Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1564

Chapter 489 sends a punitive expedition Elder, ghost Spirit Race send people to come, wants us to send to search the sea to them that cultivator death, gives explain/transfer, and requests us to punish Little Hai.” Tang Jie stands in the center hall, they are reporting to sect Ze, now center hall here may, not only sect Ze their five elders, but has the entire 50 elders, naturally, Mu Tianbo is also one in these 50 people. Tang Jie not goes to Cloud Sea Territory there with Mu Yu and Zhao Hai, although he also very much wants to go, but the Tang Tian graciousness has not made him go, because encampment here also really needs the manpower now, Cloud Sea Territory there had Zhao Hai and Mu Yu assumes personal command to be enough, Tang Jie must keep encampment here, the processing ghost Spirit Race matter. Reason that sect Ze and Mu Tianbo they will arrange such, must be hundred treasure fosters the talent, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu could assume sole responsibility for an important task now, Tang Jie also missed, therefore was kept encampment here. As soon as sect Ze listened to Tang Jie saying that deep voice said : did come is who?” Tang Jie deep voice said : Immortal Stage Expert, has arranged Cave Mansion, is resting.” sect Ze nodded, beckoned with the hand said : to go, first stood firm to me him.” Tang Jie complied with one, turn around walked. sect did Ze turn the head to look at people said : what idea everyone/Great Clan to have?” Mu Tianbo shows a faint smile said : to condemn is false, thinks that join is real, ghost Spirit Race person very clear Little Hai to our importances, even if originally their don’t know, now also knew, they must press for an answer us with this matter, the final point wants join we, together goes to the Cloud Sea Territory there minute one cup of thick soup.” sect Ze nodded said : definitely is this, but we are are not waiting for them, they want join, he he, has a dream.” Mu Tianbo deep voice said : we should make some preparations, should let several other Realms strives, cannot any matter make us shoulder.” sect Ze nodded said : now to Cloud Sea Territory Transmission Formation, only then Little Hai knows that they have to agree, moreover this matter also has the advantage to him, so long as we can extinguish make mischief Spirit Race, our domains in time increase, they also will be the same, I think that they will certainly agree.” The people nodded, previously they reached the agreement with various Realm, various Realm will certainly agree such to do, just as was sect Ze said that this also had the advantage to them.

Before various Realm can maintain one type of to be balanced, but this type balances appears now the subtle deviation, besides ghost Spirit Race, among other various Realm unexpectedly because of the Cloud Sea Territory matter, became an alliance, this probably is a balance, was putting many weights, had one inevitably, the balance has been partial to weights many side. But ghost Spirit Race obviously also present this situation, their immediately knows that Zhao Hai they come back from in the sea, certainly had any astonishing present, therefore several meet alliance to get up, but has not led them only, this makes the ghost Spirit Race person be startled, is angry, therefore their immediately sends for hundred treasure here protesting, for through the Zhao Hai matter, was participated to come by. However their some late, sect Ze they are obviously impossible to let off ghost Spirit Race, because lets off the ghost Spirit Race words, they will possibly hold back in behind, that may not be they want to see absolutely. Puppet clan also understand this point, therefore sect Ze proposed that must cope with ghost Spirit Race, their immediately agreed that in ten-thousand realms battlefield here big, does not have one not to expand own domain, now Cloud Sea Territory there has not gone, can expand in ten-thousand realms battlefield here the first domain, with happy, but is not. All people had not worried that cannot tidy up ghost Spirit Race, because their people were too many, if several big with joint forces also called unable to ascend ghost Spirit Race, ghost Spirit Race feared that already was not present ghost Spirit Race, but was one of the five side Upper Realm. Mu Tianbo watched the weather, deep voice said : sent the letter to several other Realms, everyone/Great Clan prepares to move, must solve to make mischief the Spirit Race matter within the shortest time, do not harm went to Cloud Sea Territory.” Was saying, suddenly flies a signalling jade sword from outside, dropped down Mu Tianbo, Mu Tianbo gawked slightly, received the jade sword, spiritual force searches toward the jade sword, some little time facial color strange gaining ground looked at sect Ze one eyes. sect Ze looked that the Mu Tianbo look has different, puzzled said : whose letter? What matter has?” Mu Tianbo has not made noise, but has given sect Ze the jade sword, sect after looking at the content in jade sword, the face by a dignity, he turns the head look at Mu Tianbo said : these two youngster, the big thoughts, such as annoy this matter really success, to us, is an extraordinary important matter.” Mu Tianbo look at sect Ze said : that must succeed is good, this matter manages the risk not to be small, if incautiously, feared that was our hundred treasure is dangerous.” sect Ze closes one's eyes some little time, opens eyes said : I to is thinks that this matter does, its one, we had a base in Cloud Sea Territory there, so long as Little Hai that formation prepare, there can become second encampment, even is possibly safer than encampment here, even if were this plan fail, we can also fall back on there to go, its two, Little Hai was Space Divergent Warlock with, was adding on his Yama Ship, he can lead our entire encampment person, difference ten-thousand realms battlefield here momentarily, had these two to make the guarantee., We have anything to be good to be worried.” In the hall these had not seen the jade sword content Immortal Stage Expert, is puzzled look at sect Ze, just was still discussing that copes with ghost Spirit Race, how this while starts to discuss that the escape route did come? Why is this?

