Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1569

Chapter 494 laughs last sect Zena the in hand jade sword, the brow is twisting the iron lump likely, he has not thought really Weave Fire Clan began at this time unexpectedly, before good Zhao Hai, has the arrangement, otherwise this hundred treasure were dangerous. His let out a long breath, has stretched own brow, this is Mu Tianbo transmits the jade sword, told him the plan, to be honest, sect Ze very favored regarding the plan of Mu Tianbo, moreover he thought compared with Mu Tianbo feared that also wanted multi- one layer. This Weave Fire Clan appears opportunity unexpectedly so good, this must explain some issues, the crest of wave of nearest/recent hundred treasure were too abundant, has defeated Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race allied armies, obtained the great Spirit Race domain, although has also apportioned these big some, but hundred treasure obtained were more, this made these big start to hundred treasure to have one to guard. But Zhao Hai searches the sea to be successful, presently the Cloud Sea Territory matter, was makes hundred treasure be on the crest of wave crest, these time searched the sea majority of merit is Zhao Hai, hundred treasure should obtain, in this case, other big naturally were some are not convinced, but the fact was placed in there, do they have to recognize, what to do that? One means that weaken hundred treasure the strengths. But at this time, they also proposed exactly must cope with ghost Spirit Race first, this can make these big obtain the advantage not to be false, but will let also these big guards against hundred treasure, because hundred treasure present had one type of those who bow to me will prosper, those who resist shall perish was aggressive, these big present was possibly worried one turn into another ghost Spirit Race. If his these guesses are correct, the opportunity that Weave Fire Clan these time moves pinches is so accurate, was good to explain, certainly some people disclosed secret information to Weave Fire Clan. But makes sect Ze think own this guess is very likely the correct reason, besides Zhao Hai, nobody ahead of time informs their Weave Fire Clan to cope with them. The domain and Weave Fire Clan of hundred treasure domain is not connected, if Weave Fire Clan does not use Transmission Formation, only possibly has the one type of method to cope with hundred treasure, that passes through from domains in several other big, carries on attack to hundred treasure. But now hundred treasure and several other Realms are the allies, said according to the common sense, if Weave Fire Clan must pass through to cope with hundred treasure from several other big domains, even if these big is not helping hundred treasure anti- enemies, will inform hundred treasure ahead of time, avoid hundred treasure know nothing about this situation, that may be dangerous. However the present situation is actually, besides Zhao Hai, other big has not told hundred treasure this situation, in other words they have chosen silent, this equal to is invisible, information of hundred treasure blocking, having made hundred treasure the deaf person and blind person, was the coordination from one side Weave Fire Clan the surprise attack. This point let sect Ze affirmation, Weave Fire Clan their attack, the back feared that has been short of these big shadows, the manpower that this Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race set out was not many, they possibly gave hundred treasure to cause certain losses, but impossible to have attacked and occupied hundred treasure, but let hundred treasure losses, was these big points. Thinks of here, sect Ze cannot help but let out a long breath, received the jade sword, gained ground the look at front, Mu Yu told him, making them not need to be worried that the encampment there situation, they have adjusted the person to come, certainly will not make encampment there have an accident, making him cope with ghost Spirit Race relieved.

sect Ze knows that Mu Tianbo never handles the matter that has not grasped, is unhappy risks danger, he said that will not certainly have the matter, moreover can borrow this opportunity, plans these big, why not. Thought of here, sect Ze has not been caring this matter, wholeheartedly was marching on the road, about one day they must enter to the ghost Spirit Race domain, before he received information, ghost Spirit Race there has made the completely safe preparation, was waiting for them. This was front impacts between two big, although says other big also concerted actions, but after passing through this matter, sect Ze actually does not think that other big will coordinate them to move, even if these big will dispatch troops, feared that is also spells in them and ghost Spirit Race previous some time, best was when they spelled mutually wounded will dispatch troops. Before sect Ze had not guarded against this point, but after receiving the Mu Tianbo letter, he has to guard, these big could do to plant the matter, these fellows may not have easy to deal with. Thought of here, sect Ze waved, calls the Tang Tian graciousness, deep voice said : day graciousness, transmitted orders, this attack, no one permitted optional leave Giant Spirit Treasure Ship.” The Tang Tian graciousness stares, what before sect Ze is to let Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and cultivator coordinates, by Giant Spirit Treasure Ship Charging Formation, these cultivator follows on the heels the rush, now changed? However the Tang Tian graciousness had not asked much that has complied with one, transmitted orders. sect Ze look at front, muttered said : who to let have a look is laughs last.” moving forward that Mu Tianbo they keep, Zhao Hai is standing in the Mu Tianbo side, the Mu Tianbo look at front, to Zhao Hai deep voice said : Little Hai, they hasn't changed the direction?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : elder feel relieved, absolutely does not have, illuminates our vision, in having about two days, can run into the team they.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : two days, feared is at this time, ghost Spirit Race did there soon move begins? Also is a double thread makes war, he he, so long as this plan success, I looked ten-thousand realms battlefield here also who dares easily provokes us.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, he wants is not does not dare to provoke them, but must submit to them, including five side Upper Realm. He to wants to have a look, if he really ten-thousand realms battlefield here unifying, these have been observing their people, what response will have. The time passes fast, among in the blink of an eye two days on the past, on three Great Magical Artifact person anxious, the people stare are paying attention to their front, because they know that they might anytime run into the enemy.

