Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1562

Chapter 487 rice three young ladies Reason that Zhao Hai does not have to arrange this formation in the hidden Cloud village nearby now , because now was extremely sensitive, after Zhao Hai wants waits for the person to examine the satisfying Cloud village situation, in arranging this formation, believes after these people examine the satisfying Cloud village situation, for a long time in appears , at that time will not have arranged formation to be just right. If at this time this formation to the arrangement, that certainly will cause the vigilance of all around person, hidden Cloud village although had forgotten by the Cloud Sea Territory person desirably, but has not forgotten, this Zhao Hai their appears , regarding the vibration of Cloud Sea Territory were really too big, Cloud Sea Territory will not let off any place, therefore hidden Cloud village here they will look up certainly. If on arrangement formation, that will certainly bring to the attention of these people at this time, if they send out some Immortal Stage Expert to come the hidden Cloud village here examination, possibly presently this formation, if by them presently this formation, that certainly will be found the way to break, moreover they will also guess correctly hidden Cloud village here certainly to have the matter, because hidden Cloud village here situation these Great Clan have some understanding, by the strength of hidden Cloud village here person, are impossible to arrange such formation. When so long as all around Great Clan examined, hidden Cloud village here will be safe, when the time comes Zhao Hai can arrange formation, when the after person of ten-thousand realms battlefield attacked, that all around Great Clan could not attend to hidden Cloud village here, if all around several white clouds continents by the ten-thousand realms battlefield occupying, that hidden Cloud village security. Because feared that directs ~ has the suspicions of these Great Clan, therefore Zhao Hai has not arranged that formation at this time. A reason has not arranged the formation primary cause Zhao Hai to the present, that is the manufacture of this formation, but spends the time. This formation is not existing formation, but was Zhao Hai suddenly has produced such one type of idea, formation that then wants to manufacture, this law in the formation surface included the white clouds ingredient, can absorb nearby dark clouds to give formation to provide energy automatically, simply does not choose a person to formation increase energy, moreover Space refraction that he had, was all-around, but you will actually not feel that you felt you to the forward flight, will not be feeling to having the feeling of transformation, appoints the instrument not means presently. Because of Zhao Hai so many requests, therefore was Universal Machine also has analyzed good long time, designed this set of formation to come, the manufacture was colored a lot of time has been completed, Zhao Hai to nearest/recent, has also manufactured this set of formation successfully, reason before adding on, therefore has not arranged this set of formation Zhao Hai to the present. Actually Zhao Hai does not give these Cloud Sea Territory cultivator to arrange duty, how many white clouds continents he can also understand around this situations on that but such was too conspicuous, if Mu Yu asked that his these information can come? Can't he always deceive with Undead Creature? That may not can be justified, therefore he changed to this way, the expense many thing, have actually been able an existence better hideaway of Space, moreover can let these Cloud Sea Territory cultivator, has the one type of sense of belonging to hundred treasure, with happy, but is not. Now all around several influences, start to carry on to investigate to their all around, moreover these influences the scopes of investigation, slowly approaches toward hidden Cloud village here. Zhao Hai already present this point, therefore he also gave hidden Cloud village here cultivator to arrange duty, making them pretend anything not to have the fresh appearance, coordinated the investigations of these people. First what arrived at hidden Cloud village nosing is Mi Clan of Cloud rice township, Mi Clan to hidden Cloud village nearest/recent, runs to nose first. Before the Mi Clan person must come hidden Cloud village , Zhao Hai knew, information that his immediately Mi Clan must come told Zhe Jun them, Zhe Jun they have also been ready, momentarily is waiting for the arrival of Mi Clan. Mi Ru Yan is the Mi Clan three three young ladies, Mi Clan is Great Clan, but three compares to have one of the influence, the Mi Ru Yan this three young lady's strength is not bad, now is Divided Spirit Stage Expert, Mi Clan no matter that bullet, no matter male is female, to certain age, will have been assigned some assignment, this assignment varies, has advantages and disadvantages, but this Miss Mi Ru Yan by minute to but assignment originally good, she is responsible for Cloud rice township northeast stand guard, nothing, like this on having the massive time was used to practice, under the hand/subordinate was alright. Is managing many people, therefore she crosses is relaxed comfortable.

