Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1556

Chapter 481 Ye Zhou plans among in the blink of an eye, one month passed by, hidden Cloud village here already official became a hundred treasure base, crafting group comprised of hundred people, official entered hidden Cloud village , simultaneously Zhao Hai also let Zhe Jun and Li organizes the person, in hidden Cloud village here, has arranged massive defense Magical Artifact, hidden Cloud village here then had an appearance of base. Because area the white clouds will wield to ten-thousand realms battlefield there, therefore Mu Yu has to one team of Crafter, bring hidden Cloud village here, making here a hundred treasure crafting base.[] This white clouds were really the unsurpassed crafting excellent goods, join white clouds weapon, the success ratio of refinement, did not compare was higher than ten percentage points, in other words, these people refined weapon, had about 10% success ratios, after the join white clouds, can rise on the success ratio to 20%, this regarding an Interface was very important. However this regarding hundred treasure is not the issue, has Zhao Hai, can let these Crafting Master going crafting as far as possible, but does not need to consider the scrap the issue. But Zhao Hai actually wants to have a look, the Cloud Sea Territory here person arrived at ten-thousand realms battlefield there to have anything not to adapt, have anything not to adapt these could Cloud Beast to ten-thousand realms battlefield there, therefore Zhao Hai let Zhe Jun, besides some Cloud Sea Territory people, went to hundred treasure encampment. Reason that makes Zhe Jun go, but must take other people, is Zhao Hai Zhao Hai wants to have a look, what response Cloud Beast can be, Zhao Hai already present, by he has improved Cloud Beast, in has not needed to eat the white clouds, but Zhao Hai only has improved Cloud Beast for Zhe Jun and Li Jiang, he wants to have a look, Cloud Beast of other people will be what kind to ten-thousand realms battlefield there. But to did not have anything not to adapt Zhe Jun to ten-thousand realms battlefield there, all are very good, his these Old Mouse live ting are also good, moreover his practice to was quick, Spiritual Qi that because he can absorb are many. But these had not been improved the Cloud Beast person, is not quite good, after their Cloud Beast to ten-thousand realms battlefield there, appears somewhat does not have the spirit, has also been short to Spiritual Qi that they provide, Spiritual Qi that but they can absorb to were many, this counter- one positive, makes balanced. Zhao Hai looked that this situation knew, these Cloud Beast feared that does not adapt to the ten-thousand realms battlefield there circumstances, they are more suitable to live in Yun Huoli, he besides Zhe Jun called returned to the person hidden Cloud village here, let Tang Jie has arranged Cave Mansion in encampment there to Zhe Jun and Li Jiang, making them close up the practice in there. Entered to Cloud Sea Territory one month, Zhao Hai also knows, in feared that will have the next step motion, he they delivered returned to the blue tree star these children and Laura, received Yama Ship, started the preparation next step motion. Not only Zhao Hai, sect Ze they are very also busy, Mu Yu they in one time were invited, has composed ten groups of Elder Assembly, special discussed the Cloud Sea Territory there issue. Cloud Sea Territory there is not the amusing place, goes to there to contend for the domain on equal to with the Cloud Sea Territory person, Cloud Sea Territory there is also Expert like clouds, if hits, this victory and defeat has not said. Considers with hundred treasure, is impossible to eat up Cloud Sea Territory, even if other alliance big is impossible, contends for the a piece domain in Cloud Sea Territory there, to yes. However as the matter stands, must with other big people, share the Cloud Sea Territory there situation, this month of time, sect Ze they mainly considers is this issue. Hidden Cloud village there cannot expose, their target in probably elect in there is an issue, but is good, when this month, let Zhao Hai all around situation to rub clearer, except for that several that beforehand Li Jiang said in side, from hidden Cloud village here appears , toward outside, several not small white clouds continents, there was also having some Clan, the strength was not very strong. But a place that sect Ze they assign finally, is the other aspect of beast sea health/guard, there to the places of beast sea 15 days of distances, medium grade white clouds continent, this white clouds continent known as Ye Zhou, reason that called this name, was because there by a medium grade Clan Ye Jia seizing, but on spatial Ye, can install over a thousand people of cloud penetration ships, can therefore enter from Ye Zhou there to the beast sea, but others actually this ability, in adding on the strength of Ye was good, therefore they have been seizing Ye Zhou, nobody robbed. Because of this, therefore this Clan relatively is on the other hand close, has seized there, in a short time nobody present issue, will suit works as a base.

