Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1550

Chapter 475 ghost mouse Zhe Jun Zhe Jun careful in clouds in the sea is flying, frequently is paying attention to all around, must say that this Zhe Jun appearance also is really suffices to look, this life is sinister-looking, outside a pair of bao tooth disbursement lip, short, looked like on so Old Mouse became a ghost generally. //.com novel network // This Zhe Jun is also a very interesting person, this person does not have what shortcoming, the sole shortcoming is the good little profit, moreover trick/hand and foot is very dishonest, likes doing the deal of pilferage, but the courage ten small, the ordinary person he does not dare to provoke, therefore before , his live to is also relaxed. However five years ago, he stole one has looked like very ordinary cultivator, that cultivator Chu thing Cloud Token throwing, him opened Cloud Token to look finally that inside was putting many good thing unexpectedly, the Cloud Fruit liquor, Cloud rice, but also the has plenty crystal, these may be good thing in the clouds. Did not have Zhe Jun happy, he heard that has Clan to trace him, said that he lost that Clan Steward thing, then Zhe Jun has feared, although that person is only Steward, but compares to this thief to come, was on strong were too many, must tidy up him, probably pinched an ant to be equally relaxed. Zhe Jun frightened does not dare to stay in original that big white clouds continent, ran up to hidden Cloud village here, this dull was five years, afterward he presently, in this hidden Cloud village also good, nobody managed, free and unfettered that crossed was comfortable, moreover can run up to the beast sea once for a while, grasped two small Cloud Beast, although cannot buy too much money, but drank to eat meal to suffice. Moreover Zhe Jun this person also problem, he has the one type of preference regarding Old Mouse, he in the Beast Cloud sign, is loaded with dozens Old Mouse, this Old Mouse is also Cloud Beast, the help that but can provide to the person is really limited, therefore the average people do not like with him, but Zhe Jun actually likes, Cloud Beast that oneself use is Old Mouse, although these Old Mouse can not be many to energy that he provides, but this quantity were many, is not small to his help, therefore Zhe Jun slowly also rushed out a reputation in hidden Cloud village there, the person delivers nickname ghost mouse Zhe Jun. Actually nobody knows, reason that this Zhe Jun likes working as own Cloud Beast with Old Mouse, very big reasons other person and don’t know, Zhe Jun is person of the having a mind, Cloud Beast that before he used was also not Old Mouse, this Cloud Beast after was subdued, must once for a while fed with the white clouds, otherwise Cloud Beast will die, Zhe Jun had escaping time, his Cloud Beast died several, afterward he has to use Old Mouse. However after using Old Mouse, Zhe Jun present, when this Old Mouse to you provide Spiritual Qi, you can in Cloud Sea stay some time . Moreover the Old Mouse appetite is small, even if feeds dozens, compared with feeding other Cloud Beast reckons up a lot, therefore from then on, he changed to Old Mouse to take his Cloud Beast. In Cloud Sea Territory here he, everyone can use Cloud Beast to provide energy for oneself, but mentioned also strangely, these Cloud Beast in Cloud Sea Territory free survival, even if did not eat the white clouds, will not have any issue, so long as after by capture, must once for a while fed by the white clouds, will otherwise die, but this Cloud Beast when Cloud Sea comes forth saved, free and unfettered was comfortable, lives how long to have the possibility, after one by person capture, after own energy has given Cloud Sea Territory only cultivator, these cultivator can also the short time moved in Cloud Sea Territory, will not receive the dark clouds. Influence, but the time is long, Cloud Beast will die, such cultivator was also dangerous, these Cloud Sea Territory only cultivator, will come under certainly the influence of spirit dark clouds. Therefore the average people know, if not use the cloud penetration ship, moves in Cloud Sea Territory, most cannot ten days, if within ten days you do not come back, your Cloud Beast was dangerous, even if were your Cloud Beast undead, you will also come under the influence of spirit dark clouds, the strength are damaged certainly.. com However Zhe Jun after using Old Mouse takes Cloud Beast, actually presently, uses Old Mouse in Cloud Sea Territory the words that he survives, you can survive for 15 days not to have the matter, these Old Mouse still jump for joy, your strength will not fall short. Zhe Jun although has this presently, had not told anybody, he was very clear, own strength was too bad, if said this that may sweep the disaster to oneself, he used this point, made a change to oneself. Today Zhe Jun comes out to grasp Cloud Beast, the Zhe Jun strength Core Formation time, such cultivator, stresses one in Cloud Sea Territory here in a big way, he also does not have what special ability, therefore only could be the life in lowest level, normally also in beast sea most outside grasps, catches some Yun Tu, Yun Mao and so on Cloud Beast comes the selling point money, trades a food and drink. Zhe Jun careful moving forward, by his strength, if has met strong point Cloud Beast, finally also can only be becomes in the Cloud Beast mouth eats. However is good because of Cloud Beast of Zhe Jun use is Old Mouse, but this Old Mouse this thing very outstanding, so long as has high level Cloud Beast to approach them, their immediately hurriedly will become one group, Zhe Jun these Old Mouse also will be the same.

