Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1541

Chapter 466 ties up the blue dragon! Black Dragon formidable left the imagination of Zhao Hai, not only his lightning, Zhao Hai can affirm that near body of this Black Dragon fights the ability, very formidable, just that Black Dragon also grasped Yama Ship protective shield with Dragon's Claw, can look fully, he to his claw is very confident. But Yama Ship protective shield is not good to break, above also has lightning attack, that Black Dragon then drew back, his lightning attack same was very strong, his lightning also had the broken spirit ability probably. This Black Dragon strength, compares general Immortal Stage Expert also to want much stronger absolutely, light looked that his knew, general Immortal Stage Expert will not have him that quickly, now Zhao Hai, only if escapes with Space, otherwise he cannot escape. However Zhao Hai has not wanted to escape, now does not expose Space time, he prepares and a Black Dragon war, Zhao Hai wields, on Yama Ship stretched out dense and numerous cannon barrel, along with shells, shells shoots toward that Black Dragon. That Black Dragon cannot break Yama Ship protective shield to feel very strange to own lightning probably unexpectedly, when his dumbfounded, shell already he has attacked. That Black Dragon personal appearance in a flash, one has let attack of these shells, this let Zhao Hai to his some understanding again, Zhao Hai these shells were not good to deal with, these shells had the ability of tracing, Black Dragon although have evaded, but the shell has actually turned curved, looked toward that Black Dragon. Black Dragon obviously also present this point, on four fingernails of Black Dragon in appears lightnings, this lightning attacks toward the artillery. Very obviously these lightnings is powerful, these shells struck has blasted out, but at this time Yama Ship battering ram, escaped leave with Yama, punctures toward that Black Dragon. Simultaneously Zhao Hai adds the energy output of Battalion Yin-Yang black pond, strengthened the Yama Ship defense capability, these artillery have not stopped, still an artillery artillery is shooting outward. That Black Dragon just crushed the shell, battering ram arrived, that Black Dragon extends on claw direct battering ram to grasp, on Dragon's Claw lightning sparkles. However battering ram on Yama Ship is not good to deal with, that looks like hard incomparable battering ram, is the same like Spirit Snake, a personal appearance revolution, one made way Dragon's Claw strikes, still punctures toward Black Dragon. The Black Dragon claw wields, a lightning strikes toward battering ram, battering ram is letting, the lightning has not hit, Black Dragon is two strikes to oneself probably cannot take battering ram to be what kind, but felt that very annoyed, roars, big mouth, a lightning departs from his mouth, struck directly in battering ram, was not battering ram does not want to hide, but was too quick, battering ram that this lightning came cannot avoid. That battering ram was hit by this lightning, cannot help but stopped, Zhao Hai complexion also somewhat is simultaneously ugly, that battering ram is he in control, now this was struck, the Zhao Hai mind certainly was also vibrated, if this battering ram is not Liquid Silver, these sufficiently made him be injured. Zhao Hai wields, long spear appears in his hand, then a Zhao Hai finger, this long spear departed from Yama Ship, punctures toward Black Dragon.

That long spear that after this long spear is Zhao Hai receives that Immortal Stage Expert, obtained, this long spear has Immortal Stage Expert Divine Sense, strength very formidable, is also similar to Immortal Stage Expert. After release long spear, Zhao Hai battering ram is puncturing toward Black Dragon in command(er), 12 metal beasts also by Zhao Hai let out, these 12 metal beasts were also roared simultaneously to throw toward Black Dragon. Black Dragon obvious has gawked, he has not thought of Zhao Hai unexpectedly so many methods, but Black Dragon does not fear Zhao Hai these methods obviously, saw the Black Dragon personal appearance to dodge continually several, withdrew besieging unexpectedly, then big mouth, his fierce attracted, all around dark clouds received him to direct probably general, one had been drawn in the abdomen by him. This attracts such as heavy drinker absorbing water, the dark clouds in radius of a hundred li(50km) cannot help but, then this Black Dragon big mouth, that Black Dragon departs from his mouth, gave to surround the body of Black Dragon. Zhao Hai some understand, what this Black Dragon in tossing about, why attracts the dark clouds to the belly , is putting out, does he want to do? However now is not easy he to think that Zhao Hai immediately command(er) various Magical Artifact are attacking toward Black Dragon the dark clouds of hiding, but this kicks in the dark clouds, Zhao Hai immediately felt that does not suit, this dark clouds became have Spiritual Sense to be the same probably, started to carry on attack to various Magical Artifact unexpectedly. Why Zhao Hai one just that Black Dragon must attract the dark clouds on understand to the belly , was spitting, this attracted spits, enabled him to be able control these dark clouds, it seems like that this was this Black Dragon one type of method. Zhao Hai also presently, these by the dark clouds that Black Dragon spits, not only there is certainly a spirit ability, has certain corrosion to do to use to Divine Sense. Zhao Hai complexion changes, he has not thought that this dark clouds in the belly of that Black Dragon transferred, really had such change, these dark clouds make like Black Dragon, own piece of Domain, in that piece of Domain, he is almost invincible existence. Yes, Domain, that dark clouds, making Zhao Hai think of Domain, in Lower Realm, that Domain that uses, to Upper Realm here, Zhao Hai has not been using Domain, Domain this thing, Upper Realm here is almost not useful. However now Zhao Hai presently probably have made a mistake, Domain this thing in Upper Realm here probably is also useful, moreover probably is very easy-to-use. However looks like Lower Realm that ordinary Domain that not to be definitely useful, Upper Realm here Domain, probably by another one type of form appears . Zhao Hai wields, these Magical Artifact withdrew from the dark clouds, at this moment, in the dark clouds is actually lightnings, strikes toward these Magical Artifact. The Zhao Hai intention moves, these Magical Artifact were received, simultaneously the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, flew from Yama Ship, then both hands start to tie seal, his body flood intermittent golden light.

