Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1531

Chapter 456 visit school One hear of Zhao Hai said that Mu Tianbo to has gawked, did he look at Zhao Hai said : really? Did not say that this type of grain and vegetables what, little can plant?” Zhao Hai smiles said : is this, I, obtained seed of one type of tree before, this tree is Lower Realm one race planter that called Elven Race, they very heavy that this tree looked, this tree can plant him in one type of has the Spiritual Qi place, he absorbed Spiritual Qi to grow up, after growing up , can actually release many Spiritual Qi come, changes environment best thing, my originally had planet in Comprehend the world there, in the there type many this tree, these tree become a useful person, my these time went back to meet Laura now they the time., Digging to be many this tree, planted in the blue tree on-board, now the blue tree star there Spiritual Qi density dramatically improved, grows these vegetables and grain naturally is not a problem.” Mu Tianbo somewhat could not sit still, he has stood, walks to Zhao Hai said :, goes to your blue tree star to have a look, what I to have a look at the blue tree star to turn into now.” Zhao Hai smiles said : welcome, just wants to ask several elders to go to blue tree star there to drink wine, when the time comes also please several elders have a look, the meals of our blue tree on-board cafeteria how.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Mu Tianbo they laugh, but several people have stood, walks outward, just arrived at in front of the door to see Mu Yu to come, Mu Yu looked that Mu Tianbo they came out, stares, then somewhat puzzled look at Mu Tianbo said : Master, is your this?” Mu Tianbo look at does Mu Yu smile said : what? to have the matter?” Mu Yu shook the head said : not to have what big matter, was the reconstruction of encampment here basically has completed, therefore reported to your several, was your this must go to that?” Mu Tianbo smiles said : this matter not to be anxious, walks, today we want to go to the Little Hai blue tree star to have a look, you.” Mu Yu one hear of Mu Tianbo said that smiles said : originally because of this, you do not go, I also will say after a period of time with you, Little Hai in that school that the blue tree star builds, makes may really be good, is very good.” Mu Tianbo beckoned with the hand said : „saying that does not use, follows our together, how I to have a look at a good law.” Said that several people arrived at Transmission Formation square there, went to the blue tree star directly. Several people of appears in Transmission Formation square there of blue tree star, presently Laura they in there , etc. they, after Laura they saw to Mu Tianbo exchanging greetings, leads from the person to go to school there of blue tree star. The Zhao Hai school according to the standard construction that Earth goes to college, each room may be occupied by four people, including the bedroom, the bathroom, in the university has the common dining hall, the public activities area, public library, public Laboratory, public martial arts training ground, public plantation wait / etc. region, occupy a land area of area not to be small. Zhao Hai brought Mu Tianbo they to visit entire academy, then visited some public utilities, but also was Mu Tianbo they explained these thing uses, brought Mu Tianbo they to look, these Undead Creature teacher.

