Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1544

look at that Shen Weide a face resents stands in his front Mu Yaobo, he wishes one could Mu Yaobo got teared to shreds, but his actually very clear, oneself not that ability, if hits, he feared that is also not Mu Yaobo the match.( _ «») «» «» Mu Yaobo face calm look at Shen Weide, he knows why Shen Weide hates him, because knows, therefore he does not want with Shen Weide to thousand, because Shen Weide hates him, completely because of envy and hate and misunderstanding, therefore he does not want with Shen Weide to thousand, then does not have regarding hundred treasure advantage, no matter what, Shen Weide strength good, moreover is some general situation views, although by washing to send to carry on some suppressions, but will not do too excessively, therefore Mu Yaobo has been enduring. However this time Shen Weide actually wants to move Zhao Hai, Mu Yaobo how, regardless of cannot endure, if Zhao Hai did not say to search the sea, feared that was Mu Yaobo must get angry with Shen Weide. However now gets angry is also same, moreover he has also occupied a principle character, happen to can at one fell swoop Shen Weide suppressing, making him lose the authority of this elder. Mu Yaobo is not the Buddhism believers, he previously did not cope with Shen Weide is because feared that destroyed hundred treasure exhibitions, because of Shen Weide Shen Pai, in entering of hundred treasure here is also very many, if their two schools of conflicts, will certainly cause hundred treasure turbulence, then to hundred treasure advantage, do not know that at that time was at must cope with the great Spirit Race critical moment, Mu Yaobo naturally not at that time and Shen Weide has fought. However now the situation is different, now great Spirit Race was tidied up, hundred treasure such as in Japan young, but had Shen Weide also to offend above hundred treasure here almost all Transcends Tribulation Stage entering, this was good opportunity. Shen Weide look at Mu Yaobo said : bitterly Mu Yaobo, what do you mean? Why has these many to enter to come? What do you think thousand?” Mu Yaobo look at Shen Weide, cold sound said : Shen Weide, you are an elder, why impossible don’t know we to come, to be honest, I am very disappointed to you, has not thought that you compete the matter that however thousand so under handle to come, this time I and these elders, are impeach your.” Shen Weide look at Mu Yaobo, cold sound does said : impeach me? Why? I have not made the mistake the matter, why do you impeach me?” Mu Yaobo cold sound said : Shen Weide, where is Elder Assembly? To manage hundred treasure, lets hundred treasure direction stronger places, is not your one enters the do whatever one wants to do place, why you taking the opportunity enter the optional punishment that you are reprehensible? What most important is, why do you make Zhao Hai participate to search the sea duty?”

Shen Weide the look at Mu Yaobo appearance, sneers said : to put it bluntly not to come for Zhao Hai, why Zhao Hai cannot participate to search the sea duty, you are used to him, I am not used to him, his just did join to entering of our hundred treasure, why enjoy that many privileges? Your Mu Yaobo such does, what by the male ginseng private isn't?” Mu Yaobo the look at Shen Weide appearance, shaking the head said : of suddenly Shen Weide o flatter Shen Weide, you were hated really charming both eyes, I give the Zhao Hai privilege , because Zhao Hai is worth me giving him the privilege, but you, to set at the air/Qi with me, when previous time with the Weave Fire Clan war, has not come encampment here, therefore you did not know about Zhao Hai simply that what your don’t know he has made for hundred treasure, heart that don’t know his importance to hundred treasure, your such treatment Zhao Hai, was really cold all entering.” Shen Weide has swept Mu Yaobo behind these cultivator with the eye, this looked that his heart cannot help but raised not a wonderful feeling, because of him presently Mu Yaobo behind these cultivator, when Mu Yaobo said these words, on the face has shown a facial expression of approval, in other words, they think what Shen Weide said is right. This makes Shen Weide feel somewhat restlessly, he is really not many, previous time with Weave Fire Clan that Zhao Hai understands to war, he also participates, because does not want to meet with Mu Yaobo, therefore he has not come encampment here, but stays in hundred treasure, naturally, the order of encampment here he meets the value line, but he cannot encampment here. Also because he has not come, therefore he regarding Zhao Hai the struggle, although had the information about Zhao Hai, because had the prejudice to Mu Yaobo, he regarding these information, has not cared, even once thinks that these information were fake. However now looks like actually probably is not that a matter, this does Zhao Hai have what really the place of entering? Thinks here Shen Weide that restless mood was at heart stronger. However Shen Weide also knows, at this time was not showing weakness time, if he showed weakness at this time, that clarified told do not enter him to be in the wrong, in one, he does not want to lower the head in Mu Yaobo the front. Shen Weide coldly snorted said : that is your statement of only one of the parties, you said that Zhao Hai has anything to be worth giving him that many special powers.” Mu Yaobo looked at Shen Weide some, sighing that not bears, it seems like that this Shen Weide was really hated gives to the fainted brains, to the present also not sober. Thinks of here, Mu Yaobo cannot help but deep voice said : Shen Weide, some words cannot in here I, we go to center hall saying that all Immortal Stage elders, please come along with me.” Said that Mu Yaobo took the lead to enter the center hall, entering of these Divided Spirit Stage and Transcends Tribulation Stage did not have leave, because of them, they must make Shen Weide leave office.

