Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1547

Chapter 472 level is insufficient Zhao Hai look at stands in front of oneself the Undead Creature, this Undead Creature naturally was turned into by Guo Ling, Zhao Hai when the first liquor gets into the stomach, presently in this liquor fishy, but has not moved the demeanor, but makes Space come Detoxification, to be honest, this toxin is not very strong, moreover does not want the human life the toxin, but made the person not move Spiritual Qi, no big deal. Zhao Hai after knowing this result also wants to have a look at this Guo Ling to do, this Guo Ling also interesting very much, comes up to shout that most from the beginning hits to shout " kill ", looks not to hit, immediately ships out a temperament strange appearance, making on him wrap, then in the poisoned liquor, wanted giving to keel over drunk, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai to him more curious. Afterward one hear of Guo Ling said that Zhao Hai then affirmed, this Cloud Sea Territory is not the good place, feared that was more chaotic than the ten-thousand realms battlefield. look at stands in oneself front Undead Creature one, Zhao Hai deep voice said : Guo Ling, the person in this Cloud Sea Territory, but comes up from Lower Realm ascend?” Guo Ling is actually shook the head said : to return to the Young Master words, is not, the person in this Cloud Sea Territory, is locally born, before according to legend is, Cloud Sea Territory here is nobody, afterward the cloud had Spiritual Qi, changed has given birth to the myriad things, but the person produced finally.” Zhao Hai nodded, this Cloud Sea Territory here situation is special, feared that possibly does not come up from outside world ascend, or runs from other place. But Zhao Hai has not thought that in this ten-thousand realms battlefield, really has the locally born person, how many years does Earth after have human appears ? This ten-thousand realms battlefield here is subspace that others made came, can give birth to the person to come unexpectedly, moreover can practice, the strength also was very not weak, how many years did that this ten-thousand realms battlefield have? Thinks that this digit, Zhao Hai has the feeling of one type of scalp hemp, his look at Guo Ling said : when your here does practice method from start to have?” Guo Ling shook the head said : don’t know, nobody has researched.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : that your this Cloud Sea Territory what amends the practice method is? How to be related with Cloud Beast? What thing that is Cloud Fruit?” Guo Ling deep voice said : Cloud Sea Territory amends the practice method, with ten-thousand realms battlefield there cultivates practice method difference not many, but Cloud Sea increases here to have one type of Cloud Beast, after this Cloud Beast wants by capture, can help the Master practice, but this Cloud Beast was saying in the sea to loaf generally, only then white clouds continent here can attract these Cloud Beast.” Zhao Hai has gawked, his look at Guo Ling said : what this is Cloud Beast?” Reason that Zhao Hai such asked that is because he felt, that Black Dragon that oneself before caught, probably was in Guo Lingkou Cloud Beast. Guo Ling hand turned, puts out has given Zhao Hai in block white token, deep voice said : Young Master, this was Cloud Token, was Cloud Sea Territory here is used to record thing, in this Cloud Token has recorded already by present all Cloud Beast, asking Young Master to examine.” Zhao Hai nodded, received Cloud Token, spiritual force searched toward, information immediately entered inside his mind, this was a record, above very detailed records all kinds of Cloud Beast, these Cloud Beast strengths, to the help of person, even also had the means of surrendering. Zhao Hai look at, these Cloud Beast vary, small like insect, big like dragon, but these Cloud Beast characteristics, they are the life, in Zhao Hai they said certainly in spirit dark clouds, but one but has surrendered to capture these Cloud Beast, these Cloud Beast can energy that in the spirit dark clouds obtains certainly, turns into Spiritual Qi, is helping his Master practice , because of this, therefore these Cloud Beast in Cloud Sea Territory here very popular. But Zhao Hai also found that Black Dragon material that oneself have surrendered, this Black Dragon known as Thunder dragon, is one compares Advanced level, quite dangerous Cloud Beast, general Immortal Stage Expert must in groups dares to catch.

