Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1548

Chapter 473 Yun Jingshou Navigation of Yama Ship calm in Cloud Sea, Zhao Hai is standing in the bow, this Cloud Sea does not have what quality of being worth looking at actually, stereotyped dark clouds, no matter what who looked that for a long time will have been tired. //.com novel network // However Zhao Hai actually not bothersome, he still stands on the Yama Ship bow two eyes is staring at the dark clouds of front tumbling, probably is inside has any treasure to be the same. In fact in also really has treasure, because of there Cloud Beast, this Cloud Beast lives in this dark clouds, grows up in this dark clouds, each and every one strength formidable, but these Cloud Beast have a hobby, that is they likes eating that white clouds. But Cloud Sea Territory here person, knows these Cloud Beast the characteristics, will therefore take the bait to catch Cloud Beast with some white clouds frequently. Must say this white clouds also really very interesting, so long as you cut the a piece white clouds, puts in Cloud Sea, he can growing up slowly, very unusual. But Zhao Hai these time has not certainly worked as the bait with the white clouds, but is Cai'er presently front has Cloud Beast, this only Cloud Beast appearance, looks like looks like fierce tiger. In ten-thousand realms battlefield here, Zhao Hai has also seen many Monster Beast, but this tiger shape Monster Beast he sees are really not many, this made Zhao Hai once think that did not have Monster Beast of tiger in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, now actually saw one. This tiger shape Monster Beast is sleeping in the dark clouds probably, he black fur/superficial knowledge, the capillary tube oil is luminous, the body is also pitch-dark, only then on the forehead, the white trace, looks like looks like King [王] word. This old tiger although seems like is sleeping soundly probably, but shouted attracts, had the massive dark clouds to be inhaled within the body by him, was exhaled, this made around him such as blow small tornado to be ordinary unexpectedly. Now Zhao Hai to that tiger shape Monster Beast also distance, he also observes this only old tiger through Space, this old tiger strength is not only weak, really also has the Immortal Stage strength. This to is makes Zhao Hai be startled, these Cloud Beast that his understand, why he did not meet, did not have the strength lowly? He remembers that sees some Cloud Beast that from that Cloud Beast record of Guo Range, is the strength has weakly, weakest also equivalent to lowest level cultivator, but meet by these two, unexpectedly is Immortal Stage, but also is really interesting.

In this time, that Black Tiger actually fierce one opened the eye, two eyes has swept in the Zhao Hai direction, then slowly stood, his movement was not quick, seems somewhat is even graceful, then extended one to stretch, slowly walked in the Zhao Hai direction.. com He walks is also not quick, but his place visited, these dark clouds is a fluctuation do not have, this better to hide his personal appearance. Zhao Hai look at this only fierce tiger, felt curiously, that white clouds continents that his present leave Guo Ling is at had about five days, these five days of Zhao Hai have not met any living creature unexpectedly, this let Zhao Hai very strange, afterward after he had asked Guo Ling, knows that Guo Ling was because queered, will therefore rush to such far place, there that white clouds continent was also not his, but before was nearby him some records know that there was possible to have a scrap white clouds continent, therefore on running up to there avoided chasing down of enemy. Because of chasing down of enemy, his weapon and other thing, lost majority, is because of this, therefore he displays in the Zhao Hai front does not have the strength to hit back. Guo Ling can rush to such far place , is really twisting, to run away here, he also received the heavy wound, in fact he stayed for several years in that white clouds continent, but this wound has not recuperated, to meet the enemy, he has to manufacture some poisoned liquor, with the aim of not beating, deals with the enemy easily-to-use, finally this poisoned liquor used on Zhao Hai, made him lose the life. Moreover Guo Ling added person, place that Zhao Hai is at now, was actually a Cloud Sea Territory forbidden area, known as the beast sea, fought to lead the status in this piece, was not the person in Cloud Sea Territory, but was these Cloud Beast, during this area, various formidable Cloud Beast ran amuck, that went to the Cloud Beast strength not to accommodate underestimated, because like this, therefore Guo Lingcai ran up to here, because was he offended the person influence to be too big, if he did not run away to here, the certainty on was one dies. Also because here is beast sea, therefore Cloud Sea Territory talented person few people arrive at here to come, will not search toward the ten-thousand realms battlefield from here, therefore the ten-thousand realms battlefield and Cloud Sea Territory here these many years, will not have what occurring together. Zhao Hai now in situation regarding Cloud Sea Territory already have some understanding, understanding is also not many, Guo Ling although is Divided Spirit Stage Expert, however in Cloud Sea Territory there, but also cannot be regarded really any great character, moreover he is a Rogue Cultivator family background, does not come in that Great Clan, naturally was not thought highly, regarding the influence distributions of these upper layer, he is also not very clear, will otherwise not offend the person who he could not offend. The Cloud Sea Territory here influence somewhat looks like Lower Realm, the here influence distributes by Clan, here did not have the country saying that was controls by each and every one Clan. But ten-thousand realms battlefield there, no matter that is almost rules by various Sect, does not have no relationship with Clan. Because Cloud Sea Territory here is the Clan control, therefore influence extremely numerous, the mutual balance, the mutual struggle, to Guo Ling such Rogue Cultivator is very difficult over. But this beast sea is actually ** beside audiences Clan, because here Cloud Beast is numerous, therefore many Clan will send disciple to come beast sea here to try to practice, captures some Cloud Beast.

