Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1561
Chapter 486 Cloud Mountain Milky Way Outside Mu Yu look at these in busy Cloud Sea Territory cultivator, let out a long breath, are turning the head to look at one to stand in Zhao Hai, laughs said : Little Hai, your youngster this move is really high, such quickly lets these fellow little darlings has been obedient, moreover later they gradually adapted to this life, even if were complete merge to our hundred treasure, such future will be our hundred treasure withdraws the person, they will be also loyal and devoted to our hundred treasure, have such only team, that our hundred treasure on equal to were forever has laid down root nail/saboteur in Cloud Sea Territory here, Good matter, excellent matter.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : these people to hire oneself I, I cannot a point said did not have, now gives them duty, so long as they will complete duty to be rewarded, this wasn't good?” Mu Yu smiles said : „, good, your duty also are really very good, now we have basically known about all around situation, this is the excellent matter.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this is only some preliminary duty, when later duty became a lot, moreover can lead to go to ten-thousand realms battlefield there them, gave them some duty.” Mu Yu shows a faint smile, turns the head said : why this is you must the reason that in people remove?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „the person to remove , because this hidden Cloud village is unsafe, our two keep here to be good, if in people keep here, if the Cloud Sea Territory person examined that will be what kind of? The people are too many easily are seen the careless mistake.” Mu Yu nodded said : this to arrive is really an issue, I have not thought before really that these Cloud Sea Territory people can find here to come really? These many days did not have.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to provide against contingencies, these Cloud Sea Territory people now nearby the respective questioning own domain, there tube on hidden Cloud village here.” Zhao Hai said that is not speaks irresponsibly, previous time he when Immortal Stage Expert of Ye there and Ye begins, has left behind many Liquid Silver needles in there, all has been to the person of Ye, their bodies had been put the Liquid Silver needle by Zhao Hai, but these person of leave Ye, naturally also brought returned to the Liquid Silver needle their Clan, as the matter stands Zhao Hai can more white clouds continent income to own domain. In adding on the Cloud Sea Territory here person, in the interconnection, together looks about Zhao Hai these days their clue, therefore dealings very frequent, Zhao Hai the white clouds continent of income to Space, feared that now had over a thousand to be many, this was also only approaches north Cloud Sea Territory this white clouds continents.

These white clouds continents vary, big seems looks like a piece very complete Continent, such as a village town is ordinary, but those who make Zhao Hai surprised is, on the big white clouds continent, within however has the mountain to have the water, the mountain of this white clouds continent is also Cloud Mountain, this Cloud Mountain looks like looks like one group of Bai Mian same pile in there, but that water is actually silver white Dao River classes, seems like the mercury is the same. Zhao Hai had asked Zhe Jun they, Zhe Jun also don’t know what's the matter, instead to is Li Jiang knows, Li Jiang Clan originally is also the life on one big white clouds continents, he told Zhao Hai, but on some specially big white clouds continents will have the mountain to have the water, on that mountain can grow all kinds of Cloud Herb, must mention to the practice of person comes beneficially, Cloud rice and Cloud vegetables can't compare with Cloud Herb. But that water has a very name of pleasant to hear, called Milky Way, the water of this Milky Way was actually undrinkable, the Cloud Sea Territory here person, did not need to drink water from infancy to maturity, sometimes ate some Cloud Fruit or Cloud vegetables has been OK, Cloud Fruit and Cloud vegetables this thing, was the fat and tender juiciness, ate does not need to drink water. If who has drunk the water of Milky Way by mistake, then congratulates you, you have drawn a prize-winning ticket, three days of times, your body mist bit by bit, finally will change into the white clouds, becomes part that lives you to raise your on the white clouds continent that. This Milky Way water although cannot drink, but waters Cloud Fruit with this Milky Way water, Cloud rice or Cloud Herb this class thing, will make these thing long is better, moreover big shortens their mature time , because of this, therefore these Great Clan on some big white clouds continents, have their Medicine Garden, he produces in Medicine Garden plants Cloud Herb, then the day makes the person water, this Cloud Herb long very quick, long very good. But the common small white clouds continent will not have the mountain to have the water, the small white clouds continent looks like the pieces flat land, only then the big white clouds continent will have the mountain to have the water. This white clouds continent so special, to is makes Zhao Hai feel new and odd, but does not have no relationship, Zhao Hai has given Cloud Herb that found to receive in Space these now some, these Cloud Herb anything, to do not have the issue, Space to divide to pity the ingredient, can divide to pity the method of use, this arrives lets a Zhao Hai joy. However water of income that Milky Way to Space , is the same with these white clouds, wants to know that this rain specific ingredient that is possible, but the application method of this rain, Zhao Hai to is makes to experiment, irrigates crops in Space with this water, these crops can also increase the crops growth rate unexpectedly, but makes Zhao Hai feel what has different is, these were irrigated rain crops, finally slowly has actually grown into addition an appearance, looks like Cloud Sea Realm here plants is the same, slowly probably becomes the white clouds composes is the same, but well is actually has not changed in the drug efficacy of these medicine., But also a little slight increase. However is so, Zhao Hai does not dare to abuse that water to irrigate plants in Space, but those who make Zhao Hai strangeer is, if the water enters Space, by Spatial Water to the assimilation absorption, will be that this silver rain in the clouds actually not, he will be complete ** beside Spatial Water, this will let Zhao Hai very curious, but will not actually be able to get to the root of the reason, finally can only turn over to the chronic illness, this water had not been analyzed by Space, therefore cannot melt in Spatial Water. Those who make Zhao Hai accidental is, not only Spatial Water does not have the means to fuse this type of rain, Bubble this by the Space localization is the fellow of mother of Myriad Water, cannot be what kind of that water, does not have the means to absorb that water, finally Zhao Hai must give up to this Spatial Water research. In original Zhao Hai Space has made big white clouds, Zhao Hai decided finally that the water of this Milky Way puts in that white clouds, then puts out some Space medicinal herbs seed, plants to the white clouds, had a look to meet President not to leave thing, what grow out thing was.

