Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1542

Chapter 467 Julie evolution Zhao Hai slowly fell returned to on Yama Ship, let out a long breath, to be honest this fought also is really the bad risk, Zhao Hai has not thought that Black Dragon lightning such, almost will have broken unexpectedly Yama Ship protective shield, Yama Ship protective shield after multiple enhancement, now does not pity the ratio now, the Black Dragon lightning one almost gives to break, obviously that Black Dragon the place of formidable.(, View reads the latest renewal) What most important is the ability of that Black Dragon control dark clouds, in here was really too useful, here everywhere was the dark clouds, these dark clouds momentarily possibly became that Black Dragon weapon, this was most fearful. Was good has to add Strength of Faith stars Ten Thousand Swords Great Formation Black Dragon surrendering because of Zhao Hai finally, otherwise was fighting, but also straight might running by Black Dragon, that Black Dragon Zhao Hai experienced. As for received that Black Dragon Yama Ship, that suspends an appearance, actually the Black Dragon genuine destination is Space, but currently on Yama Ship also has a wave they, Zhao Hai has no alternative but to use the procedure of this covering their ears and eyes. Zhao Hai just stood on the ship, hears in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Existing hostility Monster Beast enters Space, surrenders, surrenders successfully, this Monster Beast is dragon shape Monster Beast, because of being born in specially, may certainly withdraw the spirit dark clouds to use for oneself, may shoot the lightning, ** attack formidable, withdraws the gene, withdraws the special capability, withdraws successfully, the gene strengthens in Space person Monster Beast, because the special capability for the dark clouds is energy, and has the lightning ability, refining dark clouds ability join to the cloudy Yang lightning pond, lightning ability join to the cloudy Yang lightning pond, all uses weapon of cloudy Yang lightning pond, may leave lightning attack.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that this Black Dragon unexpectedly such formidable, has provided these many thing to him, there are these thing, he on this sea surface can come and go freely. At this time a wave they had also arrived at the Zhao Hai side, each and every one fear some look at Zhao Hai, they have no alternative but to be afraid, the Zhao Hai strength was really too strong, they heard before Zhao Hai had formidable how, did not have the too big feeling, but they have believed now, Zhao Hai were too more than them. Just their although not with that Black Dragon true fighting, but that Black Dragon power and influence they are actually the purity that knew, in this case, Zhao Hai can also give to surrender that Black Dragon through all sorts of methods, before this was them, has not thought that also made their strength to the Zhao Hai have a very direct-viewing understanding. Zhao Hai looked at a wave their eyes, shows a faint smile said : today to be very dangerous that has not thought that among will have Monster Beast in this dark clouds, moreover strength also such formidable.(, View reads the latest renewal)” The wave selected, deep voice said : this Black Dragon strength very formidable, on adding on this sea surface, was being covered by the spirit dark clouds certainly, his strength will obtain certain enhancement, mister your strength formidable, did not fear that dark clouds words, feared that was we are dangerous, it seems like beforehand the person who searched the sea should die in the hand of this Monster Beast.” The meaning of Zhao Hai understand wave, in the dark clouds meets appears Black Dragon, that may on other possible appears any Monster Beast, these Monster Beast in the dark clouds, hold the complete superiority, beforehand has Immortal Stage Expert to come to search the sea, wants to come these Immortal Stage skilled people, finally possibly dies in this Monster Beast in hand, a wave said that also there are to remind the meaning of Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : looked like we must be careful, I to was now more curious to this in the sea thing, I also really want to know that this in the sea had anything.” The wave has smiled bitterly, this saying also dares to say on Zhao Hai, but he also had saying that this saying qualifications, Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, deep voice said : was good, now has been all right, if everyone/Great Clan wants to go back to rest rests, if outside wants to remain, I had a look at that Black Dragon.” The wave looked at Zhao Hai one, hesitant next step: mister, how surrendering Monster Beast our puppet clan regarding, one wraps own means that if mister needs to help, please freely tell.” Zhao Hai looked at wave one, shows a faint smile said : this not to use temporarily, I have to surrender the Monster Beast method, if I do not handle, in looks for you.” Zhao Hai knows that a wave has not snatched the meaning of Black Dragon, he does not dare, he wants to pull closer relationship with himself. The wave nodded said : so I not to disturb mister.” Zhao Hai nodded, turn around entered cabin, the flashes body has disappeared. look at Zhao Hai vanished in the cabin, several other people have also encircled, open the mouth and said: „A wave, you looked that mister can surrender that Black Dragon really?” The wave nodded said : I to look certainly, mister strength very formidable, moreover don't you have presently? mister works very careful, he said that has the method to surrender Black Dragon, should not be false.” Several people nodded, sighed said : „the mister strength is really formidable that then strong Black Dragon was given to seize by him, when we can practice that degree.” The wave looked at several people of one, before deep voice said : „, hear of people said that on mister has Strength of Faith, I have not believed that now looked like , the Strength of Faith wondrous use was infinite, reason that mister dares to search the sea, feared that was dependence Strength of Faith, reason that dark clouds have not affected to mister, possibly also because of Strength of Faith relationship.” Several people nodded, this Strength of Faith regarding them is very mysterious , because of Strength of Faith very mysterious, therefore was passed on wonderfully, especially likely wave their such people, are to the Strength of Faith incomparable hope. They in respective Interface are some unimportant people, simply are what a pity impossible to obtain Strength of Faith, did not attach great importance to by Interface, will otherwise not be sent to carry out this duty.

