Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1536
Chapter 461 Immortal blocks the way All around Zhao Hai personal appearance appears in Transmission Formation, his personal appearance just appears , had not waited for him to see clearly is any situation, listens to some people of said loudly: Has seen Mr. Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai Ding eyeball looks, recognizes, is a hundred treasure under the hand/subordinate small person, before had also fought with his together, this small known as shuttle Shadow Realm, their good at using one type of small ammunition clip, attack strength very formidable. The chancellor of this shuttle Shadow Realm encampment here name was Huang Tianpeng, was Divided Spirit Stage Expert, these Immortal Stage Expert with, naturally did not ask the humans affair, but sat, therefore the shuttle Shadow Realm encampment here matter gave Huang Tianpeng to process. But this shuttle Shadow Realm also status, they are hundred treasure most depend on southern small Interface, equal to is hundred treasure southern successive borderline. Zhao Hai most also arrives at here now, the remaining roods he walked, but remaining that section of road, but not so was safe, may meet attack of other clans. Zhao Hai fully had been understanding manner of major after searching sea matter, knew, this is very methods of major competitions, before major, although also sends out some fame young Expert, but in core juniors are one time have not actually sent, this itself explained the issue. Leaves regarding any together, tries hard together, that words are the bullshit, has been able of one mind to call with these people to the sea strangely, among these big has a grudge, feared that is also rips to kill to the sea. However Zhao Hai has not cared, he was not worried, these already during his plan, even if the opposite party sends Immortal Stage Expert to cope, he also can definitely deal with. Chatted several with Huang Tianpeng, his leave shuttle Shadow Realm, his time was very tight, naturally cannot lose the time. Leaves from shuttle Shadow Realm, Zhao Hai hurries to toward the command(er) place, the place of this assigning, is one penetrates into the in the sea peninsula, is not near to the domains of hundred treasure, ten days of must naturally not be a problem to there, but if on this road some people intercept and rob, feared that was this time is a little tight. However Zhao Hai already prepared, first made in Space go Liquid Silver flying needle release, this people were blocking him, he can also rush to that set within the shortest time the place. Reason that Zhao Hai must rush to the set in the regulation time the place , because various Realm has regulation, if not arrive at the assembly place in the regulation time, but must subject to a penalty. If Mu Tianbo reigns, Zhao Hai naturally did not fear, Mu Tianbo not because this matter will punish his, even simply will be impossible to send him to search the sea, now but is in power actually will be Shen Weide, this Shen Weide will be looking for opportunity to cope with him, if he in the regulation time to the assigned location, Shen Weide will not let off his.

Zhao Hai shuttle Shadow Realm encampment, immediately release Yama Ship, hurried to toward seaside, must say that now this Yama Ship in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, but big has become famous, all people know that this Yama Ship is Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact, will see this Magical Artifact, the average person around walking. Zhao Hai when previous war, but has made own reputation, now the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield may nobody dare underestimated Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has become ten-thousand realms battlefield here famous young Expert. Not only this Zhao Hai release Yama Ship also to hurry along, he also wants to make the child on Yama Ship experience outside situation, he all child bring out. Laura they also on Yama Ship, on Yama Ship except for the places of these children, but also has plenty Undead Creature is keeping the order. Now Zhao Hai release Yama Ship, these Undead Creature immediately turned on the on the ship window, lets some of these child look at out of the window. These child also very curious, they before were also the ordinary child of life on each every planet, where also has not gone, afterward was adjusted the blue tree on-board, these time went out is their first time, therefore each and every one very curious, stood outside window there curious look at all. Zhao Hai has swept the on the ship situation with spiritual force, cannot help but shows a faint smile, these children cannot stay in the school daily study, such is useless, must make them open to expand the vision, only then the vision has opened to expand, they effort. Laura stands in the Zhao Hai side, turned the head to look at these child one eyes, showed a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai, these children were very good, these time came out to gain experience, wanted regarding their also very heavy, I to am hope that now some people came attack we, this can make these children know that anything was the contest between Expert.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : now we in the shuttle Shadow Realm domain, crest of wave Sheng of nearest/recent hundred treasure, the several other Realms person will not come here other people's business, but left hundred treasure domains, that is uncertain, I want certainly to have the fellow who does not enlarge ones vision to look for us.” Laura they have smiled, Julie also in on the ship, Cai'er, Julie look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, if the person is blocking us, you do make me leave to be good?” Zhao Hai one hear of Julie said that cannot help but stares, he turned the head to look at Julie one, has smiled bitterly, he has not thought, this Julie unexpectedly so militant, moreover he very understood that Julie strength, Julie after entering Space, the strength has promoted a big truncation, if now head confrontation, even if were Zhao Hai uses 18 Arhat Profound Technique also not necessarily to be victorious Julie, obviously Julie strength how formidable. A Zhao Hai look at Julie face hopes, was not good to say anything, nodded said : well, if some people looked for trouble, made you go to battle.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Julie immediately/on horseback face excited said : fantastic, thanks Elder Brother Hai.” Said that jumped to hold Zhao Hai to kiss one. Stirs up the people to laugh.

