Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1571

Chapter 1567 sees the surrendered soldier The Zhao Hai look at opposite party built up, that more than 30 spindle-shaped Great Magical Artifact, often smiles, looked that the opposite party was divided into three groups these spindle-shaped Great Magical Artifact, Zhao Hai wants to do on the understand opposite party, but he has not cared, he was very confident to his Great Magical Artifact. com Under Zhao Hai command(er), three Great Magical Artifact aggressive flushes away toward opposite party Great Formation, opposite party Great Formation has suspended, loose lineup that altogether near twenty thousand person, near twenty thousand Monster Beast suspends, occupying land area area is not small. Three Great Magical Artifact has raised, the Weave Fire Clan sword shuttle also moved, was welcoming three Great Magical Artifact direct impacts. These great Spirit Race person very clear, if makes the sword shuttle stand in there is keeping off the impacts of three Great Magical Artifact, that definitely cannot block, in great Spirit Race person who these time comes, has plenty has fought with Zhao Hai, they fully realize Zhao Hai fierce degree, therefore they have chosen driving moving forward to meet somebody, comes a time hedge with Zhao Hai three Great Magical Artifact, this can prevent Zhao Hai. Sword shuttle three Great Magical Artifact distance getting closer and closer, in behind continuously look at Zhu Lie, anxious, although he is ready with the rifle firing now, his thoughts all have actually placed three Great Magical Artifact and in clashing of sword shuttle. Stands Zhao Hai on Yama Ship, has been paying attention to these Weave Fire Clan people's changes through Space, looks at these person that tense appearances, on his face cannot help but revealed one badly to smile. In Great Magical Artifact with the flash that these sword shuttles must hit, Zhao Hai fierce waving, three Great Magical Artifact instantaneous ~ changes is small, drilled from the crevice of sword shuttle, after waiting has let the sword shuttle, three Great Magical Artifact instantaneously increase, flushes away toward Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race allied armies Great Formation. These changes suddenly, not only these command(er) some great Spirit Race people of sword shuttle, because causes the wrong strength, made that a Blood Qi tuck dive, almost spits blood, even if the Zhu Lie their these look at people, is unexpected to this change, probably is the full preparation listens to a giant artillery sound, finally is one dud is the same, that feeling makes them feel that the whole body is uncomfortable. They also making to stare by this change, but at this moment, three Great Magical Artifact have crashed in big in the formation, Zhu Lie they responded finally, but Zhao Hai three Great Magical Artifact, in Great Formation, left three bloody roads at this time. Zhu Lie looks at this situation, the eye one was red, his furiously roar, buckled the board to strike, bullets hit toward three Great Magical Artifact on, other people also almost responded with him, no matter with spear|gun used other Magical Artifact, all people put together their weapon that took toward three Great Magical Artifact on call. Weave Fire Clan these Monster Beast, went all out attacks toward three Great Magical Artifact on, or hits, either grasps, either bites, full on attack toward three Great Magical Artifact. However the Weave Fire Clan person presently, oneself have made a mistake quickly, in this way, simply impossible to be what kind of three Great Magical Artifact, their in hand bullet, cannot break through including three Great Magical Artifact protective shield, but these throw on Monster Beast to Great Magical Artifact, by Great Magical Artifact protective shield blocking, when these Monster Beast want scratches and tears or breaks by biting protective shield, one of the artillery in three Great Magical Artifact in time have opened fire, several shells hit only Monster Beast, at once, these lie Monster Beast on Great Magical Artifact, was hit torn to pieces. Sees this situation, the heart of Zhu Lie in the drop blood, his immediately/on horseback said loudly: All Monster Beast draw back, quick, draws back.” These Monster Beast also present danger, goes toward retreat. But at this time bullets have shot from three Great Magical Artifact, prompted against Weave Fire Clan person to be hit at the scene.