Then Zhao Hai wields, invisible Sword Qi, roll Dark mist to welcome toward that simultaneously he blocks the lightning that in Dark mist release came. Sword Breath Profound Technique, this Profound Technique Zhao Hai has studied for a long time, but has been useless, now he used, but this Sword Breath Profound Technique in 18 Arhat Profound Technique, invisible Sword Qi, murder invisible, destroyed the hardest defenses! The rapidness of process just Zhao Hai and Black Dragon fought, complete left a wave their imagination, when they did not have understand what's the matter, Zhao Hai has fought several times with Black Dragon with Yama Ship, when they recovered, Zhao Hai already make a move. Zhao Hai although is attacking with Black Dragon with Sword Breath Profound Technique, but he carefully has actually been paying attention to the Black Dragon there situation, he wants to have a look at this Sword Breath Profound Technique to be useful to Black Dragon. Useful, moreover is very useful, these Sword Qi attack every time can penetrate into the dark clouds, but the dark clouds actually cannot this Sword Qi be what kind. Zhao Hai can affirm that this is not the Sword Qi merit, the Strength of Faith merit, it seems like that this Strength of Faith is very useful. Thinks that here Zhao Hai in time release these Magical Artifact, has then given in these Magical Artifact to pour into Strength of Faith, then makes these Magical Artifact attack toward the dark clouds. The effect is very good, these black Cloud Fruit however cannot get up to do to these Magical Artifact with, Zhao Hai also complete feel relieved, but that Black Dragon situation is not quite good, his although is quick, but that long spear is not slow, is adding on Zhao Hai in keeping with Sword Qi attack, this greatly has also limited this Black Dragon degree. Black Dragon does not dare to meet Zhao Hai Sword Qi attack hardly, his defense strength although is good, but actually cannot block Zhao Hai Sword Qi attack, therefore he can only evade Zhao Hai Sword Qi to want, but with lightning Zhao Hai Sword Qi blocking. At this moment, Zhao Hai actually in using Sword Qi attack, when that Black Dragon just the spear|gun tone, he actually presently fell into huge Sword Formation. This huge Sword Formation comprised of ten thousand flying sword, these flying sword to his attack, each flying sword equally have not flown on their track like planet, but that Black Dragon actually presently, he by an invisible strength, fetter bit by bit. Black Dragon goes all out is struggling, he wants leave this Sword Formation, although his don’t know this Sword Formation is any thing, but he can actually feel that this Sword Formation has brought the huge danger to him. Black Dragon chops these flying sword with the lightning, but this huge Sword Formation actually resembles the invisible strengths to be the same, after his lightning flies, cannot chop flying sword that he wants to divide, but was split up the strength to the absorption by entire Sword Formation. But Zhao Hai now also the look at this Sword Formation situation, this Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation is not ordinary Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation, he in each sword, join Strength of Faith, but this enters Strength of Faith, Zhao Hai presently, entire Sword Formation lived very marvelous change, Might compared with original big don’t know multi- younger generations, that aggressive incomparable Black Dragon, entered in this Sword Formation, has run upon the moth of spider web like one, can only in the there futile effort was struggling.

Zhao Hai looked at this situation, was thorough feel relieved, this Black Dragon extremely in formidable, if he did not have Strength of Faith, but also was not quite really good to cope with this Black Dragon, the strength of this fellow, compared general Immortal Stage Expert also to absolutely too many. General Immortal Stage Expert to here, the strength will have sold at a discount, because here everywhere is certainly the spirit dark clouds, this thing also has very tremendous influence regarding Immortal Stage Expert. However these dark clouds do not have any influence to this Black Dragon, will also be used by Black Dragon, in other words, here is the Black Dragon home game, has the home game superiority in his here. However Black Dragon after entering to Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation, this home game superiority also vanished, he also turned into Black Dragon of ordinary Immortal Stage strength, such Zhao Hai copes naturally not to be a problem. Black Dragon can feel clearly that oneself pressure getting bigger and bigger, the strength of that fetter was also getting stronger and stronger, he is proud, completely lost in here has done to use, he probably tied down trick/hand and foot to be the same, he wants to run cannot be inescapable. This feeling made the Black Dragon deep feeling desperate, he has not thought that thinks had found a toy, finally actually building, this desperate mood was affecting itself him slowly, finally he even gave up struggling. Zhao Hai has not thought really that this Black Dragon unexpectedly in struggling, his hand has wielded, that ten thousand flying sword changed into iron chain directly, Black Dragon tight tying down, under has then hauled in Black Dragon a Yama Ship cabin, to this time, this war eventually finished. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;