Mu Yaobo led to enter the center hall, after inviting all into sat down, Mu Yaobo on look at these Immortal Stage Expert said : I wants to have entering of Shanghai elder idea, was not infrequent, everyone/Great Clan thinks that was I because of the Zhao Hai meritorious military service, to his many special authorities, is actually not, everyone/Great Clan was possible and don’t know, Zhao Hai besides was Space Divergent Warlock , Divergent Technique of his also decomposition synthesis, I think that this Divergent Technique everyone/Great Clan has heard.” Mu Yaobo a such saying, these elders of elder time could not bear surprised, must synthesize Divergent Technique is very famous in ten-thousand realms battlefield here in this decomposition, any one had such Secret Technique, can obtain the giant show. Shen Weide complexion also changed, he has not thought that Zhao Hai competes however can be will decompose the synthesis Divergent Warlock . Mu Yaobo look at audiences Entering the Dao: everyone/Great Clan is not continuously strange, why our hundred treasure did meet suddenly to have the technique of Water Refining? That is Zhao Hai teaches, everyone/Great Clan is not strange, why our hundred treasure can refine to imitate the break the formation Spirit Snake needle? That is also Zhao Hai teaches, everyone/Great Clan did not feel strange why we can refine Giant Spirit Treasure Ship? That is also Zhao Hai teaches, artillery that , the Weave Fire Clan spear|gun, we use, these are Zhao Hai use his decomposition to synthesize Divergent Technique to make, is only these, what means to our hundred treasure, I think that everyone/Great Clan certain very clear, in this case, I give the Zhao Hai privilege, what has unable?” These elder time Expert nodded, if these matters are Zhao Hai are done, that gives Zhao Hai these privileges, no reason why not. Mu Yaobo looked at the audiences to enter one, then said : also matter everyone/Great Clan possible don’t know, Zhao Hai to use own Divergent Technique, crag star there, the waste materials of these many year of discarding, turned into the material that has been able to use normally, some materials, vanished in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, you were only these materials, sufficed our hundred treasure use innumerable years, such big merit, do not say that to him a privilege, do not say to him planet, even if were gives him in many thing, not excessively.” Boom! Mu Yaobo this saying looks like a bomb loses, in entered in the group, these Immortal Stage Expert one on ignorant, where the crag star was they are clear in hundred treasure, there was hundred treasure specially throws the waste material the place, now Mu Yaobo competed however said that there some waste materials turned into the good material, how this made them not be startled. Mu Yaobo look at these enter, he has not made noise for a very long time, some little time these entered peacefully one, Mu Yaobo look at these Entering the Dao: I turned into Forbidden Land crag star there now, can deliver the waste material to go to entering of there except for a few, in other enter totally can not enter, moreover Zhao Hai going crag star there fixed time will also turn into these waste materials changes the become a useful person material, now should you understand, why I to give the Zhao Hai privilege?” understand, if these enter in not understand, that became an idiot, Shen Weide facial expression also dim, he has not thought to be able like this. Looked that the audiences entered were peaceful, Mu Yaobo deep voice said : „, if who did not believe that afterward can go to crag star there to have a look, these materials were still putting on crag star there, Shen Weide, I must tell you, your disciple truly was I kills, but why he was killed, I thought your don’t know, decision that this matter was not my entering, but after ten groups of Elder Assembly discussed decided.” As soon as these elders listened to Mu Yaobo saying that gawked, their very clear this ten groups of Elder Assembly were anything, this ten groups of Elder Assembly, were hundred treasure when meeting significantly, difficult resolution, please be having nine groups of other elders to come, everyone/Great Clan discussed how doing the decision matter must, be able to say the non- serious matter, will not set out ten groups of Elder Assembly, ten groups of Elder Assembly authority, but be bigger than general ruling Elder Assembly.

Was killed this involved legal matter regarding Shen Weide disciple, hundred treasure here enter is knows that they also suspected that this matter is Mu Yaobo is done, has not actually thought that this matter competes however is Mu Yaobo ten groups of elders decided that Shen Weide disciple thousand what? Why takes the entering decision of ten groups of Elder Assembly to kill him? Other Immortal Stage Expert somewhat puzzled look at Mu Yaobo, Mu Yaobo look at audiences Entering the Dao: Shen Weide disciple, when going out value line of duty, were seized by great Spirit Race elder time Expert, later he was brought returned to great Spirit Race encampment, great Spirit Race ten elder time Expert together make a move, have used for one month, turned into the great Spirit Race puppet him, wants to make him come back to work as the spy, afterward by us presently, was decided after ten groups of Elder Assembly research, him, except that this duty has given me, but this matter actually cannot say, because I and your Shen Weide have a grudge, by my make a move except him, Do not enter will not suspect, before to fear great Spirit Race knows, therefore we had not said this matter, now great Spirit Race had been caught up with the ten-thousand realms battlefield, I did not fear that told you.” ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;