Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1551

Chapter 476 Zhe Jun persuade to surrender In Zhao Hai returned to Space time, Laura they already in he, after how many people sat down, Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „can Elder Brother Hai, why accept Zhe Jun? Doesn't this have what advantage to us probably?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I, does not want to kill too many people, perhaps was that Buddha-nature makes the person somewhat change, if can receive under the hand/subordinate to be also good these people, said it, received some living person, must always try some Undead Creature to be strong, this Zhe Jun although was only an unimportant person, but the person was smart, received also received, even if after were, in person, impossible to extinguish Cloud Sea Territory here all people, in the person must was conquer Cloud Sea Territory, was not turns into the ruins Cloud Sea Territory.” Laura also nodded, these year of Laura they with Zhao Hai, had noticed the Zhao Hai murder are countless, they have been used to it, therefore looked that now Zhao Hai suddenly does not want to kill people, instead to is somewhat strange. Zhao Hai looked at Laura said : „, so long as had this foothold, we can official establishes Transmission Formation in here, in went to believe that but this person must kill, after all was not everyone looks like Zhe Jun to understand what has to done.” Laura shows a faint smile said : this hidden Cloud village place not to be big, from adjusted the person unable to come many, I thought that we should find a even bigger place, what a pity, such one came us to expose, I looked that said one , was making the decision.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : how first had a look at Zhe Jun saying that if he dared double-cross me, his these Old Mouse sufficiently wanted his assigning.” Zhao Hai will naturally not have to a Zhe Jun protection, these Old Mouse that the booklet wields by Zhao Hai transform, now already not listens to Zhe Jun, but listened to Zhao Hai, was adding on Zhao Hai to put the Liquid Silver needle on the body of Zhe Jun, the booklet has wielded, if dares to run to speak irresponsibly, immediately will die a violent death. Zhao Hai this although received some murders, but this murder time, he will not be absolutely lenient, therefore Zhao Hai did not fear that Zhe Jun there has any change. In fact Zhe Jun there does not have what change, Zhe Jun is not these Great Clan people, then settles on the Cloud Sea Territory domain, regarding Zhe Jun, really does not have too many senses of belonging to Cloud Sea Territory, he is life the unimportant person of social bottom level, was chased down by Great Clan, but these Clan pairs are the entire Cloud Sea Territory ruler, the status that the booklet wields are these people who most the non- ruled treats sees, he naturally also on not what sense of belonging. It can be said that Zhe Jun was born in Cloud Sea Territory, grows up in Cloud Sea Territory, but the Cloud Sea Territory here person, has not actually given him any advantage, his all was went all out to trade. But Zhao Hai is different, Zhao Hai came up to give him to improve these Old Mouse, regarding the Cloud Sea Territory person, some level high Cloud Beast, was helps absolutely most greatly, has these Old Mouse of Zhao Hai improvement they practiced, Zhe Jun has been able to affirm that later own cultivation level met ten thousand li in a day, this was the solid advantage, Zhe Jun comfortable is dead set on to Zhao Hai.

After Zhe Jun leave Yama Ship, immediately returned to hidden went to the village. Yama Ship leaves the hidden Cloud village distance is not very far, two days later Zhe Jun on returned to in hidden Cloud village . White clouds continent that this hidden Cloud village is , the place is really not big, about the side thousand li(500 km), everywhere can see Cloud house, this Cloud house has some however to float in in midair, this Cloud house varies, some inside once for a while cultivator get out and get. You cannot see any shop front in here, thing that but all cultivator need, you can buy in here, this is also a strange place, they probably is a forgotten corner, but also life force is vigorous. Zhe Jun to hidden Cloud village here very familiar, to hidden Cloud village here, first is returned to own Cloud house, corner there of his Cloud house in hidden Cloud village , just like his person, did not attach great importance. Zhe Jun toward in the family flies, the front surface came cultivator, this cultivator very fat is big, a big face like disc, the aperture like the bean, once for a while twinkle, looks is an astute excellent generation. This Fatty sees Zhe Jun, immediately/on horseback said loudly: „Isn't this Zhe Jun? These did time such quickly come back? What has to harvest?” Zhe Jun smiles said : hastily originally is the fat elder brother, yeah, not to mention, had anything to harvest, exits also to meet big guy, the rapidness that I run, feared that did not come back, I must go home to help get over a shock to my treasure first.” That Fatty one hear of Zhe Jun said that cannot help but laughed said : „to say, was your youngster is intelligent, Old Mouse this thing although was common, but was really a good helper, with the person of your same level strength, in this hidden Cloud village don’t know died many, only then your youngster live free and unfettered was comfortable, HaHaHa, has not been lucky the help of your Old Mouse.” Zhe Jun thinks little, laughs said : that is, but my this treasure good thing, to border fat elder brother, some of my there also how many cloud nice wines, what kind of? Tastes?” Zhe Jun to this Fatty completely understand, this Fatty is also because offended the talented person to run up to here to come, but this person was actually some methods, he can get so far as Yun Liang who some hidden Cloud village cultivator needed and so on thing, in hidden Cloud village here was also small Merchant, even if did not exit to hunt for Cloud Beast, can live good. However this Fatty has a problem, is this person of very good liquor, does not have the liquor not happy, therefore Zhe Jun then said to this Fatty.

