Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1560

Chapter 485 retardation time These Immortal Stage elders are also similar regarding inquiring of Zhao Hai, because before , has arranged, the reply of Zhao Hai is also watertight. sect Ze and Mu Tianbo also look like that a matter has carried on inquiring to Zhao Hai, actually they have suppressed the intestines that smiles to suppress quick break. sect Ze and Mu Tianbo know certainly that these are Zhao Hai make, they will feel like this funny. Waits for after routine inquiring, sect Ze asked Zhao Hai all person issues of concern, before sect Ze look at Zhao Hai said : you said that must take down Ye Zhou there Transmission Formation, what kind of? Did you take down?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, I have written down, I can arrange Ye Zhou there Transmission Formation at any time, but the elder, I do not suggest to go to Cloud Sea Territory there now, because this time our motions present, Cloud Sea Territory there certainly is at fully the condition of alert, I think us should now calm, if passed now, to walks into a trap on equal to, will welcome the opposite party most intense counter-attack.” As soon as the several other Realms Immortal Stage elder listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but knitting the brows head, because they thought Zhao Hai this saying said was somewhat excessive, moreover they also think that by the Zhao Hai status, said such words, was some is not quite really appropriate, in their opinion, some Zhao Hai although reputations, however in front of sect Ze and Mu Tianbo such elder said that such words, was some is not quite obviously appropriate, if this in them, had that junior to dare before them saying that like this, was already given to reprimand by them exited. But now the elders of these elder times, are waiting actually also to look at the Zhao Hai joke, in their opinion, like the Zhao Hai such lawless later generation, must tidy up to be good well. However stems from they several people of anticipation, after sect Zeting Zhao Hai words, not the appearance of any vitality, but nodded said : „, you quite knew about Cloud Sea Territory there that this matter must listen your, our here can start to get ready, but will not dispatch troops to Cloud Sea Territory in a short time.” sect Ze a such saying, other Immortal Stage Expert gawked, sect Ze actually has not been angry, this stemmed from their unexpected. sect Ze turned the head to look at other elder said : now we just to know the Cloud Sea Territory there situation, what can affirm, Cloud Sea Territory there Expert has plenty, we wanted to attack Cloud Sea Territory to need to make the completely safe preparation, what most important was, we must let our rear areas at the absolute safety condition, otherwise waited for us to attack Cloud Sea Territory, moreover our backyards were actually on fire, when the time comes we have to come back, that may be our losses.” One hear of sect Ze said that the several other Realms elder also nodded, sect Ze looked at several people of one, then beckoned with the hand said : you to get down to Zhao Hai several people first, your rewards cannot be short, rest.” Several people nodded turn around to walk, Zhao Hai is no exception.

Just reason that Zhao Hai must speak these words, is also sect Ze they reaches an agreement, they have sent ten thousand people toward Cloud Sea Territory there now, but Cloud Sea Territory there currently really has some chaotic , some anxious, happen to Zhao Hai can let Zhe Jun and Li Jiang they inquired that Cloud Sea Territory there situation, prepared completely safe, when the time comes they were dispatching troops. Moreover sect Ze said that must sweep clean backyard, this is not also cracking a joke, hundred treasure present enemies are many, the biggest enemy naturally is Weave Fire Clan, but Weave Fire Clan should draw the previous lesson now, does not dare to begin easily, but this did not represent hundred treasure to be safe, do not forget hundred treasure present also to have an enemy, ghost Spirit Race. Ghost Spirit Race this does not have what enmity with hundred treasure, but currently had, ghost Spirit Race attack Zhao Hai, that becomes enemies with hundred treasure, but hundred treasure these time proposed that does not make ghost Spirit Race participate in the Cloud Sea Territory matter, was really strange Spirit Race kicks their this alliances on equal to, by the ghost Spirit Race disposition, will certainly not let off hundred treasure, if hundred treasure their immediately went to Cloud Sea Territory to begin, the ghost Spirit Race these fellow will hold back in behind certainly, by that time hundred treasure also troubles. This matter ghost Spirit Race can do absolutely, ghost Spirit Race is that type, you do not make me good, I will not let the disposition that you feel better absolutely, if ghost Spirit Race if drags all people, that did not have what good worry, but ghost Spirit Race possibly will not do, because such has violated the popular anger, therefore ghost Spirit Race most likely on is, only pulls hundred treasure the hind legs, regarding this situation, other feared that will be not the tube, counter- to be will stand in one side looks at the joke, so long as hundred treasure with ghost Spirit Race. The conflict, that will have made hundred treasure divert attention, when the time comes Cloud Sea Territory there has receives, hundred treasure few minute of many, other can many points of some, this matter definitely be possible to live. By hundred treasure present strengths, must cope with Weave Fire Clan, that surely does not have any assurance, Interface that therefore they must cope with now has one, ghost Spirit Race. After sect Ze and Mu Tianbo they discussed that decided to let Zhao Hai and Mu Yu first in Cloud Sea Territory there show hidden Cloud village , but they in here to meeting ghost Spirit Race, so long as really strange Spirit Race tidying up, them in has coped with Cloud Sea Territory there honestly, did not have the extra worries. although said also Weave Fire Clan, but Weave Fire Clan previous time after hundred treasure suffered a loss, the situation is a little not wonderful, five side Upper Realm several other Realms starts to be ready to make trouble, Weave Fire Clan successive there is also the war repeatedly, this makes Weave Fire Clan not have the time to manage hundred treasure temporarily, after all hundred treasure domains , was also not Weave Fire Clan has managed many years of place, they by oneself in hand domain give priority to. Because subscribing has gotten down such plan, therefore sect Zecai will decline attacks the Cloud Sea Territory time, simultaneously these days they also increased the relation with several other Realms, has established ally relationship officially. But information that Zhao Hai they return to is impossible to conceal the truth, the ghost Spirit Race person is not a fool, looked that Zhao Hai they came back joyfully, only then they person has not come back, there returns don’t know what's the matter, rob and kill Zhao Hai the person before adding on had not come back, but Zhao Hai actually safe to looking out Hornberg there, all these all has indicated that their motions were defeated, moreover by hundred treasure presently, in recent time several movements, might have relationship with hundred treasure very much. The ghost Spirit Race person also thinks that hundred treasure their this times search the sea possibly to have anything to harvest, but actually cannot affirm, the people who before searched the sea have not come back, they naturally also on don’t know in the sea were any situations, now Zhao Hai they came back, but Zhao Hai they will not tell the ghost Spirit Race the in the sea situation, because of this, therefore ghost Spirit Race started to be terribly suspicious and fearful, and full traced this matter.

