Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1539
Chapter 464 to probe

That several Transcends Tribulation Stage person does not speak, but also was the heart has intimately, they were also in various Realm the sacrificial victim of battle. Zhao Hai although was saying these to them, but actually went to Liquid Silver flying needle release, not far away dark clouds received in Space. although Zhao Hai did not fear that anything spirits certainly the dark clouds, but Zhao Hai is very careful, can let thing of Immortal Stage Expert hands tied non- plan, so is can it be that simple, therefore Zhao Hai now is all by careful give priority to. In this time, a sound of footsteps is transmitting, the people turn head to look that the present long woman ran from the cabin, runs while said : Elder Brother Hai, you must take responsibility to me, they bully me.” That several Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator saw that this woman stares, because of them unexpectedly presently this woman in any level. In them was feeling strange time, sees this woman to shake, her head is common with Spirit Snake, one flew, then listens to bu, a blood departs, the people stare, this notes, rear the head of this woman, suddenly has a jade hook, but now this jade hook jabbed into the throat of that ghost Spirit Race Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. That several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert stare, then complexion changes, the personal appearance moves to fly, presently they in their all around appears innumerable Undead Creature, pitch-dark muzzles have actually been pointing to them. These Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert do not dare to move, they know that the spear|guns of hundred treasure, are copy Weave Fire Clan, Might is not small, opens fire in such near distance, their simply cannot shunt. That several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert complexion one becomes very difficult looks, one of them look at Zhao Hai deep voice said : Zhao Hai, do you want to do?” Zhao Hai look at these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, how many show a faint smile said : Zhao Hai to keep with this method, how many asking should not be offended, waits till ocean deep place Zhao Hai certainly to put how many, as for this ghost Spirit Race person? Zhao Hai must kill, because in looks at the way in Hornberg below with, by ghost Spirit Race Immortal Stage Expert rob and kill, possibly had been put this ghost Spirit Race person on below? Therefore please everybody do not misunderstand.” Said that Zhao Hai waved these Undead Creature and that ghost Spirit Race people received. Julie looked at that several Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator one, on the face has flashed through a contemptuous facial expression, snort|hum, turn around returned to the cabin.

To be honest Julie this movement, looks like is really the acme of beauty and deportment, attractiveness that could not say, but on that several Transcends Tribulation the face of cultivator, actually flashed through one to fear intent. Just Julie began, although had the suspicion of sneak attack, however her strength has actually appeared, just that struck definitely has the Immortal Stage strength, otherwise that ghost Spirit Race a leeway of person counter-attack will not have. These Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert have not thought that Zhao Hai on the ship actually is also bringing Immortal Stage Expert, moreover is not very evidently ordinary with Zhao Hai relationship. Zhao Hai looked at that several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert one, showed a faint smile said : just that below wife, Julie, ghost Spirit Race that rob and kill my Immortal Stage Expert, collaborating to strike to kill with Julie below.” What Zhao Hai this saying although said is superficial, but listens to the ears of several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, actually with the thunderclap without doubt, strikes to kill, but the opposite party that Zhao Hai said was Immortal Stage Expert! When starts, this Immortal Stage Expert can also say that struck to kill strikes to kill? Even if previous Weave Fire Clan, the war between Giant Spirit varieties and hundred treasure, true fallen Immortal Stage Expert also few, now Zhao Hai said that struck to kill strikes to kill one, how this made them not be startled. Before although them, had heard Zhao Hai has fought with Immortal Stage Expert, but they are not trusts, but evidently, they actually somewhat believe now. How many person of although have believed that but still had very strong vigilance to the Zhao Hai report, to Zhao Hai had a distance is standing, before that with Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert that Zhao Hai spoke, what meaning looked at Zhao Hai said : mister this saying is? Since mister has no intention to feel embarrassed us, why can also detain us in this on the ship?” Zhao Hai look at several people showed a faint smile said : please several in lingering in on the ship on the several th, mainly thinks that did not make several tell respective Interface the here fresh matter, several took several to comply, did not say the death of this ghost Spirit Race person that can immediately/on horseback let several leave below.” As soon as that several people listen to Zhao Hai such to speak of stare, but their immediately responded, Zhao Hai does not want to make ghost Spirit Race know that this ghost Spirit Race death, has relationship with him, this to is understandable. That how many person of also feel relieved, simultaneously their also understand another meaning of Zhao Hai, that is he probably has confidence to live going back, if Zhao Hai cannot live going back, he will not lead that many children, will not curl own family takes, will not make them keep secret, will the person who must die, have feared the retaliation of ghost Spirit Race? Naturally not, so long as these know the person who one are impossible dead, will be worried about the retaliation of ghost Spirit Race.