However these people also only dare in the surrounding activity of beast sea, the beast in the sea surface they not to dare to come, because of beast in the sea surface strength formidable Cloud Beast has plenty, they, if came, feared that did not need to think. But reason that Guo Ling can touch to here comes , because he obtains a piece Cloud Token of predecessor, in this Cloud Token has one to penetrate in the line to beast sea, Guo Ling extends that route to run away here. Zhao Hai originally thinks that in this beast sea has some strength formidable Cloud Beast to assume personal command, that should also have some small Cloud Beast, his these many talents meet another Cloud Beast, is really somewhat strange. However he has not cared, he now to these Cloud Beast very curious, but has not arrived at must catch the idea in oneself Space Cloud Beast. Looked that only Black Tiger moved, Zhao Hai to stopped, then slowly draws back, he to wants to have a look at that only Black Tiger to pursue. That only Black Tiger also noted Zhao Hai, looked at Zhao Hai to draw back, that Black Tiger movement actually fierce one quick, under several threw, left Zhao Hai to be very near. Zhao Hai has not thought really this tiger normally moves makes the lazily, sluggish, true strength the time, actually such rapidness, but he had not been worried, before and that Black Dragon fought, he knows that these Cloud Beast were not affable, especially these high level Cloud Beast, was not affable. This Black Tiger now looks like although not anything specially, but Zhao Hai is actually very clear, this Black Tiger strength very formidable, in the Cloud Beast record, this Black Tiger known as eating delicacies wind tiger, the tiger body moves, the wind and cloud color deterioration, the eating delicacies wind tiger controls the wind the ability, that is great. Zhao Hai has been calculating that eating delicacies wind tiger the point of descent that next one throws, the hand wields, Sword Formation that ten thousand flying sword compose, appears near the eating delicacies wind tiger next point of descent, that eating delicacies wind tiger fell, immediately fell into Sword Formation, he in struggling that in Sword Formation went all out, must say that the strength of this eating delicacies wind tiger was very strong, what was a pity was he has met Zhao Hai, in Ten Thousand Swords Great Formation join Strength of Faith, was his nemesis, how regardless of that eating delicacies wind tiger struggled, cannot struggle to exit, finally by Trap Formation, was grasped by the Zhao Hai person enters. In Space. Zhao Hai knew from the Cloud Beast record that this eating delicacies wind tiger and Thunder dragon, are Cloud Sea Territory here topest Cloud Beast, even if Cloud Sea Territory here Immortal Stage Expert does not dare to provoke, therefore Zhao Hai also lost continued to stress the Cloud Beast interest. Now Zhao Hai in grasping any Cloud Beast, will not have to Space too has helped greatly, Zhao Hai also on pale this thoughts, in map that Guo Ling according to that Cloud Token obtains, slowly flies toward the beast sea outside.

This flies Zhao Hai to fly nearly one month of time, this all the way Zhao Hai very careful, as far as possible has deferred to such that on the map draws, avoids these strength formidable Cloud Beast, does not fight with them. To did not say that Zhao Hai fears these Monster Beast, but thinks that necessity, these Cloud Beast have not had the big use regarding Zhao Hai, will cope with these Cloud Beast only to waste his time, now Zhao Hai only thinks that the quick point to Cloud Sea Territory will have a look, to have a look at these giant white clouds continents that Guo Ling will say in there. However also the matter lets Zhao Hai headache, that is his status, the Cloud Sea Territory here person, the appearance has very big difference with Zhao Hai, as soon as he enters Cloud Sea Territory by the person presently the differences, when the time comes feared that will be entire Cloud Sea Territory can cope with him, as the matter stands he will go into action instead to is trouble. But if he does not go to Cloud Sea Territory there, thought some come in vain, therefore Zhao Hai decided finally Cloud Sea Territory there, came greatly noisy Cloud Sea Territory to be good at the worst. Zhao Hai conduct caution and care, sometimes appears some lukewarm water, but he is not a person of being afraid of getting into trouble, strengthens along with own strength, Zhao Hai handles affairs now had some are strong, before he handled affairs the low key , because he knows that his strength in ten-thousand realms battlefield here is not anything, comes out casually Immortal Stage Expert, can compel to show the card in a hand, increases along with his strength, the card in a hand shines are also getting more and more, his strength also slowly was known, at this time, if the low key, counter- to were some could not have been justified, therefore Zhao Hai now counter-. To does not want to be so low-key. He does not want to be low-key, but some people actually think his low key, Mu Tianbo they will let Zhao Hai low key as far as possible, does not have the means that Zhao Hai regarding hundred treasure was really too important, they can only now as far as possible reduced the Zhao Hai fame, making several other Realms not pay attention to Zhao Hai, if several other Realms knows that Zhao Hai Divergent Technique, digging corner that they can go all out, even if could not dig Zhao Hai, that certainly will also send out Expert, must eliminate it to be then quick Zhao Hai, because had worry like this, therefore Mu Tianbo they are wanting the means to reduce the Zhao Hai fame now, but at this moment, A jade sword has flown in hundred treasure encampment, has delivered to the hand of Mu Tianbo! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;