Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1565

Chapter 490 starts formation arrangement Zhao Hai is taking the in hand jade sword, turns the head look at Mu Yu , smiles said : finally to move, he he, it seems like our here must grasp some to be good.” Mu Yu showed a faint smile said : Mi Clan person leave good several days, it seems like several other Realms person not, or we formation to the cloth on, such here were safe, moreover Master can say, if the plan fail, that here were our encampment, how Little Hai you did see?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : present to have a look, if the person in our ten-thousand realms battlefield, can surrender Cloud Beast, uses Cloud Beast.” Mu Yu stares, then two eyes one bright, nodded said : right, was too right, I had not remembered this before, if we can surrender Dragon Shou, we are can also like these Cloud Sea Territory here cultivator, in clouds on in the sea dull several days, but does not need to be worried to come under certainly the influence of spirit dark clouds, was right, mentioned this matter to come, I also real forgot to ask you, Zhe Jun and Li Jiang Cloud Beast what's the matter? Have you improved Cloud Beast to them really? Can you this method? Is your Divergent Technique?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that to have any Divergent Technique, all because of this thing.” Said that Zhao Hai turns, in hand left a pill, this pill all over the body is the white, above seems to be mist to appear intermittently, looks like very beautiful. Mu Yu puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „is this probably medicine pill? Did you give these Cloud Beast to eat medicine pill?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, is medicine pill, this is not ordinary medicine pill, but added some medicinal herbs of our hundred treasure, added some white clouds refinements, this medicine pill does not have the use regarding the person, has eaten also harmfully, but regarding the Cloud Beast use is actually very big, this medicine pill formula, obtains from Guo Ling there most from the beginning, Guo Ling on is because research this formula chased down, after I obtained this formula, join in base some ten-thousand realms battlefield there herbal medicine, Made this type to enhance Cloud Beast level medicine pill.” What Zhao Hai this saying said is actual and fictitious, is really, this medicine pill truly can enhance Cloud Beast level, but improves compared with Cloud Beast with him, missed much, fake was, this medicine pill was Space Universal Machine makes, did not have with Guo Ling 10 cents relationship, Guo Ling was not because this was chased down, but how he said in any case how Guo Ling will say, Mu Yu did not have the means to observe the card, therefore Zhao Hai was not worried that on is known by Mu Yu . Mu Yu received medicine pill, carefully looked, gains ground puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : how you to know that this medicine pill is certainly effective to Cloud Beast?” Zhao Hai white Mu Yu said : I said Big Brother Mu, when you I were saying that in the sea floated that long time is Bai Piao, won't I grasp some Cloud Beast to experiment? I have killed by poison several hundred Cloud Beast successively, the medicine pill that makes.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Mu Yu has cannot help but gawked, then laughs said : originally because of this, HaHaHa, your youngster also really can toss about, good that tosses about, had this thing, later we had have won over the methods of these people.” Zhao Hai smiles said : you unable others to tell that is I with these Cloud Beast level that medicine pill promotes, this matter is maintains mysterious, more will make them unable to feel the brains.” Mu Yu nodded with a smile, what to do but did he then knit the brows said : „the Cloud Beast matter you to want? Currently our in hand does not have Cloud Beast to perform the experiment, how can know whether this Cloud Beast can use for us?”