Moreover there in the other aspect of beast sea health/guard, leaves with hidden Cloud village is very far, like this no matter other Great Clan, is the person in Cloud Sea Territory, does not think that hidden Cloud village here had been given to occupy, in fact feared that was many people have forgotten hidden Cloud village existed, the person who only then these had no way out will go to hidden Cloud village . After having reached an agreement, next step looks at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai knows that meaning of Sect, his immediately/on horseback puts up Yama Ship to fly toward Ye Zhou there. From hidden Cloud village to Ye Zhou there altogether takes one month, Zhao Hai will certainly not waste that many time, he leads him to harness is contemplating Wang through Space, arrived directly to Ye Zhou not the far beast sea surrounding, release Guo Ling, this has untied then o their seals, were called several people with Divine Sense. o their this time is very relaxed, they also know that these time comes marine, must look at Zhao Hai, if no Zhao Hai, they are one die, therefore Zhao Hai does not make them know that now outside matter, they to do not have what discontented, relieved in the room closed up the practice to be good. Now Zhao Hai calls them, their immediately came out from in the room, comes out from in the room, they stare, because they noticed that the Zhao Hai side is standing unexpectedly a person, this person of snow white skin, is adding on white, the white clothing, very conspicuous, but they quickly presently, that is not a person, but is Undead Creature. Associates has had to use the custom that Undead Creature opposes the enemy to Zhao Hai, several people to do not have to feel odd, has swept toward Yama Ship in spiritual force, these children still, hundred Laura they went to there, was actually don’t know. Actually these children had packed off by Zhao Hai, now o they feel, but is the one type of spirit deceit technique, Zhao Hai plays spiritual force Expert, in adding in Yama Ship, must deceive o they were too simple. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at o their eyes, how many rests show a faint smile said : can be good? Come, I introduced to you, my position was a person who I just ran into, but he has been processed by me now, turned into Undead Creature, I have not thought that can run into the person in here unexpectedly, therefore just asked his, has not thought that in this dark clouds, has not lost in ten-thousand realms battlefield big unexpectedly, known as Cloud Sea Territory, Guo Ling, you said the Cloud Sea Territory situation to several people.” Guo Ling already obtained the instruction of Zhao Hai, said to several people some basic situations in Cloud Sea Territory, naturally, he said that he is comes Cloud Sea to enter here to grasp Cloud Beast, happen to have met Zhao Hai, simultaneously he has not said Ye Zhou the matter, but said one are protects there to come from the beast sea, protects the there situation the beast sea, told o they. Guo Ling had several hours, talks clearly the situation, o they are actually a shock of face, they have not thought that however will have this kind of place in here, this really stems from their unexpected. The however several people then are actually great happiness, because such presently regarding them, absolutely is incomparably huge present, this equivalent to huge merit.

