Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1545

Chapter 470 in the clouds startled changes All he stares, especially Shen Weide , he as soon as listened to Mu Tianbo saying that complexion cannot help but changed, roared said : talk nonsense, your talk nonsense, the son was not such person.” Son, known as Shen Zheng, Shen Weide that killed apprentice. At this time sigh transmitted said : „the Shanghai elder, does not have the mistake that Elder Mu said that at that time truly was the decision that ten groups of Elder Assembly made, the old man was also one of the litigants.” The people go along the prestige, actually sits in a following elder, this elder looked like old, head, eyebrow already snow white, on face also appears old spottiness. Saw this old person start to talk, the people cannot help but has believed the Mu Tianbo words, because this old person everyone/Great Clan recognized, he was the good-hearted person who in hundred treasure became famous, did not raise, did not team up, although did not have any famous disciple, but this personal connection was actually extremely good. This old person is impossible talk nonsense eight, he said certainly real, that also in other words, what Mu Tianbo said is real, Shen Zhengzhen betrays hundred treasure. One hear of old person said that Shen Weide resembled suddenly to take away Bone to be the same, felt an own strength did not have, Mu Tianbo looked at Shen Weihang one eyes, looked at people said : this time I not to make Zhao Hai search the sea, I told him searched the sea the danger, but Zhao Hai received this time duty, he wants in the sea to have a look, can say that these time searched the sea he is from original.” The people have gawked, they have not thought really that Zhao Hai is must search the sea unexpectedly, cannot help but discussed. Mu Tianbo looked at people said : „, no matter Zhao Hai is voluntary, Shen Weide really has actually made the mistake the matter, Shen Weide, below with according to the clan only most people's opinion, removes from the post of your elder, can you be convinced?” Shen Weide both eyes atheistic looked at Mu Tianbo one, some little time he deep voice said : you said that Zhao Hai does go voluntarily? Is his assurance possibly living coming back?” Mu Tianbo has gawked, he has not thought that really Shen Weide will ask this, Mu Tianbo deep voice said : Zhao Hai this person does discretely, should return safely.” Shen Wei Desson the tone, look at Mu Tianbo, deep voice said : my Shen Weide has refused to accept to your Mu Tianbo, everywhere does with you right, you for him, are actually willing to carry on the back the infamy, outside exercises forbearance to me outside, my Shen Weide is ashamed, today has exempted the duty of my elder, I am speechless, so long as Zhao Hai can come back safely, my Shen Weide has not been considered as that does wrong, apologized to you in here Shen Weide.” Said that Shen Weide bows to Mu Tianbo, then turns the head to hold the fist in the other hand said : my Shen Weide selfishness to other elder time Expert to be too heavy, truly not suitable regards the elder, everybody, starting today, my Shen Weide returns to star to close up, encampment here, asked everybody!” After Shen Weide said that on stride leave, the Mu Tianbo look at Shen Weide back, sighed, to be honest, he has not thought of Shen Weide really unexpectedly such as such hoodlum. But the person who similarly has not thought of also has Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has sat in front of the screen, living of look at entire item matter, to be honest, he is not good to Shen Weide the impression, in his eyes, Shen Weide is a selfish villain, simply not any general situation view, but now looks like is actually not such, Shen Weide this regarding the loyalty of hundred treasure is without a doubt, before him, was is only hated gives to confuse two eyes.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath, no matter what, hundred treasure there matters have been solved, he did not have the extra worries, so long as he goes back safely, that hundred treasure there were not the issue. Zhao Hai adjusted the sea the picture of screen, marine here was the dark clouds is still billowing, once for a while can see some deadly poison purple fog, but compared certainly the spirit dark clouds, deadly poison purple fog appears actually must be short in the number of times. Cai'er they now are not busy, several people have put on the thoughts these children, these child's present curriculum follow to compare in blue tree star there, could not miss many, but place changing into on Yama Ship. Zhao Hai has not managed Cai'er they, he is staring at the screen, but now on screen appears is not the chart of enlargement, is a chart of shrink proportion, Yama Ship on the screen is also one green, but on the entire screen, besides Yama Ship this green point, all was the black cloud layer. The Zhao Hai two eyes although look at screen, however his attention actually has not placed on the screen, in fact in his head is still thinking the Black Dragon matter. This Dark mist was known as that is certainly spirit Dark mist, in here unexpectedly in having Black Dragon, that said that here possibly does have other Monster Beast? What level of that this is Black Dragon in there Monster Beast? Regarding this sea, ten-thousand realms battlefield understanding were too few, nobody knows this sea in a big way, nobody knows that the here sea has anything, that spirits certainly the dark clouds and deadly poison purple fog, looks like a natural barrier is ordinary, turned into two different world the ten-thousand realms battlefield and ocean, now his equal to has thrown into a completely strange world, moreover this world seems like probably bigger than the ten-thousand realms battlefield. Zhao Hai is thinking these times, suddenly on his present screen appears red, are not a point, but is a big piece, very big red. Zhao Hai stares, immediately/on horseback enlarged the screen, this enlargement screen Zhao Hai is one startled, because the present scenery stems from his unexpected. clouds, Zhao Hai present appears big piece of Cloud Sea! This Yun Ke is not the black, but is the white, pure white such as snow cloud. This white clouds are not strange in other place, however in the place of this all over the sky dark clouds, suddenly appears gonorrhea, this really drilled, making the person cannot help but spirit shake. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, immediately appears in that white clouds, appears in this white clouds, Zhao Hai has gawked, because in this white clouds actually includes massive Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, this Spiritual Qi does not have what difference with ten-thousand realms battlefield there, even also wants to be richer than there. But those who make Zhao Hai dull is, in this white clouds and dark clouds intersection point, has one layer protective shield to be the same probably, white clouds and dark clouds separating, but in the white clouds, Zhao Hai saw unexpectedly innumerably like enlargement the tree of soft sweets offered to the god of the hearth on the twenty-third day of the twelfth lunar month!

