Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1530

Chapter 455 national affairs family work walked out of Zhao Hai from Space, his in hand is taking several artistic images, natural several artistic images are only one look like very attractive pictures, what in the room entirely body is, but must look that hologram in computer is good, this artistic image only supplies Mu Yu they to choose. Zhao Hai is somewhat sad, he does not want to frighten them to these that Laura they said that he had the one type of sense of crisis, so long as also don’t know this ten-thousand realms battlefield and is who did, he cannot feel at ease. To be honest, when feeling of person chess piece really not much, but he actually can only work as this chess piece now, he requires the time, so long as and other Space level were high, his strength became stronger, like this he will have the qualifications of rebel. let out a long breath, exhaled the sulks in heart, Zhao Hai walked toward center hall there, he enters the center hall not to use the circular now, enters the center hall he presently, Mu Yu also, Zhao Hai after Mu Tianbo and Mu Yu they have saluted, puts out several artistic images also the hand to hold is delivering to nearby Mu Tianbo said : Elder Mu, this was several artistic images that Laura their several made, you had a look at your happy difficult that one type of style, you said that you liked that one type of style, I was taking detailed hologram to you.” Mu Tianbo then blueprint while smiles said : looks like your youngster that several wives is very competent, such quickly did unexpectedly, I had a look at what kind of that made.” Said that changed to the vision that several blueprints. very beautiful that these blueprints naturally are to do, with does according to the encampment here topography, each style of blueprint is different, some are comprised of some courtyards, looks like scattered and organized, some are look like the atmosphere are unusual, but generally speaking, these blueprints look like some the historic building styles of China, moreover does not have too many modern aura. Mu Tianbo look at these artistic images, satisfied nod, these artistic image although styles are different, but seems is actually very beautiful, understood at a glance does very attentive. Some little time Mu Tianbo gave the Tang Tian graciousness their said : you also to have a look the artistic image, settled on that to tell me.” The Tang Tian graciousness received these artistic images, one after another is sizing up. Finally several people decided the vision in a chart, before this chart actually was also Zhao Hai, thinks that Mu Tianbo they were most likely to elect. This chart most is not in several charts most has Intent Domain, but this chart wins in atmosphere, the plain atmosphere, although these constructions look like probably are not very tall and big, but these constructions establish according to the appearance of the mountain, scattered and organized, does not lose the whole effect, seems very stylish, but is lordly, Mu Tianbo they most want. Mu Tianbo looks at that chart that the people choose, nodded said : well, I also settled on this, Little Hai, said.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, put out computer to say in carefully this chart these children's uses, in the room had these equipment. After Mu Tianbo has listened, nodded said : well, is very good, the let's do it according to your advice method, has remembered, constructs good.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, this has drawn back.

Mu Yu with Zhao Hai to outside, has also smiled said : good youngster, has not thought really such quickly has done well, good, here hands over give you, Elder Brother I must go busily, was right, the child who over the two days elected must deliver to your there to go, you can record.” Zhao Hai complied with one with a smile, Mu Yu then turn around walked, Zhao Hai immediately some place construction machine and robot let out, then input the procedure of these robot and machine this conceptual design of architecture, these robot and machine immediately started. Hundred treasure here many people have not seen robot thing, many people think very curious, these robots and machines will actually not manage these many, they will only handle their matter according to the procedure, other matters will not manage. After Zhao Hai arranges all, was not managing, was only once for a while attention there, the rest of the time majority in their Cave Mansion, naturally, this chapter of Cave Mansion were only a guise, he has stayed in Space actually. The progress of project to is not slow, after several days, in the blueprint the cardinal principle structures of these houses have constructed, but Zhao Hai also Zheng Yun'er taking in a maidservant as a concubine. At this time the blue tree star there child also entered the school, large quantities of Undead Creature teacher also entered in the school, started formally taught these children to practice. Now Zhao Hai in hand Cultivation Method may be many, lays the foundation to these children, naturally has used some good practice method, before teaching these children practices, Zhao Hai has made an inspection of whole body to these children. Zhao Hai makes this whole body examination not to examine spirit root, muscle intensity, Yu Qingkuang of skeleton wait / etc., for must teach students in accordance with their aptitude. Not only an achievement of person depends on his spirit root, but also the has plenty factor, the nurturing situation of muscle intensity and skeleton has accounted for a very big proportion, therefore Zhao Hai has made an examination of whole body to these children, with according to the different situations, is teaching their different Cultivation Method. Regarding these 10,000 children, Zhao Hai very attaches great importance, attaches great importance to almost giving the first child to match teacher, such allowance do not say that hundred treasure here these children do not have, to place any impossible appears this situation. Simultaneously these children's everyday meals situations, must study anything to be put on the agenda, these children besides must study the study literary class, fixed Body Refining time, moreover every other about seven days, two plant the class. These two plant the class, various how planter medicinal herbs actually the main point to let these children studies, but in literacy class, how practice not only studies, but must study to identify various medicinal herbs, various ores, the usage of these medicinal herbs and ore.

