Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1567

The Chapter 492 hundred treasures resort to arms When Zhao Hai and Mu Yu full transform hidden Cloud village , hundred treasure here also finally started to resort to arms to ghost Spirit Race bit by bit, ghost Spirit Race when hundred ghost Daoist/actual person returned to encampment, think that can be this result, because has defeated great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan, nearest/recent several years, hundred treasure foreign performance continuously very strong. Ghost Spirit Race has not guessed wrong, after hundred ghost Daoist/actual person leave, hundred treasure started to build up the strength, they prepared to resort to arms to ghost Spirit Race, this building up may, not only after ghost Spirit Race the clan the strength, including these small that they governed, sent out the majority of military strength to enter the war, this seemed like more like must move a war, wars between two big. Hundred treasure here movements, making ten-thousand realms battlefield here some medium grade Interface feel that very puzzled, why understand hundred treasure such do not do. Previous hundred treasure and Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race wars, although comes to an end by the victories of hundred treasure finally, but hundred treasure are actually the hard victories, they win is not relaxed. Fact over a hundred treasure when must cope with great Spirit Race, has thought many methods, most important one step, must let great Spirit Race under the hand/subordinate these small Interface and great Spirit Race disunity, this equal to eliminated the wing of great Spirit Race, then in tidying up great Spirit Race, under this disappears other rises, great Spirit Race must defeat without doubt. But this tactic when most from the beginning is very successful, especially the back of Comprehend the world sentences, inserted a great Spirit Race blade maliciously, let hundred treasure at that time a situation excellence, great Spirit Race under the hand/subordinate these small Interface, truly was some disunity, prepared leave great Spirit Race. However at this time, great Spirit Race actually has used their trump card, completely they do not attach great importance to face-saving please leave Weave Fire Clan, this move looks like probably is complete is not concerned about face, big seeks help from own enemy unexpectedly, a point face does not want, actually has to recognize, this is a move of good chess, because these their in these unstable factor, again stable. These want leave great Spirit Race small, saw to have Weave Fire Clan powerful join honestly, immediately, even must actively participate compared with before with hundred treasure to war, because these small also want from this time war, to fish some advantage. As the matter stands, on equal to is, some arrangement before hundred treasure, already complete has not used, they not only cannot the wing of great Spirit Race eliminating, but also made great Spirit Race invite Weave Fire Clan this big god. Rapidness that good hundred treasure deal with, the immediately full defense, gave up all domains in surrounding, only defends encampment, in adding on these small regarding hundred treasure is also in the loyal, high and low concentric situation, finally has withstood the attack of Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race, later when these big comply with dispatch troops, all did not have what suspense.

However this time war, hundred treasure win is not relaxed, their casualties are not small, except for this Realm also has their under the hand/subordinate these small, although said that afterward hundred treasure have given these small many compensations, but they had not restored now, at this time, hundred treasure must with strength formidable ghost Spirit Race to spelling, this obviously is not a very wise matter. However actually nobody knows, reason that hundred treasure dare to do , because they had the assurance that must win, other big will help them, this is one bully thes weak, to bully few fights, is one does not have the fight of what suspense. Naturally, present hundred treasure and don’t know, Weave Fire Clan is mustering 10,000 military strength to think that is coping with them, therefore they, have prepared to carry on attack to hundred treasure now. In Zhao Hai goes to formation arrangement the third day, army of hundred treasure left, target points to ghost Spirit Race, they have not made slight concealing, splendid expunges toward the ghost Spirit Race domain in army, so long as ghost Spirit Race were not the collective turned into the blind person deaf person, knows that lived anything, they will also prepare. Just as is such that the people think, ghost Spirit Race has prepared completely safe, they do not want to come out from their domain, with hundred treasure decisive battles, but on own domain \; first, their terrain to there familiar, two were they want hundred treasure people dragging wearily, like this they on can relaxed defeat hundred treasure. After Zhao Hai and Mu Yu handle the hidden Cloud village here matter, army of hundred treasure the leave encampment five days, they soon arrived at the ghost Spirit Race domain. When Zhao Hai and Mu Yu returned to hundred treasure encampment, encampment here of hundred treasure keeps the elder time elder who assumes unexpectedly is Mu Tianbo and Tang Tian graciousness is leading an elder. Sees this result, Mu Yu stares, his understand, why this time is not Mu Tianbo leads. However Zhao Hai understand, Mu Tianbo is actually avoiding suspicion, he had expelled Shen Weide before personally, if these time dispatches troops, rushes to lead a group in him, will make the person think him for the authority, for staying of long time in the position of elder, will therefore begin to Shen Weide, such regarding washing to send not to have a point advantage. The places of some people have rivers and lakes, a these words point is also good, hundred treasure present was united very much, but Mu Tianbo very careful, because of his very clear, this unity was actually based on one type of system, this system is hundred treasure present elder in turn rule systems, if he if undermined this system, will have countless people to come to oppose him, that hundred treasure will fall into to the civil strife. completely understand politics what's the matter Mu Tianbo, this driving statement must remain, in his opinion, remains not to have any merit, the merit has given sect Ze, such hundred treasure smoother show. But he has not been needing these merit now, leaves ten-thousand realms battlefield merit great Spirit Race, fully can make him enjoy the life.