Julie in several females is liveliest one, moreover is somewhat naive, her such disposition, very likable, no matter Zhao Hai or Laura they like him very much. Yama Ship toward the forward flight, this had been seeing many cultivator all the way, some cultivator see Yama Ship, turn around walks, some cultivator see Yama Ship, actually distant greeted to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also returned to a ritual, continued to hurry along, has not stopped. Quick Yama Ship left hundred treasure domains, but Zhao Hai has not actually put to be retarded, still in entire hurrying along, but Zhao Hai has not stood in bow there now, but sits in the deck, deck there is suspending one table of food and wine, Zhao Hai and Laura they are eating meal. Mo Sheng this fellow has followed in the Zhao Hai side, now also sits on the table side, if uninhabited is eating greatly, the front of this fellow is suspending big pile of thing, these give him to prepare. Zhao Hai is taking one glass of red wines, has drunk one, gently puts down wine glass said : these time to go to sea to investigate, can obtain thing not to say regarding us first that most at least two advantage \; first, can the spirit dark clouds received Space the deadly poison purple fog certainly, I have not believed that really this different thing cannot be given to surrender by Space, second is, perhaps we possibly make Stronghold in the overseas.” Laura nodded said : I not to believe that this sea does not have Monster Beast and so on perhaps existence, we can also receive some Monster Beast to enter Space, if can meet new Continent that to be better.” Lizzy smiles said : two years of time, Space Level Up to 200 seven Level 10, rose two Level 10 now, before this is, wants unable to think that is Sister Julie is fierce.” Julie smiles said : what this not to have, Space Level Up, had the advantage to me, yeah, how does nobody ask us to trouble?” One hear of Julie said that people have smiled, in this time, Cai'er suddenly said : is actually needless saying that but also some people came, moreover the future is bad.” One hear of Cai'er said that Julie has cannot help but gawked, then face excited stood got up said : in that? In that? Is looks our?” Cai'er shows a faint smile said : definitely is, otherwise Immortal Stage will Expert stand on our advancing road with no reason at all? In having about ten minutes can see him.” Zhao Hai said : Immortal Stage Expert? Also really thinks highly of me, they think that Immortal Stage Expert can I be what kind of?” Cai'er smiles said : that to be possible perhaps, perhaps they really think, your previous although and Immortal Stage have fought several times, when the handing over time is not long, moreover knows the person of that matter, ran, therefore ten-thousand realms battlefield many people believe now, information that you and Immortal Stage Expert fights is fake, your simply not such strength, therefore they send Immortal Stage Expert to cope with you, is not impossible.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this to arrive is a little meaning, good, comes, who I to have a look am cope with anyone.” Said that Yama Ship in a time in addition, was less than ten minutes, Zhao Hai slow, because of Immortal Stage Expert of wear grey cultivator clothing/taking, stood on the Yama Ship advancing path. Zhao Hai they also received the on the ship meal at this time, stood in bow there look at that Immortal Stage Expert. This Immortal Stage Expert long is really ugly enough, that face is long, the shoe horn face of Righteous Sect, the head scattered few head, a small eye, how sees irritably. Zhao Hai look at these Immortal Stage Expert, hold the fist in the other hand, deep voice said : does not know that what senior does block younger generation behavior?” That Immortal Stage Expert, some look at Zhao Hai on the ship females, he have not thought that Zhao Hai on the ship unexpectedly so many women, moreover is the beautiful women. Facial expression that in his eye cannot help but flashes through an envy and hate, but he is deep voice said : takes your life.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to think person who I want the Zhao Hai life were many, many a senior person, does not know that senior is that Expert.” That Immortal Stage Expert had not replied, but is cold sound said : idle talk are too many, suffers to death!” The big hand wields, a fist hits toward Zhao Hai. Waits to listen to Zhao Hai make a move, scolds the sound to transmit tenderly, Julie threw, Julie already could not wait in the one side, but Zhao Hai has wasted breath with that Immortal Stage Expert, now looked that Immortal Stage Expert came out, Julie naturally did not use the Zhao Hai words, rushed directly. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;