Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1570

Chapter 495 bombs directly Reason that Weave Fire Clan must use sword shuttle aggressiveness to be very strong, but the transport capacity is actually not very strong shape Magical Artifact comes manned, mainly settled on the attack strength of sword shuttle. Great does Spirit Race build up by what? The operation of Great Magical Artifact, can say before Zhao Hai does not have appears , in the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield, regarding the operation of Great Magical Artifact, the great Spirit Race person said second, nobody dares to say one are first. Before they with hundred treasure to war, its Great Magical Artifact operation of being proud, actually lived to restrain by Zhao Hai, therefore great Spirit Race everywhere will be suppressed, fell on leeward. But this time they heard, Zhao Hai closes up probably, if Zhao Hai has closed up, regarding Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race is the good deeds. Standing of Zhu Lie face calm on sword shuttle, his corners of the mouth are twitching once for a while, the two eyes anger sparkles, Zhu Lie Younger Brother in previous time with the fights of hundred treasure by the type, Zhu Lie has been wanted to revenge for own Younger Brother, currently finally has opportunity. But his corners of the mouth spasm, not completely because of his anger, because on his face has scar together, this scar is he is young the time stays behind, by one compared with his strength strong cultivator injuring. The cultivator has plenty medicinal ointment can eliminate this scar, but Zhu Lie has been useless, he leaves behind this scar, for was remembered that hatred by oneself. Latter he must fall to his cultivator the wound finally, but this scar he has still not eliminated, he must make this scar remind itself, all dares to affront his person, must die. Because of existence of this scar, therefore his corners of the mouth sometimes meets the unconscious spasm, this makes him look like fierce incomparable. Previous Weave Fire Clan with hundred treasure to war, Zhu Lie has not participated, he was closing up at that time, in knows afterward own Younger Brother dies unexpectedly in the previous time matter, he has wanted to look for hundred treasure to revenge, currently finally has opportunity he, he naturally is happy. In this time, Zhu Lie suddenly present distant place three black spots are welcoming toward their here, Zhu Lie sweeps with spiritual force, is being three Great Magical Artifact, he cannot help but stares, because of these three Great Magical Artifact appearances, said with clansman, in hundred treasure Great Magical Artifact that the person who called Zhao Hai used was the same, hundred treasure knew their plan, therefore came out to intercept ahead of time? Is impossible, this plan, in did not say that arranged, less than hundred treasure time, the people of hundred treasure are impossible presently their. In this time, a Weave Fire Clan person is arriving at the Zhu Lie side, to Zhu Lie said : fierce elder brother, is that three Great Magical Artifact on hundred treasure Zhao Hai, it seems like that the people of hundred treasure presently we come.” Did Zhu Lie knit the brows said : you to affirm?” That person nodded said : not to have the mistake, certainly is Zhao Hai, you look at these cannon barrel on that Great Magical Artifact, these thing were, certainly was Zhao Hai that disobeyed to install.”

Zhu Lie coldly snorted said : presently on present, can be what kind , the signal, told everyone/Great Clan, entire advancing.” That Weave Fire Clan person just about to reminds one, actually hears with a bang sound loud noise. Hears this sound, that Weave Fire Clan person cannot help but stares, then complexion changes, said loudly: Fierce elder brother, ordered to defend quickly, Zhao Hai fired off.” Zhu Lie first time with Zhao Hai to the war, and don’t know Zhao Hai fierce place, looks at that person of appearance, cannot help but despising of face, in his opinion, that person really enough loses face, but is Zhao Hai, gives the scary that person of appearance him unexpectedly. He has not waited to order, hears with a bang sound, sword shuttle swaying of his under foot, Zhu Lie cannot help but complexion changes, he turns the head to look, on a cabin roof of sword shuttle, within many were made a hole greatly. This startled no small matter, Zhu Lie has not thought that Zhao Hai fire unexpectedly such overbearing, their Weave Fire Clan has become famous with the spear|gun, Zhu Lie is very confident to own spear|gun technique, has not actually thought that the artillery of hundred treasure have achieved this degree unexpectedly, must know that is their Weave Fire Clan spear|gun , the impossible spear|gun to destroy the sword loosen. Zhu Lie immediately/on horseback said loudly: Defense, all sword shuttles open the defense pattern, all people are separated from the sword shuttle, gives great Spirit Race to be responsible for the sword loosen control power.” Before because the sword shuttle must hurry along, therefore Zhu Lie used all energy on hurrying along, has not opened the Defense Item pattern of sword shuttle, this sword shuttle although was Magical Artifact that one type of attack grew perceptibly, but the general big shape Magical Artifact defense capability he had, therefore saw the sword shuttle unexpectedly making a hole by a Zhao Hai artillery, Zhu Lie immediately ordered to open the defense pattern, simultaneously has given these great Spirit Race people the control power of sword shuttle. This time they bring these many sword shuttles, when necessary, making the great Spirit Race person operate these sword shuttles to carry on attack to hundred treasure, but Zhu Lie has not thought on this day can come is so quick. although Weave Fire Clan now and great Spirit Race cooperates, but Zhu Lie they actually very much do not trust the great Spirit Race person, in hurrying along, the control power of sword shuttle has grasped in Weave Fire Clan in hand, now Zhu Lie looked that the situation is not right, immediately made people give these great Spirit Race people the control power. However his turned as is actually some late, control Quan Ke of this sword shuttle was not good to shift, in adding on Zhao Hai these cannon, the attack strength previous time with Weave Fire Clan fights also is more formidable than now, before Zhu Lie had not brought to enough attention, therefore after this round bombing, the Weave Fire Clan sword shuttle, under one on was destroyed ten many. At this moment, second round bombing of Zhao Hai started, Weave Fire Clan these people responded that also quick, many cultivator the leave team sword shuttle, the control power of some sword shuttles have handed over in the hand of great Spirit Race. However now great Spirit Race just controlled the sword shuttle, has not waited to release the performance of sword shuttle completely ripe, second round bombing of Zhao Hai arrived , more than ten sword shuttles were destroyed. Is good in each sword shuttle the people of attire is not many, waits for after Zhao Hai two rounds bombing, the person in sword shuttle basically came out from the sword shuttle.

