Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1549

Chapter 474 beast Wei Yunyin After Mu Tianbo Shen Weide chases off the stage, returned to own Cave Mansion, his although Shen Weide has chased off the stage, but the systems of hundred treasure here actually cannot, he end a rule, was impossible to make him manage hundred treasure, now what therefore hundred treasure newly come to power was another five elders composes Elder Assembly that. although Mu Tianbo returned to own Cave Mansion, has not been in power now, but he regarding Zhao Hai information still very concerned about, his clear very Zhao Hai regarding the importances of hundred treasure, can say that is in the sea not any harvest, so long as Zhao Hai safe coming back, was hundred treasure most greatly harvests. For this reason, therefore Mu Tianbo the attention encampment there situation, although has not been in power now, can returned to own planet close up, he has kept encampment here to wait for Zhao Hai information. The meanings of hundred treasure here base its elder understand Mu Tianbo, their very clear, they have not contacted with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is impossible to know that their spiritual fluctuation, believe as the matter stands is impossible to give them, therefore can only to Mu Tianbo, make Mu Tianbo keep here and other information as the matter stands is best. However more than ten days passed, is still information does not have, this cannot help but makes Mu Tianbo greatly anxious, now Mu Tianbo did not have in the thoughts in own Cave Mansion closing up continually, once for a while will walk from Cave Mansion, transferred the extension to Transmission Formation there. Not only Mu Tianbo, now entire hundred treasure encampment here, no matter Immortal Stage Expert or the Divided Spirit Stage person, is almost waiting for Zhao Hai information, but Zhao Hai did not have information, this lets entire hundred treasure encampment, the atmosphere very heavy. On this day Mu Tianbo arrived in Transmission Formation, Mu Tianbo these day time, have appeared some seniles, standing of his although face calm in Transmission Formation there, but in two eyes has actually revealed the anxious sentiment, he really very much regretted now that regretted own complying makes Zhao Hai search the sea unexpectedly. In this time, suddenly he was feeling that a jade sword has flown own front, he has not cared, receiving conveniently, spiritual force searches toward the jade sword. This sees the content in jade sword, the Mu Tianbo personal appearance cannot help but shakes, then carefully looked, more looks is happy, finally stands in Transmission Formation there unexpectedly laughs. Looked that Transmission Formation Divided Spirit Stage Expert knows the Mu Tianbo manner is amiable, now looks at his happy, cannot direct said : elder, but there is Zhao Hai information?” That Divided Spirit Stage Expert knows that now can let the matter that Mu Tianbo laughs, feared that is only then the Zhao Hai matter, Mu Tianbo looked at that person of one, nodded said : this is the letter that Zhao Hai comes, he now all safe.” Said that turn around then walks, the sound that this saying said is not low, many people heard, encampment of hundred treasure caused a stir at once.

But Mu Tianbo was actually the tube can not now that many, because the content on this jade sword may, not only Zhao Hai so was safely simple, inside also had the heaven-shaking matter, but this matter relationship to the entire hundred treasure exhibitions. Mu Tianbo fast to center hall there, outside the center hall had two Divided Spirit Stage Expert, momentarily waits to order, these two naturally also recognize Mu Tianbo, looked at Mu Tianbo to come, immediately saluted to Mu Tianbo, Mu Tianbo has not actually managed them, but beckoned with the hand, anxious step entered the center hall. Center hall there also sits five elders, in the past a black cultivator clothing/taking, surface like black iron, beard of face, toward closing one's eyes, a sinister aspect of face, does not look like the good person. Mu Tianbo actually toward in walks while said loudly: Lao sect, the important matter, has the important matter to live.” That wicked elder gawked, turns the head to look at Mu Tianbo one, deep voice said : Lao Mu, any matter, looked that gave anxiously you.” Mu Tianbo half step arrives around him said : Lao sect, had a look at this quickly, Zhao Hai just the incoming telegram in the sea, he unexpectedly present had the trail of Monster Beast and person in the sea, now is investigating!” One hear of Mu Tianbo said that the Zong elder could not sit still, snatches the jade sword, spiritual force has searched toward the jade sword, carefully after looked at the content in jade sword, he turns the head look at Mu Tianbo said : you to look that this matter does have several layers to be credible?” Mu Tianbo stared Zong elder one eyes, deep voice said : ten layers, I believe Little Hai, he will not crack a joke with this matter.” The Zong elder looked at Mu Tianbo one, forced smile said : Lao Mu you should not be angry, this matter relationship was extremely significant, I have to be careful that you also sat, this matter feared that was our several people cannot make the resolution.” Mu Tianbo to believes this saying, this matter was really too big, only depends on these people feared that cannot make to make a decision, did not do well to open ten groups of Elder Assembly. although superficially, previous time with Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race war, probably compared with this matter important, but must know that the previous time war, copes with great Spirit Race most from the beginning, but hundred treasure to cope with great Spirit Race have arranged many years, can say that prepared, therefore naturally does not need to open ten groups of Elder Assembly, afterward invited Weave Fire Clan, but at that time, entire hundred treasure had alarmed, do not say that ten groups of elders, feared that was hundred groups of elders, also what served a need to open ten groups of Elder Assembly.