Thinks of here, several people somewhat are discouraged, suddenly wave two eyes one bright, he has thought a point, Zhao Hai such strength, very much attached great importance to hundred treasure, after this time duty completes this, possibly attached great importance , if on good terms with Zhao Hai, then to them, but only then the advantage does not have the fault. Thinks of here, wave suddenly feels a big influential or powerful person in own front, so long as grasped, after that perhaps can also become a region's Expert. What thought other person actually don’t know waves in transferring, several people sighed several also on the respective returning room, only then the wave also stands in the deck, for a very long time does not have leave. The wave in thinking and Zhao Hai relationship, oneself wants to become friends with Zhao Hai, that must have certain capital to be good, a wave can feel, Zhao Hai simply has not cared him, wave understand, the unimportant person like oneself, simply did not look by Zhao Hai in the eye. What person will make what friend, the birds, like attracts like these words and has the truth, your Little Ping common people, must become friends with these Second Generation Rich-Man, officer second generation, feared that is the final result can only bring contempt upon oneself, but regarding the wave, the Zhao Hai status be higher than on several levels him. The wave is only in Puppet Realm the dispensable unimportant person, but Zhao Hai actually with Mu Yu this, the character who young Expert of hundred treasure key training is on intimate terms, their status bad is not least bit. although said that this Zhao Hai was also sent to search the sea, but the wave is actually very clear, Zhao Hai is in the political struggle at inferiority, this time, so long as he can go back, that is great merit one, feared that is hundred treasure that elders is to cope with him, was very difficult. A such character, can be the future is limitless, why do oneself associate with them? Has thought a half-day wave has not found out any clue, finally can only sigh, muttered said : to walk one step is.” Zhao Hai returned to in Space, in look at that Black Dragon, this Black Dragon was not having just the air/Qi of that type of aggressive at this time now, docile to the cat, is only lying in the Zhao Hai side. Zhao Hai thinks that turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, makes one to suit him to live in planet, making him live.” Cai'er has complied with one, suits planet that this Black Dragon lives to use saying that has filled certainly spirit dark clouds planet, this point to is the very good office, optional buys planet, covered entirely the spirit dark clouds to be OK above certainly. Arranged the Black Dragon dwelling, Zhao Hai to turn the head look at Cai'er said : Cai'er, were these children doing?” Cai'er smiles said : to observe you and Black Dragon process to the war, these children very worship now your.” Zhao Hai smiled. At this time Julie actually ran over, to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you looked that I had the new ability.” Said her hand at one fell swoop, a lightning appears in her in hand.

Zhao Hai stares, is said : that Black Dragon ability? Can you control these dark clouds?” Julie nodded said : „, these dark clouds were not having what influence to me, moreover I on bone blade that not only can control these dark clouds, I also be able to change by oneself had Space toxin.” Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed said : this infinite evolution ability is good, you actually obtained these many advantage, has not thought these time obtains the advantage most unexpectedly is you.” Julie proud has smiled, Zhao Hai look at Julie appearance, very happy, Julie is his woman, own woman, his naturally happy. Must say that Laura they cannot be the soldiers, what they are skilled is analyzes and management and so on matter, only then Julie is a genuine soldier, Zhao Hai can affirm that now the Julie strength is not worse than him, even if he uses Strength of Faith, can defeat Julie not necessarily. Julie strongest is her infinite evolution ability, good thing in Space, but are many, Zhao Hai naturally to Julie stingy, all cannot make her evolution thing, Zhao Hai withdraw the gene, then poured into Insect Race Queen Nest, therefore in recent time Julie evolution was quick, strength promotion quick of. However this evolution also needs a process, Julie one will not stiffen, looks like she currently has to put the lightning the ability, the lightning that but she can release go to now surely does not have the lightning that Black Dragon release goes to be so strong, some some processes, but Zhao Hai does not worry, moreover in this Space, letting Julie can practice various abilities the places to be also many, the time of Julie strengthen will not be long, if Julie in stiffening some, that is facing some established Immortal Stage Expert, not necessarily not strength of the fighting. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;