Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1563

Chapter 488 my plan Mi Ru Yan look at shifty-eyed Zhe Jun cannot help but knitting the brows head, look at Li Jiang said : Li Jiang, this person really reliable?” Li Jiang quickly said: Please three young lady feel relieved, Zhe Jun is in hidden Cloud village the best hunter, Cloud Beast that these years he hunts for are most, although said Cloud Beast that he hunts for is not strongest Cloud Beast, but a little can actually affirm him, he to this all around environment is actually most familiar.” Mi Ru Yan look at Zhe Jun, deep voice said : Zhe Jun, I, and asked you, was Cloud Beast that you used what thing?” Zhe Jun one hear of Mi Ru Yan said that cannot help but then face ashamed said : returns to three young ladies' words, Yun Gui who the villain uses is Old Mouse.” One hear of Zhe Jun said Cloud Beast that he uses was actually Old Mouse, Mi Ru Yan cannot help but stayed, her look at Zhe Jun puzzled said : why do you want to use Old Mouse?” Zhe Jun complexion to was calm, his look at Mi Ru Yan, deep voice said : „, because villain old good Cloud Beast changed into Cloud rice and Cloud Wine.” Mi Ru Yan sighed at heart darkly, she knows now that in this hidden Cloud village was any situation, but she has not thought must help Zhe Jun, because Zhe Jun they offended the talented person to run up to here to come, if he has helped Zhe Jun, may offend the person who Zhe Jun they offended, then regarding Mi Clan was not the good matter. Mi Ru Yan thinks of here, nodded said : „saying that your can nearest/recent exit? This all around situation how?” Zhe Jun immediately/on horseback said : returns to three young ladies' words, villain nearest/recent exits to go hunting, but does not have what harvest, nearby this to does not have any situation, was without change with before.” Did Mi Ru Yan knit the brows said : really not any situation?” Zhe Jun affirmative nod said : of absolutely does not have any situation, villain that to dare to deceive three young ladies.”

Mi Ru Yan nodded, beckoned with the hand to rice four said : four uncles, enjoys him to select thing, it seems like here is really nothing, we go back.” The rice four have complied with one, put out the a piece Yun crystal to lose to Zhe Jun, a Zhe Jun face joyful received Yun crystal, received carefully. The rice four looked that does not look at Zhe Jun one, turns the head to Li Jiang said : Li Jiang, in the nearest/recent boundary the person who looks up the ten-thousand realms battlefield, if your here presently any useful clue, must tell me, Mi Clan will not treat unjustly your.” Li Jiang quickly said: Yes, please four uncle feel relieved, if there is a situation, I told certainly four uncles.” The rice four nodded, waved, ten cloud penetration ships transferred on hidden Cloud village , transferred ship to drive away. Li Jiang and Zhe Jun stood in same place look at leave fleet, Li Jiang deep voice said : you said slowly the beast sea did protect the there person to come? The people in several other places?” Zhe Jun shook the head said : this somewhat not to say really certainly, I heard the beast sea protects there listened to the information person saying that the beast sea protected there also to prepare our here to examine, but one was not having what sound, nearest/recent entire Cloud Sea Territory made the noisy person, among these big influences also strengthened certainly communicate, if did not have information of what matter to pass to the beast sea to protect there our here, I want they on, after all our here not to be the good place, we cannot treat it lightly.” Li Jiang nodded, sighed said : „to say lightly that this Mi Clan was good to me, if there are if possible, I to ask Young Master, can put a Mi Clan horse.” Zhe Jun turned the head to look at Li Jiang one eyes, nodded said : this matter you to think, even if were Young Master promises you to let off Mi Clan, Mi Clan can appreciate kindness rendered does not say, you should also know, Cloud Sea Territory here cultivator, regarding ten-thousand realms battlefield there cultivator, prejudice deep.” They just spoke of here, hears the Zhao Hai sound to transmit said : I to let off Mi Clan, but Mi Clan or rebel hundred treasure are good, we can trade with Mi Clan, after all come our hundred treasure to Cloud Sea Territory here, not only to kill people.” Zhe Jun and Li Jiang stare, turns the head to look that Zhao Hai and Mu Yu are standing in their, they are busy at saluting to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, to Li Jiang said : good, person who has the graciousness to you, you can also repaying a debt of gratitude, this be very good, when these days, several other influences, if in hidden Cloud village here, Li Jiang you have not been able to try to contact with Mi Clan, from one side understood that what under Mi Clan is meaning.” In Li Jiangyan flashes through an affected facial expression, will bow said : thanks Young Master to help to Zhao Hai, asking Young Master feel relieved, the villain not to make Mi Clan know that absolutely the Young Master matter, will not destroy the plan of Young Master.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : to go, first this pass/test had been saying.” Said that Zhao Hai and Mu Yu flew returned to in their Cloud house.