o they in hearing Guo Lingjiang later, turn the head look at Zhao Hai, during that facial expression, is pleasantly surprised is also having an anxiety, Zhao Hai looked at several people of said : this time we to search the sea is attains greatly successfully, but must with quickest passed on this information returned to, this, everyone/Great Clan wrote a signalling jade sword, then I used Space Divergent Technique, delivered to look at Hornberg there to go the everyone/Great Clan jade sword, that is I can Transmission to most long-distance range, moreover can only Transmission jade sword this Little Thing, information After sending back, we then have a look in an all around revolution of extension, can find one to fall the solution the place, if possible, we first have occupied that place, then establishes Transmission Formation, like this in person can with quickest caught up, did everyone/Great Clan look what kind of?” o they think that nodded said : well, presses the office that mister said.” Zhao Hai nodded, has put out a signalling jade sword, records the content toward inside, but he carves the spirit content with o they are different, the content that he records is to tell sect Ze them, planned the official start. Before long o they have written the letter, Zhao Hai received several people of jade swords, stands in same place, then has closed the eye, starts slowly was reading Incantation, some little time he hand wielded deep voice said : to open!” Together Space rift appears in his side, but this Space rift is very small, only then the wash bowl size, the person is impossible to go, Zhao Hai immediately with quickest has put in several jade swords Space rift, then Space rift slowly and on. Zhao Hai long vented anger, the whole person has collapsed probably generally, sitting slowly to the ground, has some little time stood, but is weary of face. look at Zhao Hai of o several people of one face worries, Zhao Hai actually knows that they are worried about anything, they really do not care about his life, but fears him to have an accident, Yama Ship nobody has used, they will also die in here. Zhao Hai look at several people of appearances, showed a faint smile said : several feel relieved, the jade sword have delivered returned to to look at Hornberg there to go, believed soon, will receive information, below we must do, was looks for one to fall the solution the place.” o how many people nodded, Zhao Hai turns the head look at Guo Ling said : Guo Ling, nearby this besides the beast sea health/guard, hadn't had other place to stop over? The strength is poor.” Guo Ling immediately/on horseback said : proceeds to go straight about half a month distance, the small point white clouds week, there by Great Clan seizing, known as Ye Zhou, except for the beast sea health/guard was being nearest/recent that there left.” Did Zhao Hai select has selected said : how on that Ye Zhou Great Clan strength?” Guo Ling said : Great Clan, Immortal Stage Expert minimum about 500 people, other Divided Spirit Stage, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert does not calculate.” One hear of Guo Ling said that o they cannot help but stare, then has held breath a cold air, 500 Immortal Stage Expert, what strength that is, if such strength is not they can deal with. o cannot bear said : besides there, didn't have other place to stop over?” nearest/recent that Guo Ling deep voice said : leaves was these two places, besides these two places, must walk toward Cloud Sea Territory, moreover nearest/recent distance over one month.”

The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently, turned the head to look at o their said : what meaning several are?” o forced smile said : I looked that can only go to Ye Zhou, if we in continent surrounding, with quickest arranges Transmission Formation, believes that can deliver the returned to ten-thousand realms battlefield us, just Guo Ling did not say, the surrounding of here beast sea, some people will grasp Cloud Beast frequently, if were known by them, we were more troublesome, moreover stays in here for day, we were increased a point by present opportunity, therefore I suggested that this Ye Zhou.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to go to Ye Zhou there to be also good, first can have a look at the situation, two come us also to have possibly occupies a place in there, everybody do not forget, I am many Undead Creature, with these Undead Creature, can drag to construct fully Transmission Formation to us, when the time comes I am leaving behind small Undead Creature, the one who sees clearly there to use is what Transmission Formation, when the time comes we went back, can through their Transmission Formation, you look?” Several other people want to make Zhao Hai safe is harnessing the Yama Ship old route back-spacing, as the matter stands although will spend some time, but security. However now one hear of Zhao Hai said that they somewhat have actually moved, if they possibly go back with Transmission Formation in here, that can tie province a lot of time, Transmission Formation that if knowing the opposite party uses what is, the specific Coordinate, they can report this situation, that merit on even bigger. Regarding person who their these are not in good graces, this huge merit was too important regarding them, had this merit, perhaps they can obtain the direction of Immortal Stage Expert . Moreover the commodity that practices will also obtain, as the matter stands, he can quicker enhancement his strength. Zhao Hai looked at several people of said : I to go to there to have a look with my small shape Undead Creature first, what I also really want to take a look at this Ye Zhou am, if their there had protective shield, will trouble, if did not have protective shield that to be simple, we can, when they guarded weakly, suddenly attack, then with quickest built up Transmission Formation, everyone/Great Clan looks what kind of?” o thinks that clenches teeth said : well, does, but mister, if you can see Ye Zhouli the situation, can pay attention, how best is notes their strength, if our next time comes time, can know their strengths, that merit on even bigger, moreover we should better only move near Ye Zhou, this did not need to fear by others presently, moreover we can find they weakest one, attack there, established Transmission Formation in there.” Several people nodded, Zhao Hai deep voice said : good, does, we leave.” The hand wields, Yama Ship expunges in the direction of continent. ! #!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;