Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1559

Chapter 484 Cloud Sea stir Also has prepared for day, actually does not have what good preparation, but had determined this Transmission Formation should be off Transmission to there, finally at the request of Zhao Hai, this Transmission Formation really meets goes to hundred treasure encampment. Zhao Hai made a wave they exercise several times this Transmission Formation Method, this prepared to start to take action. Zhao Hai is calculating the time, while in brain full is staring at the screen, on the screen is Ye Zhou the there situation, Zhao Hai these time really has not wanted to fight with the person of continent. Some little time Zhao Hai finally thinks that the conditions were ripe, he turns the head to the wave their said : I changes Yama Ship is now young, but this changes small cannot maintain too long time, our several people enter to Ye Zhouli, then uses quickest formation arrangement, my these time could not help, but you are certainly quick.” The wave they also nodded, their very clear, this Ye Zhouli may, not only two Immortal Stage Expert, if made that Immortal Stage Expert present really they, they were really don’t know how the successive died. Zhao Hai looked at the time, deep voice said : walked.” Said that his personal appearance moves, flies toward Ye Zhouli, but Yama Ship also shrink, turned into one meter long model, took in hand by Zhao Hai. Several people fast sneaked in Ye Zhou, has crashed directly in the Cloud Fruit garden, a depth enters to the Cloud Fruit garden about two li (0.5km), Zhao Hai then stopped, then turns the head to people said : quickly, immediately/on horseback.” The wave they do not dare to neglect, immediately starts to arrange Transmission Formation, but Zhao Hai obviously was underestimated the Cloud Sea Territory here Immortal Stage Expert strength, when Zhao Hai they just entered to the Cloud Fruit forest, Immortal Stage Expert immediately of Ye present Zhao Hai they. Departed ten Immortal Stage Expert from Ye Zhou there directly, direct Zhao Hai their here clashes, Zhao Hai also present these Immortal Stage Expert, in fact when these Immortal Stage Expert just moved he knew, Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but changes, then he turned the head some people to come to several people of said :, you in here formation arrangement, I kept off him, as soon as kept off.” What Zhao Hai does not dare they to mention with the wave is ten Immortal Stage Expert, because he feared that makes a wave they divert attention. Wave they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that some people came, cannot help but complexion changed, but has complied with one, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved departed the fruit trees, then Yama Ship immediately/on horseback enlarged, large quantities of Undead Creature appears in Yama Ship, simultaneously the Cannon on Yama Ship have prepared. Zhao Hai just enlarged Yama Ship, hears sound fierce said : where the petty people, dares to come my Ye noisy matter.” Zhao Hai has not actually made noise, direction that static look at that ten Immortal Stage Expert kill, quick that ten Immortal Stage Expert on appears in Zhao Hai front not far away, then each and every one face astonished look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai knows why these people of Ye stare, because of his appearance, looked that he knows he is not the Cloud Sea Territory person, but is the ten-thousand realms battlefield person, the person of Ye one wants presently in own domain unexpectedly appears legend the person in ten-thousand realms battlefield, naturally to stare. Zhao Hai has not actually gawked, but bowed said : senior to invite to these people, caught up to ask where here was? youngster fluttered for a long time in this Cloud Sea, the suddenly present place flushed, has not thought that astrays the senior boundary, asking senior to excuse me.” Zhao Hai said that to attract the attention, he also knows, a wave their there has soon completed, similarly, wave their movements also hide the truth from these Immortal Stage Expert, therefore Zhao Hai such a saying, strove rubbish first several with the person of Ye, then ran away directly.