However after Zhao Hai their appears , the rice three young ladies' auspicious days was to the end, entire Mi Clan entered the 1st level defense readiness condition, Mi Ru Yan must lead the person to go on patrol personally. Passed for ten days, a person's shadow presently, Clan then has not actually spread the order, making them examine toward north, having a look at hidden Cloud village there to have the ten-thousand realms battlefield person. The Cloud Sea Territory person does not believe the person who ten-thousand realms battlefield arrived at here a drop point not to have, they caught before Immortal Stage Expert of that ten-thousand realms battlefield said that Cloud Sea regarding the ten-thousand realms battlefield there person, affected even bigger. Therefore the Cloud Sea Territory here person, must look up the trace of ten-thousand realms battlefield there person, must start from each white clouds continent, but Yun Jia toward north, was having a white clouds continent, was hidden Cloud village . Mi Ru Yan knows regarding hidden Cloud village , but said of pleasant to hear hidden Cloud village there is some unimportant people of queering, moreover there although is near to the beast sea, but does not have what special product, was adding on to the beast sea was near, was easy to receive attack, therefore nobody has paid attention, she will not pay attention. However these time is related to entire Cloud Sea Territory, Mi Ru Yan also has to be careful that finally she decided she runs. Mi Clan although by producing rice give priority to, but the person in Clan once for a while goes to some capture Cloud Beast \; first, can save an expense, two can exercise the Clan juniors, therefore in Clan also has several cloud penetration ships. However Mi Clan the cloud penetration ship is not very big, Mi Clan although is Great Clan, because by producing Cloud rice give priority to, not very wealthily, the cloud penetration ship in Clan, biggest can also sit about hundred people a, this Mi Ru Yan altogether had five to carry hundred people of cloud penetration ships, directly soars hidden Cloud village . Zhao Hai and Mu Yu , hid, entire hidden Cloud village here turned into the original appearance, but now here person, by Zhe Jun and Li Jiang give priority to. Mi Ru Yan their cloud penetration ships enter to hidden Cloud village , sees person running away of hidden Cloud village in all directions, some flew into directly clouds in the sea, this arrived is makes Mi Ru Yan stare slightly, then complexion changed, must order to pursue these people. At this time followed a middle-aged person side Mi Ru Yan, looked at the Mi Ru Yan appearance, knows that she was thinking anything, his open the mouth and said: Three young ladies, did not need to pursue, these people were impossible to know anything, they were noticed that had the cloud penetration ship to arrive at here, ran away in fear, the here person almost offended some Great Clan, has to run up to here to come, their courage were not big, saw that had the cloud penetration ship to come, immediately will run, after hiding several days, will come back.” One hear of that middle-aged people said that Mi Ru Yan complexion then attractive a point, then she looked at all around one, knit the brows said : this hidden Cloud village not to be small, if who gave to occupy him, after that can have a foothold, perhaps slowly can become the second beast sea protects, why has nobody occupied?” That middle-aged person has smiled bitterly next step: Three young ladies, because the here position is very good, therefore nobody has been able to occupy, the beast sea protects there hundred to accumulate in a big way, inside goods compared with here entire, what most important is, the person of beast sea health/guard, does not want to make here be given to occupy.”

Mi Ru Yan one hear of that middle-aged people said that cannot help but said : doesn't want to be given to occupy? Why?” That middle-aged person said : this is the beast sea health/guard creates, if in going to beast sea place, only then a beast sea health/guard foothold, these want to go to the person of beast in the sea exploration, can only stop over in the beast sea health/guard, thing of all needs in beast sea Wei Mai, sometimes, some thing that gets so far as, in beast sea Wei Mai, these in these Great Clan to beast sea health/guard will bring the very enormous benefit, to maintain beast sea health/guard this falls Xie Dian unique, no matter who wants to seize hidden Cloud village here, three Great Clan will be will not agree..” Mi Ru Yan knit the brows said : that also to send for hidden Cloud village occupying, if three Great Clan hidden Cloud village occupying, they were also many a place?” That middle-aged person forced smile said : top three Great Clan has also thought that however other Clan actually do not do, they want to seize hidden Cloud village , three Great Clan do not let, three Great Clan must seize hidden Cloud village , they do not let, both sides fight several times in hidden Cloud village here, has the casualty mutually, finally simply gave up here, therefore hidden Cloud village here Transmission Formation does not have, afterward some the people of queering will run up to hidden Cloud village here to live, hidden Cloud village slowly has formed, but this becoming