Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1568

Chapter 493 Giant Spirit reappears ------------ Chapter 493 Giant Spirit reappears Zhao Hai returned to blue tree on-board, the there child still in carrying on their everyday guest regulation, these children's progress very obvious, in this knot child majority of Foundation Establishment has been succeeding now, this regarding has practiced several years of them, is really a golden same start. Entire hundred treasure with being not infrequent of these child similarly starts, but can reach these child altitudes actually very few, in hundred treasure , after only then Mu Tianbo them, that several academy child who establishes, can exempt strongly compared with Zhao Hai in hand these children, but this from one side had also proven Zhao Hai establishes this academy importance. Zhao Hai many hitting have not gathered together these children, he looked at one in blue tree star there, on returned to in Space, because these time leads these children to go to the Cloud Sea Territory matter, these children very worship to him now, if Zhao Hai the present went, will only affect the practices of these children, therefore Zhao Hai has not gone to see these children. The sometimes people think that Zhao Hai is these children's idols, he encourages these child several, these children can study good, its regulations are not so. These children now very sensitive time, if Zhao Hai suddenly appears , but also talked with them kindly, these children's temperament will live the change, if they many pursue practice, possibly possessed by the Devil, regarding cultivator, you cannot finally extremely in the excitement, then with courting death not to have what difference. If mature cultivator, Zhao Hai minded that chats with them, hands over them the attainment of practice, but these children's ages are too small, they do not have means control their mental state, this is very dangerous, therefore Zhao Hai has not gone to see these children finally, but paid attention to these child outside, on returned to in Space. Looked to Space that Laura they are staring at the screen, but on the screen the appears situation also made Zhao Hai greatly surprised, screen last present appears Weave Fire Clan, Weave Fire Clan army leave from their encampment, these originally in expected of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai extremely in being startled, what making Zhao Hai surprised was, he in Weave Fire Clan army, saw other people, these people were not others, was the great Spirit Race person. Great Spirit Race re-entered the ten-thousand realms battlefield! Before nobody knows that this information, has monitored ten-thousand realms battlefield Zhao Hai don’t know, great Spirit Race this coming back extremely in suddenly, complete was as expected Zhao Hai. A complexion dignity of Zhao Hai, does he turn the head their said : when great Spirit Race the person to Laura is appears ?” Before Laura deep voice said : five hours, at that time their appears Weave Fire Clan person started to mount a large-scale attack, it seems like they already had the agreement with Weave Fire Clan, wants, when appropriate begins to cope with hundred treasure, but now hundred treasure already nearly five days, they in this time appears , complete did not fear the person who hundred treasure will turn back in order to help friendly forces, Elder Brother Hai, how do you see?”

Zhao Hai deep voice said : „the present feared that could not attend to that many, must remind Elder Mu to be good, no matter what, now we are hundred treasure people, if were too big in this time hundred treasure losses, did not have to our advantage.” Laura nodded said : you to say that the Weave Fire Clan surrounding has left behind Undead Creature to monitor them, then presently Weave Fire Clan sound?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „the present also only to say, this Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race looked like prepare the flash of lightning power plant, these many Great Magical Artifact.” Zhao Hai has not spoken incorrectly, this Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race altogether have used dozens Great Magical Artifact, dispatches troops to 10,000 by Weave Fire Clan, in adding on these Monster Beast is also near thirty thousand fighting strength, but great Spirit Race this quantity of dispatching troops also about 10,000, is only Immortal Stage Expert, about 200 people, such quantity does not allow to look down upon, if hundred treasure preparations if no, that consequence is also dreadful. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : my this goes back, you always pay attention to the Weave Fire Clan sound.” Laura they nodded, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, appears in blue tree star, then on immediately Transmission Formation, returned to encampment there. Just arrived at encampment there, he could not attend to with the person greets, went toward the center hall, Mu Tianbo they still in the center hall, looked that Zhao Hai such quickly came back, Mu Tianbo and Tang Tian graciousness they very surprised, but they looked that Zhao Hai complexion knows certainly had an accident, otherwise he such will quickly not come back, they too knew about Zhao Hai that can let a Zhao Hai complexion dignified matter, definitely was not the minor matter. Has had an accident Little Hai?” Mu Tianbo asked. Zhao Hai to their gave a salute said : elder, after the previous time matter, this several days I have kept Undead Creature to flaming the sound of hot clan