Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1554
Around Chapter 479 hidden cloud Li Jiang deep voice said : returns to the Young Master words, the big influence that the villain knows are not many, in Cloud Sea Territory, can call the big influence Clan has plenty, on has several hundred that the villain knows, in these Great Clan, is Expert converges, besides the main family juniors, some are children of domestic slaves servant, after is , the person of hiring oneself, Clan strength extremely powerful, but on Cloud Sea Territory here unwritten regulation, in the family Immortal Stage Expert 500, has been possible to call Great Clan, but Clan before small family, the contact from now on the place, on will be several big some white clouds continents and some Intermediate level . The white clouds continent of small level, this had several hundred Great Clan, some entire Cloud Sea Territory many big influences, villain real don’t know.” Zhao Hai nodded, a dignity of face, it seems like that this Cloud Sea enters the water that imagines also to deeply that the Immortal Stage Expert quantity crossed 500 to be called Great Clan, but Li Jiang knew had several hundred, how many Immortal Stage Expert that entire can Cloud Sea Territory have? It seems like this Cloud Sea Territory also is really Expert like Yunnei. Zhao Hai thinks that deep voice said : nearby this does have these white clouds continents you to know?” Li Jiang nodded said : to know, because of small in hidden Cloud village here, has taken selling the grain as to live, nearby the white clouds continent to this is quite familiar.” Zhao Hai nodded: Good, said this nearby white clouds continent to me.” Li Jiang nodded said : „, because hidden cloud here does not have Transmission Formation, therefore the here person exits, generally elects in the place that within ten days can go, such place has several, is biggest on the according to beast sea health/guard, is most famous, there has several Great Clan, medium grade Clan and small Clan have many, Great Clan of other places, will suppose one person the place that in there buy and sell or a place live, actually main on is to obtain beast in the sea various Cloud Beast, therefore situation complex of there, is three Great Clan of beast sea health/guard native place, Also does not dare to say can complete control there.” This point Zhao Hai knows that before Guo Ling had told him the beast sea protects the there situation, therefore he does not feel to be startled. Li Jiang then said : in southeast, about eight days the running regulation, there had a small shape white clouds continent, the known as Beast Artifact collection, there has gathered large quantities of Crafting Master, weapon that manufactured, Defensive Equipment and other appliances were very famous, Beast Artifact collection there did not have no Great Clan, was some Crafting Master sets, because these Crafting Master status were special, everyone must use the appliance, therefore also nobody provoked them.” Travels southward for six days toward the west, in one shape white clouds continent, the known as Cloud rice township, there is nearby this biggest Cloud rice habitat, but Cloud rice that there produce comes out, mainly has not supplied the beast sea health/guard, but in this Cloud rice township, only then Great Clan, Mi Clan, Mi Clan takes planting Cloud rice as to live, they almost do not do other business, because this Cloud rice makes money limitedly, in adding on everyone/Great Clan must eat, but the Mi Clan strength is also good, in three Great Clan relationship with beast sea health/guard is also very good, therefore this business does is also safe, Small before often will go to Cloud rice township there to sell the rice, I and Mi Clan Steward knew that can get so far as some Cloud rice to sell from his there.” From the hidden cloud toward the south direct acting 13 days of distances, there has in one white clouds continent of shape, known as Guji Town, there is place of quite big transaction, has been well-known by market, in Legend has it that is on the white clouds continent one of the most ancient market.” Speaking of here Li Jiangting, to Zhao Hai deep voice said : these to hidden Cloud village nearest/recent several white clouds continents, in the common situation, we left from hidden Cloud village , to these places, then in using there Transmission Formation went to other place, few people in clouds in the sea hurry along \; first, waste time \; second, but also some dangers, in that cloud in the sea, will sometimes meet some high level Cloud Beast, sometimes also will meet some robs on the way, therefore besides hidden Cloud village here, the general place uses Transmission Formation.”

