Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1553

Zhao Hai the contents of the letter are many, he spoke himself to arrive in Cloud Sea Territory. Encounters the situation of first person, introduced the Cloud Sea Territory there situation, said now he has occupied a place, is erecting the Transmission Formation situation. All thing write, the content naturally is impossible few, sect Ze some little time read the Zhao Hai letter, he has put down the letter, let out a long breath, turned the head look at Mu Tianbo said :Lao Mu, I am know why now you that trusted Zhao Hai, he was really one can create the miracle person, looked that this moved, fought steadily step by step, made him occupy a place in Cloud Sea Territory there unexpectedly, received the thirty thousand many people unexpectedly, HaHaHa, Lao Mu Lao Mu, this Zhao Hai absolutely was my my hundred treasure treasures. Mu Tianbo also laughs, very carefree, at this moment, Mu Yu ran from outside in a hurry, this Mu Yu is also tomorrow goes out, calling to go out by Mu Tianbo, but after he goes out, has defended in Transmission Formation there, now actually runs up to here to come. Mu Tianbo thinks that Mu Yu is knows Zhao Hai received a letter he then to run, actually does not think after Mu Yu ran, to Mu Tianbo ritual said : Master, you looked that who came.” Said that outside a finger toward construction hall, Mu Tianbo looked toward center hall in front of the door that actually saw one person to walk gradually, a black cultivator clothing/taking, the ordinary appearance, the temperate smiling face, who was not Zhao Hai is. Zhao Hai enters the hall, they salutes said : Zhao Hai to see Elder Mu to Mu Tianbo and sect Ze, sees all Elders, the good fortune has not failed in one's mission, Zhao Hai came back.” Mu Tianbo laughs arrives at Zhao Hai , the forcibly hand has patted his shoulder said : great, Little Hai, your youngster is great, HaHaHa, quick said that there how.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, to sect Ze gave a salute said : greatly to the situation, I have written on the signalling jade sword, does not have anything said that now hidden Cloud village there by my control, Transmission Formation has been also constructed.” sect Ze nodded, to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, your time has established the rare achievement, what to do do you think us then to?” Zhao Hai silent next step: I will be good hidden Cloud village there control first, in can also send some people to exit, lives in hidden Cloud village there, but must attack Cloud Sea Territory, is actually the need considered that after all Cloud Sea Territory there was too big, depends on us only one, feared that is very difficult being able to eat up, moreover in person who these time goes with me, besides Ghost Spirit Realm that person, the several other Realms person I have stayed behind, the Ghost Spirit Realm fellow in I look at Hornberg, in the halfway sends for rob and kill I, therefore I sent the person who searched the sea to give to extinguish with them.” sect Ze simply has not cared about this matter, did he beckon with the hand said : you to know the don’t know Cloud Sea Territory there person, how the strength?” Zhao Hai has hesitated next step: Should with us almost, there practice way very special of person, moreover they can in be able certainly the dark clouds the short survival, but will not affect the strength, their in hand has Cloud Beast, although general Cloud Beast can only make cultivator survive about ten days in Cloud Sea Territory, but will not let their strength drops, but was this was very great, therefore I think that we must be careful for on.” sect Ze nodded said : calm [say / way], good, can this Cloud Sea Territory many greatly you know?”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to know that this Cloud Sea Territory is not probably smaller than the ten-thousand realms battlefield, therefore I said that is only I one, cannot eat up Cloud Sea Territory, so long as we in the Cloud Sea Territory there whereabouts, one by Cloud Sea Territory his cultivator present, is a war, at the appointed time by my strength, the enemy of anti- Cloud Sea Territory boundary, definitely cannot withstand, therefore this matter feared that finally or wants other cheap big, but the sect elder invited feel relieved, other sent to search the sea person although with me in together, has actually lived on Yama Ship, what outside has looked unfamiliar matter, they and don’t know, Even if now, their also don’t know outside matter, when informs them, was said calculation that by us.” As soon as sect Ze listened to Zhao Hai saying that two eyes twinkling brightly, he in being worried about these this information will report several big with several people who Zhao Hai together searched the sea ahead of time, he has even prepared to suggest Zhao Hai, making Zhao Hai give to kill that several person, but, later has seen several people since like this time, unavoidably will have some friction, that several person is not a fool, went to that many people, on, only then a Zhao Hai person lives was coming back, this is a little cannot be justified probably, when the time comes that several, if alliance cause disturbance , they. Also can headache. However Zhao Hai such does now, is actually the best measure, these people are also living, but outside don’t know has looked unfamiliar any matter, this has given hundred treasure times, hundred treasure can, in these time competes for in the motion of Cloud Sea Territory, occupies completely takes the initiative, this is sect Ze the nose to settle on. sect Ze has hesitated next step: First do not make them know that immediately/on horseback sends for control good hidden Cloud village there, simultaneously scout hidden Cloud village all around, having a look at other places to be able to be the place of base, is being him to think that Little Hai you must in laborious, the hidden Cloud village there situation you be most familiar, this matter wants you to manage.” Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand said : elder feel relieved, Zhao Hai Ding, when tries.” sect Ze nodded, turns the head to Mu Yu said : small feather, selects ten thousand people to come, goes to hidden Cloud village there with Little Hai, first completes our hundred treasure own bases there, then in looks for other to be used to construct the place of base, when the time comes we that several are not late in notice.” Mu Yu and Zhao Hai immediately understand sect Ze meaning, hidden Cloud village there in Cloud Sea Territory, is one in the remote place, moreover there does not have Cloud Sea Territory Transmission Formation, had almost forgotten, however such place, actually most suits is used to make a secret base, hundred treasure complete a base here first, then after and other conditions were ripe, was finding another to make the place of base, was telling other big person this situation, when the time comes several together dispatched troops to cope with Cloud Sea Territory, but hundred treasure also had a secret in Cloud Sea Territory there. The base, this was occupies certainly completely offensive, had on this secret base, can go forward or retreat depending upon circumstances. Mu Yu complied with one, immediately has arranged, sect Ze turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you returned to hidden Cloud village there made the arrangement first, in person went, must arrange the rest the place.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, to several elder gave a salute, turn around walked. Mu Tianbo look at Zhao Hai leave, this shows a faint smile said : this youngster to work, is always so tepid, but this walks, actually fortifies at every step, making you unable to discover a point fault to come, was then good, in our finally extend the hand to Cloud Sea Territory.” sect Ze also nodded, deep voice said :Lao Mu, opens ten groups of Elder Assembly, this matter no small matter, we cannot take responsibility. Mu Tianbo also nodded sect Ze to propose that he approves very much, sect Zezi arranges the person to invite all Elders.

Zhao Hai just returned to encampment, among in the blink of an eye returned to hidden Cloud village here hidden Cloud village here to had not lived any special situation, these people know that what they hire oneself was Zhao Hai, under the arrangement of Zhe Jun and Fatty, hidden Cloud village here did not have the appears anything disorder, transited steadily. A hidden Cloud village here Gang people, to put it bluntly is also one to evade the calamity runs up to the person who hidden Cloud village comes, making their leave hidden Cloud village actually not dare, therefore many Gang people have hired oneself Zhao Hai, but these have not hired oneself, died. Zhao Hai returned to hidden Cloud village here, immediately called Zhe Jun and Fatty, now Zhao Hai has not stayed on Yama Ship has been admitted to hidden Cloud village Cloud house, after Zhe Jun and Fatty to Zhao Hai Cloud house, must kneel down to salute to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : to exempt, my outmoded kneeling ritual, later does not need to kneel.” They complied with one to look like Zhao Hai gave a salute, this stood the one side. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : hidden Cloud village here your appease is good your feel relieved, I will not treat unjustly with my Zhao Hai Li Jiang of person, you take your Cloud Beast, shows me.” Li Jiang although is perplexed, but has put out own Beast Cloud sign, release own Cloud Beast, what making Zhao Hai somewhat accidental is, Li Jiang Cloud Beast unexpectedly is the pig! Not wrong, is the pig, is not the wild boar, but is a corpulent black pig, after release comes, this pig groans inconsiderately shout in there, to is appears the gruff condition is full. Zhao Hai look at this big fat pig, speechless, his understand, the person in this Cloud Sea Territory also was really not interesting, Cloud Beast how this person of using such looked like with him, looked at Zhe Jun, sinister-looking, Cloud Beast that used was Old Mouse, Li Jiang, was fat looks like the pig, but Cloud Beast that he used unexpectedly was also the pig, this may really be strange. Zhe Jun looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, knows that Zhao Hai in thinking anything, he holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, a Cloud Sea Territory people, after using Cloud Beast, the body will also come under the influence of Cloud Beast image, therefore sometimes looked that an appearance of person knows, what he uses is what Cloud Beast.” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wielded that big fat pig received in Space, improved, let out, this turned the head to receive to Li Jiang said :.” Li Jiangying, received the pig, this receives his immediately to feel the change of that pig, cannot help but astonished looked at Zhao Hai one. Zhao Hai looked at Li Jiang said : this to your enjoying, so long as your attentive for me must the matter, grant to have your, other person of you want appease to be good they, do not think that I left them not to be good, these person who ran away from hidden Cloud village , had been given rob and kill by me, didn't I care am killing the person, understand?” Their with one voice said :is, invited Young Master feel relieved., Zhao Hai nodded, look at their said :you arrange the person, is constructing some Cloud house, over the two days my people must come, before leave these people, their Cloud house can also tidy up then to use, the line tidies up 10,000 Cloud house to come out., They have complied with one, Zhao Hai then said : Zhe Jun, you tidy up, Li Jiang, you remain.” Zhe Jun has complied with one, bowed leave. Li Jiang is actually somewhat restless look at Zhao Hai, don’t know Zhao Hai must do.