in Weave Fire Clan outside in the surveillance, I just received information, Weave Fire Clan am in conspiracy with great Spirit Race, altogether set out dozens Great Magical Artifact, is counted including Weave Fire Clan Monster Beast, the total military strength has achieved forty thousand, including 200 Immortal Stage Expert, are coming toward encampment here now, please long early make the resolution.” Shouted, Mu Tianbo one has stood, the information that Zhao Hai brought has shocked, he has not thought that can have this matter, moreover at this time. Mu Tianbo walked two said : on the ground looked like Weave Fire Clan has certainly the informer in several other Realms there, otherwise such quickly does not know that our people attacked ghost Spirit Race, what they elected was really the good time, but this arrived is our opportunity.” Zhao Hai stares, somewhat puzzled look at Mu Tianbo, Mu Tianbo looked at Zhao Hai one, looked at other elder said : our beforehand plans is, making Main Force all attack ghost Spirit Race, then said that Main Force lost is too heavy, little dispatched troops to Cloud Sea Territory there, now Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race suddenly appears , has happen to helped our busy, we kept off Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race, several other Realms also don’t know we had many casualties, we said that the casualties were very big, many strengths have not attacked Cloud Sea Territory, we even can give several other Realms to Cloud Sea Territory Transmission Formation, naturally this. It is not gives in vain, we must trade some advantage, as the matter stands achieved to our plans.” One hear of Mu Tianbo said that Zhao Hai cannot help but was shocked, he has not thought of this point , it seems like that the ginger is old spicy these words also is really not speaks in vain, Mu Tianbo also is really a wily old fox. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, to be honest, the attack of this Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race, the military strength is not many, with previous time moves hundreds of thousands military strength showdowns, the military strength that this time they send really a little insufficiently looks. Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race this attack, wins in the suddenly nature, wins in a choice of opportunity, hundred treasure present Main Force attack ghost Spirit Race, moreover soon arrived at ghost Spirit Race encampment, at this time, they were is impossible to turn back in order to help friendly forces quickly, if hundred treasure have not received Zhao Hai this information, they were impossible to make the completely safe preparation, hundred treasure certainly will suffer when the time comes a loss.

However after receiving Zhao Hai the information was different, hundred treasure had preparation time, the attack of that Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race, feared that was doomed the cup to have. Must say that this hundred treasure attack ghost Spirit Race Main Force, reason that will have that quickly, because mainly hundred treasure present had many Great Magical Artifact, but these Great Magical Artifact are Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. although and great Spirit Race are enemies, but the people of hundred treasure will not deny that completely great Spirit Race these good thing, in their opinion, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship is one of the great Spirit Race best Magical Artifact. The person who Giant Spirit Treasure Ship defense strength formidable, thinks are specially many, the long-range flight does not have the issue, is adding on the impulse is very strong, such Great Magical Artifact, the simplicity can describe with perfect. Naturally you are impossible to let each Great Magical Artifact, looks like Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact that flexible, that simply is not realistic, if your being probable makes a weightlifter go to the play tricks swimming, feared that is they must be drown to death finally in the swimming pool. The similar truth, your being probable lets Giant Spirit Treasure Ship to the flying needle same flexibility, that is also impossible. Perfect of Giant Spirit Treasure Ship to Great Magical Artifact, in Great Magical Artifact, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship is relatively perfect. Because of this, after obtaining the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship method of manufacturing, hundred treasure start massive crafting Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, especially after learn the method of Water Refining, they have been able to become raid refinement Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. Does not lack the material in additional over a hundred treasure in hand, the after waste materials of innumerable year of accumulation Zhao Hai turned into the material, hundred treasure really have one type of becomes the feeling of exploding the household, their Giant Spirit Treasure Ship these time has therefore refined much, but sends to cope with ghost Spirit Race Main Force, harnesses Giant Spirit Treasure Ship to go, this also lets other regarding hundred treasure is the envy and hate. Because had these Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, attack of hundred treasure so will be quick, the several days time, soon arrived at the ghost Spirit Race domain, now is hundred treasure expedition army, receiving Weave Fire Clan must cope with their information, feared that did not have