Zhao Hai received that Cloud Token, turned the head to look at Guo Ling said : Guo Ling, was the white clouds continent that you said what?” Guo Ling deep voice said : white clouds continent is some footholds in Cloud Sea, our Cloud Sea Territory person, cannot in Cloud Sea free round trip, only then use cloud penetration ship, even if uses the cloud penetration ship, is impossible to walk is too far, but in this white clouds continent, we can actually move freely, this Cloud Sea Territory don’t know big, white clouds continent also don’t know has many, this white clouds continent varies, above general President has some Cloud Fruit Tree, on Cloud Fruit Tree will have Cloud Fruit, this Cloud Fruit may eat, may brew alcohol, has in some big white clouds continents, can grow other. thing, has Cloud rice, with various Cloud vegetables, some crystal, these crystal may be used as medicine in the clouds in the clouds, can inhale within the body directly, therefore each white clouds continent will be occupied, as the place of own practice, a size of influence, decides at the quantity of white clouds continent certainly.” Zhao Hai understand, Cloud Sea Territory here these people, although lived in Cloud Sea Territory, but they were also certainly born in this white clouds continent, but in that dark clouds the lord was goes to Cloud Sea that they said that in black Cloud Sea, even if were these Cloud Sea Territory people, impossible come and go freely, but this white clouds continent looked like the each and every one foothold is the same, supported the Cloud Sea Territory here people to multiply to live. Did Zhao Hai nod that Changing cloud that said : that person said what's the matter?” Guo Ling busy said : Changing cloud is refines by the white continent here ordinary white clouds, this Cloud can turns into any apparatus him, although outside looks like resembles the cloud the appearance, but in actually turned into the appearance of apparatus, is the Cloud Sea Territory here main vehicle.” Zhao Hai frowns said : „, if Cloud Sea Territory here everybody manufacture Changing cloud, didn't fear this white clouds continent with working as?” Guo Ling deep voice said : Young Master has not to know that this white clouds continent is constantly not growing, we use, is smaller, therefore manufactures Changing cloud and no big deal that he grows.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that really can be this, he looked at Guo Ling said : to say all thing that puzzled you used, from this white clouds continent? Your weapon?” Guo Ling deep voice said : all weapon are uses the white clouds to add the bone of refinement Cloud Beast, bone of white clouds Cloud Beast, after special refinement, very hard, Might is also very big.” Zhao Hai nodded said : originally is this, goes, how to use to say Beast Cultivator to practice you, how to manufacture the Changing cloud method to write, was right, but also the situation that wants Cloud Sea Territory here you to know writes.” Guo Lingying, had been delivered returned to by Zhao Hai in Space. Actually said writes, has not needed Guo Ling in taking up the pen, Space after passing through Level Up, had this ability, Undead Creature like Guo Ling, can the matter that oneself know, inputs with spiritual force to computer that in Space assigns directly, this has facilitated. Zhao Hai stands in this white clouds continent, look at these Cloud Fruit Tree, fierce waving suddenly, one white clouds and Cloud Fruit Tree in bulk white clouds continent received in Space. The white clouds and Cloud Fruit Tree just entered Space, hears in Space to transmit sound speaking sounds: Presently the special characteristic white clouds, can grow automatically, include great quantity Spiritual Qi, includes the great quantity life force ability, may call energy the myriad things extension, was grown by oneself, and produces Spiritual Qi.” Presently the special white clouds are pregnant Fruit tree that raises, but the result, its fruit may brew alcohol, is high including Spiritual Qi.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that this white clouds unexpectedly so many use, it seems like these time also really found the treasure. At this time in Space in one time transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Presently depends on animal that the white clouds can live, this animal may by own body instantaneous mist, latter be reorganized, withdraws its ability, join to other animal on, join succeeds, join shrinks in the main body, join to become Gong.”

Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought really that will really have this matter, can change lets their body mist instantaneously, is reorganizing? Just thinks that here Zhao Hai presently own body probably really one vanished, then reorganized one time, Zhao Hai has gawked, his immediately/on horseback has tried, he presently, he really can in this white clouds continent at this time, his body mist, then with his spiritual force control, by his body in addition a place, be turned into the entity. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, plants the method to is good, but too big use regarding him, the flashes body has not entered in Space, presently Laura they that group were saying in the look at villa living rooms is putting that less than recognizes, this group of cloud that Changing cloud. Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : What happened? to like this thing?” Laura turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, do we make this Changing cloud to be good?” The Zhao Hai look at Laura appearance, showed a faint smile said : this you to look for Cai'er to be good, you looked at outside that big one group of white clouds, you want to make many to make many.” Zhao Hai said naturally was Guo Ling that white clouds continent, now Guo Ling has had no need, Zhao Hai naturally cannot be polite. Lao Jie their immediately turns the head to look at Cai'er, Cai'er look at Laura their appearances, show a faint smile said : well, acted against heaven this a piece white clouds continent not to be big, uses to use, I want to regard a foothold here, and established Transmission Formation in here, by facilitating hundred treasure momentarily overran to here to come.” Laura stares, deep voice said : this arrives is an issue, by the Elder Brother Hai strength, oneself feared that cannot eat up this Cloud Sea Territory, might as well told hundred treasure.” Zhao Hai smiles bitterly next step: You also really can think that I cannot certainly eat up this Cloud Sea Territory, I looked that is hundred treasure may unable to eat up, our people came, can only move in this white clouds continent, leaves the white clouds continent to end, but Cloud Sea Territory here cultivator, but can also the short time moves in the white clouds continent, this is a big superiority, ok, we well looked that Cloud Sea Territory here has many places, verifies the later report to come up, making the there person worry, we in a big way can come out in Space neighborhood Cloud Sea Territory.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura they have also smiled, Cloud Sea Territory here did not have what good thing, besides this type of special white clouds, feared that did not have anything west not to be worth them paying attention, because this white clouds were the basis that Cloud Sea Territory here had. Looked at screen one, Lizzy turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, this matter do you want to tell a wave them? Feared that is this matter thinks is concealing the truth also to conceal the truth?” The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, deep voice said : „, this matter also really some brains, told them, but told first, solicited suggestions in Lower Realm.” Lizzy they nodded, Cai'er turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you looked that must deliver to Universal Machine to decompose the white clouds, obtains any material, can perhaps join to Liquid Silver.” Zhao Hai stares, then two eyes bright said : good means that to try.” Cai'er shows a faint smile, immediately delivers to one group of white clouds Universal Machine, but this time they were disappointed, prompt that on Universal Machine transmits is level is unexpectedly insufficient, does not have the means decomposition! This may make Zhao Hai be startled, this Universal Machine here sometimes cannot analyze that thing is anything, but actually never has this situation, actually does not have the means to decompose, this was too accidental. Cai'er honk mouth said : has not been thinking that this thing such Expert, unexpectedly could not analyze unexpectedly.”

Zhao Hai two eyes bright said : good, this thing is very high grade, but we also received in extraordinary thing in this ten-thousand realms battlefield Space Space probably, Universal Machine does not have the means to decompose him, it seems like that this white clouds although looks like ordinary, this use feared that is many.” Laura two eyes bright said : right, before I have been thinking how many years this ten-thousand realms battlefield had, why such quickly can grow the person to come, this was really somewhat strange, Elder Brother Hai, did you say this issue to be able appears in this white clouds? If is really appears in this white clouds, that this white clouds may be infinite on the wondrous use, what most important is, the time that this ten-thousand realms battlefield has, before does not have us, imagines was so long.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be reasonable, it seems like that this white clouds also are really not simple, but this must be also good, most minimum Space entered equally great thing.” Megan actually shook the head said : not to be right Elder Brother Hai, if this white clouds are really extraordinary thing, Space should be able Level Up? Why doesn't have to the present 1 : 00 sound?” Cai'er open the mouth and said: This is not strange, now Space is only general knows that doing of this white clouds uses, now was unable to analyze this white clouds the ingredient, why also cannot judge this white clouds to use, therefore this Space possibly does not have the means to judge, what level should to this white clouds, naturally not have the means computation to let Space liter many levels.” Zhao Hai said : that this white clouds we receive to Space, level highest thing? Is higher than that spirit root level?” Cai'er shook the head said : this to arrive is different, that spirit root may is only Comprehend the world there small spirit root, therefore is not very Advanced level, but this white clouds, are very likely manufacture the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person, keeps a here treasure, that compared with thing that ten-thousand realms hundred treasure don’t know high existences of many level kept, possibly is because level is too high, therefore Space does not have the means to judge, are this white clouds have spirit root to be so useful, on did not say.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : considers as finished, no matter he, casual, after , Level Up slowly, sooner or later knows that is any thing, Cai'er, builds up Changing cloud this white clouds continents, we look for the next white clouds continents!” ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;