Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1558

After Cave Mansion has sat down, sect Ze looks at that several Immortal Stage Expert said : several is because that comes the jade sword?” That several Immortal Stage Expert one hear of sect Ze said that also in wasting breath, Immortal Stage elder deep voice said : of puppet clan sect elder, since said that we did not need rubbish, the sect elder, that Cloud Sea Territory was not in us any can eat up, this time we several must cooperate is good, didn't know sect elder what do you think?” sect Ze looked at that several Immortal Stage elders, he knows that several fellows are thinking anything, if not the Cloud Sea Territory there situation is special, has Zhao Hai to be able the safe turnover, these fellows not with hundred treasure cooperation. sect Ze looked at several people of said : to cooperate that is natural, but everybody should also know that this time your several although also received the signalling jade sword, but said, whose this time searched the sea the merit is, you should be clearer than anyone, if did not have Zhao Hai, you that several people feared that already was dead in the sea, now Zhao Hai not only searched to Cloud Sea Territory, moreover by you several people, was passed on coming back information, wasn't this merit small?” That several Immortal Stage Expert one hear of sect Ze said that immediately understand sect Ze the meaning, this is raising prices, these time must cooperate, but cooperation obtained thing, must assign finally, but hundred treasure want to occupy the big end obviously, a little. That several Immortal Stage Expert are also the understand people, this time can know that Cloud Sea Territory matter, truly is the Zhao Hai merit, many should also be to hundred treasure some, therefore several people nodded. sect Ze looked that several people nod, show a faint smile said : one that since agreement, we discussed issue of this assignment, in person who this various Realm sent, the fishy Spirit Race slight merit, I have not only thought that now ghost Spirit Race has not possibly obtained this information, but if, if they knew this information feared meets cause disturbance , therefore before discussing the assignment, we must say this ghost Spirit Race issue first.” In the wave they gave in signalling jade sword also to mention this matter, but how to die regarding the ghost Spirit Race person, a wave they had not said that but said that was entering in the sea not long after, ghost Spirit Race that person on leave Yama Ship, said that wanted the go it alone, to the present with them in together, has not acted recklessly. The various Realm person is not a fool, saw this on understand what's the matter, what leave, simply had been killed, was killed by whom? This also uses the issue, naturally was Zhao Hai, they heard, Zhao Hai was in sight Hornberg there, a little slightly conflicted with ghost Spirit Race probably. Because slightly conflicts, Zhao Hai on the really strange Spirit Race person killing, his retaliation heart also is really strong, but these people are most also think these, has not actually cared, cultivator originally so, has a grudge on the report, this is the cultivator true colors. Now sect Ze said that but also this is an issue that ghost Spirit Race strength is very strong, if afterward their cause disturbance , to is not the good deed.

Because has thought of this point, therefore how many Immortal Stage Expert have not made noise, but frowning gently, some little time Immortal Stage Expert said : or also informs Ghost Spirit Realm one? although they do not have any merit, but searches the sea they also to send for after all, if no matter such they to are not good.” sect Ze looked at that Immortal Stage Expert one, deep voice said : Iron Sword is such meaning, is everybody also this meaning?” These Immortal Stage Expert are not fools, their immediately hear this sect Ze expression is not right, sect Ze this does not want to calculate Ghost Spirit Realm obviously. Thinks of here, how many units place Immortal Stage Expert looked at one mutually, puppet clan Immortal Stage Expert deep voice said : „I have thought improper, how many person together this time was our moves, was the ghost Spirit Race person wants the go it alone, why we present has Cloud Sea Territory can tell them? Feared that is they, if present what, won't tell us?” These Immortal Stage Expert at heart are criticizing, everyone knows that this simply is the nonsense, the person go it alone of any ghost Spirit Race, that simply is impossible, on the jade sword that however the various Realm person delivers such writes, him, when becoming true matter also no reason why not, what most important is, if not bring ghost Spirit Race, that minute of thing time they can many points some, why everyone/Great Clan probably go to Cloud Sea Territory there to struggle with the Cloud Sea Territory person, for is also not Cloud Sea Territory there thing, can few one person minutes, that be best. That Iron Sword gate people who before spoke looked at this situation, knows that these Immortal Stage Expert were thinking anything, he knows, if in did not take a stand, feared that was these fellows must buckle from his here strict, therefore his immediately/on horseback said : I do not want to allow the ghost Spirit Race person to participate, but did not allow them to participate, feared them to be able cause disturbance , if their real cause disturbance , that matter were not quite easy to do.” One hear of he said that has gawked from the person, then nodded, sect Ze looked at these person of one, shows a faint smile said : everybody, what this has to be good to fear that Ghost Spirit Realm one has feared, does he also dare we to be simultaneously inadequate? everyone/Great Clan do not forget, in addition Ghost Spirit Realm, must apportion their one, such one came us little to be divided one, was everybody really resigned such to do?” sect Ze saying, to has brought the people fire, yes, your strength does not have, why to apportion you, moreover our these many people, feared that you are inadequate. Thought of this time, the people nodded, sect Ze looked that the people agreed that his then said : „the present Cloud Sea Territory there situation has not then said that I looked at this, we and so on information, waited for Zhao Hai they to feed in information, we were making the decision, how did everybody think?” One hear of sect Ze had not said that now matter of assignment, they did not say anything, after all these time searched the merit that Sea Lord wanted is Zhao Hai, moreover after them, wanted to enter Cloud Sea Territory also to depend on Zhao Hai, at this time refuted with hundred treasure however is not the good matter, therefore the people selected.

