Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1534

Chapter 459 prepares Standing of Zhao Hai face calm outside center hall, to one time came to the center hall already enough the past two months, previous Zhao Hai with Mu Tianbo speech although was not very polite, but Mu Tianbo did not have a point to want the meaning of blame Zhao Hai, conversely, he to was the approval Zhao Hai words. One month ago, Mu Tianbo official connects with Shen Weide, Shen Weide official will become hundred treasure next ten years helmsmen, Mu Yu their these time has also shut the dying pass/test. Zhao Hai to has not closed up, he also attended the explain/transfer ceremony, saw that Shen Weide, Zhao Hai has not thought really that this Shen Weide unexpectedly was a capable person of table, the whole person looked like mild-mannered and cultivated, temperament was uncommon, but on the face had arrogant air/Qi, look at was uncomforting. After Zhao Hai attended the handing-over ceremony, on returned to blue tree star, but lived any matter regarding encampment there, he was very forgiving, this Shen Weide handled matters one set, he has not given to overrule the matter that Mu Tianbo handled, the matter that because Mu Tianbo handled was truly good for hundred treasure, if he gave to overrule, that hundred treasure other people will not do, just he actually some and washed to send the relationship good person, gave to trade to some comparison idle places, like this on equal to was Mu Pai in hundred treasure. Some influences falling lowly. Regarding this point Zhao Hai to did not oppose that a dynasty emperor royal courtier, the new officer has taken office, naturally must arrange some own people toward some important places he feel relieved. Moreover Shen Weide to does not have the person who these were changed, entire hundred treasure are also steady excessive, was washing to send nearest/recent to bear patiently in addition, this matter also on the past. But reason that today Zhao Hai comes here , because searches the sea the matter! Previous Zhao Hai thanks politely Mu Tianbo, said one must search the sea, the place that but they spoke at that time is actually not the center hall, but in Mu Tianbo Cave Mansion, therefore does not have the bystander to know that the people naturally also complied to search the sea on don’t know Zhao Hai. Time still have ten days of searching sea now leaves, hundred treasure here have set the candidate who these time searched the sea, does not leave Mu Tianbo to expect, is Zhao Hai! Zhao Hai knows Shen Weide subscribes Zhao Hai searches the sea the time, the has plenty people come out to oppose, but Shen Weide actually with the one type of strong very manner, must decide him, but Mu Tianbo had not acted at this time, finally has set Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai knows that Shen Weide this was beginning to him, he to did not have anything, he already knew this matter, therefore he was not worried. Zhao Hai also knows why Mu Tianbo does not have make a move, is not Mu Tianbo does not think make a move, but is present Shen Weide has not made any excessive matter to come, only took him to search sea matter to say the matter, was the unusual persuasive power, therefore Mu Tianbo also. Zhao Hai knows that on that day he to the words that Mu Tianbo spoke, Mu Tianbo has perceived, Mu Tianbo wanted to wipe out Shen Weide the arrogance, but he needed opportunity, made Shen Weide forever not probably turning over opportunity. Mu Tianbo although for the stabilities of hundred treasure, does not want with Shen Weide the battle, but these year of Shen Weide to were more and more insolent, Mu Tianbo although also had a mind to exercise forbearance, but this time Shen Weide moved Zhao Hai, was makes Mu Tianbo somewhat unable to bear, today your Shen Weihang does dare to move Zhao Hai, tomorrow dares to move Mu Yu ? Has this idea, therefore Mu Tianbo prepared to cope with Shen Weide. Mu Tianbo although does not want to haggle over with Shen Weide, but one but haggles over, Mu Tianbo is not the friendly stubble, catches a tiger undead, instead by truth Mu Tianbo very clear of its evil, therefore he needs opportunity now, one kills Shen Weide, never turning over opportunity.