Mu Tianbo stands on Yama Ship, spiritual force also toward the throat, actually Zhao Hai already knows that the Weave Fire Clan person some were far from them, but he cannot say. In Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race army to Zhao Hai their about ten minutes distances, closing one's eyes has also stood in there Mu Tianbo, opening eye said : suddenly comes.” Zhao Hai to was startled, he has not thought that Mu Tianbo can unexpectedly in such far place presently Weave Fire Clan, although they and Weave Fire Clan allied armies, only then about ten minutes distances, but did not want underestimated these ten minutes, can the Yama Ship ten minutes walk far? Can the Great Magical Artifact ten minutes of opposite party walk far? Two next in addition, these ten minutes of distances are not short, but Mu Tianbo in such presently, this Immortal Stage Expert, really does not allow to look down upon unexpectedly. However Zhao Hai although has gawked, immediately responded, his hand wields, immediately three Great Magical Artifact turned into three big hedgehogs, dense and numerous cannon barrel have extended from three Great Magical Artifact windows. Mu Tianbo also noted the changes on these three Great Magical Artifact, cannot help but two eyes one bright, turned the head to look at Zhao Hai said : no wonder these fellows to hear that must go to battle with your together, person excited probably was present the valuable rarities was the same, HaHaHa, I also a little like going to battle with your together now.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to like convenient, can attack to solve the match, does not need nearly to attack absolutely, can one match kill, I absolutely not want to use two.” Mu Tianbo laughs, effort has patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai, but at this time, stood the Tang Tian graciousness on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was also shocked, he turns the head Giant Spirit Treasure Ship that looked at one to change greatly, to standing in his Tang Wen said : Little Wen, Little Hai this Giant Spirit Treasure Ship is not quite probably same as Giant Spirit Treasure Ship that we did manufacture?” Tang Wen this time has not coped with ghost Spirit Race with Tang Jie, but kept side oneself Master, he with Zhao Hai was together is very long, nature understand what's the matter. Zhao Hai Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, with hundred treasure refinements truly not too, hundred treasure refinements Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, is great Spirit Race that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, without any change, but Zhao Hai Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, to wield fire biggest Might, in the both sides of broad side, has many artillery windows, this artillery window does not use, you cannot look, with, the artillery window on opening, cannon barrel of root root on will extend from the artillery window came out, at this time this Giant Spirit Treasure Ship will reveal his fierce true colors. Regarding this point, Tang Wen is very familiar with, therefore he, as soon as listened to the Tang Tian graciousness saying that immediately/on horseback said : was Master, for coordinate cannon, Little Hai Giant Spirit Treasure Ship passes through modified, inside added many cannon positions.” The Tang Tian graciousness nodded said : this youngster also really to toss about, no wonder he can resist Immortal Stage Expert with his three Great Magical Artifact, light looks at these three Great Magical Artifact appearances, knows that Might was uncommon.” Tang Wen smiles said : „, Little Hai with these three Great Magical Artifact time, the countless changes, Might is huge, especially when the group war, cultivator in Magical Artifact, almost does not have no make a move opportunity, because is their not make a move, Little Hai by these people surrounding.”

The Tang Tian graciousness nodded, has not been speaking, because favored the big fleet already appears before them not far away, Zhao Hai their these three Great Magical Artifact were different, this Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race altogether set out several Great Magical Artifact, but this Great Magical Artifact was on the other hand, regarding ordinary Magical Artifact, Magical Artifact that Weave Fire Clan used is Great Magical Artifact, but regarding Yama Ship such big guy, Weave Fire Clan used can only be general Magical Artifact. although said that great Spirit Race in hand also has many Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but these Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, when great Spirit Race withdraws from the ten-thousand realms battlefield, disassembling to have carried off by great Spirit Race, but these time dispatches troops to worry, great Spirit Race simply does not have the means in taking to bring in the assembly Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, Great Magical Artifact that therefore this Weave Fire Clan they use, many are Great Magical Artifact that some Weave Fire Clan make. Weave Fire Clan is not one by the Great Magical Artifact use famous Interface, they in **, some , is used to transport, but this time to cope with hundred treasure, they have extracted some sword shuttles specially, to specially cope with hundred treasure. The sword shuttle is spindle-shaped Magical Artifact of one type of enlargement version, two have the point, all around belt blade edge, middle actually cabin, this is the one type of volume is not big, is very flexible, attack strength very strong Magical Artifact. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;