sect Ze also noted the expression of people, he gave nearby person the jade sword, deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan has circulated, has remembered, Wan Buke said.” After waiting for the jade sword to pass on, all Immortal Stage Expert facial colors somewhat were strange, person of open the mouth and said: Lao sect, this too has take risked a little, if this plan is inadequate, our hundred treasure may really not have the means to base in ten-thousand realms battlefield here.” sect Ze deep voice said : „, but if succeeds, that five side Upper Realm turned into six side Upper Realm, I thought this plan am feasible, this regarding our hundred treasure, absolutely was opportunity.” The people have not been making noise, to be honest they have also moved, if hundred treasure become in their in hand such as five side Upper Realm equally is really strong, they died, by posterity forever engraved inscription. Mu Tianbo deep voice said : this plan looked like can prepare now, these time coped with ghost Spirit Race to is opportunity, we can borrow this time opportunity, said that our casualties were very heavy, then when went to Cloud Sea Territory there, on according to several other Realms person give priority to, everyone/Great Clan looked?” sect Ze nodded said : „, this manages, everyone/Great Clan according to the original plan, to the major signalling, told them, the preparation started.” Mu Tianbo they have complied with one, various people have put out the signalling jade sword, to other major signalling, they had arranged with the major boundary agreements before, so long as their letters arrive, major must start to get ready to ghost Spirit Race to begin. The person who to be honest these year of ghost Spirit Race offend are also many, but major do not have means true alliance to get up, feared that was given to plan, but these time taking advantage of the Cloud Sea Territory matter, major finally alliance, wanting shovel even ghost Spirit Race people should not be a problem, but as the matter stands, major will have some damages, but with obtaining the ghost Spirit Race domain compares, these damages, major can withstand. After the people deliver the signalling jade sword, sect Zecai said loudly: Comes the person, asks the ghost Spirit Race person to come to the center hall.” Naturally some people complied with one to invite the person. Before long, a person of black robe walked from out of the door, this person of long very thin, body Ghost Qi is dense, looks is not good thing, his two eyes white pupil are many, the pupil are few, thin the handbag Bone, the whole person has looked like looks like a starved ghost is common. That person has swept people one in hall with the eye, finally framed in Mu Tianbo and sect Ze's body, Mu Tianbo and sect Ze Guan Jian sits, that person up and down was actually keeping was taking a look at them. Mu Tianbo look at that person of appearance, showed a faint smile said : originally is hundred ghost Daoist/actual person arrived, does not know that Daoist/actual person accused my hundred treasure the words to mention from where, but also asked Daoist/actual person to indicate clearly.”

Hundred ghost Daoist/actual person coldly snorted said : Mu Tianbo, what I said that you are well aware, the people who why all searches the sea came back, only then hasn't our ghost Spirit Race person come back? I am clear remembering, my ghost Spirit Race disciple, got up Zhao Hai Yama Ship, you must give me surely an explanation.” Mu Tianbo shows a faint smile said : I to think that Daoist/actual person has possibly misunderstood, your disciple, truly are leave, why as for he leave, this feared that must ask you, thinks that our hundred treasure did not have the enmity with your ghost Spirit Race, why can send Immortal Stage Expert to go rob and kill Zhao Hai? I to also want to make ghost Spirit Race give me an explanation.” Hundred ghost Daoist/actual person one hear of Mu Tianbo said that complexion cannot help but changes, coldly snorted said : my don’t know you were saying anything, our ghost Spirit Race do not have the enmity with your hundred treasure without the injustice, why must tribulation the type your disciple, simply utter nonsense.” Snort!” Mu Tianbo coldly snorted, look at hundred ghost Daoist/actual person said : in front of sighted person did not tell the lie, words is true or false that hundred ghosts, I said that you are clear, why installs silly? Your ghost Spirit Race were really too underestimated Zhao Hai, Immortal Stage Expert wants his life, HaHaHa, the present is your Immortal Stage Expert, not only has not wanted his life, instead to was wanted the life by Little Hai, do not forget, Little Hai was Dark Magician, the person who he killed, can turn into Undead Creature, but these Undead Creature will not lie to him, you actually run up to our hundred treasure here to send a punitive expedition today, HaHaHa, was very laughable, hundred ghosts, looked, in you were in that caused, I did not kill you, rolled!” Hundred ghosts have not thought that Mu Tianbo unexpectedly such impolite, somewhat pale complexion, now is pale one piece, his look at Mu Tianbo, cold sound said : good, good hundred treasure, you for the words that today will speak, will pay the price.” Said that coldly snorted, a big sleeve pendulum, turn around departed. sect Ze who had not spoken, look at hundred ghost leave, this showed a faint smile said : good play to start, everyone/Great Clan prepared to enter the political arena.” ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;