Zhao Hai nodded, beckoned with the hand said : well, you get down, helping Zhe Jun be good these person of to settle down, room vacated.” Li Jiangying, turn around walked. Zhao Hai hesitated, the flashes body entered in Space, turned the head „the Liquid Silver needle to be possible release to Cai'er said :?” Cai'er nodded said : Elder Brother Hai feel relieved, release went, will have after a period of time information, Elder Brother Hai do you prepare to move there?” Zhao Hai has hesitated next step: „The situation of first having a look at these white clouds continents was saying that normally this beast sea health/guard is most appropriate, but there relationship was significant, we be more careful to well.” Cai'er nodded, in this time, on suddenly hidden Cloud village there good Transmission Formation flash of white light, that this person in hidden Cloud village is gawking, then stops the starting head work, tight is staring at that Transmission Formation. Their very clear, that Transmission Formation is Zhao Hai puts up, is connected with the ten-thousand realms battlefield, in the person of ten-thousand realms battlefield place is not strange regarding Cloud Sea Territory, their although has not gone to the ten-thousand realms battlefield, but the legend about ten-thousand realms battlefield they have heard some, before these people had only seen Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai appearance is different from them, this makes them somewhat surprised, now looks at Transmission Formation to shine, they know the person who ten-thousand realms battlefield came, their very curious. white light information, in Transmission Formation appears several person's shadows, the person were not many, only then five, lead Mu Yu , follows in his body connection is four Divided Spirit Stage Expert. Zhao Hai flashes body appears nearby Transmission Formation, has laughed said : to Mu Yu Big Brother Mu, you come is very quick, my this successive is cleaning up the room, I came.” Mu Yu also laughs said : I not to think that what earlier does see in Cloud Sea Territory is? Are these Cloud Sea Territory people? Um, long is really different from us.” Zhao Hai laughed, turns the head to hit one to sweep with several other people shouts said : to walk, the advanced room was saying.” Said that led several people to enter his Cloud house, after Cloud house, Zhao Hai to Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, other people can make them and other one by one section time come, the here room also had some not to tidy up.” Mu Tianbo smiles said : to have any relationship, does not have Yama Ship, at the worst made them be admitted to Yama Ship to be good, all right.”

Zhao Hai smiled said : also well, that makes them come.” Then deep voice said : Zhe Jun, Li Jiang, you come.” His voice falls, Zhe Jun and Li Jiang walked from outside, they hide to salute to Zhao Hai, declare Young Master. Zhao Hai nodded said : this is my Mu Yu Big Brother, you later called his feather Young Master, a while I person will come here, I let the room arrangement that you arranged how?” Zhe Jun immediately/on horseback said : invited Young Master feel relieved, arranged was similar, so long as the person were about 13,000 people, can stay.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be very good, you organized other people, completed the reception, went.” They complied with one, turn around walked. Mu Yu look at their background, smile said : you to is the good thoughts, these two fellows tidying up docile, was the strength difference, gave you to work as the servant, has insufficiently looks.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that cannot help but laughs said : Mu Yu Big Brother, I am not influential figure, gives me, when the servant has anything insufficiently to look that these two strength although are not ordinary, but under some skill train to be also good, our hundred treasure come Cloud Sea Territory here, for conquer here, to contend for the a piece domain, does not want to kill off the here people, kept them to be good, these fellows had a grudge with Cloud Sea Territory these Great Clan, have them , after us, conduct possibly convenience a little.” Mu Yu nodded, looks at all around said : here really to be the same, but also is really very attractive, was right, this nearby situation that you said how?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to have information in several days, this nearby geographic name I knew, but here may not have with other white clouds continent interlinked Transmission Formation, passes through is collecting this nearby situation, but also requires time.” Mu Yu nodded said : do not worry, here later may be our bases, cannot expose, in the clan these time fully will support your.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: We were somewhat simple, just I who the matter thought had asked Li Jiang, several influences near this were not small, what most important was, Expert in this Cloud Sea Territory may be many, Li Jiang said that in this Cloud Sea Territory, only then Immortal Stage Expert 500 had is called Great Clan, but has several hundred to be many on Great Clan that he knew, looked like this Cloud Sea Territory is really not so is good to take.” Mu Yu also stares, complexion also somewhat is then dignified, does Mu Yu turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : that your meaning is?”

Zhao Hai thinks that said : first uses courtesy and then uses force, hidden Cloud village here cannot expose absolutely, we can get up with other big alliance, go to contact with the Cloud Sea Territory person, if everyone/Great Clan can peace dealings, our slowly can stand firmly in Cloud Sea Territory here, then at show slowly, but if the incorrect words, we do not use politely, we can hit them to Cloud Sea Territory here in any case now, they actually cannot pursue ten-thousand realms battlefield there to go.” Mu Yu knit the brows said : to fear that will not be easy, these big feared that will not agree, ok, first do not think that many, Cloud Sea Territory here situation, now what we know was too few, first constructed saying that hidden Cloud village here, Little Hai, you said how hidden Cloud village here can construct?” Zhao Hai silent next step: I construct in excessively, places a common place Transmission Formation that hidden Cloud village here first do not do, lets Zhe Jun they in the hidden Cloud village here activity, try not to make the bystander see that hidden Cloud village here has anything not to come together, although hidden Cloud village here has not paid attention now, but, if we with the Cloud Sea Territory life the conflict, that hidden Cloud village here certainly will also be noted by these fellows, must let these fellow thinking of as far as possible, hidden Cloud village here does not have no relationship with us, this is best.” Mu Yu nodded said : this I to agree that we after all are the troops from another country, is careful for on, this matter you arrange, must guarantee that these can listen to your words absolutely, the incorrect words can process a batch.” Zhao Hai nodded, some although cold blood that Mu Yu this saying said that is actually the present best processing method. ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;