the means to turn back in order to help friendly forces, ghost Spirit Race not to opportunity that they will turn back in order to help friendly forces, they will certainly tie down hundred treasure army, the opportunity that therefore the attack of this Weave Fire Clan, chose was really unequalled. However after Zhao Hai present Weave Fire Clan trend, Weave Fire Clan the attack also lost the possibility of surprise attack, hundred treasure in did not prepare not to have, but had the completely safe preparation. Mu Tianbo immediately from adjusted army, altogether was 300 elder time Expert, in adding on thirty thousand Transcends Tribulation Stage above Expert, after waiting for all people to arrive, Mu Tianbo rubbish, immediately let Zhao Hai release his three Great Magical Artifact, after all people got up Great Magical Artifact, moved forward to meet somebody in the direction that Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race allied armies came. Not wrong, moved forward to meet somebody, Mu Tianbo this preparation Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race army, keeps off outside hundred treasure domains, does not want to make them run up to hundred treasure in the domains come to do harm. The decision of Zhao Hai when knowing Mu Tianbo, is somewhat accidental, but this decided that is completely right his appetite, Zhao Hai is harnessing three Great Magical Artifact, moved forward to meet somebody toward Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race allied armies, but on his Great Magical Artifact, but sits about 300 elder time Expert, thinks of this digit, calm such as Zhao Hai, some excited. Mu Tianbo they are also first time sit Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact, now sat them also really to like Zhao Hai these three Great Magical Artifact, these three Great Magical Artifact not only can fight, but also sat comfortably also. Zhao Hai still on Yama Ship, 300 elder time Expert, on each Great Magical Artifact 100 people, but Mu Tianbo assumes Yama Ship, now is standing with Zhao Hai together on the Yama Ship bow. Looked at about one, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and pagoda, still advances in unison with Yama Ship, Mu Tianbo cannot help but nodded said : well, Little Hai, your three Magical Artifact are really very good, has not thought that is unexpectedly quicker than Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, moreover does not choose a person join too many energy, is very good.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : „the normally flight time does not need join energy, in fight, toward Magical Artifact energy formation, some join Crystal Stone, but this formation regarding the request of hull very high, takes good of body, like true Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, that is spells with pieces Magical Artifact, is joining the energy line, on the ship is the means has not used this formation, this formation regarding the energy line request of Transmission energy is very high.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : your this Magical Artifact is really an extraordinary treasure, right Little Hai, your this does Magical Artifact possibly prevent?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, but some materials, could not find in ten-thousand realms battlefield here now, therefore prevents so will be imperfect like my this, did not have the increase material , to continue the evolution ability, in other words refined many greatly is big, was impossible to achieve my this such not to count the volume transformation, Magical Artifact that refined, most also changed thing of Vajra stick level to Comprehend the world hundred.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : that to be also good, has the words of time to teach these Crafting Master, this weapon wins on the victory in the ability of this change, if used, Might was not bad.” Zhao Hai smiles said : these crafting methods, I have recorded, put in Scriptures Pavilion, if these Crafting Master want to study, went to Scriptures Pavilion there to look that was OK.” Mu Tianbo satisfied nod, he appreciates regarding Zhao Hai this selfless procedure, also because of this selfless procedure, making Zhao Hai win the favorable impressions and trusts of all people in hundred treasure here, making him have today's status in hundred treasure here. sky of look at distant place, Mu Tianbo deep voice to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you said that our plans can succeed? If our plan fails, that hundred treasure did not have the foothold in ten-thousand realms battlefield here.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : originally this plan wants not to be easy successfully, in my opinion the success of this plan has five layers, but now Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race suddenly appears , making the success ratio of this plan achieve seven layers, so long as the sect elder they, can evolution extinguished makes mischief Spirit Race, our domains in time increase, in adding on these time will cope with the Weave Fire Clan matter, we can divide a piece from the ghost Spirit Race domain, let the several other Realms person, and Cloud Sea Territory there person went all out, we can call this opportunity, show slowly, so long as the loss of several other Realms were big. They also lost with the strength that we resist.” Mu Tianbo nodded, for a very long time is speechless, however in his eye has actually projected two none remaining. ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;