However is this, two rounds bombing of Zhao Hai have also damaged more than 20 sword shuttles, meanwhile has killed Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race more than 2000 people, the quantity that Weave Fire Clan Monster Beast loses is also similar. Zhao Hai cannon, use, but high explosive shell, one but the shell has entered in the cabin, will live the explosion, that lethality is very big. In this time, three times bombing of Zhao Hai was starting, Zhu Lie roars, just about to makes noise, their front suddenly appears the a piece big shield, the Zhao Hai shell has then hit on these big shields, these big shield although also shook two to shake, has actually blocked Zhao Hai attack. Sees this situation, Zhu Lie not only does not have a happy expression, complexion gloomy as if must drop appear out of the water(water outlet) to come, because he knows that these big shields are not ordinary cultivator can cause, certainly was Immortal Stage Expert make a move. It seems like his performance lets these Immortal Stage Expert very discontented, therefore these Immortal Stage Expert make a move. Must know that like the fight, general Immortal Stage Expert make a move, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, Immortal Stage Expert only will not fight with Immortal Stage Expert generally, if meddles the Immortal Stage following struggle, is looked down upon very much. Currently has Immortal Stage Expert to meddle, obviously is to Zhu Lie command(er) very discontented, this makes Zhu Lie feel sad. In this time, is actually hearing a sound to transmit said : originally is spirit shield Barre arrived, Barre, you are also concerned about face do not want, the battle of junior position, do you also want to be involved?” Zhu Lie can hear, this is hundred treasure Immortal Stage Expert is speaking, the voice of opposite party just fell, hears in oneself square-shaped formation sound speaking sounds: Mu Tianbo, was you came unexpectedly, snort|hum, people hundred treasure extinguished great Spirit Race in ten-thousand realms battlefield here Dao doctrines, this originally was a life and death battle, but also there is any custom to say.” Good that HaHaHa, said that Barre, I thought that we find the individual place to be intimate with, what's wrong, can you by protect the residence to have the person? If you in meddling, do not blame me must slaughter.” Feared that you are inadequate!” The voice fell, keeps off in Zhu Lie in front of them these shield vanish from sight, but at this time fourth round bombing of Zhao Hai in one time they raided toward Zhu Lie. However this Zhu Lie they had him to prepare, just when two Immortal Stage Expert dialogs, Zhu Lie they have not been idling, great Spirit Race these people, already complete the remaining these sword shuttles to control, simultaneously Zhu Lie they also has pulled open the lineup, among people have spread out very big, this was the Zhao Hai shell falls in Great Formation, they can also avoid or resist, like this on will reduce many casualties. Zhu Lie look at distant place also keeping opens catches fire three Great Magical Artifact that coldly snorted said : advancing, the sword shuttle long head, other people afterward, loose lineup.” Along with his order, they also remaining more than 30 sword shuttles, go toward the forward flight, other cultivator, has put out respective Magical Artifact, follows, Weave Fire Clan these Monster Beast, returned to the Master side, has been protecting their Master. Another round bombing raids, the effect that but these time bombs is actually not big, toward to the shells of these sword shuttles, by these great Spirit Race people to avoid, but falls the shell in Great Formation, because lineup extremely Yu Song uses, has not killed several people.

Zhao Hai also present this point, his hand wields, on three Great Magical Artifact all shells shrank, then in Great Magical Artifact each and every one was taking Undead Creature appears of spear|gun in the cabin, lifts gun look at cabin outside. But follows these cultivator on three Great Magical Artifact, is not first time fights with Zhao Hai together, their very clear should do, these cultivator have also revealed their Magical Artifact, but they do not have immediately toward to outside, they know that Zhao Hai feared now was prepares Charging Formation, when crashed in Great Formation of enemy, was their make a move time. Just as is such that these cultivator think, Zhao Hai was prepares Charging Formation, the weakness of shell was passed to research by the Weave Fire Clan person, has been using the shell not to have what significance, therefore Zhao Hai preparation close combat. Zhu Lie looked at Zhao Hai to stop bombing, knows that the opposite party feared must take an action, his said loudly: All people prepare, the opposite party possibly wanted Charging Formation, the sword shuttle was ready, intercepted opposite party Great Magical Artifact, other people, were divided into three teams, each team was responsible for attacking Great Formation!” His voice just fell, Zhao Hai three Great Magical Artifact flushed, Zhu Lie two eyes flash of cold light, the spear|gun arrived at in his hand, he is ready with the rifle firing, has aimed at Yama Ship that clashes. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;