But Zhao Hai actually has not managed that many now, Mingyi who he already to close up went to Cloud Sea Territory there, the ten-thousand realms battlefield here matter, gives sect Ze their these old fogies to process. Mu Yu has assumed personal command in hidden Cloud village here, although in Cloud Sea Territory makes now noisily, but hidden Cloud village here actually still calm, nobody comes here to examine that even the Cloud Sea Territory person had forgotten also has existence of hidden Cloud village . But now hidden Cloud village here also does not look like that calm, this calm is not the external force brings, but is hidden Cloud village brings. This calm did not mean hidden Cloud village interior appears any contradiction, but was appears in Zhe Jun and Li river, Zhe Jun and Li Jiang beforehand strength was not much, reason that they can call the wind and summon the rain in hidden Cloud village , the main reason be because Zhao Hai trusted them, the hidden Cloud village here person obeyed their leadership, might as well said what they obeyed was the leadership of Zhao Hai. However this situation had the change in nearest/recent, the growth that Zhe Jun and strength in recent time of Li river flies, they became Expert of Infant Stage time to the present. This makes other people in hidden Cloud village feel very strange, afterward Zhe Jun when chatted with the person, mentioned that Zhao Hai had the one type of ability, can help them improve Cloud Beast, after changing mark Cloud Beast, strength formidable, can be more to Spiritual Qi that Master provided, this was the basis that they become stronger. This hidden Cloud village caused a sensation, in the hidden Cloud village here person, did not report anything to hope to own life before, therefore Zhao Hai can that relaxed control hidden Cloud village . Moreover the person in hidden Cloud village , majority of compelling hidden Cloud village comes by these Great Clan, has a grudge with these Great Clan, hope that in their opinion, oneself have not revenged, but with Zhao Hai, actually some hopes of revenging, because has such idea, therefore these talented people with hiring oneself Zhao Hai, but in fact they regarding their practice, were not reporting anything to hope. However Zhe Jun and change of Li river, actually looked by them in the eye, Zhe Jun and practice innate skill of Li Jiang two people are not good, but the progress of two person in recent time were extremely were really astonishing, but all these because of Zhao Hai, this let these people originally already the calm non- wave heart, in one time turned the dreadful rough sea waves! That cultivator will not have been glad to mediocrely, the cultivator practice, originally is goes against heaven's will, but good matter, if they are glad to mediocrely, will not arrive today. But afterward they arrived at hidden Cloud village here, here although also has thing that the practice uses, the origin that but they receive has actually been short, the cultivator practice, money is very essential, without money, you have not practiced medicine pill that uses, without money, you do not have good weapon, therefore the hearts of these people also slowly was cold.

However Zhe Jun and change of Li river, let their excited, they saw a road probably, to step to success. But Zhao Hai has not disappointed them, Zhao Hai starts afterward in hidden Cloud village here cloth all kinds of duty, so long as these people have completed duty, will obtain certain person points, when their points have sufficed, Zhao Hai can weapon, even helps them improve Cloud Beast, can make them go to hundred treasure there to close up! Reason that Zhe Jun and Li Jiang have the present strength, besides improved Cloud Beast , because they went to hundred treasure in encampment to close up, that was double practice, this regarding cultivator, the enticement was too big. Because knew these, these Cloud Sea Territory cultivator, regarding completes, they who duty of Zhao Hai cloth can go all out did not fear that Zhao Hai cloth duty are many, conversely, Zhao Hai, if non- cloth duty, they will be disappointed. ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;