enlightened, three Great Clan approve, because hidden Cloud village here was occupied by the person are not many, moreover. The here person does not have the too strong ability, some thing that obtains, can only go to the beast sea to protect the there transaction, finally falls to three Great Clan in hand, because the hidden Cloud village here person does not dare to go to other place to trade, therefore the beast sea will protect there is very low, hidden Cloud village that slowly the price will press turned into this appearance.” Mi Ru Yan nodded, sighed said : „is also some poor men, they with being imprisoned to be the same in here, what freedom there also had to say, these haven't Great Clan come here to make an arrest? Didn't the here person offend some Great Clan? These will Great Clan such let off them?” Middle-aged person forced smile said : these Great Clan do not want to put must put, hidden Cloud village here person although offended these Great Clan people, however offends is not very serious, if these Great Clan come here to make an arrest, the here person runs toward beast in the sea, is one dies by these Great Clan capture in any case, runs up to beast in the sea, perhaps can also live, several Great Clan come here to grasp several times, but one presently this situation, they finally also give up.” Mi Ru Yan nodded, four looked at hidden Cloud village here one, deep voice said : looks like these ten-thousand realms battlefields people have not come here, was don’t know they around this is present anything, four uncles, found a person to ask.” Was called four men by Mi Ru Yan, is that middle-aged man, he is Mi Clan Steward, originally is not the Mi Clan person, is the Mi Clan children of domestic slaves, the generation is the Mi Clan servant, to his grandfather that generation, was bestowed the surname by Mi Clan is the rice, the whole family to Mi Clan is loyal and devoted, very important. Rice 41 hears of Mi Ru Yan said that nodded said : is, three young ladies, three young ladies, I in here also really knew that a person, this person of surnamed Li, the famous river, before was the wineshop banner Li Family person, afterward Li Family had exterminated the clan by Nie, only then a Li Jiang person ran away solitarily here, because Li Family before our Clan had dealings in some business, I also knew with Li Jiang father that relationship was very good, after Li Jiangtao to hidden Cloud village , has had the contact with me, often will go to our Cloud rice township to buy some rice, traded to hidden Cloud village here, I think that now he should in here, I call to ask him.” Mi Ru Yan nodded said : wineshop banner Li Family I to know that their family produce wineshop banner rice wine, the flavor is very good, what a pity finally was actually destroyed completely, the business of our family also came under some influences during that time, heard that Li Family does business is very just, such others, were destroyed completely for the benefit unexpectedly, really has somewhat was a pity that can help to help one, if he in called to ask.” The rice four complied with one, spiritual force has swept in hidden Cloud village , quick on present Li Jiang, Li Jiangzheng has hidden in their in the room, but has not actually escaped. Rice four immediately/on horseback said loudly: Li Jiang, comes out to see me.” Li Jiang hears this sound to stare, then immediately/on horseback ran from own in the room, flew toward the cloud penetration ship, sees the rice four, immediately/on horseback 41 bows said : to the rice Li Jiangjian four uncles, four uncles, you how? Welcome sit to below quickly.”

The rice four turned the head to look at Mi Ru Yan one, Mi Ru Yan had beckoned with the hand said : to say in here.” The rice four nodded, turns the head to Li Jiang said : Li Jiang, has seen three young ladies, three young lady some words must ask you, you must reply truthfully that can not conceal.” Li Jiang bows said : to see three young ladies to Mi Ru Yan hastily, does not know that three young ladies want to ask anything, Li Jiang certain knowledge said all.” Mi Ru Yan beckoned with the hand said : in nearest/recent Cloud Sea Territory the appears ten-thousand realms battlefield to come the matter of person, do you know?” Li Jiang nodded said : to know that in the past few days in hidden Cloud village some people went to the beast sea to protect there, heard this matter, the beast sea protects there to look up this matter now.” Did Mi Ru Yan nod said : your here appears the ten-thousand realms battlefield person? What perhaps does nearest/recent have presently? This does all around have the place that what does not suit?” Li Jiang shook the head said : our here definitely not to come the ten-thousand realms battlefield person, outside has any situation, I have not heard, I little go out, this matter I could not have reached an agreement, if the Little San elder sister permits, I find a person to come, three young ladies asked that he will not be certainly wrong.” Mi Ru Yan nodded said : to go to him to look, if can provide any valuable thing, layer on layer enjoys.” Li Jiangying, turn around flew, before long Zhe Jun brings Mi Ru Yan, Zhe Jun bows said : Zhe Jun to see three young ladies to Mi Ru Yan, please three young ladies deign to inquire!”...... ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;