Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1557
Chapter 482 audiences in an uproar sect Ze look at in hand jade sword, showed a faint smile, turns the head Little Hai to reply in writing to Mu Tianbo said :, planned to start, he prepared to begin to Ye Zhou, constructed Transmission Formation in there, came back through Transmission Formation.” Mu Tianbo knit the brows said : this youngster also really to dare to do, doesn't this somewhat alert the enemy? What to do if had an accident to be possible, that Ye Jia li Expert may be many, that youngster did not say, Ye had more than 700 Immortal Stage Expert.” sect Ze showed a faint smile said : not to need to be worried, that youngster knew in heart, but said, Cloud Sea Territory there Immortal Stage Expert also was really many, this had big relationship with their in hand these Cloud Beast, had these Cloud Beast, they were almost the equal to two people practice in together, such practice compared with us quickly, moreover their there Cloud Fruit, Cloud rice and Cloud vegetables and so on thing, included very strong Spiritual Qi, moreover was easier to absorb, said that I also really some envied these Cloud Sea Territory person.” Mu Tianbo white sect Ze said : little said wasted breath, now planned to start, soon, that several big will respond, how did you see?” sect Ze shows a faint smile said : anything not to need to look that below they want to probably ask us, except for Little Hai beside, nobody can by the influence of spirit dark clouds, besides Little Hai, nobody not be known what certainly Ye Zhou Transmission Formation is, they want in entering Cloud Sea Territory, must ask us, asks Little Hai, HaHaHa, when the time comes is we feel proud and elated.” Mu Tianbo look at sect Ze appearance, has cannot help but smiled bitterly, to be honest, he also really very much wants to laugh now two, previous hundred treasure and Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race war time, these big have been waiting and seeing, wants to grab a ready-made bargain, finally looked that hundred treasure really have to defeat the person possibility of enemy, their then make a move. But before make a move, actually runs up to hundred treasure here with hundred treasure in every possible way discussion conditions, hateful. Now had such opportunity, if hundred treasure not well acts bashful these person, that called strangely, this reported the previous that gut retaliation. However the Mu Tianbo natural disposition is indifferent, not like sect Ze such insolent saying, therefore one hear of sect Ze said that Mu Tianbo also only remaining smiled bitterly. sect Ze looked at Mu Tianbo one, snort|hum said : Lao Mu, your this fellow is the temper was too pale, any matter does not like struggling, if I you, how will let Shen Weide that fellow wildly to the present, already kicked Elder Assembly him, you, are really.” Mu Tianbo beckoned with the hand said : to consider as finished, said these to do, our person of originally these practice are not easy, fight against the Heaven and place fight do not calculate, but must fight with others, is tired, was good, did not say this, Little Hai that planned successfully, our here must prepare to be good.” sect Ze nodded, deep voice said : comes the person, transmitted orders, started to get ready as scheduled.” Had Divided Spirit Stage cultivator to comply with one, transmitted orders.

Hundred treasure here in methodical preparation, but the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield is actually in an uproar, naturally, this is only High level in an uproar of major, these small Interface and don’t know what's the matter. High level of major knew almost at the same time Zhao Hai they in dark clouds present information, naturally Ghost Spirit Realm is an exception, nobody told them, even if were they in has buried the person in other, but likely such secret matter, possibly was not that quickly can inquire. Must know that this matter was extremely important, besides hundred treasure, almost several other Realms will be at the one type of strict keep secret condition, but reason that hundred treasure dare not to keep secret , because they are very confident to themselves. Previous time with the Weave Fire Clan war, regarding hundred treasure is not a misdemeanor, with a Weave Fire Clan war, looks like time exercised opportunity, originally hundred treasure are very strong, but in has many impurity, these impurity have some are in strength not strong cultivator, some are actually other Interface bury through all sorts of methods in hundred treasure nail/saboteur, these strength not strong disciple said fortunately, but harm of these nail/saboteur to hundred treasure is actually enormous. But the previous time war, actually likely is a hammer, is tempering hundred treasure, hundred treasure this ordinary steel and iron, tempered the refined steel, removed all impurity. War time, these several other Realms bury in hundred treasure here secret agents, naturally will move, they think that hundred treasure must deal with the attack of 2 Realms at that time, will relax somewhat regarding internal control, has not actually thought that hundred treasure regarding internal control, the moment have not relaxed, at war, even was stricter. Mu Tianbo although normally is very indifferent, does not like fighting, but regarding cultivator, the battle he is impossible to live now, just Mu Tianbo method not like general cultivator, that intense, his method on the other hand very temperate. Also this temperate method, therefore has not caused hundred treasure these Divided Spirit Stage and attention of Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, the war wants the deceased person, therefore some people died very ordinarily, nobody thinks that these people are Mu Tianbo deliberately process actually. Also because of this time integrate, entire hundred treasure became a monolithic whole, in these years time, several other Realms must place the person toward hundred treasure is impossible, therefore hundred treasure present any sounds, several other Realms does not know. Opposite several other Realms has any sound, hundred treasure here can actually receive some information, but among several other Realms is also this. However this time matter was extremely important, therefore Ghost Spirit Realm arranges to the several other Realms person, has not received any information, they now also don’t know this matter.