However obviously these Immortal Stage Old Monster not to be trifled with of Ye, they probably present the plan of Zhao Hai, Immortal Stage Old Monster deep voice said : of Ye rubbish with him, they want to run, first seizes, was asking slowly.” These Immortal Stage Expert nods, the two throw toward Zhao Hai, the remaining several people actually they throw toward the wave. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, knows that cannot friendly, his immediately/on horseback wields, on Yama Ship the crackle of gunfire rings out at once, then fingers of bullets hit toward these Immortal Stage Expert. Ye the strengths of these Immortal Stage Expert are very good, but they actually to Zhao Hai very careful, therefore hears this shot, personal appearance cannot help but slow. Zhao Hai shouted the tone at heart, dark said : really!” Reason that Zhao Hai affirmed that these Immortal Stage Expert will be slow, because of him presently, Cloud Sea Territory here Immortal Stage Expert, on spiritual force cultivation level, probably compared with ten-thousand realms battlefield there Immortal Stage Expert in slightly some, otherwise these Immortal Stage Expert is impossible such quickly presently they, the position that Zhao Hai chooses, already to place far one of the Immortal Stage Expert practice, if ten-thousand realms battlefield there Immortal Stage Expert, but can also really not necessarily presently they. But Cloud Sea Territory these Immortal Stage Expert actually present they, that has an explanation, Cloud Sea Territory Immortal Stage Expert, on spiritual force, be higher than ten-thousand realms battlefield Immortal Stage Expert. However also because their spiritual force are higher than ten-thousand realms battlefield there Immortal Stage Expert, therefore they stopped, because they presently the attack strength of these shell and bullet is not unexpectedly weak, first bullet the strength of attack strength unexpectedly Divided Spirit Stage Expert, but the attack strength of first shell, almost equivalent to Immortal Stage Expert strikes conveniently. The spear|gun and artillery that original Zhao Hai uses do not have such big Might, but now join cloudy Yang lightning pond of Zhao Hai in these bullets, because the bullet is very small, the cloudy Yang lightning pond should not have Might such, but now Zhao Hai they actually in Cloud Sea Territory here, moreover on the white clouds continent, Zhao Hai presently own cloudy Yang lightning pond can wield a more formidable strength in here, therefore attack of these bullet and shell will be formidable. Because his these bullets and shells are so formidable, therefore these Immortal Stage Expert will stop, must know that Zhao Hai this attack caused 2000 cannon and near hundred thousand spear|guns. Such attack is these Immortal Stage Expert does not dare to meet hardly, naturally, if they if spells is being injured, can rush to a wave their there they to give to tidy up the wave, but Zhao Hai will bet these Immortal Stage Expert not to do, because these Immortal Stage Expert must be pitied itself compared with general Expert. Really, Zhao Hai this time was to bet right, these Ye the movements of Immortal Stage Expert gawked, then several every wielded, in hand appears of everyone two Great Blade, then their two Great Blade dances, one group of blade light directly have protected their bodies in middle, very intensive of this blade light dance, the water could not sprinkle into. This is also Cloud Sea Territory here Immortal Stage Expert and ten-thousand realms battlefield there Immortal Stage Expert different place, ten-thousand realms battlefield there Immortal Stage Expert, almost will not be taking two blades with the person close combat, but Cloud Sea Territory here no matter other Immortal Stage Expert level Expert, they are almost the close combats. The fire on Yama Ship not to stop is firing outward, but Immortal Stage Expert of that several Ye, is actually dancing the blade, advancement ahead bit by bit. Has made the fifth round fire to Zhao Hai, a wave voice transmission gives Zhao Hai said : mister, good.”

Zhao Hai nod of gently, the Yama Ship fire has not stopped, instead to has struggled, after having made three shells one after another, Zhao Hai fierce waving, Yama Ship changes is instantaneously small, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, returned to on Transmission Formation, a wave they had already prepared, looked that Zhao Hai returned to Transmission Formation their immediately started Transmission Formation, flash of white light, Zhao Hai they vanished in in the formation, but at this time these Immortal Stage Expert of Ye just arrived at the Transmission Formation nearby. white light on Transmission Formation just vanished, entire Transmission Formation has blasted out on with a bang sound, cannot be looking at this Transmission Formation is any appearance. Immortal Stage Expert cold sound said : that Ye Jia leads quick, immediately/on horseback calls the elder in Clan, simultaneously announced this matter outward that this ten-thousand realms battlefield feared is the future is bad.” Immortal Stage Expert of several other Ye nodded, they are not the fools, really by the Zhao Hai those words deceiving, in their opinion, Zhao Hai they were very likely deliberate early, in other words, the person in ten-thousand realms battlefield, had found entered the border to the Cloud Sea Territory method, moreover started to take action. Thinks of here, Immortal Stage Expert complexion of these Ye are not quite attractive, but this matter relationship is significant, Ye knows the matter about ten-thousand realms battlefield, after all the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person, before caught ten-thousand realms battlefield Immortal Stage Expert, had some understanding regarding ten-thousand realms