Master, Martial Uncle, how your hasn't time led?” Obviously politically did not have Mu Yu that is mature not to understand why Mu Tianbo such does. Mu Tianbo also knows that Mu Yu will ask such, he has not said anything, but shows a faint smile, turns the head look at Zhao Hai, he presently calm calm on Zhao Hai face, probably keeps not the meaning to him. Small feather, you want learn to think, ponder, cultivator by practicing give priority to, but by your present status, you cannot place in the practice all attention, then regarding you in the future not any advantage, if our these old fogies will not have in the future, hundred treasure hand over in your hand, you are this appearance, that is incorrect, has a look at Little Hai, I thought Little Hai now certainly already understand what's the matter, you later many with the Little Hai study study.” Mu Tianbo look at Mu Yu , a face calm [say / way]. Mu Yu looked at one face calm Zhao Hai one puzzled, Zhao Hai look at Mu Yu , deep voice said : I had heard a few words, was called the politics advancing in the compromise of keeping, if Elder Mu this time were leading to go to battle, that to sect long Old Yu where? Other do Elder Assembly of hundred treasure see Elder Mu? Big Brother Mu, sometimes this merit must apportion others, especially superior.” Mu Yu is not a fool, what he knows regarding these matters is too few, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that Mu Yu one on understand, he turned the head to look at Mu Tianbo one, Mu Tianbo has been smiling nod, Mu Yu then let out a long breath said : originally unexpectedly is this, thank you Little Hai.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : you too politely Big Brother Mu, this time we came back, did not pass to pursue them, kept encampment here to be good.” Hidden Cloud village there how? there is very important to our hundred treasure, cannot have the matter.” Tang Tian graciousness at this time open the mouth and said. Martial Uncle feel relieved, there has arranged, now Little Hai in there to these Cloud Sea Territory cultivator departments two long-term duty, one is farming, our hundred treasure here some medicinal herbs, plants to hidden Cloud village there, has a look to be any situation, second is to let them catches Cloud Beast, the people of our hundred treasure want in Cloud Sea Territory there and Cloud Sea Territory cultivator fight words, Cloud Beast to be the essential part, otherwise we are forever impossible to go out of the white clouds continent, how with defeating Cloud Sea Territory.” Mu Yu told with his plan Tang Tian Zhao Hai. although said Mu Tianbo they regarding hidden Cloud village there attach great importance to, but they general superior good type, not to have attached great importance to a matter likely, a day three asked that they do not have, they have given Mu Yu and Zhao Hai absolute trust, Mu Tianbo very clear Zhao Hai and Mu Yu ability, if they also suspend unclear hidden Cloud village there, that Mu Tianbo really must be hundred treasure future is worried. Mu Tianbo nodded said : that white clouds continent there suits plants medicinal herbs, such arrangement to is good, Cloud Beast this thing, can we use also need to experiment, after for considers, to should start preparing, good, good that makes.”

Mu Yu smiles said : present hidden Cloud village there Space transition Great Formation already the prepare, only if there is Jade Token person, otherwise nobody can enter to hidden Cloud village , but that Jade Token underwent the special processing of Little Hai, others want to imitate are impossible, therefore security Fang Quan does not need to be worried completely that our equal to had a safe base in Cloud Sea Territory there.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : this to be good, cannot expose the hidden Cloud village there situation to come, this time in prepares that plan that carries out you to deliver, if successful, that all said that such as did not say successfully, that hidden Cloud village there possibly was our final escape routes, your understand?” Their simultaneously should be, Mu Tianbo then nodded said : to be good, came back also well, these days encampment here nothing, you can also relax, Little Hai, goes home to have a look.” Zhao Hai although knows that Weave Fire Clan soon has attacked, but he actually cannot say at this time, he must nod said : is, thanks a lot elder.” Mu Tianbo beckoned with the hand, turns the head you also to rest to Mu Yu said :, tomorrow is coming, although said that currently encampment here will not have any matter, but must pay attention to a point, after all our hundred treasure have Weave Fire Clan this archenemy.” Mu Yu has complied with one, has drawn back with Zhao Hai together, Zhao Hai one hear of Mu Tianbo said that to relaxed, it seems like that this Elder Mu, not, because situation treats it lightly excellently, this is very good. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;