Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1535

Chapter 460 pushes your Zhao Hai face calm look at blue tree on-board all, here all later will give the robot to handle, if the robot does not handle, he is coming back not to be late through Space. After all prepare, Zhao Hai brought Yama Ship to encampment there, although saying that Shen Weide will not send Immortal Stage Expert to escort him evidently, but he must go to time, must say a hello with Shen Weide, this was the politeness, otherwise Shen Weide will possibly find fault. Zhao Hai knows that Shen Weide in looking for his problem, he naturally cannot leave behind any handle at this matter to Shen Weide, when is straight, he arrived at encampment here first, like Shen Weide to report. Does not have the Zhao Hai accident, this Shen Weide in one time made him wait for the quarter outside painstakingly, this asked him to go, looked at Shen Guode such sitting faction, he knows that this Shen Weide was not does the person of important matter, did not have including most minimum bearing patiently and politeness, extremely in being calculating, person like this, what did not do big matter. Zhao Hai entered the center hall, Shen Weide still sits in seat of honor there, several other Immortal Stage Expert also, Zhao Hai after several people salute, to Shen Weide said : Qi Bingshen the elder, Zhao Hai comes to say good-bye before leaving, date that soon arrives, Zhao Hai, or left to late, what did the elder have to tell?” Some Shen Weide sunlight complex look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai does not have any grievances with him normally, moreover on the Zhao Hai present performance, is fair, if Zhao Hai is not Mu Pai the person, he will certainly entrust with heavy responsibility Zhao Hai, what a pity, the Zhao Hai Mu Pai signature was really too deep, he was unusable, does not dare to use Zhao Hai. Shen Weide deep voice said : goes, not must lose face to hundred treasure.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, after Shen Weide their ritual, turn around walked. Had several hundred treasure Divided Spirit Stage Expert to walk to outside immediately, asked Zhao Hai must go to there, Zhao Hai naturally also truthfully replies. Reason that these Divided Spirit Stage Expert come to ask this , because after previous Zhao Hai walked, they already faint received some sound of the wind/rumor, knows that Zhao Hai will possibly be sent to search the sea, this lets these Divided Spirit Stage Expert in an uproar. Zhao Hai regarding the importances of hundred treasure, these Divided Spirit Stage Expert settled on the eye, in the previous war, here many people shoulder to shoulder make the war with Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai strength how, their clear two dreams, in this case, in send Zhao Hai to search the sea unexpectedly, how these people do not have round cannot think through.

Now looked that Zhao Hai came, they naturally want to ask that Zhao Hai that information real, after obtaining affirmative reply, these Divided Spirit Stage Expert shouted in confusion immediately. Obviously Shen Weide also heard outside sound, his personal appearance quick on appears in center big gate in front of the door, look at outside person, said loudly: What to kick up a racket? Does not have a look at this is any landlord.” These Divided Spirit Stage Expert stopped, some people or look at Shen Weide, Divided Spirit Stage Expert suddenly go forward one step, holds the fist in the other hand said : may I ask the Shanghai elder to Shen Weide, whether can send Zhao Hai to go to search the sea?” Shen Weide looked at that Divided Spirit Stage cultivator one, actually knitting the brows head of slightly, because this Divided Spirit Stage cultivator does not belong to Mu Pai, similarly does not belong to Shen Pai, is one of Divided Spirit Stage cultivator Shen Weide does not want to offend, therefore his calm said : good, after the discussion of Elder Assembly, these time searches the sea no matter what greatly gave Zhao Hai.” That Divided Spirit Stage Expert deep voice said : elder, Zhao Hai has the great merit in my hundred treasure, is adding on strength formidable, how can such talented person make him search the sea? Asked the elder to withdraw an order!” Other person also said loudly: Asked the elder to withdraw an order!” Shen Weide has not thought that can be this situation, why he has not thought of human spirit of Zhao Hai in hundred treasure unexpectedly such as high, but sees standing of face calm in nearby Zhao Hai, Shen Weide cannot help but is burning with anger, in his opinion, all these were Zhao Hai scheme, Zhao Hai first promise him to search the sea, then alliance these people exerted pressure to him, this was clarifies was ugly to him, if he drew back on, how obedience. Thinks that here Shen Wei by coldly snorted said : this is the decision of Elder Assembly, how can toward making the evening changes, you do not need to talk too much, draws back.” Said that paid no attention to the people, turn around returned to the center hall. Shen Weide manner so strong, is all people have not thought that but Zhao Hai actually shows a faint smile, he must search the sea, but this twice he comes center hall here, Shen Weide dries in the sun him outside a half hour, Zhao Hai in does not want to haggle over with him , is at heart angry, he knows that Shen Weide did not toss about how long, since he wants dead, that he on pushed one to be good in behind. These Divided Spirit Stage Expert look at Shen Weide the manner so strongly, that Divided Spirit Stage Expert that cannot help but in an uproar, just spoke, is complexion is paler, although he is not Immortal Stage, but behind him is standing Immortal Stage Expert, not only Shen Weide this does not give him the face, does not give behind him that person of face, how this lets him to swallow this tone.