sect Ze looked at people said : I to look that everybody did not want returned to own Interface to go, if Zhao Hai they had information, everybody must come is not, might as well in our here , etc., what kind of?” The people have not wanted to go back, information that their very clear, this time they receive time possibly is later than hundred treasure, because Zhao Hai is in itself Space Divergent Warlock , he can deliver from Cloud Sea Territory there the everyone/Great Clan jade sword, do deliver one not to be good alone? Therefore they also really want to stare in here, having a look at hundred treasure to obtain information compared with them quickly. sect Ze is also understand their such psychology, therefore makes them remain, he remains also to consider for himself these people, Zhao Hai told them ghost Spirit Race sends for rob and kill his matter, how sect Ze can swallow this tone, Zhao Hai now is hundred treasure treasure, your ghost Spirit Race wants rob and kill, worked as anything our hundred treasure, therefore sect Ze these time really strange Spirit Race kicked besides in them. If ghost Spirit Race received information, coming their here to look for trouble, there are these Immortal Stage Expert, he will speak also unyieldingly, lets these Immortal Stage Expert understand, ghost Spirit Race will not be good thing, they will want to snatch from our in hand hardly, by that time these Immortal Stage Expert feared will not need sect Ze to say will stand to refute with ghost Spirit Race. encampment here lived any Zhao Hai to be clear, but he has not worried, still careful was marching on the road, 15 days later, they arrived at Ye Zhou the surrounding finally. Reason that with such long time, because of their way too small heart, is too quick, therefore has used 15 talents to Ye Zhou the surrounding. They do not dare to leave Ye Zhoutai to be near, Ye Zhou here is the domain of Ye, Ye Jia looks is quite tight, is adding on here to be very near to the beast sea, will have some Cloud Beast to come attack frequently, therefore Ye has many patrol leaders in Ye Zhou here, naturally these patrol leaders in Ye Zhou inside patrol, will not have Ye Zhou. Zhao Hai had a wave they to transfer pretentiously for three days, this let a wave their short distance looked at Ye Zhou, saw the continent the appearance, a wave they were startled, they have not thought really that this white clouds continent unexpectedly was this appearance. Also transferred for two days in all around of continent, Zhao Hai then their said : this several days also transferred several days to the wave in Ye Zhou here, I have put Ye Zhou to come up Undead Creature, I presently on this Ye Zhou also really have a defense loophole, this defense loophole is Ye Zhou the southeast, there is a Cloud Fruit Tree forest, some although also people goes on patrol, but normally is actually few people goes, if we with the quickest degree to fruit trees there, have then used the quickest degree to build place Transmission Formation, possible not to use on the person with Ye Zhou. The conflict, can go back, opinion of everyone/Great Clan?” The wave they naturally will not have any opinion, they can have any opinion, these days Zhao Hai although gather round Ye Zhouzhuan, but actually leaves Ye Zhou to be very far, feared that on person by Ye Zhou present, as the matter stands a wave they do not have the means to see Ye Zhou the complete picture, is naturally impossible to know that the defense of there was weak.

Zhao Hai knows certainly that several people can be such response, a place that after that place that he chooses passes through Space has calculated repeatedly, obtains, there possibly cannot really by the person present. Must say that the situation of this white clouds continent also is really somewhat strange, the person lives on the white clouds continent, any matter will not have, moreover likes eating Cloud Fruit, Cloud rice and so on thing that the white clouds continent produces, is these Cloud Beast is actually likes eating the white clouds, will not actually eat these thing that on the white clouds continent produces, but these thing that in the white clouds continent produces eat besides the person, is white Cloud Beast likes eating. White Cloud Beast is different from Cloud Beast, Cloud Beast lives in Cloud Sea, but the white clouds cover live on this white clouds continent, that white little mouse that is Zhao Hai leads on that white clouds continent that sees in Guo, that is white Cloud Beast one type of. Cloud Sea Territory here person, generally direct massacres white Cloud Beast, because they this white Cloud Beast probably is not presently useful to them, will only eat Cloud Beast and so on thing. But that place that Zhao Hai chooses, is the orchard deep place, the orchard of Ye is very big, but Zhao Hai does not have present white Cloud Beast, good that very obviously Ye Jia manages, good that because manages, in adding on now Cloud Fruit also not maturely, therefore the deep place of that orchard little goes to the person, so long as Zhao Hai their movements are quick, can prepare formation within the shortest time, then returned to hundred treasure encampment. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;