However this matter regarding several other Realms High level, the vibration is actually very big . Moreover the wave they give these High level send the letter the time also said that flying sword that their release comes delivers through Space Divergent Technique, if ordinary flying sword, simply cannot deliver. This makes several other Realms High level very annoyed, but does not have any means that the in the sea situation they know, is Zhao Hai can in the sea pass and out freely, otherwise changes into is Immortal Stage Expert is impossible. High level immediately of several big discussed that finally decided that sends for hundred treasure there, they believe that hundred treasure there also received information, may very much compared with information that they also early receive, but what we definitely know is that no matter that does not have ability swallowing Cloud Sea Territory alone, they need to cooperate. the second day that the signalling jade sword passes on, received information several big simultaneously to send out the Immortal Stage elder to go to hundred treasure, discussed the matter of cooperation with hundred treasure. But this time Zhao Hai, was actually catching up toward Ye Zhou there, nearby Ye Zhou with Ye Zhou in the has plenty Liquid Silver flying needle, in Cloud Sea Territory here, all white clouds continents did not have protective shield actually, they were arrange some defenses at most formation, so long as some people rushed in the white clouds continent, these formation will report to the police or attack, but must say that is one does not have protective shield that the entire white clouds continent covered. This did not mean that Cloud Sea Territory here does not have Great Defense Formation, in fact formation utilization of Cloud Sea Territory here not compared with the ten-thousand realms battlefield there difference, but reason that here does not have Great Defense Formation, has relationship with the Cloud Sea Territory here situation. Before also had Cloud Sea Territory some Great Clan, own Clan white clouds continent with protective shield covering, but this covers them actually presently, the white clouds continent of oneself family started slowly changed is small, this made them very surprised, thinks that some people must cope with them, but looked up for a long time, why still had not actually found the white clouds continent of family to change is small, finally some people proposed that possibly because of the protective shield reason, and other one removed protective shield, white clouds continent really in changing small, moreover started the slow growth. After this matter, gave the white clouds continent to coat protective shield in also nobody, but some people have also carried on research to this situation, the result of finally obtaining was, the white clouds continent and Cloud Sea opposed mutually, actually mutually interdependence relationship, the white clouds continent must contact to be able with Cloud Sea to grow slowly, otherwise slowly will decline. After obtaining this result, will coat protective shield in nobody to the white clouds continent, therefore Cloud Sea Territory here, is covering protective shield without any a piece white clouds continent now, this also caused some small white clouds continents to receive some Cloud Beast attack frequently, even the person killed matter on entire white clouds continent also had to live. Because does not have protective shield, this also gave Zhao Hai to be convenient, in Zhao Hai Liquid Silver, join the white clouds, his Liquid Silver flying silver has been able now mist, in other words can become is the same with the white clouds, after Zhao Hai these Liquid Silver flying needles entered to Ye Zhou, immediately mist melted, these Immortal Stage Expert did not have the means present, therefore now Zhao Hai almost Ye Zhou the there situation touching purity. However because has a wave they, Zhao Hai has to put on an act, therefore his advancing cautiously, feared was given probably by the Cloud Sea Territory here person is presently same.

But a wave they have not urged Zhao Hai, they after listening to Guo Ling introduction, had a fear feeling regarding Cloud Sea Territory here, now they altogether on such how many people, but Cloud Sea Territory here casual that Great Clan, is their Immortal Stage Expert quantity over 500, what concept 500 Immortal Stage Expert? If appears Immortal Stage Expert, has Zhao Hai, they can also possibly be inescapable, if gets down ten? Comes 100? Feared that is they, only then by the share of second, therefore regarding Zhao Hai this careful act, they not only does not have any dislike, conversely, but also completely support. This Zhao Hai they also really have met all the way several Cloud Beast, because here is the beast sea surrounding, the Cloud Beast strength that they meet is not strong, but feared that causes any sound, Zhao Hai they have not struck to kill these Cloud Beast, is only careful moving forward. When Zhao Hai they to being a thief same toward Ye Zhou there touches, major send to hundred treasure Immortal Stage Expert also to arrive, this these Immortal Stage Expert are secret comes hundred treasure visiting, therefore they before coming, had greeted with hundred treasure, hundred treasure here also set the appearance, Transmission square there emptying, waited for these Immortal Stage Expert to arrive, immediately they were given by Mu Tianbo welcome to hundred treasure in very hiding Cave Mansion. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;