Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1552
Chapter 477 calls from a high place Fatty stubbornly is staring at Zhe Jun, he is not does not believe the Zhe Jun words, but he is different from the Zhe Jun family background, Zhe Jun since childhood is an orphan, tastes in society changes in temperature, to a Cloud Sea Territory not point sense of belonging, because he has not obtained a point warmth from Cloud Sea Territory here. However Fatty is different, he leaves in body medium grade Clan, although is only Clan, however in his has Cloud Sea Territory this concept at heart, regarding him, Cloud Sea Territory representative is not a noun or piece of region, what that represents is their status, their families. Because of this, therefore Fatty heart of hearts struggling, in his opinion, person this of ten-thousand realms battlefield is must invade Cloud Sea Territory now, that is their enemies. However this is also sole opportunity that he revenges, because of his very clear, by own aptitude, how even if to practice, is impossible to revenge, even if practices to Immortal Stage is also useless, because of his enemy, the influence is too big, is only Immortal Stage Expert has many, his simply does not have the means to revenge. In the face of family feud and principle of righteousness, only then the heroic person notepaper will put down the family feud, but gives a thought to the principle of righteousness, but obviously Fatty is not the hero character, he regards the family Cloud Sea Territory here, but this family actually has been occupied by Evildoer now, moreover that Evildoer has also killed his family, now some people can revenge for him, can he not comply? Fatty has thought a while, to Zhe Jun said : brothers, your Young Master really can agree with my join? You have a look at Elder Brother I, the practice talent is too big, these many years, had not arrived at the Infant Stage time, your can Young Master be have a liking for the eye?” Zhe Jun smiles said : fat elder brother, are you in mocking me, my strength very strong? Practice innate skill very? Young Master did not receive me, the fat elder brother, I speaks the truth with you, I have blocked Young Master words, now feared that was hidden Cloud village here already by Young Master to the slaughter, when the time comes you let alone have revenged, anything did not have, now followed Young Master, minimum you also to go on living.” Fatty one hear of Zhe Jun said that also cannot help but complexion changes, then let out a long breath said : good, that does not have anything said that today I invest Young Master follower, Brother, later you wanted many attendance Elder Brother I.” Zhe Jun laughs said : fat elder brother, what with me you are polite, was right, always such fat elder brother fat elder brother called you, my also don’t know your name, this, if Young Master asked that I cannot say you did call Fatty?” Fatty he he chuckle said : „my name is Li, famous river, brothers, if before you, had heard Pak Sha Chau Li Family, that was my Clan.” Zhe Jun stares, because he really had also heard Pak Sha Chau Li Family, Pak Sha Chau is a quite big white clouds continent, there Great Clan has several, medium grade Clan like Li Family, several, but this Pak Sha Chau Li Family, is quite famous in Cloud Sea Territory here, the Cloud rice liquor flavor that because Li Family ferments is best, afterward heard that Li Family was extinguished, a Clan living witness, has not thought that in this hidden Fatty that goes to the village to fool around together, unexpectedly also Li Family person. Zhe Jun look at Fatty said : has not thought really that the fat elder brother unexpectedly is the Li Family person, to was I loses respected, the fat elder brother, this time I presented Young Master to make, wants to win over some people \; first, to demonstrate my ability, two want to some Young Master Dora under the hand/subordinate, three to this hidden Cloud village brothers means of livelihood, otherwise and other Young Master killed, they may be complete.”

Fatty nodded said : your youngster also is really smart, just invested Young Master, has thought of these many, what meaning are you now?” Zhe Jun deep voice said : fat elder brother you , in hidden Cloud village fools around together is longer than me, you looked that some people are worth winning over, can win over, we cannot because of winning over, but has gone bad the Young Master matter, such words Young Master will not let off my.” Fatty nodded said : this truly to distinguish well, the meaning of Young Master, certainly does not think hidden Cloud village here matter too early is known, fortunately, we hidden go to village here not to have Transmission Formation, otherwise the matter feared will be has troubled, satisfying will not go to village there several large Gang meetings, we cannot urge, they will not listen, moreover these fellows sat the prestige to sit the lucky in hidden Cloud village here be used to it, affirmative sincerity Young Master of then, hidden village here such as I so will not have a grudge with Great Clan person has plenty, I thought us on. Finds such person to urge, naturally, these join Gang is not good, we must ask these poor brothers to urge, I want certainly.” Zhe Jun nodded said : that well, today you and I separates to move, must find some reliable people to urge, cannot disclose information absolutely.” Fatty nodded said : I not to be so many remained, Brother, has done this cup, I handle the matter.” Zhe Jun did one cup with Fatty, Fatty said goodbye leave. Mood that Zhe Jun did not have eating and drinking, immediately/on horseback also moved, they look for these specially in hidden Cloud City here not Ruyi Scepter, with the person who these Great Clan have a grudge. These people almost do not have what sense of belonging to Cloud Sea Territory, urges these people happen to appropriate, they within one day have convinced unexpectedly more than 20 people, this makes them somewhat surprised. But lets their surprised matters also in behind, more than 20 people are similar to that point his spark, is initially common, but quick has become the potential of setting the prairie afire, more than 20 people, everyone entered urged much, then the person also urged the person, only three days of moment, really had the thirty thousand many people to agree to hire oneself Zhao Hai. Must know in this hidden Cloud village fifty thousand many people, three days of times they were given to urge the thirty thousand many people by Zhe Jun unexpectedly, this is Zhao Hai has not thought. Actually this is also understandable, hidden Cloud village here can be said as a variable prison, but has the prison tyrant in here, these come the hidden Cloud village people to queer, does not dare leave, but these Gang on the seize the opportunity oppression, before the person in this hidden Cloud village , without unified command(er), in a state of disunity, naturally can only be bullied, but everyone feels suffocated at heart, waits for some people to call from a high place. However this matter nobody has actually done, because comes the here person, has very deep vigilance to others, you counted on that they climb up one few, that is almost impossible. But Zhao Hai to the order of Zhe Jun, makes Zhe Jun the person of that calling from a high place, although this method some are not quite same, but the effect is similar. Not these Gang in satisfying Cloud village also present this point, they also know Zhao Hai existed, these Gang have somewhat flustered, smart point has sent for contacting with Zhe Jun, hopes that can also wield together to hire oneself Zhao Hai with the booklet, but other Gang people, started to escape.