battlefield there, they also know ten-thousand realms battlefield there person strength formidable, if ten-thousand realms battlefield person, really to Cloud Sea Territory, then regarding Cloud Sea Territory is not the good matter. Ye here information spreads, entire Cloud Sea Territory has caused a stir, to Ye Jia jin these Great Clan, immediately runs up to Ye here incoming signal to ask the situation, after getting affirmative answer, went into the Cloud Fruit forest to look at Zhao Hai to blow up the Transmission Formation place, there could not see anything to come now, the white clouds continent here white clouds, already some traces of ground covering, however also had been blown up in Transmission Formation nearby Cloud Fruit Tree much, many can see a trace. They cannot certainly see anything to come, to move the manpower to search in all around, was any clue had not found, nobody has seen Zhao Hai they, beast in the sea Cloud Beast did not have an appearance of reduction, Zhao Hai they probably to fall from Milky Way, then walked from Ye Jia. If not Cloud Fruit garden there of Ye truly destroyed very if serious, feared that will be some people will not believe Ye Jia. But is this, they more feel surprised. Cloud Sea Territory here because of own reason, they do not have the means to expand outward, does not have the means to go to ten-thousand realms battlefield there, that Immortal Stage Expert that therefore they came after present the ten-thousand realms battlefield, can go all out inquired that ten-thousand realms battlefield matter, is to know that the ten-thousand realms battlefield there situation, feared the person who ten-thousand realms battlefield will hit. But was afterward good long some time, they in have not seen the ten-thousand realms battlefield person, therefore also relaxed, thinks person who this will not see for a lifetime the ten-thousand realms battlefield. Has not actually thought that now suddenly saw, was in this manner, at once entire Cloud Sea Territory causes a stir. To stir that Cloud Sea Territory here causes, Zhao Hai is also knows that when their personal appearance appears on Transmission Formation of hundred treasure, are responsible for guarding the Transmission Formation person obviously stares, then loudly shouted said : Little Hai to come back, Little Hai came back!” Zhao Hai look at this fellow who opens mouth to shout, cannot help but secretly smiles at heart, this guard Transmission Formation person, a normally uncommunicative appearance, actually has not always thought talent that he also really a little acts in a play, performance lifelike of such. Before Zhao Hai, has come back one time, that guard Transmission Formation person naturally cannot really so surprised, he such called, installed completely. The wave their actually don’t know these, look one returned to ten-thousand realms battlefield here, cannot help but let out a long breath, finally safely came back, regarding them, the time that just these Immortal Stage Expert of Ye threw, they felt really ten thousand anxiety, think one must keep Cloud Sea Territory there, now finally comes back.

Zhao Hai looked at a wave their eyes, turns the head I to return to blue tree star to that guard Transmission Formation person said : first, immediately comes back.” Said that changed to nearby Transmission Formation, has adjusted Transmission Formation, bringing Yama Ship to return to the blue tree star, he such did to give a wave them looked, for must make a wave they believe that he was delivers these children. After Zhao Hai vanishes, that guard Transmission Formation person several to wave several people of said :, please come with me, the various Realm elder is in wait for you.” The wave stares, „you were says the various Realm elders to that person of said : in we? Has our Puppet Realm elder?” That person smiles said : to have, besides Ghost Spirit Realm, several elders, moreover wait for you many days, came with me quickly.” The wave they do not dare to neglect, immediately went to Cave Mansion of back side of the mountain with that person. But they just shortly after leave, Zhao Hai on appears in Transmission Formation, then slowly walks toward the back side of the mountain, he naturally must go to Cave Mansion of back side of the mountain, but actually cannot go is so quick. Zhao Hai this has met all the way also many hundred treasure cultivator, these people greeted with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also greeted with them, these people were well aware what's the matter, actually must this play continuously developed, because of their very clear, now encampment here, but many other Immortal Stage elders, if these Immortal Stage elders, looked at their with spiritual force, possibly present flaw, therefore they were coordinating Zhao Hai to act in a play. Before long Zhao Hai arrived at Cave Mansion there of back side of the mountain, that Cave Mansion outside has two Divided Spirit Stage Expert to protect, sees Zhao Hai, two immediately/on horseback said : Little Hai, goes in quickly, the elder is waiting for you.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, walks toward inside. Entered Cave Mansion to look, sect Ze, Mu Tianbo also had the several other Realms Immortal Stage elders , a wave they were standing in there, accepted inquiring of several elders. Zhao Hai just through Space knows that several elders asked wave their anything, nothing but is this story all the way, but the wave they have been closed by Zhao Hai, naturally cannot have any story, but wave they to highlight own contribution, before was asking Zhao Hai, has arranged one set of excuse with their together, specifically is used to deal with these elders, therefore their present excuses to are the same, not appears any careless mistake. ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;