After they enter the room sits down, Mu Yu with a smile to Zhao Hai said : good Little Hai, if Li Jiangzhen can draw Mi Clan, then to our hundred treasure, but good matter.” Zhao Hai smiles bitterly was shaking the head said : to be very difficult, the Cloud Sea Territory here fellow, to the person who our ten-thousand realms battlefield comes, without a point good impression, to win over Mi Clan, is not that easy matter, Mi Clan is Great Clan, if they worked with us, did not have the means to base in Cloud Sea Territory here with the fear, for own Clan considered, they will not hire oneself our.” Mu Yu stares, then knits the brows said : that you also to make Li Jiang go to contact with Mi Clan? Can expose us?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not, Li Jiang is a person of being careful, he will not expose, Mi Clan cannot help him revenge, we can, therefore Mi Clan although has great kindness to him, but he will turn toward our, Li Jiang this person regarding Cloud Sea Territory here, understood compared with Zhe Jun that he appears in medium grade Clan, such person must win over before after all as far as possible, wins over him not only can obtain some information, but can also make others see, this is most key.” Mu Yu has smiled bitterly, shook the head said : these matters I actually not to think that it seems like was too long in the time in staying, he he, you said that several other influences can send for?” The meaning of Zhao Hai understand Mu Yu , Mu Yu is who, he is hundred treasure talents, was being favored by Mu Tianbo since childhood, in hundred treasure there, everybody flatters him, some arrogance are at heart unavoidable, as the matter stands also creates he did not have the means absolutely to grasp the psychology of Li Jiang their such person, in fact Mu Yu can achieve now this appearance, already very good. Zhao Hai smiles said : Big Brother Mu not to need to think, with Li Jiang they, but to let the Cloud Sea Territory person resists is slightly lighter, to be honest, even if big in our ten-thousand realms battlefield fully comes attack Cloud Sea Territory, can occupy the a piece domain to be good in here, wants to take Cloud Sea Territory, that is impossible, Cloud Sea Territory is not the soft persimmon, is adding on us behind also to have five side Upper Realm in eying covetously, therefore our these time attacks Cloud Sea Territory, its main point on is occupies a domain in Cloud Sea Territory here, in winning over some Cloud Sea Territory people, This in the future we will draw back the returned to ten-thousand realms battlefield, can obtain Cloud Sea Territory here thing, this time must cope with Ye, might the success, but thinks that was taking the beast sea health/guard, I looked very difficultly.” Why Mu Yu to by said : that Zhao Hai did say „? The beast sea protects there although to have three Great Clan, but we several Expert are also many, can take the beast sea health/guard people should not be the difficult matter?” Zhao Hai shakes the head forced smile said : to be very difficult, Big Brother Mu you forgot the beast sea to protect the here geographical position, the beast sea health/guard approached the beast sea, was enters the beast sea the last supply point, but what beast sea there were most was what? Cloud Beast, Cloud Beast regarding Cloud Sea Territory cultivator, is important, I believe that Mu Yu Big Brother you knew, but beast sea here Cloud Sea Territory cultivator in hand Cloud Beast important source, if this place had been fought by us, our equal to clouds the Sea Beast cultivator pulse seizing, Cloud Sea Territory cultivator will agree? Even if we can seize the beast sea health/guard in a short time, wish that the Cloud Sea Territory person can also go all out snatches, if our losses are too big, you think that several other Realms Clan can also insist?” Mu Yu does not make noise, he had not thought of this point before, this beast sea health/guard regarding Cloud Sea Territory cultivator was really too important, like important of medicine pill regarding cultivator, if the medicinal herbs sources of hundred treasure, were given to occupy, that hundred treasure also met the frantic attack. Thinks of here, Mu Yu cannot help but knit the brows said : „, if is really this, we also do attack Cloud Sea Territory to do? Now we have seized hidden Cloud village , wasn't this very good?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, if we occupy several place isn't it better? so long as does not occupy like the beast sea health/guard sensitive the place, I believe that Cloud Sea Territory these Great Clan will not go all out with us, but also a little, Big Brother Mu, if several other Realms Expert in the Cloud Sea Territory here massive losses . Moreover the losses of our hundred treasure not so are big, what do you want to live in ten-thousand realms battlefield there?” Mu Yu stares, then two eyes one bright, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : this is in plan?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, shook the head said : this is not in plan, but is I wants to come out, I had not told that to be honest, this plans although looks like good, but wants to carry out is actually very difficult, several other big are not the fools, if they the present situation is not right, may run away, therefore this plan may not succeed, but this plan has the successful possibility, so long as domain expansions of our hundred treasure bit by bit, sooner or later one day, we also will become to five side Upper Realm such existences.” The eye of Mu Yu was brighter, Zhao Hai the saying show to the Mu Yu itchy place, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here big, did not have one not to expand own influence, the expansion of influence, what brings is many practice commodities, but more commodities are representing many Expert, if hundred treasure can in their in hand, turn into five side Upper Realm like existence, that will be how a glory matter, one will think of here Mu Yu on feeling excited. The Zhao Hai look at Mu Yu appearance, shows a faint smile said : after a period of time, we told in several elders this plan, you said that several Elder Assembly won't agree?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Mu Yu one calm, his careful thinking said : I look will agree, this plan does not need to do extremely in obvious, even if the plan has not succeeded, several other Realms not necessarily presently, in very much might also agree.” Zhao Hai nodded with a smile. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;