Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1540

Chapter 465 Black Dragon comes Reason that Zhao Hai wants to know that has existence of this hand , because he wants to know that he is any situation, Zhao Hai had felt now, ten-thousand realms battlefield here looks like raises the gu the place, but they look like the insects that these were raised, some people of look at they rip to kill in here, if they did not rip to kill, that look at person will cause an enemy to them, this Insect Race looked like this situation. For this reason, therefore Zhao Hai the meeting wants to use the method of this nibbling, comes bit by bit swallows other Interface in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here domain, he to wants to have a look, he such does, the opposite party really does not want to let his peaceful show, what method will have to cope with him. Laura they look at the Zhao Hai appearance, almost understand Zhao Hai was any meaning, Zhao Hai not only one time has told them, he wanted to discover that back evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator, now looked like he is prepares to probe. Laura they to had not opposed that in fact they do not like being regarded the feeling of chess piece, if not look up understand this matter, in their will have a thorn at heart throughout. Laura look at Zhao Hai said : „is Elder Brother Hai, the time now mature?” Laura somewhat was worried, now they in the ten-thousand realms battlefield, moreover these days their performance was extremely dazzling, if really some people of look at they, that certainly attention they, if Zhao Hai made the too big move at this time, the opposite party under cruel methods will possibly cope with them. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : how not to try to know, even if they want to cope with us, will reveal some clues, this can make us know that we are distributed by who, so long as their appears we can know that what existence of higher one layer is, not?” Laura nodded said : this to be also good, now ten-thousand realms battlefield here does not have what good thing to make us receive toward Space, all good thing, to be similar, moreover currently Space that hundred treasure there received also had the self- Level Up ability, should take an action time.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : do not worry, comes gradually, first has a look at this in the sea to have anything, my non- position these Immortal Stage Expert, really certainly were worked the dark clouds to give in dire straits by this.” Laura looked at these on screen to work certainly the dark clouds, this worked certainly the dark clouds also like other Cloud, was one after another, was not likely wet weather that type of dark clouds, covered entire Heaven and Earth, among this dark clouds had the crevice, normally these Immortal Stage Expert entered in these dark clouds, depending on their within the body was saving strength, can depart the dark clouds fully, they in paying attention a little also and that's the end, should not die in here, what possible this marine also to have mystery. In this time, Cai'er suddenly said : Elder Brother Hai, is looking quickly, deadly poison purple fog.” Zhao Hai turns the head to look that on the screen looks, is really, big deadly poison purple fog is filling the air toward here in the distant place placard near sea surface place. Zhao Hai deep voice said : first receives point deadly poison purple fog to enter Space, look is any situation.” Cai'er complied with, immediately received in Space that deadly poison purple fog some, in Space immediately transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Presently deadly poison nature gas, toxicity level, high, extracting toxin, join to Space toxin, join completes, Space toxin Level Up is high level toxin, below Transcends Tribulation Stage, not rescues, after Transcends Tribulation Stage poison, most lives is about three days, after the Divided Spirit Stage poison, most lives is about one month, after Immortal Stage Expert is poisoned, reduces the long-lived hundred years, solid and drops gradually.” Zhao Hai has held breath a cold air, he has not thought, this toxicity unexpectedly such. Cai'er looked at Zhao Hai one, open the mouth and said: Elder Brother Hai, you do not need to be startled, this toxin said may, not only toxin in this deadly poison purple fog, the here surface also mixed in Space many toxin has become, moreover Space currently had antidote, you did not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : does not have what influence to be good to us, walks.” Cai'er complied with one, command(er) Yama Ship was then forwarding.

In this time, a suddenly picture revolution, thing that the picture demonstrated was turning into the Yama Ship deck, that several Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator arrived in the Yama Ship deck. Zhao Hai look at them to exit, cannot help but knitting the brows head , the personal appearance moved, deadly poison purple fog that also appears in the deck, that several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert complexion white look at that has headed on now. And a person also present Zhao Hai, his complexion pale said : Zhao Hai, this deadly poison purple fog came, can we very pass?” Spoke this person to call a wave, was the person of puppet clan, any weapon Zhao Hai that he used to was don’t know, his strength truly to Transcends Tribulation Stage. Zhao Hai looked at his one eyes, shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, will not have the matter.” The wave then relaxed, then he looked at all around one, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Brother Zhao Hai, your this ship may really be good, now your this ship in the ten-thousand realms battlefield, but prestige remoteness.” although he is commending the Zhao Hai ship, but Zhao Hai is presently, his facial expression still very anxious. Not only wave this, the situations of several other people are also similar, if not Zhao Hai still calm standing in there, they feared that already ran. Quick that deadly poison purple fog has covered on Zhao Hai Yama Ship, but that purple fog actually to Yama Ship not any influence, Yama Ship still steady moving forward. Looks at this situation, a wave they cannot help but relaxed, look at Zhao Hai said : that wave two eyes shines my goodness, had this ship, I thought that our these time searches the sea, but may also the success.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, if has succeeded, the merit of several of us is not small, many senior have not succeeded, only then we have succeeded, HaHaHa.” People also person very happy, if searches the sea to be successful, but their merit are big. look at their appearances, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, deep voice said : we cannot treat it lightly, this deadly poison purple fog although wins great reputation, looked that still looked, is not very strong, I think that this in the sea also has certainly other thing, we must be careful a little to well.” The people nodded. Before long, Yama Ship has passed through the deadly poison purple fog, now they had one to be away from him to Continent, but front can the dark clouds be also getting more and more certainly. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan went back to rest, there is any situation person called everyone/Great Clan.” Several people think that they cannot help outside, nodded, turn around returned to Zhao Hai to the room that they arranged. Zhao Hai look at them to go back, this flashes body returned to in Space, actually presently Cai'er they in look at these children, these children now are getting up the fruit, although they now to the sea, however the everyday class wanted on, but this class was simplified. Zhao Hai has not cared, currently speaking, they do not have on the sea to encounter any danger, does not have present islands anything, did not have anything noteworthy.

