave Fire Clan compared with hundred treasure formidable races, clan only Expert were innumerable, will use the spear|gun, this spear|gun was different from the machine there spear|gun, Might very enormous of this spear|gun, even if were Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, if a spear|gun, that is also the undead also severe wound, at that time Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race two clan several hundred thousand army attacked hundred treasure, hundred treasure here were also sent out fully, moved hundreds of thousands. army meets the enemy, hundreds of thousands that weakest is Transcends Tribulation Stage, but wants then situation.” The people were attracted by Chen Daoist priest words, static is listening, Chen Daoist priest sighed said : critical moment, was Mr. Zhao Hai, was helping hundred treasure preventions the Weave Fire Clan spear|gun, we have then withstood the attack of Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race, finally other big do not want to make Weave Fire Clan meddle this time battle, make a move, Weave Fire Clan not bore to return encampment, but great Spirit Race does not dare to stay in the ten-thousand realms battlefield, self-destruction encampment withdrew from the ten-thousand realms battlefield, can say that without Mr. Zhao Hai, our Comprehend the world feared now was also can only withdraw from the ten-thousand realms battlefield, feared on hundred treasure. Also is so, you said that Mr. Zhao Hai was hundred treasure has handled these many matters, that hundred treasure can not settle on mister?” The people only know that what ten-thousand realms battlefield there lived, how many hundred thousand and hundreds of thousands Transcends Tribulation Stage above Expert fight, what situation can that be? Thinks that the people think with amazement. Chen Daoist priest looked at people one eyes, turns the head however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) calls said : to Huang Dao two, the Mr. Zhao Hai worry and Comprehend the world cordiality, therefore has the attendance to Comprehend the world, but whether Mr. Zhao Hai can look after one or two, regarding my Comprehend the world future show, important, therefore please two must take the trouble much, cannot make Mr. Zhao Hai become estranged with my Comprehend the world, otherwise my Comprehend the world feared that in ten-thousand realms battlefield there, took a step for difficult.” Huang Dao however and Feng Bai(Hundred Winds) called naturally also understand, these Immortal Stage Expert naturally cannot be too bright, therefore then made Chen Daoist priest that the words said remind them, let their understand Zhao Hai important place, was feared that they obtained Zhao Hai, therefore this Chen Daoist priest words, almost on equal to were that Immortal Stage Expert words, they naturally do not dare to neglect, simultaneously has complied with one. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;