…… These children when study while keeps takes the note, they are not taking the note with computer, pen and paper that but uses. Zhao Hai specially such arranges, thing that with writing down, can further deepen their impressions. Then Zhao Hai also brought Mu Tianbo they to go to the blue tree star breeding farm and planter area looked, these two places could be said as most important of blue tree star, because the grain of blue tree star, medicine pill, the meat, the vegetables, waited stem from here. Zhao Hai also brought Mu Tianbo they to look at these Elf trees, although Zhao Hai has raised many Monster Beast, has grown many vegetables and grain, but had not actually put down regarding the planter of medicinal herbs, in these Medicine Fields, almost by transform, had been used high science and technology equipment, carried on all -weather surveillance to the Medicine Fields here environment, only then environment change of Medicine Fields a little, immediately can leave the warning, moreover here all the year round had the robot to guard, these robots were input to enter the procedure of planter specially, they can within the shortest time, what judge these medicinal herbs. Sickness, and can align treats, naturally, these thing did not come from machine there, but came from Space, but Zhao Hai from saying machine there came, machine there was a guise, naturally Zhao Hai has not said definitely the words, he only said that these thing machine there had produce, but after he came back, has carried on modified. This visit, lets Mu Tianbo their feelings a great deal, the school that Zhao Hai runs, complete left their imagination, the arrangement on look at that curriculum, these note, the wear are unifying the child of uniform, the look at that pieces public utility, Mu Tianbo their suddenly felt that the springs of hundred treasure must come. After can visit the entire school, Zhao Hai leads Mu Tianbo they were going to the cafeteria in school, cafeteria very clean of school, preparing food is also some robots, craftsmanship can't compare with Meg of although robot, but is actually not unpalatable, Zhao Hai they arrive at the cafeteria time, these schools finished eating the lunch, went back to rest, these robots were cleaning the cafeteria, Zhao Hai ask Mu Tianbo they to be in the cafeteria clean table there to sit down, Laura their immediately they have offered the tea to Mu Tianbo. Zhao Hai with a smile to Mu Tianbo said : Elder Mu, this tea is the herb tea that I make, after having drunk, is helpful to the practice of spiritual force, several please taste.” Mu Tianbo carried the teacup to drink one, first was felt that this tea was very fragrant, then felt that own mind becomes clear, this feeling was fantastic, Mu Tianbo puts down the teacup, nodded said : good tea, was really good thing, Little Hai, was this tea not so good to do?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, is not good to do, is not very good to do, in this tea must increase few Elf leaves, but also needs other join medicinal herbs, can say that this is constantly the herb tea.” Speaking of here Zhao Hai to stop, then looked at Mu Tianbo their said : several elders to invite feel relieved, I have calculated the output of this herb tea, every year will send to enough tea leaves to several elders, if made tea with the water of Spirit Spring, that effect will be better.” Mu Tianbo smiles said : good youngster, did you already arrange? Ok, we accepted.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not been saying anything, at this time Laura they also served food to deliver, today's dish may all be Meg personally begins to do, altogether 12, have the meat sound thorough, the color fragrance is complete. Zhao Hai also put out many liquor to get up to several people but actually, then carried wine glass their said : rare several elders to come the blue tree star to Mu Tianbo, Zhao Hai in here one cup.” Mu Tianbo laughed said : to result in Little Hai, do not come these empty, sat, how today we want to taste your food and wine.” The however several people was ten apportions face after Zhao Hai has done one glass of liquor, this tries the dish on table. The dish flavor on table is very good, what most important is, really like Zhao Hai said that did not have point toxin, after eating, immediately can change into Spiritual Qi, such good dish, their first eating.

Person who however is good because of Mu Tianbo they also has the status, after having eaten the dish, Zhao Hai asked them to arrive in Cave Mansion to drink tea, Mu Tianbo some of some of their also matters must say to Zhao Hai, did not have to decline. To Cave Mansion , after Laura they offered the tea, has drawn back, Mu Tianbo look at sat in nearby Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, like you built the school, can establish on other planet?” Zhao Hai also guessed correctly that Mu Tianbo almost must ask this issue, he shook the head said : such school to be able to establish, but the key does not have that many teacher, all Elders also saw, I with these Undead Creature come, when teacher, these Undead Creature in this Stage, teach these children not to be a problem at present, but other child grows, these Undead Creature some too cannot teach, is good after this time war, I obtained many Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature, these Undead Creature when the time comes on can be used to teach these child, but don't place actually impossible so many teacher, likely. The school is good to construct, that grain anything is also good to solve, at the worst on various planet many Elf trees, are that's the end most difficult to solve is the