The time passes fast, unknowingly two days passed by, regarding cultivator, two days of are not long, but over the two days, Zhao Hai they also arrived at the deep sea, this deep sea place is really different from offshore, deep sea here, that spirits certainly the dark clouds slowly were many, now has given to overspread entire sky, moreover that dark clouds return very close to sea surface, now Yama Ship does not want to navigate in the dark clouds, almost must fall to sea surface on. That several Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator had not come out from the cabin, regarding cultivator was saying that the two days time was good to hit, hit to sit this time on the past. But these child Zhao Hai have not treated unjustly them, one layer vacated in cabin, has regarded the activity place to them, these children to do not have too many does not adapt. On this day Yama Ship is in moving forward time, suddenly Cai'er said loudly: Elder Brother Hai, has the situation.” Zhao Hai stares, immediately to the screen, looked at the situation on screen, Zhao Hai also cannot help but somewhat stares, sees the dark clouds on screen kept is seething, lightning, are departing from the dark clouds, such looks like unexpectedly the looks like must form the Tribulation Lightning appearance. Zhao Hai look at that group of dark clouds do said : leave our here to be far? Can by having to see that certainly spirit dark clouds, is the tribulation clouds.” Cai'er said : has looked, is certainly the spirit dark clouds, is not the tribulation clouds absolutely that now the Liquid Silver flying needle does not have the means to enter to that in the clouds, therefore don’t know clouds comes forth anything, but with according to the Space analysis and calculation, that was very likely in the clouds is hiding Monster Beast, we in having about one hour must arrive at that piece of region.” Zhao Hai deep voice can said : circle?” Cai'er nodded said : „, is not good, probably is Black Dragon, is he probably presently we? What's the matter? Leaves is so far? He came, is quick!” Zhao Hai careful look at screen, presently on screen black, such as snake same Changchun Movie Studio, fast toward their here You to come, but Zhao Hai can affirm that he is not the snake, because Zhao Hai presently he grew four fingernails. Zhao Hai can affirm that this is a claw gold dragon! Zhao Hai is an earthman, is a Chinese, the totem of Chinese is the dragon, four claw gold dragon, five claw gold dragon are the dragon, the Chinese have with the person regarding the worship of dragon, but the dragon in the heart of Chinese, holds very high status, the dragon, can rise to be able hidden, rises in above the Ninth Heaven, hidden under nine places, but call the wind and summon the rain, all these all have seen with present Zhao Hai the Black Dragon very similar, Zhao Hai can affirm that this is a gold dragon. Sees that gold dragon, although Zhao Hai and don’t know what's the matter, but he can also affirm that this dragon is not that simple, impossible to be most at least related with on the ship these Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. That several Transcends Tribulation Expert and don’t know that gold dragon came, when their also don’t know what's the matter, a lightning divided on Yama Ship.

Yama Ship slightly in a flash, when they have not thought understand what's the matter, Yama Ship flushes away toward that Black Dragon. That Black Dragon does not see any use, feels one startled, a dragon pendulum, four giant claw direct Yama Ship grasp, but when that Dragon's Claw catches Yama Ship, on Yama Ship suddenly dodged the intermittent lightning flash, that Dragon's Claw actually one shrank. In although this Dragon's Claw also has lightning, but this is not Tribulation Lightning, therefore this Dragon's Claw cannot be what kind of Yama Ship, but Zhao Hai is actually the very clear here situation, although that Black Dragon retreated, but will also come. Forward is such that Zhao Hai thinks, although they have avoided as far as possible, but is a point with does not have, that Black Dragon can in Yama Ship beyond one hour, not be presently impossible presently various formation within one hour, these formation save according to Yama Ship, Yama Ship vanished, these formation naturally also vanished. The lightning breaks all, now that Black Dragon is also the same person, that Black Dragon lightning, has broken all, was the lightning of his four limbs was only virtually impossible to guard against, do not say that other landlords, Zhao Hai saw with one's own eyes in that Giant Dragon mouth to spout a lightning, almost Yama Ship protective shield breaking. Must know that Yama Ship protective shield is not that simple, not only there is a nether world ice fire, spirit Black Dragon, the deadly poison purple fog, some thing in all Space he has certainly. Misses a little bit, the lightning in that Black Dragon mouth Yama Ship protective shield breaking, this is Zhao Hai has not thought absolutely. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;