Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1566
Zhao Hai is taking the in hand flag, is somewhat nervous, this was last in 36 flag, these 36 flags, Zhao Hai hud five days of all inserted, now remaining finally this, so long as this formation flag inserted, entire Great Formation has completed, henceforth hidden Cloud village can vanish from sight from Cloud Sea Territory. The left hand of Zhao Hai keeps is pinching Magic Secret Art, his right hand has lifted slowly, probably is in his hand is holding huge mountain, when his right hand lifts to most Expert, Magic Secret Art of left hand has also completed, the Zhao Hai two eyes circle opens the eyes, shouted: Scolds!” Along with the Zhao Hai sound, his right hand fierce downward inserts, one group of dazzling golden light, from his body, slowly entered in formation flag, finally on star design by formation flag, full receive. When golden light complete information, flag suddenly calm automatic, Zhao Hai felt own all around Space swayed from side to side probably imperceptibly, then entire flag vanish from sight. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, has wiped the sweat on oneself forehead, he presently arranges this Great Formation process, fighting one is more tired. Personal appearance flashes, Zhao Hai appears in the Mu Yu side, Mu Yu in hand is also taking that formation disk, 36 circles that formation disk is connected including the above already appears each and every one red, is glittering radiance. Mu Yu looked at Zhao Hai one, nodded said : finally to complete.” Zhao Hai also nodded said : „, completed.” Mu Yu laughs, effort patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : to be laborious, walked, making these fellows move their houses.” Zhao Hai also nodded, walks with Mu Yu outward. Was waiting for them to outside these Cloud Sea Territory cultivator, these days they had been informed do not go out, these people feel somewhat irritably, they have been used to make the life of duty, now suddenly made them idle, this made them somewhat feel that don’t know did not know what to do. Now sees Mu Yu and Zhao Hai appears , all person Yun Wei, eager look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : this several days has not made everyone/Great Clan exit to make duty, was because I have arranged Great Formation in hidden Cloud village outside, later besides you, nobody can know hidden Cloud village in there, nobody can enter hidden Cloud village , naturally, you can enter hidden Cloud village , the premise must attain him, was good, now all people line up nearby me, everyone with good a piece Jade Token , to have remembered, if this Jade Token lost, You cannot be returning to hidden Cloud village .” These arrange the Great Formation matter regarding Zhao Hai outside are know, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that understand what's the matter, immediately each and every one walked, received pieces Jade Token from Zhao Hai in hand. After waiting for all people to receive Jade Token , Zhao Hai immediately arranges them to move own house, these people naturally will not oppose that in their opinion, but moves the house, no big deal, trades position, could not look for the family.

Now hidden Cloud village here Cloud Sea Territory cultivator, regarding Zhao Hai and Mu Yu obedience, because they obtained some advantage from duty, but the origins of these old places, are Zhao Hai Zhao Hai cloth duty, they complete duty, after completing duty, they can chi obtain some contribution points, then they can with these contribution points thing that goes to the rabbit to change them to want. In order to facilitate the rabbits of these people trades, Zhao Hai opened a computer rabbit to change the platform in hidden Cloud village here, operate very simple, the complete graphic operation terminal, above was divided into medicine pill, weapon, Defensive Equipment, thing that Cultivation Method wait / etc. these cultivator needed, but these thing, regarding hidden Cloud village here cultivator, really needed. The hidden Cloud village here people are some poor wretches, is adding on them not to dare to go to other places, therefore they think what is getting so far as medicine pill anything that some practices use is very difficult, but this rabbit changed the platform actually to give them all, this was also they had the one type of sense of belonging to hundred treasure. Waits for all people to press the position that Zhao Hai said that after their Cloud house rows are good, their immediately felt that differences, they presently, oneself in the room Spiritual Qi density was probably higher, this let their immediately understand, this certainly was because Zhao Hai has adjusted relationship of their house position, this let them to Zhao Hai gratitude, they also entirely have believed simultaneously, Zhao Hai certainly was Formation Grandmaster. Formation Grandmaster and general Crafting Master or Alchemy Master are different, can say in Cultivation World, no matter that an Interface, almost all cultivator, to Formation have some understanding, what has to recognize is, knows fine few, almost everybody meeting, but is skilled in Formation truly actually few. This also has the reason, studying of Formation, can say Is broad and profound, in Cultivation World, all kinds of practice method, countless, making human eye nud confused, however all cultivator want recognize, in Cultivation World, Formation are absolutely more than practice method, moreover must be many. This has created the one type of situation, you want into Formation Grandmaster, must devote the massive time research these Formation, understands these Formation, only by doing so, how arrangement these Formation you can know, to break these Formation. However the issue came, Formation are too many, you want research these Formation, the time of must spending will be much, as the matter stands will live the conflict with the time of practice.