Naturally, these matter Zhao Hai are gives Cai'er to do generally, these time is no exception, he gives Cai'er to do these matters, but he actually continuously sends duty through Zhe Jun and Li Jiang to these people, duty of these people are understanding this all around situation as far as possible, what change pays attention to this all around these Great Clan to have, having a look at these Great Clan to have the military strength to transfer. although mentioned the hidden Cloud village here person, was some offended other Great Clan people, they hid in here do not dare to exit, but these people had some characteristics, they offended was some to hidden Cloud village quite far Great Clan, this hidden Cloud village nearby Great Clan, they did not have one to offend, because they, if offended these Great Clan, these Great Clan will certainly chase down them to hidden Cloud village here. Reason that their normally has hidden when hidden Cloud village here , because among these Great Clan has the communication, after they fear, will run into these Great Clan people, moreover among these Great Clan will also issue a warrant for arrest these criminals, has is the person helps these Great Clan kill them, therefore they can only hide in hidden Cloud village here. However now is different, now entire Cloud Sea Territory in tracing the hidden Cloud village matter, that also has the thoughts to manage their these fellows, therefore all around these fellows dare to run up to inquire the situation. Collects information with these Cloud Sea Territory people, Zhao Hai they were also more relaxed, moreover obtained the massive useful situations, now the beast sea protected there several Great Clan to start to four to strike to carry on to examine, it is estimated that will use how long not to look up hidden Cloud village here. However Zhao Hai was not worried that they in Transmission Formation anything of hidden cloud here arrangement, already hid, but he gives these cultivator weapon, has used monster beast bone and white clouds in Space carries on the refinement, even if were obtained by others, only thinks that is refines with one type of special cloud beast bone, no big deal. In adding on Zhao Hai has carried on the camouflage on that weapon, others want to see anything to come on weapon are impossible. But Cloud Sea Territory here weapon, after refining to be successful, looks like also probably is made of metal, will not have the slight flaw. In fact when Zhao Hai hidden Cloud village here regards a base, has thought will have such one day, after all Cloud Sea Territory person not compared with the ten-thousand realms battlefield there person, ten-thousand realms battlefield there arrives at Cloud Sea Territory here, that is two eyes discredits, Zhao Hai did not say that hidden Cloud village matter, the ten-thousand realms battlefield other person, is very difficult to know that existence of hidden Cloud village , such hidden Cloud village this base can for a long time maintain. However Zhao Hai thinks that this is not quite safe, he now accurate manufacture one set of big formation, this set of formation is comprised of 38 formation flag and formation disk, he has one to do to use, has the one type of Space refraction the function, protected at this time hidden Cloud village , all wants to enter the hidden Cloud village person, can unconscious change another direction, making their simply unable to find hidden Cloud village . All wants to enter the hidden Cloud village person, must have Identifier Cloud Token that Zhao Hai gives to be good, this can maximum limit protect good hidden Cloud village . But this set of formation is not the direct arrangement on hidden Cloud village , but is the arrangement in hidden Cloud village all around cloud in the sea, this can better protection good hidden Cloud village .

Reason that Zhao Hai wants to design such this formation flag , because the Cloud Sea Territory here situation is quite special, a ten-thousand realms battlefield there various Realm people arrived at Cloud Sea Territory here, can only be on the white clouds continent moves, even if the leave white clouds continent, cannot walk is too far, moreover was saying in the sea, their spiritual force will also be suppressed, wants in presently this set of formation, that to be difficult, this was more impossible presently hidden Cloud village . But the Cloud Sea Realm here person, wanting this set of Magical Artifact not to be presently easy, although their spiritual force strive to excel compared with the person of ten-thousand realms battlefield, but they in Cloud Sea Territory cannot flight too long time, add on hidden Cloud village here originally nobody to be willing to come dull, therefore Zhao Hai believes that the Cloud Sea Territory person is impossible presently this formation. So long as this formation arranges successfully, hidden Cloud village will be safe. ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;