Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1537

Chapter 462 bone plants the usage That Immortal Stage Expert has not thought that make a move unexpectedly is not Zhao Hai, but is a woman, Julie this jumps, to stems from his unexpected, that fist force that just he hit, to probe Zhao Hai together, Julie actually blocks now in fist force front, that Immortal Stage Expert cannot help but two eyes narrows the eyes, how he wants to have a look at the strength of this woman. Julie stands at the scene, her right hand turned into bone blade, a blade gets down, fist force had been broken, fist force one was broken, the Julie personal appearance proceeds to throw, direct these Immortal Stage Expert strike. Julie most is good is close combat, wants with the person close combat, that must be quick, in adding on currently to have the help of Space, Julie can also comprehend strength of the Space unexpectedly, this is naturally quicker, personal appearance flashes, arrived in front of that Immortal Stage Expert, a blade has divided. That Immortal Stage Expert also really had a scare, he has not thought, Julie so will be unexpectedly quick, in his heart moves, long spear same Magical Artifact appears in in his hand, on this long spear is not Weave Fire Clan that spear|gun that shoots the bullet, but is cold weapons long spear. This spear|gun appears his immediately/on horseback both hands raise the spear supported Julie this to strike, the personal appearance will draw simultaneously back in the future, Magical Artifact appears of several long handles in his side, have struck toward Julie. Julie actually such as attaches the maggot of bone to be ordinary, pursued that Immortal Stage Expert to hit, that Immortal Stage Expert, although release several Great Magical Artifact, however the four limbs of Julie have been able to turn into weapon, in adding on his braid, entered to is made that Immortal Stage Expert busy foot was busy, finally fell leeward. That Immortal Stage Expert thinks that is not thrown into confusion also difficultly, their these cultivator, when fights with the person, generally is uses far away carries on attack that Magical Artifact leaves, Julie is like this pure near body war, but few, only then some Body Cultivator so, however in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, will repair the body not to be many, therefore that Immortal Stage Expert to this fighting method very does not adapt, naturally will fall leeward. What most important is, the Julie strength is not worse than him, he wants to borrow Magical Artifact the inferiority moving is almost impossible, ten points that therefore this Immortal Stage Expert hits aggrieved. Zhao Hai they stand on Yama Ship look at, has not meddled, but at this time, in the Yama Ship cabin, these children also in look at outside war, but they did not notice that directly, but sees through Space projection. These children regarding Julie or very familiar with, Julie , since entering to Space, does not have to eat the person, but she actually liking child, therefore goes to school there help to be most, these children to her also familiar. Now looked that Julie has fought person unexpectedly, moreover strength also not strong, serious of these child each and every one excited, what shouts and wrangles in there is Julie refuels. Zhao Hai was actually looks, has still not tried Julie to the present, it seems like he prepared to keep here this Immortal Stage Expert. However Zhao Hai also knows that wants to leave behind Immortal Stage Expert is not that easy, Zhao Hai now in the alert of entire gods, if that Immortal Stage Expert wants to run, first crosses this Guan Caihang. That Immortal Stage Expert did not have mood to think these many, he dealt with Julie already very difficult, he has tried, not only the one type of method, thinks that was getting rid of the entanglement of Julie, had not actually succeeded, now wanted to get rid of difficulty.