Zhao Hai looks at Mu Yu one, to micro one smiled said : I to say Big Brother Mu, you will not grow in the here dull time, wasn't the brain flexible? You forgot us also to be able duty, when we Great Formation Bu Hao, did not get down in some duty and that's the end, these fellows could be unhappy to meet such duty, after all they to such duty familiar.” Mu Yu has tapped the head, has smiled bitterly next step: You did not say that I really have also forgotten, but when do you prepare to give on the cloth Great Formation? Does not make such Great Formation, my always very scared and on edge.” Before Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, several days I have gotten down one to order, making them inquire all around several situations, if that several do not want the meaning that comes here to investigate, our immediately can formation arrangement, if they also want to come, after that must wait for them to walk.” Mu Yu nodded said : „, only then that Great Formation cloth on, here can be belongs truly our, could look from just letter, in very much attached great importance to hidden Cloud village here, our two may probably the here lane lane well.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : hidden Cloud village here to step onto right track now, actual very simple that we must make, dwelling arrangement of these people again, set aside some places, then can be used to plant Cloud rice and Cloud Herb, this Cloud Herb we do not have now, but we can adjust some ordinary medicinal herbs seed from encampment there, planted to give a try, if can grow medicinal herbs to come isn't it better? Zhao Hai this saying is not speaks irresponsibly, he has planted experimentally some ordinary medicinal herbs in the Space white clouds, has not thought that has succeeded, but these medicinal herbs also changed the appearance, looks like looks like Cloud Herb is the same, but the drug efficacy actually has not changed, but also obtained certain increase, moreover was absorbed easily. Mu Yu thinks that said : good, such manages, that present should make them reorganize their dwellings? Can you have the advance plan?” Zhao Hai takes a paper, smiles said : Laura they to make, you have a look, if comes in handy, we illuminate this person to do.” Mu Yu Ha Ha knows said : Laura they to make greatly, that certainly mistakenly.” Was saying while received Zhao Hai has handed over the paper, looked at the design on paper, Mu Yu has gawked, then nodded. This paper house branch the interest on, arranges according to a Formation design unexpectedly, so long as the design of house in according to chart, that hidden Cloud City here can become big Spirit Gathering Formation, but in this huge Spirit Gathering Formation, the a piece open area, specifically is used to plant medicinal herbs, plants medicinal herbs in this Spiritual Qi sufficient place, that medicinal herbs certain long is better. Mu Yu gave Zhao Hai said : to be very good the blueprint, deferred to this to come, when began?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „and other days, waits for all people to come back, after we Great Formation can on the cloth, was making them move the position of house to be OK.” Zhao Hai this saying is not speaks irresponsibly, Cloud Sea Territory here Cloud house very special, they manufacture with the multipurpose clouds, cannot the range of leave white clouds continent, however in the range of white clouds continent, actually be able to move at will, even can place in midair, but this Cloud house characteristics are, you place there him, so long as you do not go to him, he has stayed in there is motionless, even if places in midair him, he will not fall. Therefore Zhao Hai will say that made them move the house to be OK, in the white clouds continent truly was this, the house can move at will.

Mu Yu nodded, then sighed said : in immediately to ghost Spirit Race resort to arms, we actually could not participate, was really senseless.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that not to be uncertain, we handled the hidden Cloud village here matter, can return in went, when the time comes in tidied up ghost Spirit Race to be good.” Mu Yu nodded said : also only to be this, ghost Spirit Race these fellows do not know good from bad, dares to begin to you unexpectedly, but also dares to run up to condemns, snort|hum, does not tidy up them, how can leave this foul air.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to speak the truth, ghost Spirit Race I have not cared, this in alliance several other Realms, together has resorted to arms to ghost Spirit Race, ghost Spirit Race suffers a defeat and flees that is being unavoidable, I now some worries to is Weave Fire Clan there, Weave Fire Clan these fellows, is not good thing, they very much bear a grudge, previous time suffered a loss in our hands, if they do not want to look to come back, that is fishy.” Reason that Zhao Hai said these , because he presently Weave Fire Clan there nearest/recent had some changes, they are building up the military strength, probably must take an action to be the same. The previous time war, Zhao Hai on the bodies of some Weave Fire Clan people, has let some Liquid Silver needles, now the Weave Fire Clan there situation, Zhao Hai is knows, to be honest , compared with Weave Fire Clan, the strengths of hundred treasure must miss on many, if Weave Fire Clan attacks really fully, hundred treasure cannot certainly block, is good does not dare to come to attack because of Weave Fire Clan fully, because five side Upper Realm several other Realms, frequently is staring at them. Five side Upper Realm are not peaceful, when has the battle, but the scale is not big, but if Weave Fire Clan mounts a large-scale attack really hundred treasure, that several other Realms will certainly not let off that good opportunity. Weave