Right, the first feeling of Zhao Hai is that thing probably is the tree, has tree trunk, has the branch, but in the position of that leaf, is clouds composes, has a liking for looks like a child draws, that tree trunk branch, outside is the same with the tree that the lines of several semicircles outlined. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, to side of that tree, has put out a hand to touch gently has tried to find out that tree, has soft toward the hand, but actually very tenacious, looks like outside very soft thing, covered one layer Pi Er to be the same. Zhao Hai dull look at these Yun tree, he was really don’t know said that any was good, this may really be big of world, every possible strange thing, really had such a place. But in this time, Zhao Hai suddenly was actually feeling that own under foot has thing probably, Zhao Hai looked toward own under foot, in one time was shocked, because his under foot is lying now Old Mouse same thing, but this thing is not shy, what most important is, what this thing although is long is the Old Mouse appearance, but all over the body snow white, such as the color of white clouds is the same, moreover in that body good probably also has Yun Si to be ordinary in the fluctuation, an ordinary Old Mouse that loathful appearance, conversely, has not looked like also adorable. Zhao Hai stares, he squatted down slowly the body, touches toward that only little mouse with the hand, actually does not think that little mouse look at him to touch, personal appearance actually fierce one vanished, next one already after appears in that Yun tree behind, is staring small eye look at Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai also present, this little mouse whole body is white, only then this eye is actually the black shiny black, looks like likable. Zhao Hai often smiles, this Little Thing to is smart, in a such place, can see this thing unexpectedly , is really strange, what this should thing call? Cloud Beast? Cloud mouse? Is thinking in Zhao Hai these times, suddenly hears said loudly: „Does who, dare to go into my orchard unexpectedly?” The voice falls, a person's shadow flies from the distant place. This person of imposing manner formidable, unexpectedly is Divided Spirit Stage Expert. Zhao Hai looks at these people, this person of white, the eyebrow in vain is also presently white, in adding on a white clothing, the skin is also very white, besides the eye, whole body unexpectedly is the white, is really striking. However Zhao Hai can affirm that this person is not definitely old, possibly in reason of this city life, therefore President becomes this appearance. That person also present Zhao Hai, sees the Zhao Hai appearance, he is also greatly surprised, dull standing in there look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai look at he, they such is also dumbfounded, actually some little time no one has spoken. Some little time that person of suddenly said loudly: „Are you who? Comes from there?” Zhao Hai has gawked, shows a faint smile, holds the fist in the other hand said : to see your excellency to that person, below Zhao Hai, came from the ten-thousand realms battlefield, below and don’t know here is your excellency orchard, but also please excuse me!”

That person of look at Zhao Hai said : „are you seriously the ten-thousand realms battlefield person?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „.” His words just said that person gives a loud shout said : to come with the life!” Said that throws toward Zhao Hai, simultaneously in hand were many a long sword. This sword is also all over the body the white, but actually cold light sparkles, understood at a glance that non- is every, is very near, this threw arrived around Zhao Hai that adding on them leaves, a sword punctured toward the throat of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai lifts, one grasped on that sword, in his hand does not know when has taken a metal glove, this grasped, has grasped firmly that sword, was also difficult to move the slightest. Zhao Hai look at that person of cold sound said : your excellency what intent, I have no intention with your excellency for the enemy, why does your excellency actually want to send me in the deathtrap?” That person looked at Zhao Hai unexpectedly capture his long sword, his complexion also cannot help but changed, then coldly snorted said : „the ten-thousand realms battlefield came the person, never had the good person, to our here, did not snatch already kills, the misdemeanor did completely, everybody can execute it!” Zhao Hai has gawked, then happy said : „has your excellency seen other ten-thousand realms battlefields people? When?” That person of coldly snorted, floating body retreat, in hand were also simultaneously many a sword, the sword that his these time takes is actually an heavy sword, about sword long 1.5m, has 30 centimeters widely fully, the ridges place thick about ten centimeters, with in hand, are similar to with a piece of plank are also being same. ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;