Zhao Hai looked at Li Jiang one eyes, deep voice said : Li Jiang, before your house/family, is the person of doing business, regarding Cloud Sea Territory here should compared with Zhe Jun understanding, I now want to know that this Cloud Sea Territory big, can you know?” Li Jiangmian has difficult said : to return to the Young Master words, this matter villain does not know, not only the villain does not know that feared is the person asked other person of they do not know, but this Cloud Sea Territory has north and south two big, thing two huge mountain, this should be the Cloud Sea Territory range, but heard that also has the white clouds continent behind that Boundary Mountain, but the villain cannot affirm.” Zhao Hai nodded „this Cloud Sea Territory that said : that you first said.” Li Jiang nodded said : this back Young Master to know, is this beast sea, this beast sea don’t know big, unusual white clouds continent in beast sea, my Cloud Sea Territory people does not have the means to survive in inside, instead to is Cloud Beast in here live is very good, moreover here Cloud Beast is densely covered, strength formidable, therefore here is Cloud Sea Territory back.” Cloud Sea Territory most south has a Milky Way, this river don’t know came from there, does not know that high, only flows swiftly from Cloud Sea Territory, toward the sea, this Milky Way is the Cloud Sea Territory notogaea.” Cloud Sea Territory thing has huge mountain respectively, mountain don’t know is high, such as two walls were the same, keep off in Cloud Sea Territory thing 200, these two mountains, a known as copper wall, a known as iron wall, was Cloud Sea Territory thing 2 Realms, Cloud Sea Territory that the villain knew is such big, however Cloud Sea Territory in this 4 Realms big, in the boundary had many white clouds continents, was actually unknown, was only in some big white clouds continents, there is Transmission Formation to be connected, in the small white clouds continents also had some Transmission Formation to be connected, some small white clouds continents, were not the means direct on big. White clouds continent.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : „has this Milky Way, with copper wall, iron bastion two huge mountain, nobody searched? Why must say that doesn't know high?” Li Jiang deep voice said : has searched, the copper wall, iron bastion two mountains were needless saying that Stone on this mountain wonderful hard incomparable, wanted to dig mountain very difficult, in adding on the there dark clouds also wanted to be richer than other places, therefore nobody has been able to search to obtain the summit in there, nobody can puncture these two huge mountain, therefore after the mountain, was anything, uninhabited knew that the mountain was whether there is high, thick, nobody knows.” This Milky Way is most unusual, in river innumerable Monster Beast, so long as some people dare to be suitable for the river on, certainly by Monster Beast attack, these Monster Beast will not be compared general Cloud Beast, fighting strength very formidable, even if Immortal Stage Expert, under these Monster Beast attack, cannot obtain good going, therefore above this Milky Way has any thing, nobody knows.” Under Cloud Sea Territory is the Monster Beast sea, some people want to enter in the sea, then leave this Cloud Sea Territory from sea, but has not actually thought that in this sea Monster Beast is densely covered, strength aggressive is incomparable, in Monster Beast with that Milky Way leaves [lineage/vein], enters in the Monster Beast sea to lose, can the whole body draw back unusually, where therefore nobody has known outside this Cloud Sea Territory is, but outside according to legend Cloud Sea Territory is the white clouds boundary, there everywhere is the white clouds continent, such as Heaven is ordinary.” Zhao Hai to shows a faint smile, he does not believe that Cloud Sea Territory outside is the white clouds boundary, the people always harbor a fantasy to unknown thing. His then said : how many big influences can that person know in this Cloud Sea Territory to have?”!. «» provides most quickly the latest novel. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;