Fatty one hear of Zhe Jun said that cannot help but was to lick lip said : happen to be all right, today goes to your there to drink two cups.” Zhe Jun showed a faint smile, is directing Fatty to own Cloud house, Zhe Jun this Cloud house was not big, however tidied up was very clean, after Fatty sat down, Zhe Jun has put out several white clouds, this naturally was installs the liquor to use, in Cloud Sea Territory here, the liquor was the theory clouds that general Cloud Wine finger was ten jin (0.5 kg). After Fatty got up the liquor but actually, Zhe Jun has put out different small side dish, cultivator in Cloud Sea Territory is not does not eat thing, conversely, Yun Liang, Cloud vegetables is their living necessities, naturally, if the poor person, does not eat meal also yes, but this Cloud vegetables also is really strange, looks like looks like compressed Cloud is the same, eats the mouth to is delicious. But Cloud vegetables in Cloud Sea Territory, eats uncooked generally. Has drunk liquor, Fatty then open the mouth and said: Zhe Jun, what matter your does youngster have? Then, Elder Brother is listening.” One hear of Fatty said that Zhe Jun to stares slightly, then smiles said : really not to hide the truth from Elder Brother, the fat elder brother, you are because what enters to this hidden Cloud village ?” Zhe Jun has not thought that this Fatty is so intelligent, sees him to have the matter unexpectedly, but he thinks that Fatty definitely cannot think he has any matter, therefore he probes first this Fatty, can look win over this Fatty. Zhe Jun are really not many in the hidden Cloud village here friend, but to could speak with this Fatty, because Zhe Jun used Old Mouse, some have been ridiculed, only then this Fatty did not laugh at him, moreover had the help to him, therefore Zhe Jun each thinks that must win over this Fatty, because of Zhe Jun very clear, if did not win over this Fatty, when Zhao Hai came, this Fatty feared that must turn into one dead Fatty. Fatty one hear of Zhe Jun said that sighs, looked at Zhe Jun said : your youngster to remember to ask that this did come? Yeah, said, if there is means that who wants to come this hidden Cloud village , initially my family in this Cloud Sea Territory, is medium grade Clan, generation doing business, although does not have the means compare with these Great Clan, actually is also the sumptuous lifestyle, in adding on my Clan and person does business most stresses the good faith, therefore this business also does since birth was colored, actually does not think, good that this business makes , the bad person envies, Great Clan saw good that the business of our family makes, gives us unexpectedly optional the family peaceful a charge, our entire Clan will give to extinguish, I at that time outside. The purchase, feared that is also difficult to run away finally dies.” Speaking of here Fatty sadness, said : of two eyes belt tears my family although was only medium grade Clan, but the Clan whole families more than hundred people, unexpectedly completely were also killed, at that time I to find a wife to give birth, my son just three years old, actually was also killed, I want to revenge, however my strength was too bad, simply was not the match of that family member, in adding on that family member chased down me at that time, finally did not have the means that ran up to this hidden Cloud village , relationship that relying on left behind before, resold some Yun Liang, Brother, you, when Elder Brother mister on was a drunkard? But if I do not drink, how can forget that this enmity, is wanted by me who this hatred suffers satisfactory crazily.” Speaking of here cannot help but to howl. Zhe Jun also sighed, his parents double perished since childhood, although experienced suffering the favour changes in temperature, but such as Fatty this brewer's grain did not have with him. However Zhe Jun also understand, this arrives is opportunity, therefore his deep voice to Fatty said : fat elder brother, you can want to revenge? If you want to revenge, the little brother to can add on your busy!” Fatty one hear of Zhe Jun that cried said that cannot help but stares, then shook the head said : brothers, do not comfort the brother I, my enemy you cannot stir up, said it, you mix now in here, but can also help my anything busy.”

Zhe Jun look at Fatty said : „, if two days ago, I truly cannot help fat elder brother anything busy, because I exempt strongly is living, but now is different, you speaks the truth with the fat elder brother, I now have become others' under the hand/subordinate.” Fatty one hear of Zhe Jun said that cannot help but said : has become others' under the hand/subordinate? Who did you hire oneself?” Zhe Jun look at Fatty, pulls down sound speaking sounds: „Can fat elder brother hear the ten-thousand realms battlefield?” Fatty stares, then immediately understand, he stared two eyes said : you saying that the person has hired oneself the ten-thousand realms battlefield? This is impossible, ten-thousand realms battlefield there comes the person, to our here had feared that also suffocated, what advantage did you hire oneself he to have?” Zhe Jun showed a faint smile said : „saying that perhaps the fat elder brother you did not believe that my family Young Master did not compare a general ten-thousand realms battlefield people, he put up huge ship to come, the strength was immeasurably deep, moreover behind him the belt was standing a big influence, Young Master this time was only acts as advance party, if were not the little brother I am smart, now feared that was by Zhao Hai killing, afterward Young Master accepted me, the little brother I have asked for assignment from Young Master there, was returned to hidden Cloud village here comes persuade to surrender, the fat elder brother, you thinks that your enemy potential was big, you ability have not revenged, but if you. Has hired oneself Young Master, if later Young Master wants to enter Cloud Sea Territory, certainly will conflict with these Great Clan, perhaps when the time comes you had revenging opportunity!” ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;