If originally does not have Zhao Hai of that day, Mu Tianbo when Shen Weide sets Zhao Hai searches the sea, will come out with Shen Weide directly to refute, but such he hits undead Shen Weide, on that day after Zhao Hai has discussed that he knows that Zhao Hai already had the heart of going to sea , was not Zhao Hai was worried, but was static and other opportunity. Entire encampment there under the surveillance of Zhao Hai, Mu Tianbo is makes anything to plan that Zhao Hai naturally also knows, his point also doesn't blame Mu Tianbo, conversely, he very agreed the Mu Tianbo procedure, the match like Shen Weide, takes to kill, otherwise no end of trouble for the future. Because decides to make Zhao Hai search the sea, therefore Shen Weide signalling jade sword handle Zhao Hai called encampment here. Before Zhao Hai to the center hall, looked like to own is the same, did not need the circular directly to go, today has actually stood outside of this center hall the quarter, had not actually been summoned. Zhao Hai does not worry, is not angry, he already knows that this Shen Weide will press him, therefore he is only standing of face calm outside of center hall, this is not only not the matter of humiliation, to Shen Weide the impression is instead worse to other people who will let hundred treasure. What person his Zhao Hai is, entire hundred treasure know that he makes many great merits for hundred treasure, the people of hundred treasure look in the eye, to be honest now Zhao Hai in hundred treasure here human spirits, is not lower than Mu Yu , in this case, Mu Tianbo enters constructs does not report the convenience to Zhao Hai one, is natural, nobody will oppose. But Shen Weide stands Zhao Hai to stand in this center entire quarter unexpectedly, this is the person who lets these hundred treasure is really unable to continue watching. The people of although hundred treasure know that Zhao Hai is Mu Pai the person, but all people also know, Zhao Hai strict, cannot be Mu Pai the person, he one with Mu Tianbo studying, two has not been thing that he obtains, trades with own merit, three are although he they are on good terms with Mu Yu and Tang Jie, does not have the enmity with Shen Pai, your Shen Weide and Mu Pai have a grudge, look to be troublesome, do you who washes to send for look for the trouble of Zhao Hai are what's the matter? The person who Zhao Hai heard all around hundred treasure, had the catcall, his air/Qi calmed down to shut, standing of face calm in there, but also partly closed one's eyes, the don’t know person thinks that he fell asleep. Actually Zhao Hai is carrying on communicate with the Cai'er people, now Cai'er they were organizing these schools to enter Yama Ship, after all Zhao Hai must bring their together to go. Their these all walk, blue tree star there only left behind some robots, these robots mainly look after these Medicine Fields, all grain and vegetables fields, stopped, replanted the medicine. Zhao Hai they must walk, that vegetable field and grain field naturally with planting, have planted to apply medicine, does not need to worry to receive, some medicinal herbs are the year the higher the better, these time to take a long journey to prepare. Moreover Monster Beast of blue tree on-board these cultivations had been massacred, has loaded into Space, these Monster Beast are was used to eat the meat, if puts them not to manage some time, that did not do well entire blue tree on-board all plants eating to eat all one's food by these Monster Beast. One year ago Zhao Hai also received the room Julie, some Julie although as before wild nature, but could actually make a clear distinction between right and wrong, looked like a person. In Zhao Hai is paying attention to the change of blue tree star there, a sound from the center hall conveys said : to pass on Zhao Hai to call on!” Zhao Hai has opened the eye, gradually walks toward the center hall.

To center hall there, Zhao Hai saw sat Shen Weide on seat of honor, Righteous Qi of this Shen Weide face, sits on the seat of honor, to also really has the flavor of such honest official. Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to salute said : Zhao Hai to see the Shanghai elder to Shen Weide, has seen all Elders, does not know that all Elders summons Zhao Hai to come, has what advice.” Shen Weide did look at Zhao Hai one, coldly snorted said : your first day entered hundred treasure? Won't a ritual be how good? Ok, this elder does not haggle over with you, in having ten days, was 50 years a time searching sea, this elder decided that gave you this opportunity, can you have the opinion?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Zhao Hai not to have opinion, listened to the elder to arrange.” Zhao Hai such reply, to is makes Shen Weide stare, he thinks that Zhao Hai will certainly reject, has not actually thought Zhao Hai complies so quick, Shen Weide sized up Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : searched the sea regarding my hundred treasure, but important matter, you received duty to do, if you did not go at the appointed time, this elder layer on layer will punish you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : is, Zhao Hai has taken down, at the appointed time decides however arrives on time, invites Shanghai elder feel relieved.” This elongates is difficult to hit the smiling face person, Zhao Hai smile the surface from coming to the present to right, moreover he sends for duty, Zhao Hai also without demur received, this lets want to look to give a pretext to Zhao Hai demonstration of authority Shen Weide, felt that very aggrieved, his look at Zhao Hai said : you know well, this searches the place that the person of sea gathers, the time, may not probably be late, gets down.