It can be said that Zhao Hai the school absolutely is so far, hundred treasure most advanced Cultivator academy. Naturally Zhao Hai does not want to make these youngster the flowers in greenhouse, about one month, the day of experiments, this experiment actually will be very every other simple, is makes them begin personally, massacres or dissects part of Monster Beast. These Monster Beast to the meat that these children prepare, Zhao Hai in line with does not flow the fee the principle, has carried on the guts training of certain degree to these youngster. Zhao Hai gave back to these children to arrange some survival trainings, but is not the present carries certainly on, must they grow up a point to say in that Zhao Hai must train some cultivator, do not train Assassin, had no need to train extremely in brutality. But those who let Zhao Hai happy is, in these children, the men and women have accounted for half unexpectedly respectively, this really somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, because now in Cultivation World, no matter that appears somewhat has an excess of Yang and not enough Yin, female cultivator is very rare. Zhao Hai and don’t know, in major, the female cultivator population are many, only crosses these female cultivator, little has to enter to the authority level, but this Mu Tianbo wants to work as trial with Zhao Hai here, has a look at Zhao Hai with cultivator that this method trains, what achievement in the future will have, in this case, the light with the boy naturally is impossible, therefore also made the girl of half to him. Zhao Hai to does not have a point opinion, has the girl to be better, just his cultivation method, in other place thinks that was realizing was difficult, without that many professionals, did not have that many teacher. More than ten days later, the encampment there architectural complex finished, protected internal interior decoration and green and other work ended, these buildings may, not only looked like attractive, most major characteristics, that was these constructions defends the Magical Artifact position to establish according to one, even design very clever of some greenbelts. If some people can also crash in hundred treasure in the future really encampment, that these constructions can compose new defensive formation, has Transmission formation during these constructions, can hit, can remove, very safe. Because has these designs, therefore used such long time constructing here, must know that the Zhao Hai use the building material may be some Advanced level thing, not only strong/sturdy was very durable, but also dry time was very short, was almost this constructs, that can also carry on interior decoration. interior decoration of these constructions have characteristics respectively, but paid great attention to a point, that is simple and direct natural, therefore interior decoration very simple, makes people unable to feel crudely, this is also the style that Zhao Hai is used, low-key rampancy. After waiting for the building to construct, Zhao Hai Mu Tianbo they gave please, making them look at these constructions, Mu Tianbo they carefully looked at entire architectural complex often commendation several, could look, their very satisfied, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved. After visiting these architectural complexes, Mu Tianbo they were bringing Zhao Hai returned to the center hall, today makes an exception, Mu Tianbo made Zhao Hai sit, after Zhao Hai sat down, Mu Tianbo look at Zhao Hai smiles said : Little Hai, the attractiveness that good of your this office, these houses covered, I do not want to work in this center hall now, but went to the there room, was very good, does was very good.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Elder Mu to be polite, Zhao Hai worked as not to these type praises.” Mu Tianbo beckoned with the hand said : naturally, what this has to work as not to, good that you make, naturally wants the shape, Little Hai, I heard that your school, has constructed, these children started to go to school, now how?” Meaning of Zhao Hai a little do not understand Mu Tianbo, quickly said: Fortunately, is adapting to circumstances now, but various preparatory work have completed, curriculum has also decided that should be able to teach a course within the shortest time.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : you to take to give me curriculum that you arrange to have a look.” Zhao Hai nodded, has complied with one, has put out a curriculum table, has given Mu Tianbo. After Mu Tianbo carefully looked at a curriculum table, actually gently knit the brows said : what? you to give back to these children to arrange things to eat? Doesn't eat medicine pill?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : is not, I in the blue tree star by some Medicine Fields, have planted some vegetables and grain, and has bred many Monster Beast, these child things to eat, come from here, after these thing eat, will transform medicine pill, moreover compared with general medicine pill attraction being better of , will not leave behind toxin in the body, medicine pill cannot everyday eat, these food although Spiritual Qi were inferior that medicine pill can actually everyday eat richly, eats, moreover good that absorbs, therefore I on prepared to give these child to prepare things to eat in school there.” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;