Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1532

Chapter 457 must trade Time long, to previous hundred treasure and Weave Fire Clan wars, the past two years, ten-thousand realms battlefield there has also calculated calm in the two years, has not lived any matter, the ten-thousand realms battlefield restores to the original appearance probably. The domains of hundred treasure have increased, under the hand/subordinate small changed, the strength became stronger, in place of here chaotic war, hundred treasure is the topest big influence, the situation excellence of show. Other big do not dare to cope with hundred treasure, but Weave Fire Clan nearest/recent also honest, does not have optional at the noisy matter, Zhao Hai also knows that Weave Fire Clan has to be honest now, if other people in cropping up, these big Interface of place of chaotic war will certainly rally together to attack, if when the time comes five side Upper Realm several other Realms in a little any sound, will shake the Weave Fire Clan basis. Weave Fire Clan can gain a footing in five side Upper Realm, is not that simple character, is adaptable to the situation this is must, previous time they thought that is good opportunity then appears , presently is not opportunity time, can decisive withdrawal, to be honest, regarding Weave Fire Clan this point, Zhao Hai very much admire. However is so, Zhao Hai to Weave Fire Clan is careful, such enemy is most dangerous, but five side Upper Realm there at the one type of subtle very state of equilibrium, any side want in having any sound now, is received the too heavy wound by oneself, but the strengths of hundred treasure are not weak, just by Weave Fire Clan wants to take hundred treasure, that is almost impossible, what as the matter stands hundred treasure will be will not have danger temporarily. But he traces the matter of hundred treasure back people are not very smooth, has not found out too many contents to present Zhao Hai, but a little he can actually affirm, hundred treasure has certainly the person. However this stands in hundred treasure following people, regarding are too many, he who hundred treasure conduct will not actually manage makes hundred treasure fight with great Spirit Race, True Fire comes to the 2 Realms fight, he did not need to manage. …… In the two years Zhao Hai little went to ten-thousand realms battlefield there, sometimes to will go to crag star there, crag star there they are listed as Forbidden Land by Mu Tianbo, thinks that is throwing has abandoned the material not to be impossible toward there, several people who only then Mu Tianbo assigned can go to crag star there, person who the material that naturally, abandoned had assigning delivered to there to go.

Zhao Hai goes to crag star there changes the become a useful person material some waste materials, normally his most time stays in blue tree on-board guidance these children, Zhao Hai wants to train oneself most loyal under the hand/subordinate these children. Now Zhao Hai in hand although has plenty resources, but can be placed in the person who on uses outwardly is actually few, now had this opportunity, Zhao Hai has naturally not been able to let off. Hundred treasure here although look like calm, but also has the influence division, currently speaking, strength strongest is Mu Tianbo their this school, because of Mu Tianbo regarding the affection of Zhao Hai, his body has also gotten Mu Pai the mark, after wants to come this, will have some troubles in hundred treasure here. Therefore now most important establishes own influence, no matter in that so long as own strength, nobody dares to move him. Moreover the body also insurance of Zhao Hai, that is this crafting Grandmaster status, he can build up the waste waste material these, again changes the become a useful person material, so long as he has this skill, no matter hundred treasure here whose Boss, will not be what kind to him. Zhao Hai felt most happy actually these children, these children now arriving at blue tree star two years, in the two years training very meticulously of Zhao Hai to these children, but these child also making every effort to succeed, in ten thousand people, already more than 1000 people of close Foundation Establishment Stage, in remaining people, worst was also the Body Refining time peak, this was absolutely impossible to achieve on other planet. Moreover these children's innate skill have demonstrated quickly, some children very much have innate skill regarding medicinal herbs inborn, some are actually like crafting, Zhao Hai can certainly create these talented people with emphasis. An influence wants to unfold, just by martial artist is incorrect, Zhao Hai regarding training of these children, to put it bluntly is four characters, teaches students in accordance with their aptitude, in any case these children now are his servant, in the future can be his disciple, along with his being surnamed, how he has wanted to teach how to teach. But these two years time, hundred treasure have also built up the school on other planet . Moreover the that method of according to Zhao Hai saying establishes, the effect also is very good, these children wanted Foundation Establishment Stage, will be delivered returned to respective planet to come up, following own Master, although saying that the effect was inferior Zhao Hai here was so good, actually compared with former much better.