They have fought for one hour, at this moment that Immortal Stage Expert knows one cannot in waiting, in such to wait, he was really dangerous, because side also had Zhao Hai they to eye covetously in there, he did not say that early withdrew forever unable to withdraw. Thinks of here, this Immortal Stage Expert clenches teeth several Magical Artifact, when attack Julie, his suddenly gives a loud shout said : to explode!” That several Magical Artifact with a bang sound exploded, but this self-destruct Magical Artifact cultivator does not like with a move, because when uses this move, will be damaged by own Divine Soul, belongs to one type of to kill the enemy 1000 to damage 800 move of technique sometimes not to kill the mortal enemy person, can say that this for one move that to escape to use. Now Julie is compelling Immortal Stage Expert to use such move of technique unexpectedly, she can also feel proudly. That Immortal Stage Expert wants to constrain Julie with Magical Artifact self-destruct, if can make Julie be injured that to be better. However this time he was actually makes a mistake scheme, Julie was in itself the insect mother, he may, not only the four limbs can turn into that ossein structure, in fact her whole body, therefore a that Magical Artifact explosion, Julie immediately appears the one layer ossein, these thing, has been able to block. But that Immortal Stage Expert taking the opportunity wants to walk, but he just flew not to be far, Zhao Hai has blocked in his front, Zhao Hai has put on one layer full body armor now, in hand to has not taken weapon, but is the level two tricks and skills in boxing, that Immortal Stage Expert one hit the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai has shaken the fist then in a big way, both sides fought in one. That Immortal Stage Expert was depressed has gone bad now, he and person fought, was very much has begun, is today's Julie and Zhao Hai that left actually with their close combat, this let the incomparable depression. He just met Zhao Hai several, Julie has killed, they have carried on the converging attack to this Immortal Stage Expert, but this Immortal Stage Expert, because of just Magical Artifact self-exploding, received some wounds, now falls on leeward. However he is not good to deal with, he is Immortal Stage, that was also Divided Spirit Stage, can branch out Divine Soul to come, this Divine Soul can regard another Incarnation to use, now his Divine Soul on control long spear with Zhao Hai fight of delight, but he was actually with Julie wrapped around. However obviously he is not the Julie match \; first, because he is not Body Cultivator, this close combat is in itself his weak type, two were injured, naturally possibly was not the Julie match. But Zhao Hai actually and other opportunity, he has wanted this Immortal Stage Expert the spear|gun income to Space, he to know that now this spear|gun certainly is that Immortal Stage Expert Life Source Magical Artifact, moreover he wants to analyze through Space, has a look at Divine Soul in this spear|gun what's the matter. However this Divine Soul with a that Immortal Stage Expert body, Immortal Stage Expert dies, this Divine Soul naturally also died, before Zhao Hai also received many Divided Spirit Stage Expert to enter Space, but these Expert entered the Space time dead, that Divine Soul naturally also on information, he has thought that research also not heavy research got up. Therefore he wants, when that Immortal Stage Expert is living, this Divine Soul income to Space, this is not an easy matter, this Divine Soul itself also almost achieved Immortal Stage, Zhao Hai has wanted, in received him to Space, then grasped Immortal Stage Expert to enter Space on equal to hardly, this was very difficult. On the side of Zhao Hai fights with this long spear, generally paid attention to the Julie there situation completely, Julie has been fighting the winning side now, that Immortal Stage Expert although roared again and again, was actually only then the ability to parry, did not have the strength to hit back, it seems like Julie killed him, was only an issue of time, it seems like oneself here must grasp.

Zhao Hai has attacked tightly several, that long spear attack is also good, in this time, Zhao Hai capture opportunity, the hand has been wielding, one group of iron chain one entangled on that long spear, that long spear has not thought that such change, has often stopped, but this stopped, fully can make Zhao Hai carry on own below one step, his hand one wielded, Space rift appears , the directness on covered that pole long spear lives, drew in Space. That Immortal Stage Expert originally is long pole mind connection, now resembles information in presently own that Doppelganger suddenly, at heart one startled, cannot help but somewhat absent-minded, these was being crawled opportunity by Julie, on her braid that like the jade same bone hook, one pierced the throat of this Immortal Stage Expert. But at this time, in Space has also transmitted prompt said : presently the external gang to the procedure, surrenders the procedure, surrenders successfully, this procedure and Doppelganger kind of Divine Soul, because of separates with the main body, is weakening slowly, suggested Host intensely, transferred out this procedure, in addition sought the carrier, and suggested in this carrier to include in Space ossein plants, ossein plants helps the growth of this Divine Soul.” Zhao Hai one dull, then the great happiness, why his don’t know that ossein plants has used, when Space did not have Level Up to dabbler Level 10, he wants to analyze with Space that ossein plants is any thing, is useful, but who Space gives answered is actually, level insufficiently is unable to analyze, but now Space unexpectedly initiative let him that bone qualitative plants join to weapon, really had doing of nourishing Divine Soul to use, this made Zhao Hai be overjoyed, his hand read moves, immediately group made of bone plants join to Liquid Silver, then that in long spear. Divine Soul pulling out presently comes, to put of Liquid Silver. Has not actually thought that he cannot put unexpectedly, this makes Zhao Hai somewhat stare, at this time Space transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Because Liquid Silver Magic Staff is Host passes on with weapon, cannot accommodate any Divine Soul join, asking Host to seek the carrier.” Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head, but his immediately/on horseback that long spear decomposing, in Space also obtained the different new material, but then Zhao Hai defers, refinement method of break the formation Spirit Snake needle, refined has planted long spear, inside join ossein plants, then has also put in that Divine Soul that long spear, these that Divine Soul one melted, Zhao Hai even also felt that Divine Soul transmitted a happy feeling. At this time Zhao Hai received in Space to turn into Undead Creature that Immortal Stage Expert, after waiting for this Immortal Stage Expert to turn into Undead Creature, Zhao Hai look at his deep voice said : „were you that?” That Undead Creature bows said : to return to the Young Master words to Zhao Hai, I am Ghost Spirit Realm, these time has presented in order, kills Young Master.” Zhao Hai has gawked next step: Ghost Spirit Realm, um, the last minute was dirty they also to come, the ambition was not small, leading noisy matter was they, snort|hum, had the time to tidy up them, what you studied was Ghost Spirit Realm Cultivation Method? Your these Cultivation Method have the time to teach the child, gets down.” That Immortal Stage Undead Creature has complied with one, bowed to draw back. This Ghost Spirit Realm Zhao Hai knows, Cultivation Method that they practice, belongs sends Cultivation Method evilly, Might is not small, this Immortal Stage Expert, should be elected specially, because of the Ghost Spirit Realm there ordinary person, will use has Magical Artifact of soul, the person who or uses the Zombie class occasionally carries on to make the war, but he uses is actually long spear, seems Cultivation Method is also not Evil Sect, should to cover shows the status. Reason that Zhao Hai makes him teach these children , because in these children, several attribute are Yin Attribute, such child is suitable to study this type to send Cultivation Method evilly, only before law Zhao Hai, obtains some sends Cultivation Method evilly is not Advanced level, therefore he has not taught these children extremely in Advanced level evil faction merit Cultivation Method, but called the foundation them, he wants to look for opportunity to kill several to send Expert evilly, then made several gates to send Cultivation Method evilly, now looked like actually not need, to have the person to give him to send Cultivation Method. After handling the matter in Space, Zhao Hai came out from Space returned to on Yama Ship, Yama Ship in moving forward fast, Laura they were still not having chapter of Space, is chatting in on the ship. Looks at Zhao Hai to come back, Cai'er arrived around Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai to know hastily now these ossein plants uses, we should make anything.” What Zhao Hai does said : make? How do you want to do?”

Cai'er smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, you to have forgotten, Hell Space there, can produce new Soul Fire every time, this isn't Soul Fire Divine Soul one type of? But is some low level Divine Soul, looks like the Inferior level skeleton is the same, does not have no Spiritual Wisdom, but we can put these Soul Fire added on ossein plants Magical Artifact, nourishing slowly, so long as they had Spiritual Wisdom, we can obtain large quantities of Soul Weapon, these Soul Weapon attack strength are not weak.” Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that to stares slightly, then nodded said : this to arrive is a good method, ok, let's do that by your advice, but you must experiment first, has a look at this method really feasible, if feasible, in massive manufactures, but must try, having a look at that one type of Magical Artifact more suitable to use this method.” Cai'er should said : feel relieved Elder Brother Hai, I process.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : these children how? Now is doing?” Cai'er smiles said : these children to discuss that now just that war, their strengths were too low, has plenty thing they cannot understand, now says to them listens, their understand, Elder Brother Hai do not worry for good.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : „the present time are not many, we speed up some, does not need to pester with these, waits for these time to come back from the sea, I must tidy up Ghost Spirit Realm well, dares to come me unexpectedly, snort|hum.” Laura they also walked, one hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura deep voice said : this Ghost Spirit Realm is being good at uses some souls, but control Zombie makes the war, the this Realm person uses is some Evil Sect Cultivation Method, they cope with us, possibly settled on the Elder Brother Hai control undead fresh method, Undead Creature that Elder Brother Hai your days release comes, the although strength is not strong, but the quantity is numerous, this will make these fellows be jealous absolutely.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : this matter came back saying that we search the sea first, I to have a look, this ocean big.” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;