teacher issue.” Mu Tianbo sighed said : „, the teacher issue, this was too difficult to be solved, not having teacher, the school to construct in good also useless.” …… Zhao Hai already had the advance plan to this issue, he looked that Mu Tianbo their said : this issue is very can be solved actually, planet of our hundred treasure is numerous, but does not need the first planet school, moreover one, but cultivated the Core Formation time time, did not need teacher, does not need to study in the school, therefore I believe that our hundred treasure can centralize some resources, special teacher, selected some planet to establish the school, then carried on centralized training these child, and other these children became the Core Formation time or Foundation Establishment Stage time., Makes their leave school, planet that returned to they are at come up, like this their foundations hit, after going back, when with their Master studies, will be more relaxed, their Master will be also more relaxed.” Mu Tianbo one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately understand meaning of Zhao Hai, but several people do not have immediately/on horseback to comply, but has hesitated, some little time Mu Tianbo said : this method is good, when we considered that is making the decision, but Little Hai, we must reach an agreement, if we decide such to do, your youngster may probably come out with the regulation to me.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Zhao Hai Ding, when tries, invited elder feel relieved.” Mu Tianbo nodded, stands got up said : time not early, we went back, Little Hai you , to stay behind to remain, has any matter, can go to encampment there to look for us directly.” Zhao Hai complied with one, Mu Tianbo has then led people turn around to walk. Zhao Hai has not gone to encampment with them, he cannot go to encampment there to be actually same, taking advantage of these time constructed opportunity of house, Zhao Hai already the encampment there map complete income in Space, even if were some secret Cave Mansion is the same, therefore Zhao Hai does not use encampment there now, knows that there lived any matter. Now Zhao Hai must do is as soon as possible receives hundred treasure all domains to Space, simultaneously he also wants to have a look, what hundred treasure surrounding environment are. Zhao Hai has believed that hundred treasure, Comprehend the world, world Spirit Race these Interface certainly in same piece Universe, even possibly in same big Interface, but leaves was too far, will therefore not have what relation, Zhao Hai wants to have a look at own guess to be correct. While understanding hundred treasure situation, Zhao Hai in going all out understanding ten-thousand realms battlefield there all, ten-thousand realms battlefield there Interface were also too many, most makes Zhao Hai feel what is surprised, ten-thousand realms battlefield there was really too big, there probably was Continent of trim, but actually nobody arrived at the boundary, this was the Zhao Hai most surprised place.

Now hundred treasure are very abundant in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here crest of wave, but Zhao Hai same was also worried, the rafter that raises one's head is rotten first, hundred treasure present is over that rafter, if hundred treasure get down at such show, other big of place of chaotic war can tidy up hundred treasure, when the time comes hundred treasure must have bad luck. What most important is, now hundred treasure were many a powerful enemy, that is Weave Fire Clan, Weave Fire Clan this although suffered a loss, but has not actually injured airless, their most retreat walks , because does not want to injure to arrive at strength/Origin Qi, has a such enemy to eye covetously in the one side, the exhibitions of hundred treasure must careful, because this old tiger incautiously will only jump eats human. What most important is, Zhao Hai wants to find some clues from ten-thousand realms battlefield here, can look know that this ten-thousand realms battlefield is any construction, even if cannot know that he also wants to understand, hundred treasure is standing, if hundred treasure is standing really the person, what they behind are standing is who. originally Zhao Hai thinks that is five side Upper Realm these fellows, but previous time he probes Mu Yu they, got the negative answer, Zhao Hai to is believes Mu Yu their words, by five side Upper Realm strengths, but also does not have the means to compel the matter that hundred treasure are being them not to handle, also in other words, if hundred treasure is standing really the person, that this person, is certainly stronger than five side Upper Realm, moreover must much stronger. Zhao Hai wants to have a look, can ten-thousand realms battlefield there find this clue, confirms own judgment. originally Zhao Hai regarding oneself this judgment is very confident, he thinks that hundred treasure and great Spirit Race behind certainly is standing the person, but after this time matter, his confidence somewhat vacillated, if the great Spirit Race back is standing really the person, why when great Spirit Race must be squeezed out the ten-thousand realms battlefield, doesn't see some people to stand? The opposite party can endure, look at control was Interface, squeezed out the ten-thousand realms battlefield? Is this impossible? Because had this idea therefore Zhao Hai to want proof as soon as possible, had a look whether to find any evidence to prove, hundred treasure and great Spirit Race like this big Interface behind, but also was standing the person! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;