But this time matter, is actually very heavy wants, Zhao Hai searched to have Monster Beast in the sea unexpectedly, but also the trails of some people, this had not had the matter since time immemorial, possibly was hundred treasure welcomes significant opportunity of show, they have no alternative but to be extremely careful. Mu Tianbo nodded said : this matter should early to prepare, but I looked that must say and so on Little Hai information, in the sea does not compare other place, the dark clouds may spirit certainly, we want to deliver a letter to Little Hai with the signalling jade sword, does not have the means to deliver, therefore can only be now and other information, waits for Little Hai in having information, we are preparing not to be late.” The time that Mu Tianbo and Zhao Hai are together is longest, regarding Zhao Hai most will be the understanding, Zhao Hai absolutely only will not come such a letter, he certainly also in letter, when he in the letter, feared that was knew in that sea is any situation. As soon as the Zong elder listened to Mu Tianbo saying that said : you to very much had confidence that to that Zhao Hai slightly, I said Lao Mu, if you were so confident, before that why an uneasy whether sitting or standing appearance?” Mu Tianbo shameless one red, shouted: sect Ze, your ordinary man, said the proper business.” As soon as sect Ze listens to Mu Tianbo to scold him, thinks little, instead to laughs, this sect Ze and Mu Tianbo are the good friends, naturally cannot be polite, ridicules as one desires. Mu Tianbo stared sect Ze one eyes, before snort|hum said : me, is worried carefully , because was worried that he will receive that to work certainly the influence of dark clouds and deadly poison purple fog, now Little Hai delivers a letter, explained that he did not fear this different thing, what I have to be good to worry, even if the there surface has the person, has formidable Monster Beast to be also what kind, so long as Little Hai were not worked by that certainly the dark clouds the influence, these thing, can how him? wait, Little Hai will certainly deliver a letter, he when delivers a letter, feared that is investigated inside was similar.” As soon as sect Ze listened to Mu Tianbo saying that also nodded said : well, if were really this, that was best, but we must make some preparations to be good, I said Lao Mu, they called quickly the small feather, this was the personnel time, you also made them shut any pass/test.” Mu Tianbo also knows that at this time made Mu Yu close up already not any significance, he nodded said : well, I called him, here handed over give you.” Said that turn around walked. Several person and don’t know their these movements also looked by Zhao Hai in the eye, Zhao Hai not in letter from Cloud Sea Territory, but in encampment outside, the encampment there terrain he is clear, the eye of in the blink of an eye can own jade sword delivers to outside encampment somewhere, such delivering a letter naturally is quick. Zhao Hai also presently Mu Tianbo actually so is worried about him, he then gives Mu Tianbo to deliver a letter, after seeing Mu Tianbo receives the letter , the happy appearance, Zhao Hai also very happy, in one hear of Mu Tianbo track Ze's words, he turns the head their said : not to think that to Laura Elder Mu such understands me unexpectedly, it seems like I think that does not strive not to be good.”

Laura shows a faint smile, deep voice said : by our present, when there is several days, can leave the beast sea, after leaving the beast sea, the giant white clouds continent, the known as beast sea health/guard, here is Cloud Sea Territory to prevent beast in the sea Cloud Beast kills to use, is only inside Great Clan has three, moreover these three Great Clan, because approaches the beast sea, can the shop seize to Cloud Beast, therefore the person strength in Clan is very strong, how many but in these three Clan has Expert, Guo Ling actually don’t know, after all he is only one. Divided Spirit Stage Expert, did not know about these three Great Clan true strengths.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : this place cannot provoke, that three Great Clan, can keep the beast sea in here, strength certain very formidable, now my strength although is also very strong, but Immortal Stage Expert in that three Great Clan are certainly many, if we provoke, can only alert the enemy, making us not have the place of taking shelter, therefore here we do not go.” Lizzy nod said : we are this meaning, here cannot go, I looked at these thing that Guo Ling has written down, the beast sea Wei Wangdong about ten thousand li (0.5km), a flake white clouds continent, there very secretive, average person don’t know, moreover there did not have no Great Clan influence, was some wants to enter to the person of beast in the sea risk, or offended the person dull places of certain Great Clan, was very chaotic, before Guo Ling had stayed in there, there no Expert, the place is also not small, these Great Clan simply looked does not glance, I thought our time target, should. Decides in there.” What Zhao Hai nodded said : you to say is hidden Cloud village there? there truly can bring to regard a temporary base, good, goes to there, first gets down in there to settle down, then takes there as the base, investigation Cloud Sea Territory here slowly, I to have a look, the person in this Cloud Sea Territory, strength how.” Cai'er shows a faint smile, changes the Yama Ship direction, flies in the hidden Cloud village direction, they had not planned that told a wave them now this matter, wave they also present exceptionally place, they on Yama Ship, were actually a point could not feel that outside has looked unfamiliar anything, saw this situation, a wave they know that outside has certainly anything presently, but Zhao Hai does not want to make them know that several people to were also honest, had not asked many, honest dull in own in the room practice, because their very clear, Zhao Hai was does not want to be known by them, they may not the courage. Pressed for an answer Zhao Hai. ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;