although said that the cultivator life is very Wen Chang, Immortal Stage Expert, even one Yuan lives, will be in 1296, this time will look like is very long, will be more than ten times of average person, but will not be each cultivator has the long time life such, Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, his life will not be longest for 300 years, cultivator of Infant Stage time with, his life will be most cannot 700 years, but Divided Spirit Stage cultivator, his life also only then 800 to about 900 years. Naturally, this refers to you without any accidental, cultivator wants by closing up to practice Immortal Stage, that is impossible, when first time to closing Level Up, needs to carry on to try to practice, but in Cultivation World here, first time trying practices has the danger, for can go on living by oneself, requires the hud massive time to practice Spell, practices how to oppose the enemy, practices the use of Magical Artifact and controls, familiar own Magical Artifact, but this, and is needs the time. If you living Spell of oneself practice, not familiar own Magical Artifact, does not use perfect control own Magical Artifact, then you will have the life danger, but as the matter stands will take you too much time, but cultivator wants thing of meeting, not only slightly these, you must meet a medicine pill knowledge, understands a crafting knowledge, must know that under magnanimous medicinal herbs and various ore materials, otherwise you may just miss on and treasure, naturally be most important one, that on will be the Spiritual Qi practice, each cultivator hud time most on. Is the Spiritual Qi practice, that feared that is your everyday regards the sugar bean to eat medicine pill, you also need hud massive times these medicine pill efficacies melting, turned into Spiritual Qi, uses for you. The time is the cultivator biggest enemy, why cultivator must go against heaven's will the line, practices Spiritual Qi, pursues Grand Dao, except for wants to become by oneself stronger, wants to be defeated beside Heavenly Dao by oneself, the most important reason is, they want Eternal Life undead! Wants in live is longer, wants Eternal Life undead, that only then a road can walk, that becomes by oneself stronger, how can become by oneself stronger? Stronger strength, deeper Spiritual Qi, stronger fighting strength, only then these let the basis that cultivator stiffens, but Formation, is only one auxiliary. After because such line order, therefore regarding Formation, many cultivator is understands but not fine, entire Cultivation World, including the ten-thousand realms battlefield, including Cloud Sea Territory, can be called the Formation Grandmaster person not to be many truly, it can be said that is extremely rare. But Formation strength that Zhao Hai shows, will make these people think that absolutely he is Formation Grandmaster, but in fact must say that Zhao Hai is Formation Grandmaster, is not excessive. Zhao Hai starts from machine, continuously very collection of attention various Magic Formation and formation, after Universal Machine can decompose Magical Artifact, Zhao Hai obtained massive formation from there Magical Artifact, afterward Zhao Hai entered the ten-thousand realms battlefield, he double obtained massive formation from here, after additional official join to hundred treasure, hundred treasure to Zhao Hai stingy, they had not opened to Zhao Hai oneself in formation, Zhao Hai has harvested innumerable formation. Was adding on existence of Space, existence of Universal Machine, Zhao Hai said now one were solution Grandmaster, feared that will be nobody will oppose, in single Suan understanding to Formation, the average people was inferior Obtains the leading person in any Domain, will be always remembered, was respected, Zhao Hai is so, he attainments on Formation, making these Cloud Sea Territory people however engender respect to his Magistrate.

After waiting the Cloud house position determines, Zhao Hai in low-quality cloth duty, this time is long-term duty \; first, to catch Cloud Beast, no matter any level Cloud Beast, that feared that is Old Mouse, can trade contribution points in Zhao Hai here, this duty is for a long time effective, when no matter you by Cloud Beast, can trade thing that you want. This regarding hidden Cloud village here cultivator, absolutely is good information, hidden Cloud village here cultivator, originally is Yucheng catches some low level Cloud Beast to maintain own survival, regarding how capture Cloud Beast, they It can be said that the experience is rich, this duty regarding them, is best duty. Second long-term duty was more interesting, this long-term duty has two characters in the final analysis, farming! Zhao Hai second long-term duty is farming, now after hidden Cloud village here Cloud house is planned, had the massive open areas, but in these open areas, actually must plant medicinal herbs or Cloud rice, Cloud vegetables and so on thing, but these thing do not plant does not manage, even if in white clouds continent such environment, these thing also needs to manage, but must manage these thing, on will take cultivator a lot of time, if not give them points, feared that will be nobody will do, therefore Zhao Hai will also treat as duty to let out farming, although Said that this duty income possibly might as well catch Cloud Beast to come a lot, but actually wins in safely, moreover has plenty free time After these two long-term duty release go, entire Cloud Sea Territory is also official has stepped onto right track, became a hundred treasure rear base, but Zhao Hai and Mu Yu did not need to stay in here. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;