In him is thinking, when pivot shaft hall there looks for Shen Weide the theory, Zhao Hai has actually held on him, then Zhao Hai look at these Divided Spirit Stage Expert said : asked everyone/Great Clan to be static, listens to my word.” These people were peaceful, Zhao Hai have then shown a faint smile said : to thank everyone/Great Clan to the people are Zhao Hai speak out from a sense of justice, this decided the decision of Immortal meeting, I from, when respected, asking everybody not to need, for I and Immortal will live the conflict, my hundred treasure just stepped onto right track in the two years, cannot have any fluctuation, this searched sea originally is the ordinary case, no big deal, perhaps Zhao Hai after a period of time came back, will bring back to an overseas beautiful woman to each also perhaps, everybody, the time was tight, Zhao Hai were not many remained, said goodbye!” Said that Zhao Hai has held holding the fist in the other hand to the people, turn around to Transmission square there, then flash of white light vanish from sight. Before that is Zhao Hai speech Divided Spirit Stage Expert, is complexion is pale, his coldly looked at center hall one, deep voice said : we walked!” This Divided Spirit Stage Expert is not being mad Zhao Hai, his very clear, just Zhao Hai was blocking him, if he has the conflict with Shen Weide, finally suffers a loss he. Zhao Hai although said that this searches the sea to resemble some big advantage to be the same, but discerning person understand, that time searching sea does not have the dead Unborn aspect, Zhao Hai just does not want to let them and Shen Weide has the conflict, will say that Zhao Hai this sentiment they lead, but Shen Weide the enmity, they have also recorded. Shen Weide although entered the center hall, matter that but outside looks unfamiliar, he knows that if originally that Divided Spirit Stage Expert looks for his theory, he will certainly set up the prestige with that the new officer takes office three fires, he sets up the prestige with that person, this also no big deal, but Zhao Hai said that is surprises him somewhat, now looked that these Divided Spirit Stage Expert retreated, Shen Weide then coldly snorted sound said : does not ascend thing that favors, in dares to look how noisily I tidy up you.” Shen Weide thinks oneself clever, but his such doing faction looks in other four elder time Expert eyes, actually completely was not that a matter. That several Immortal Stage Expert are not the fools, reason that they before with Shen Weide the cooperation, were because they wanted stick together to be able with gaining the even bigger benefit. However after Shen Weide since own apprentice died, became more and more impervious, wholeheartedly only wants to do right with Mu Pai, has not actually thought that own apprentice died, how definitely is Mu Paigan? But here the ten-thousand realms battlefield, what matter dies the person is, is Shen Weide actually this account altogether all in Mu Pai the head, isn't some suddenly is unfair to the person? Moreover looks like in these Immortal Stage Expert, Mu Pai to Shen Weide is good, is not what kind of him, Mu Tianbo in rule, person who also has not suppressed Shen Pai, instead to is Shen Weide everywhere does with Mu Pai right, Mu Tianbo has not moved him, that several Immortal Stage Expert do not think that was Mu Tianbo had feared Shen Weide, does not think that Mu Tianbo was because what was afraid and so on excuse, that was impossible, that cultivator was not walks to come out from mountain of corpses and sea of blood, what killed individual to have well afraid, all these just on was Shen Wei. Because virtue young time, everywhere was pressed a head by Mu Tianbo, therefore everywhere does with Mu Tianbo now right, to leave that tone. But these time treats at the Zhao Hai matter, he is appears is not very calmer, the Zhao Hai beforehand great merit, in hundred treasure here is almost everybody knows that simply possibly is not Mu Pai presses down to Zhao Hai, but then war relationship to three big Interface, innumerable small Interface, under the gazes of that many eyes, if Zhao Hai does not have the merit, Mu Paifei can give him to install the merit, who can be convinced?

But Shen Weide cannot see this point, but also everywhere hits to seize Zhao Hai, sends duty that such must die to Zhao Hai, moreover with so strong approach these Divided Spirit Stage Expert, must know that these Divided Spirit Stage Expert energy are not small, you are Immortal Stage, one offended these many people, the later day feared that will be will not feel better. But Shen Weide could not have looked at this point, but also has thought oneself clever, his don’t know, these Divided Spirit Stage Expert although retreated now, but that has placed the anger at heart, this anger will be more prosperous in their at heart fever, when this anger they when cannot suppress, like volcano same spurts, when the time comes anybody could not prevent, your Shen Weide was Immortal Stage Expert, feared is from now, in opportunity that has not been in power. Thinks of here, that several Immortal Stage Expert cannot help but mutually looked at one, saw other thoughts from the opposite party eye. Their several are not first day is together with Shen Weide, what person their very clear Shen Weide is, Shen Weide is a stubborn person, turns a deaf ear to urge. He turns a deaf ear to urge, has done, to his bad luck a day, they also with bad luck, even knew this result, but also silly with Shen Weide, wasn't that the head makes the donkey kick? Thinks of here, these Immortal Stage Expert had their plan, but they have not displayed, has not said this saying, still to calm same sitting in there, chatted with Shen Weide, according to was handling these matters, probably any matter has not lived has been same. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;