It is not no need saying that Zhao Hai these time has made the great merit, although these has plenty also Foundation Establishment Stage, but this Foundation Establishment proportion actually be much more than that to fear that before is these people cannot finally Transcends Tribulation, so long as they become Expert of Infant Stage time, can become good teacher, regarding hundred treasure later exhibitions, has the advantage very much. Two days time, Zhao Hai also in understanding hundred treasure all, hundred treasure regarding him is very strange, in hundred treasure that ten-thousand realms battlefield there saw is not genuine hundred treasure, can say that in ten-thousand realms battlefield there hundred treasure, was in hundred treasure existence of topest 1st level, now Zhao Hai understood that was hundred treasure true colors. Hundred treasure because of this time war, were also many many good thing, most minimum present hundred treasure can refine the Giant Spirit treasure plate, can refine the spear|gun, this regarding the exhibitions of hundred treasure is very advantageous. Mu Yu these two years to is once for a while comes hundred treasure here to have a look, Tang Jie they are also same, Mu Yu now the status in hundred treasure is also very high, after that time war, Mu Yu meritorious military service also had, a formidable backstage, others want to say that his anything does not have. The student who on this day in Zhao Hai grayish blue tree star school look at these attended class, these students had been divided into classes now, but they not according to practice a level minute of class of, a thing minute of class of but is interested in according to them, for example the present had the Body Cultivator class, the crafting class, the Alchemy class, the spearplay class wait / etc., the education started to have the stress scope. Now school here teacher, changed into some high level Undead Creature, these Undead Creature are Transcends Tribulation Stage or Transcends Tribulation Stage above Expert, to let these person better teaching children, Zhao Hai also made these work as the teacher person, good one has trained to these Undead Creature, must know that thinks, when teacher was also not that easy. In this time, Transmission Formation there flash of white light, three person appears in Transmission Formation, Zhao Hai have been gawking, fixes the eyes on looks, is Mu Yu and Tang Jie and Tang Wen their three. Zhao Hai flew hastily, to Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, your three has time together to come with a smile today? Had an accident?” Mu Yu smiles said : „, was asks you to drink.”

Zhao Hai laughed, directing three people to enter Cave Mansion, Laura they have given three people to provide the food and wine, Mu Yu has drunk liquor, then sighed said : this time to look for Little Hai you, but also had the matter.” Zhao Hai stares, puzzled said : what matter?” Mu Yu forced smile said : Little Hai you also know that some ten-thousand realms battlefield here many, we to present also don’t know, we entire randomly fight position very strange that it is situated, at the same time seaside, remaining that several hundred were being surrounded by five side Upper Realm, wants to obtain the even bigger domain, was unable, but the sea also has the deadly poison purple fog and can the dark clouds block certainly, we want to go to the sea opposite shore to have a look not to be impossible, but we have not given up hoping that after the observations of several big many, the marine deadly poison purple fog and can the dark clouds, every other about 50 years, on weaken certainly. But the best time at this time, going to sea, therefore every other about 50 years, several big will send out in young one generation, the strength compares the formidable person to go to sea the investigation, hopes that can say exactly that side of sea has anything, possibly this investigation don’t know after many times, nobody had actually come back, but major have not actually stopped regarding this investigation, this immediately/on horseback soon to 50 years of time, this investigation soon started, but in the young generation, nobody is actually willing, because everyone/Great Clan knows that on is dies, this. One time I asked you to come to you tell that this matter, Master assumed ten-thousand realms battlefield there, arrived at hundred years of time, immediately must change players, has been catching up with this during, had such matter, Immortal Stage elder who came out to assume newly, with Master relationship was not very good, we and Tang Jie to will not have any danger, Master have arranged, on dies to close by us now, this time I looked for you, on was must inform you, Little Hai you should better also immediately/on horseback close up, absolutely do not go to sea the investigation, otherwise. Has the dead end.” Zhao Hai stares, he some had also understood the matters of hundred treasure over the two days, but the time is too short, he first time heard that this matter, does he frown said : they to move me? I to hundred treasure multiple great merits . Moreover the material that I can also abandoning turns into the material that can use, what point no matter stemming from, they will not move me is right?” Mu Yu sighed said : Little Hai, you were don’t know, every time traded the Immortal Stage elder assumed personal command, regarding our hundred treasure is a huge vibration, I, Little Jie, Little Wen, back bit by bit Immortal Stage Expert, that Immortal Stage elder naturally do not dare to cope with us, otherwise my Master in sitting that position, should cope with his disciple, but you now are also our Mu Pai person, behind you also did not have the influence, your vertical these merit, calculates in our Mu Pai, with their no relationship, they will not have coped. You, moreover feared that is meets first to cope with you, regarding them, except you, on equal to except Mu Pai a big boost, as to in had anything to affect, they not necessarily will actually see to consider that said it, in their opinion, hundred treasure biggest enemy great Spirit Race withdrew from the ten-thousand realms battlefield now, that hundred treasure did not have what enemy, lost some strengths not to have anything.” …… href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;