But at the same time the one of the artillery in Great Magical Artifact in time has opened fire, these artillery were not counting on now can kill too many people, they take these Monster Beast as target, fixed-point cleaning up. At this time these drove the person of sword shuttle also to respond, their immediately/on horseback harnessed the sword shuttle to kill, must say, this sword shuttle also was really quick, because sword shuttle most design from the beginning was used for attack, therefore the attack strength was very strong. However Zhao Hai actually does not fear these, he command(er) three Great Magical Artifact are battering in Weave Fire Clan Great Formation, while called all people did not pay attention to the time, fell these to the sword shuttle of ground received in Space, then integrated in Liquid Silver. Waits for these sword shuttles to turn around to fire into his time, Zhao Hai wields, more than 20 sword shuttle appears in three Great Magical Artifact side, welcomed toward the Weave Fire Clan remaining these sword shuttles. Sees this situation, Zhu Lie felt that own brain Dheri buzz, two eyes one black, almost faints, he has not thought really that Zhao Hai can also cause the sword shuttle unexpectedly, Zhu Lie cannot direct said loudly: What's all this about? Will he have the sword shuttle? The sword shuttle is not our Weave Fire Clan not the secret of passing on?” At this time a Weave Fire Clan person to Zhu Lie said : fierce elder brother, have not been thinking, previous time we and Zhao Hai battled, person in hand of hundred treasure did not have Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, afterward after Zhao Hai Giant Spirit Treasure Ship of hundred treasure made, hundred treasure do not have Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, I think that Zhao Hai certainly was crafting Expert, the fierce elder brother, tries to find the solution quickly.” Zhu Lie also knows that is not this way good, his coldly snorted said : all people, use the synthesis spear|gun technique, must break to me these three tortoiseshells.” Along with his life, therefore the Weave Fire Clan people used with own Monster Beast synthesis, turned into the half-human, half-monster monster, was taking the spear|gun of increasing adeptly, greeted toward three Great Magical Artifact on. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, while strengthening protective shield, said loudly: All people listened, has not ordered, can not come out from the cabin.” Zhao Hai very clear, three Great Magical Artifact strongest defenses are not these protective shield, but Magical Artifact itself, Zhao Hai believes that these Weave Fire Clan have used the synthesis spear|gun technique, is impossible to hit puts on his three Great Magical Artifact. But these sword shuttles that at this time Zhao Hai release went to with Weave Fire Clan these sword shuttle exchange hands, fighting that frequented each other at once must not different happy. But three Great Magical Artifact protective shield cannot bear such how besieging of Expert finally, was broken through many, but these protective shield like other protective shield, one had not been broken through, removes the bottom broke, these protective shield although were broken through many, but these broken place, actually still cannot play very strong protection to do to use. although is this, but Zhu Lie they also probably saw the hope is the same, bellows is shooting at three Great Magical Artifact bullets. Zhao Hai has to recognize, Weave Fire Clan these fellows with very be really good, that that spear|gun that the spear|gun uses hits called one, bullets, infiltrated from the protective shield crack place, hit directly on three Great Magical Artifact, hit the Great Magical Artifact dāng dāng straight sound. although is this, however the Weave Fire Clan person takes Zhao Hai three Great Magical Artifact not to have the means that the bullets after these variation hit on Great Magical Artifact, seemed like using a needle to puncture Giant Shield to be at the same time same, simply did not have the means with Giant Shield. Zhao Hai very clear, Weave Fire Clan the synthesis attack is impossible to continue too long time, his previous time when battles with Weave Fire Clan, had asked for advice their this attack, last time time their attack takes him not to have the means that now is also same.

Zhu Lie also present this point, but this presently makes him almost desperate, his understand, why Zhao Hai so will not be strong, attack that their Weave Fire Clan is proud, actually takes Zhao Hai means not to have. But Zhao Hai command(er) three Great Magical Artifact, were actually compelling at this time toward Weave Fire Clan remaining these sword shuttle there, the Weave Fire Clan remaining these sword shuttles, had tied down by Zhao Hai these sword shuttles completely, they want to withdraw not to be impossible now. Must mention the flexibility of these sword shuttles, how great Spirit Race operate these sword shuttles can compare with Zhao Hai these sword shuttles, Zhao Hai these sword shuttles now command(er), but Laura they, several command(er) these sword shuttle coordination with each other, Weave Fire Clan remaining these sword shuttle complete escaping in there, but also has destroyed two. At this time Zhao Hai pressed, the great Spirit Race people of these operate sword shuttles know that must be finished, squad great Spirit Race person on a sword shuttle, looked at this situation, two eyes cannot help but flashed through a frantic facial expression, then furiously roar said : do not manage other, the command(er) sword shuttle overran to Zhao Hai, prepares detonate sword shuttle, today we died, wanted pulling he to do to be buried along with the dead!” As soon as several other great Spirit Race people listened to him saying that gawked, but on their faces also has shown afterward facial expression completely, nodded, command(er) the sword shuttle was overrunning toward Yama Ship. Now these great Spirit Race people most hate is Zhao Hai, reason that because their several times plans by Zhao Hai destroying, have been able to say great Spirit Race fall to today's this situation, completely because of Zhao Hai, in adding on hatred of great Spirit Race with hundred treasure, let hatred between them and Zhao Hai has achieved has not treated altogether the day the situation, with turning over to with completely also no big deal. Zhao Hai also noted this sword shuttle, this sword shuttle disregarded, flushed toward Yama Ship, the body of this sword shuttle had some wounds, some were the Zhao Hai sword shuttle stay behind, some were actually cannon on Yama Ship hit, now such disregards flushed, but also had one type of frigid imposing manner. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : interestingly, but also has the brave warrior, I help you.” The Zhao Hai intention moves, Yama Ship front battering ram non-stop flew, one pierced that sword shuttle, sword shuttle inside person, two have not let off, that sword shuttle downward falls. But in front of Yama Ship the battering ram break the formation Spirit Snake needle, this attack, can it be that a sword shuttle can resist, battering ram after abandoning a sword shuttle, flies toward another sword shuttle. After battering ram continually pierced five sword shuttles, other sword shuttle suddenly were motionless. Zhao Hai is somewhat puzzled, don’t know they are up to mischief, but he and also made his sword shuttle stop, has not been attacking, he wants to have a look at these fellows also to have anything to move. But at this time Zhu Lie their synthesis spear|gun technique did not have the means in using, in them some Monster Beast died because of the use synthesis spear|gun technique excessively. After waiting for Zhu Lie they to relieve the synthesis spear|gun technique, their strengths also big weakened, Zhao Hai looked at this situation, took up communication device, to standing Mu Yu said : Mu Yu Big Brother in pagoda, you brought another two Great Magical Artifact to deal with these Weave Fire Clan people, can make Magical Artifact inside cultivator come out to kill the enemy, had in dares to tie a defense, flushed with Great Magical Artifact.” Mu Yu deep voice said : good, these sword shuttles hand over give you, keeps one to play to play to me, I did not have good flight Magical Artifact to the present.” Zhao Hai laughs said : well, feel relieved, keeps one to you well.” At this time Mu Yu also laughed, command(er) another two Great Magical Artifact, threw toward Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race allied armies.

Now Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race allied armies, were flushed the lineup not to have actually, their lineups very loose, was having three Great Formation impacts back and forth by Zhao Hai, now absolutely did not have what lineup to say, in adding on the Weave Fire Clan person, just extricated from the synthesis spear|gun technique, the strength reduces greatly, kills their best opportunities. Mu Yu has the person to cope with Weave Fire Clan not to raise, Zhao Hai has paid attention to the remaining that more than 20 sword shuttles, why don’t know their suddenly was stopping, this sword spear|gun last present is also bringing protective shield, his Liquid Silver flying needle cannot go, knows that is any situation. On these sword shuttles had the Liquid Silver flying needle, when just fought, Zhao Hai the Liquid Silver flying needle removing, Zhao Hai has not wanted to keep this sword shuttle most from the beginning, wants to give to ruin to consider as finished this sword shuttle, but this sword shuttle stops now, he to was some being in doubt opposite party wants to do. In this time, is going out of a great Spirit Race person to come from a sword shuttle, this great Spirit Race person unexpectedly is Divided Spirit Stage Expert, this person of appears in front of sword shuttle, bows to Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, did I and others surrender hundred treasure, don’t know mister can accept?” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that really the opposite party will surrender unexpectedly, this is time has the great Spirit Race person to surrender to him, he has hesitated next step: How I know that you are sincerity must surrender.” That person has smiled bitterly next step: That please ask mister, how must be able to believe that we are the sincerity surrenders?” Zhao Hai looks at his appearance, probably is not lying, he waved, Undead Creature appears in his side, this Undead Creature great Spirit Race person, Zhao Hai deep voice said : this present sends him to pass, you hand over in your in hand weapon and Space equipment his hand, is making him seal up your Spiritual Qi, if you agreed that I assure your securities, how?” That great Spirit Race cultivator successive wants not to think said : „.” Said that his hand wields, protective shield on sword shuttle already vanish from sight, protective shield also vanish from sight on other sword shuttles, the each and every one great Spirit Race person's walked out from sword shuttle. This sword shuttle is not big, therefore each sword shuttle only needs five people to drive, presently presents also the remaining sword shuttles altogether to have 24, altogether 120 great Spirit Race people. When these person appears on the sword shuttle, Zhao Hai then sent that Undead Creature, these great Spirit Race person look at this great Spirit Race Undead Creature, cannot help but sighed, they know that great Spirit Race these time has defeated, even if had the help of Weave Fire Clan, later they wanted to cope with hundred treasure, was difficult. These Weave Fire Clan cultivator, installed the strength to prepare their Space has given that Undead Creature, whatever then that Undead Creature has sealed up their Spiritual Qi, a meaning of rebel did not have....... ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;