Thinks of here, that several person immediately have thought that Zhao Hai has confidence to live going back, but they do not have, if they with Zhao Hai, that possibly really did not have the means to live, if they must with Zhao Hai, unable leave this Yama Ship, but if just Zhao Hai did not come such, they met leave, moreover with quickest told this matter, looked like just Zhao Hai that under one , was really not must cope with them. Has thought through these, that several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert cannot help but mutually looked at one, that before spoke, turned the head look at Zhao Hai, he he chuckle said : originally for this, mister had a scare us, mister does not need to be worried, this matter starting today, rottenly to our bellies, but we feared must in thank your for your hospitality mister some time, don’t know mister what do you think?” Zhao Hai one hear of this Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert said that cannot help but darkly approved an intelligence, he then smiles said : to be so best, Laura, gives a banquet, I drink to heart's content several cups with several mister!” Laura complied with one, immediately brought Meg they to come out, has put away the table in the deck, has displayed the food and wine, called Mo Sheng, but after Laura they suspended the liquor, drew back on immediately/on horseback. That several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert are actually somewhat scared, they have not thought really that Zhao Hai this on the ship is actually leading these many beautiful women, but they also know that these beautiful women are the Zhao Hai wife, therefore each and every one sits respectfully, does not look askance. They were somewhat fear Zhao Hai, the ghost Spirit Race person, by Zhao Hai was not said killed gives to kill, Zhao Hai also had the ability butchering their several, this entered in the sea in any case, was dangerous matter extremely, when the time comes Zhao Hai said that has not seen them, they in person also took Zhao Hai not to have the means. No matter Mo Sheng actually that many, on the table he has eaten by all means that Zhao Hai actually holds up wine glass to show a faint smile said : today our several people to participate in this to that several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert to search sea duty, is the one type of fate, come, everyone/Great Clan drinks this cup completely.” The people showed a faint smile, hold up liquor to be bad, drink liquor, Zhao Hai then said : several invited taste, this was our characteristics food, the guarantee was delicious.” That several food of Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert look at that tables, although is somewhat greedy actually too does not dare to move the chopsticks, after all they have not eaten since childhood thing. Zhao Hai also thinks little, oneself took the chopsticks to eat, that several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert looked at Zhao Hai to eat, was not good to decline, took up the chopsticks to eat one, that knowledge ate this actually unable to put down, several people of exchanging toasts interest were gradually high. After letting loose has had a meal, Zhao Hai gives these Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator to arrange the rest place, his then returned to in Space. Now this spirits the dark clouds to receive in Space certainly, in Space had the method of to break, such that really such as Zhao Hai thinks, this spirits certainly the dark clouds, will not have any influence to him. Not only has not affected, but also made Space many one type of attack method, if later he fought with the person, can give to coat the opposite party with the spirit dark clouds certainly, such opposite party was runs cannot be inescapable. However he has not met the deadly poison purple fog, but Zhao Hai believes that received Space not to be a problem the deadly poison purple fog, like this he disappeared in this sea big two barriers, he wants to search the sea on the inadequate any issue.

Laura look at sits in Zhao Hai that in Space drinks tea, puzzled to his said : Elder Brother Hai, how many Transcends Tribulation Stage people you leaves behind that to do? Keeps them to have inconvenient, might as well gave to butcher them.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to leave behind them to use their hands, enters in their encampment, understood that they several situations, he he, when the time comes that several encampment is not our latter wreaths, wants to enter enters, moreover I also think through them, goes to their Interface to have a look, I have not believed, presently any clues.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura understand what's the matter, she does smile said : that just to put thing isn't it better? why to keep them on the body of that several Immortal Stage Expert?” Zhao Hai smiles said : these Immortal Stage Expert, is too strong to our vigilance, moreover feeling of Immortal Stage extremely in keen, especially their vigilance strong time, that feared that is some grain of dust falls to their bodies, they also know that therefore I have not made trick/hand and foot on that several Immortal Stage Expert, said it, leaves behind these people, later we can also turn in the friend with several other Realms, if this time they are living, that is the great merit, later is not low in status, to us, but has the advantage very much, several Transcends Tribulation Stage, in Undead Creature are in any case many they. Several are not many, is short of their several many, did not need now to kill them.” Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai are you plan ten-thousand realms battlefield here are what kind of?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, Laura understands him, a point passes, Zhao Hai had already thought that is thinks through hundred treasure, slowly ten-thousand realms battlefield here nibbling, he such does is also probing. He Julie suddenly attacks Comprehend the world certainly, behind this has an invisible hand in promoting to be the same probably, if is really such, that this hand may with constructing the ten-thousand realms battlefield person is same, ten-thousand realms battlefield here all the year round is at the one type of very chaotic condition, probably some people do not want to let their peaceful exhibitions, they want peacefully, will have thing to come out to give them to look for a matter, Zhao Hai on is passes nibbles other Interface method, probes under one, has such an only hand to exist. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;