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, then Shen Weide gives his jade slip, withdrew from the center hall slowly, Zhao Hai has drawn back, Shen Weide frowns Third Brother to his side Immortal Stage Expert said :, did you say this Zhao Hai what's the matter? So to be how good to speak? Does his don’t know this search the sea the danger?” That Immortal Stage Expert of his side also knit the brows said : his impossible don’t know, although we and Zhao Hai contact are not many, but various rumors about Zhao Hai actually listened much, this Zhao Hai is one plans deep generation, how possible don’t know to search the sea the matter? Moreover is his don’t know, that Mu Pai person also don’t know? Mu Tianbo draws back, is catching up with this to search the sea the important pass, Mu Tianbo must tell Zhao Hai this matter, this matter truly is somewhat strange.” Shen Weide also knitting the brows head, said : I want to participate to search the sea with Zhao Hai the matter, Mu Tianbo directing, in the name of use principle of righteousness, to tidy up his well, has not actually thought that this Zhao Hai actually received this duty, the matter to was some hard to deal with.” That Immortal Stage Expert said : of his side also no big deal, Zhao Hai received this duty to go, if he did not go, we happen to managed him, I did not believe when the time comes, Mu Tianbo also met look at, no matter, Zhao Hai was to wash the faction performs many merit, if Mu Tianbo did not manage, after that who also dares with washing to send a people.” Shen Weide nodded, then coldly snorted said : this time I must make Mu Pai eat one to owe greatly.” Immortal Stage Expert of sitting with somebody last seat, looked at Shen Weide one eyes, deep voice said : Shanghai Big Brother, you must cope to wash to send me not to oppose, but this Zhao Hai you should better not, his although said that has made many great merits for Mu Pai, but these great merits also establish for hundred treasure similarly, all people saw, if we cope with Zhao Hai, certainly will cause dislike of these people, this to us is very disadvantageous.” Shen Weide looked at that Immortal Stage Expert one, after coldly snorted said : his , the person who enters hundred treasure, can have anything to be great, but is Mu Pai the person toward his face previous post [gold/metal], such person tidied up has also tidied up, how can also.”

That Immortal Stage Expert looked at Shen Weide one eyes, in making noise, he knew now Shen Weide already by the anger to the fainted brains, Mu Tianbo, when governs hundred treasure, Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race even/including Junlai attacks, at that time that fought them also to have the participation, but they coped with these Immortal Stage Expert, the ordinary war has not participated in many, moreover in these people, along with him beside, other people had not seen wind color of Zhao Hai in this center hall, will therefore have idea like this. However he is actually very clear, the Zhao Hai merit, simply is not Mu Pai to win over Zhao Hai strongly to Zhao Hai, must say really that Mu Tianbo kindly gives Zhao Hai thing, there is a little, must deal with a such person, this itself unpopular, but also does is so excessive, this feared that will give person an excuse to injure others, in the future will not be the good matter. However he also knows that Shen Weide the although semblance looks like mild-mannered and cultivated, is actually obstinate, does not listen to the criticism, he said also spoke in vain. Zhao Hai leave center hall, looked at one toward the hall, this turn around went to Transmission Formation there, direct returned to the blue tree star, to blue tree star there, Zhao Hai has then put out jade slip, spiritual force searched toward. In this jade slip records is these time goes to search the time and place of sea, very detailed that above writes, but somewhat is far from encampment of hundred treasure, if he wants to hurry to ten days, now obtains. This searches the sea is not hundred treasure a family/clan matters, but gets up by several big alliance, the important matter that each big must send out a youth to become famous Expert that attended, does the audiences everyone/Great Clan person no matter have grievances, when searched the sea, must cooperate, otherwise after coming back, will have the heavy fine. Zhao Hai must participate in this to search sea, although can rush to there to go through Transmission Formation, but this section of road does not have Transmission Formation last, fly, ten days, are somewhat tight. Moreover Zhao Hai also their there knows from Mu Yu that the first time searches the sea, several big will send Immortal Stage Expert generally, escorts the command(er) place the person who must search the sea, but obviously Shen Weide did not plan that sends for delivering Zhao Hai. Reason that must send for escorting , because this on the road in assigned location is not very peaceful, various Realm although together sends, but actually must leave at the same time, if has not caught up leaves at that time, that lost searched the sea the qualifications, if like this future on the sea will have any advantage, that may not have not to go to that. Before also had Interface, let the evening that person went to intentionally, this can not participate to search the sea, has not actually thought that exerted pressure by several big continually hands directly, finally pressed up to that Interface, has not gone to participate to search the sea young Expert killing has then subsided the event. It can be said that this searches the sea, now became major one type of competes! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;