Fire Clan also knows this point, therefore they, when with hundred treasure fights, appears somewhat is timid to act. But this Weave Fire Clan there was actually the set had the ten thousand people army, prepared to begin to hundred treasure, the Weave Fire Clan ten thousand people army, in fact equal to was fighting strength of near thirty thousand person, because each of them will be bringing about two Monster Beast, these Monster Beast fighting strength, could not miss many with Master, therefore the Weave Fire Clan this ten thousand people army, fighting strength did not allow to look down upon. But those who make Zhao Hai somewhat surprised is, Weave Fire Clan don’t know obtained information from there, knows that nearest/recent hundred treasure could conflict with ghost Spirit Race, they are want to call this opportunity, comes one time to cut the motion to hundred treasure. However Zhao Hai actually cannot say how one obtains this information, therefore he can only remind Mu Yu with this method, hopes that can bring to the attention of Mu Yu . Mu Yu one hear of Zhao Hai said that also nodded said : Weave Fire Clan these fellows truly is very hateful, we must be careful that a point is good, but you think that their these time will dispatch troops?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to say certainly, but make some preparations to well, avoid when the time comes suffers a loss, oh, these fellows came back, don’t know we whether to start formation arrangement.” Was saying, several people fell Zhao Hai and outside Mu Yu the Cloud house, was speaking, Zhao Hai on open the mouth and said: Came to say.” That several people file, salutes to Zhao Hai and Mu Yu . Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : to exempt, asking for leniency situation, what kind of? Around can this several influences, have to come the hidden Cloud village investigation?” Actually result Zhao Hai already knew, that several influence not send people to come, information that because Mi Clan has been all right hidden Cloud village here told that several clans, that several clans naturally at fee that matter, will not be adding on hidden Cloud village here originally not to attach great importance to by them, their originally does not want to come, happen to now does not use.

Several people of replies are the same, that several influence send people to come, Zhao Hai will not have enjoyed them, after letting their leave, this turns the head to Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, can start, you grasp formation disk in the village, I arrange formation flag.” Mu Yu nodded, Zhao Hai moves, in hand left formation disk, this formation disk white, such as the congealed lard is all over the body same, is dodging the moving gloss, entire formation disk is not very big, be only one meter diameter, above quarter is melting various mysterious designs, being connected including the above of formation disk, 36 circles, look like very beautiful. Zhao Hai gives Mu Yu said : me to put the appropriate position formation disk formation flag every time, will shine one red, Big Brother Mu you paid attention to be OK.” Mu Yu nodded, received formation disk, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved, left hidden Cloud village , flies toward his scheduled place, the formation flag laying aside place that Zhao Hai chooses, is not near to hidden Cloud village , fully day of distances, but regarding Zhao Hai is actually not anything, the flashes body arrived, then he has put out formation flag. This formation flag all over the body black, the flagpole reaches as high as three zhang (3.33 m) six feet, the flag surface is the triangle, has near the tooth, center the flag, there is a gigantic star design. Zhao Hai is calculating the position carefully, if general formation does not use such trouble, the Great Formation that but this Zhao Hai must arrange is actually different, before Zhao Hai, only calculates the broad location that formation flag should put, must place there, is actually must carefully calculate. In the geomancy has three years to seek dragon, ten years of finger-pressing said that the meaning was you can find the dragon vein in there, but you want to find Dragon Xue truly are actually very difficult. But this formation actually compared with on the geomancy also wanting difficult innumerable generations, is good because of Zhao Hai also compared with on the Fung Shui master innumerable generations, is adding on Zhao Hai also to be able through Space, examines formation disk there, so long as formation disk there has lightened red, showed that he looked to the position, therefore this first formation flag, Zhao Hai used not to arrive at two hours to find the correct position. Zhao Hai through Space looked that Mu Yu in hand formation disk has shone, he also knows that looked to the place, but he has not placed there not to manage formation flag, conversely, he was grasping the flagpole, keeping was pinching Magic Secret Art, some little time fiercely drank said : to scold!” Then makes an effort downward inserts toward the flagpole, on that black flagpole, fierce stuck out suddenly one group of yellow light to come, to meet yellow light disappearance slowly in the star design in flag surface, the entire flag stood in void Cloud Sea, making person simply not pay attention to his existence. Zhao Hai just these movements, in giving flag blessing/additional support Strength of Faith, this flag want in wielding he strongest doing use, wants some blessing/additional support Strength of Faith, but entire becomes battlefield there, can achieve this point, feared that is only then Zhao Hai, because this flag in the refinement, Zhao Hai has thought of this issue, this blessing/additional support Strength of Faith last step....... ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;