In Zhe Jun careful moving forward time, suddenly he felt that a front dark clouds tumbling, Zhe Jun one startled, he can affirm that front came certainly extraordinary thing, but makes him feel what is strange, his these Cloud mouse have not called, in Zhe Jun surprised uncertain time, suddenly he felt that on one one tight, he one looks toward the body, presently don’t know, own body has actually been entangled iron chain. Zhe Jun in great surprise, just about to works loose, actually presently own strength vanish from sight, his gearing one cannot move, when he, felt in great surprise iron chain one tight, he went to toward the forward flight by pulling. Zhe Jun felt that at present a flower, he presently arrived at incomparably huge on the ship, but is actually standing in his front a person. However sees this person, Zhe Jun was actually startled, because this person is not in Cloud Sea Territory the appearance of person, Zhe Jun dull look at that person forgot including the speech for a while unexpectedly. Does the Zhao Hai look at Zhe Jun appearance, show a faint smile said : What is your name? But from hidden Cloud village ?” Zhe Jun one recovers, his originally white complexion, was now bluer, his look at Zhao Hai said : may I ask you are who? Why can tie up me?” Zhao Hai look at Zhe Jun, deep voice said : „the present is I am asking you, replied me honestly, otherwise I did not introduce that first butchered you.” His expression ten light, however Zhe Jun at heart is actually one suddenly, he has not listened to killing aura from the Zhao Hai mouth, but more is this he more feels to fear. Did Zhao Hai look at Zhe Jun one, deep voice said : What is your name? But from hidden Cloud village ?” Zhe Jun does not dare to conceal, quickly said: Small named Zhe Jun, from hidden Cloud village , invited spare my life, no matter there is any instructions fu, the villain Venerable settledly, since.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that this Zhe Jun unexpectedly so smart, this is to hire oneself he, this youngster to looks at understand, knows, if early did not take a stand, share that only then died. A Zhe Jun saying, Zhao Hai to does not want to kill him, he also looked, Zhe Jun was the strength of Core Formation time, such person, in in his hand, simply cannot turn any storm, moreover this Zhe Jun although long dreadfulness, actually very smart, accepted him for the servant, to also no big deal. Zhe Jun looked that Zhao Hai quite a while has not spoken, cannot help but beats a drum at heart, he already looked, the Zhao Hai although expression draw discussed that cannot hear killing aura, however such person may not be absolutely affable, because their simply is not serious the human life, therefore he immediately said that has anything to tell, certainly Venerable, since and so on words, indicates the manner, I want to hire oneself you, hopes that you can accept. If other cultivator, will certainly not say this to come, but Zhe Jun originally mixes in bottom level was long, most understands to watch a person's every mood, moreover regarding their such unimportant people, hires oneself Expert, is not the disgraced matter, conversely, you, if settled on by Expert, received you to make under the hand/subordinate, instead to advantageous. Zhao Hai waved, Zhe Jun iron chain vanished, Zhao Hai look at Zhe Jun said : Zhe Jun, I am a person who the ten-thousand realms battlefield comes up, can you hear the ten-thousand realms battlefield?” Zhe Jun stares, then complexion changes, but his immediately/on horseback bows to Zhao Hai said : is, has heard.”

Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : had heard good, I know how the Cloud Sea Territory here person said our ten-thousand realms battlefield person, but I do not care, my these time comes is acts as advance party, later ten-thousand realms battlefield there, must contact with Cloud Sea Territory here much.” The Zhao Hai expression so is still light, however the body of Zhe Jun actually cannot help but shakes, his very clear Zhao Hai this saying is any meaning, Zhao Hai meaning in other words, he does not fear Zhe Jun revealing his status, because he is only a vanguard, afterward feared that also has ten-thousand realms battlefield army. Thought of here, Zhe Jun one kneels down in the deck, kowtowed said : „the youngster incapacity to be incompetent to Zhao Hai, today can hoodwink mister to think highly to come to deign to inquire that was really being honored of youngster, if mister can have a need for youngster, youngster was willing to be a servant for the slave!” Zhao Hai nodded said : to get up, since you are willing for my servant, after that was my under the hand/subordinate, today enjoys you well.” The hand wields, a dragon and a tiger appears in the Zhao Hai side, the dragon is Thunder dragon, the tiger for the eating delicacies wind tiger. Zhe Jun frightens lies does not dare to move on the ground, like him all the year round Cloud Beast with the person who has to do, that can not recognize Thunder dragon and eating delicacies wind tiger, this a dragon and a tiger in Cloud Sea Territory here, but big famous. Zhao Hai deep voice said : this a dragon and a tiger enjoys give you.” Zhe Jun thinks one misunderstood, he looked up Zhao Hai one, stuttering said : Master said that this, this did a dragon and a tiger, enjoy, kindly gives me?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, nodded said : to enjoy give you, later they are Cloud Beast of person, if you have Beast Token, received, was right, what your originally used was any Cloud Beast.” Zhe Jun one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but blushing, lowers the head said : to return to the Master words, what small originally uses is Old Mouse.” Zhe Jun felt that own face is somewhat red, oneself use Old Mouse, when Cloud Beast, this was really too disgraced. However has not actually thought that Zhao Hai was only oh one, then said : first came to show me your Old Mouse release.” The meaning of Zhe Jun understand Zhao Hai, has not put out the Beast Cloud sign, inside Old Mouse let out, these Old Mouse comes out, each and every one frightens lies shakes on the ground, moves does not dare to move. Zhao Hai wields, received in these Old Mouse Space, Zhe Jun stares, Zhao Hai in one revolution, these Old Mouse by let out, these Old Mouse build although had not been grown up, but solitarily on imposing manner actually changed, even if facing that a dragon and a tiger, they have not demonstrated any fearing intent. Zhao Hai in one revolution, received that a dragon and a tiger, „your Old Mouse to Zhe Jun said :, by my transform, had been later given back to you to use, these Old Mouse strengths, in that a dragon and a tiger difference many, that a dragon and a tiger will not enjoy you.” Zhe Jun although is grieved, took in these Old Mouse the Beast Cloud sign, but he just took in these Old Mouse the Beast Cloud sign, is one startled, Spiritual Qi that because that Old Mouse provides to him was really too many, Spiritual Qi that if beforehand these Old Mouse provided to him was one water, that present these Old Mouse to Spiritual Qi that he provides, was that incessant river water. Zhe Jun at heart one startled, has actually dreaded to Zhao Hai, he noticed obviously these Old Mouse transferred in Zhao Hai in hand, then had such change, how this makes him not startled, Zhao Hai looked at Zhe Jun one, deep voice said : has stood, later practiced well, called me Young Master.” Zhe Jun was busy at complying with one, has stood. Zhao Hai looked at Zhe Jun said : my these time to come Cloud Sea Territory, for acted as advance party, this hidden Cloud village , in remote, suited me to use, I want to take here, regarded my temporary base, now you tell me the situation in hidden Cloud village , in hidden Cloud village had any Expert, one and told me.”

Zhe Jun is not about to slowly, was busy at saying the hidden Cloud village there situation, must say, white clouds continent that this hidden Cloud village was , can only be a Xiaozhou, the place is not big, person who above was occupied by, was the classes of some fleeing criminals, did not have what good thing, therefore very chaotic, naturally, there also had some influences, but was some local ruffians and so on existence, no big deal organization, in there strongest also on was Transcends Tribulation Stage, continually Divided Spirit Stage, the population to has not been many, had about the fifty thousand person. Zhao Hai nodded said : this fifty thousand person, if stays behind to is somewhat troublesome, to can kill, sooner or later that but these go out will come back, if by them presently the change of hidden Cloud village here, were feared is must speak irresponsibly in all directions, this arrives is somewhat troublesome.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhe Jun feared has not frightened to fall face down, that is fifty thousand person that among Zhao Hai however said that must kill, one hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhe Jun rejoiced one just had decided that if have not decided to hire oneself Young Master, now feared that has become a deceased person. Zhe Jun has scratched head cold sweat said : Young Master, in this hidden Cloud village although has some Evildoer, but has plenty was compelled the person who does not go on living by various Great Clan, if Young Master can believe to be small, small is willing to go is Young Master persuade to surrender.” Zhao Hai looked at Zhe Jun one, deep voice said : persuade to surrender is not, but a little you must remember, must make them know that my status, when the time comes do not see me, relapse, understand?” Zhe Jun quickly said: Yes, invited Young Master feel relieved, small certain handling.” Did Zhao Hai select how you to go back to said :?” Zhe Jun quickly said: youngster go back is, Young Master has not to know, reason that youngster likes taking Cloud Beast with Old Mouse , because after having used Old Mouse, youngster can be more than others in Cloud Sea moves for five days, therefore asked Young Master not to need for the small worry.” Zhao Hai nodded, waved said : to go.” The Zhe Jun nod should be, departed Yama Ship, vanished in boundless Cloud Sea. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;