Zhe Jun looked at the crucial moment to be similar, his immediately agreed several want to hire oneself Zhao Hai Gang to request, then he with Fatty their leave hidden Cloud village , the direction flies in Yama Ship was stopping. Zhe Jun and Fatty these days movement all looked by Zhao Hai in the eye, he has not thought really Zhe Jun can achieve this point unexpectedly, now he almost hidden went to the village on control with hands down, this was really surprises him somewhat. Gang people who these escape, is naturally impossible to run away, Zhao Hai already sent out innumerable Undead Creature to carry on rob and kill to these people, these person of cannot run. Quick Zhe Jun and Fatty arrived on Zhao Hai Yama Ship, look at huge Yama Ship, the Fatty last anxiety was cleared at heart finally. On Zhe Jun and Fatty Yama Ship, presently Zhao Hai has been standing in the deck, Zhe Jun immediately/on horseback leads Fatty to go forward to pay a visit, they give Zhao Hai to kneel down, Zhe Jun said loudly: Zhe Jun pays a visit Young Master, this is my good friend Li Jiang, these days are lucky him to help, now hidden Cloud village there already by my persuade to surrender thirty thousand Yu people, but some minority fleeing, invited Young Master rob and kill.” Zhao Hai looked at Zhe Jun one, nodded said : well, good that makes, the hidden Cloud village matter I knew, these escape from the hidden Cloud village person, had been given rob and kill by me, Li Jiang, you want you to handle matters for me loyally, I will make you have revenging opportunity.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li Jiang and Zhe Jun stare, before Zhao Hai said that the hidden Cloud village there situation he knows, they also think Zhao Hai spoke thoughtlessly a saying, now looks like is actually not, matter that Li Jiang must revenge, he has only said to Zhe Jun, now Zhao Hai actually knows that this let them cannot help but terrified and startled they the account in the deck, moved does not dare to move, however their heads actually broke into sweat. Zhao Hai look at they, deep voice said : gets up.” They then gingerly crawled, hangs the [say / way] to stand in there does not dare to move heedlessly. Zhao Hai wields, Yama Ship moved slowly, target hidden Cloud village there he, now some hidden Cloud village there also many people are waiting and seeing, has not run, had not said that must hire oneself Zhao Hai, what they want to take a look at Zhe Jun to say is real. Quick Zhao Hai arrived in hidden Cloud village , huge Yama Ship enters to hidden Cloud village , entire hidden Cloud village has alarmed, some people in hidden Cloud village want to run outward, but they just moved, presently entire hidden Cloud village has actually been surrounded, let alone is individual, even if the mosquito cannot fly. The people in hidden Cloud village were startled, but they actually do not dare rebel now, but imagines with them holds kills the matter greatly not presently, Zhao Hai has sent out Zhe Jun and Fatty Li Jiang goes to appease to get down the people, these days will want their leave hidden Cloud village here, Zhao Hai not to move them. Under after appease hidden Cloud village people, Zhao Hai immediately starts to establish Transmission Formation, simultaneously a signalling jade sword also delivered returned to hundred treasure encampment there.

These time receives the letter is still Mu Tianbo, the Mu Tianbo present to did not worry before several days, he knows Zhao Hai to be all right, on feel relieved, receives Zhao Hai now believes him not to feel that has any accident, after receiving the signalling jade sword, Mu Tianbo looked at content in the jade sword, actually laughs, then took the signalling jade sword to look for sect Ze. sect Ze they now also and other Zhao Hai information, this are most important one step of hundred treasure expansions, if really success, then the advantage to hundred treasure was too big, therefore they want to know that the Zhao Hai situation, wants to know that in the sea has any thing. Mu Tianbo arrives at the construction hall, sect Ze two eyes is bright said : what?, but did Little Hai have the letter?” Mu Tianbo laughs, has given sect Ze the in hand signalling jade sword. ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;