Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1572
Chapter 497 I am a director Zhao Hai look at these were pressed the great Spirit Race person in cabin by Undead Creature, sighed, was dark said : is at heart negligent, these time was really negligent.” Because he did not want these sword shuttles, therefore removed the Liquid Silver needle in sword shuttle ahead of time, when added on the war, energy fluctuation extremely in the intensity, making him not have the situation in means surveillance sword shuttle at once, therefore these people really must hire oneself, had the point, he also really somewhat is in doubt now. This also made Zhao Hai presently the weakness of Liquid Silver flying needle, the Liquid Silver flying needle the domains some places receive in Space, but if there appears extremely in the intense energy fluctuation, in Space little can see there presently anything, very near time that only then the Liquid Silver needle left, can see clearly. These time is because Zhao Hai one step withdrew the Liquid Silver needle first, is adding on the wartime energy fluctuation to be chaotic, therefore Zhao Hai don’t know these great Spirit Race people really surrender or surrender false. However now these people by Zhao Hai sealing Spiritual Qi, they cannot turn any storm to come, Zhao Hai has waited till hundred treasure encampment, did not have the war, these people all under his surveillance, Zhao Hai to have wanted to have a look at them also to turn any spray. The Zhao Hai here matter was solved, very smooth that also Mu Yu there carried on, Weave Fire Clan these people have relieved the synthesis spear|gun technique, was the weakest time, loose of lineup before adding on, wants to organize effective attack was impossible. But at this time has hidden these cultivator in Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact, flushed from Great Magical Artifact, a side imposing manner Sheng, a side was soon they are actually given the scared out of one's wits by Zhao Hai, under this disappeared other rises, this fight has become the lopsided trend. But at this time Zhao Hai also took in surrending troops the great Spirit Race people of these driving sword shuttles, turns the head to harness Yama Ship, is bringing these sword shuttles, flushes away toward Great Formation. For on the last straw that broke the camel's back, originally already Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race that allied armies somewhat cannot support, these time is the support does not live, scatters in all directions to run away. Zhao Hai will certainly not let off this time opportunity, he sent out large quantities of Undead Creature also to have these cultivator to chase down, simultaneously he also with Mu Yu they in battlefield cleanup. This Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race died in battle many people, Zhao Hai will certainly not have wasted, received in these people Space, turned into Undead Creature. When cleans battlefield there was similar, Mu Yu and Tang Wen also arrived on Yama Ship, they is a happy expression of face, Mu Yu look at Zhao Hai laugh now said : happily, this is happy, these fellows also want to come our hundred treasure to profit, HaHaHa, this came to them ruthlessly, I to have a look, after these fellows, dares to annoy us.” Zhao Hai looked at all around one, deep voice said : we at the here war, other person definitely knows that but they do not dare to depend is too near, this is also good, we happen to can arrange.”

Did Mu Yu look at all around said : how this to arrange?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, gave me to be good, I ensure made these search the people of clan presently, will create the one type of false appearance, making them think that we were the loss are really serious.” Mu Yu nodded said : that on fantastic, when begins?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to worry, after waiting for everyone/Great Clan to come back, begins.” Reason that after Zhao Hai must waits for all people to come back, begin, must these to help him perform in this play. These people were not first time have gone to war with Zhao Hai, they the heart have been used to this type to win the later pursuing enemy, but they were also clear Zhao Hai the custom, after pursuing the enemy one hour, must immediately/on horseback come back, otherwise Zhao Hai will be impolite. Therefore after two hours, these exit to pursue the enemy, one after another came back, after waiting for all people to come back, Zhao Hai immediately made them get up three Great Magical Artifact, Mu Tianbo they were also same, then he let three Great Magical Artifact, has arrived at the far point place, he stood in in midair, then both hands tied seal, transported Mastering Infinity Profound Technique, this was his second time uses this Profound Technique, therefore was not strange, the non- little while he erased here all the traces of fight, naturally, this cancelled refers to keeping cancelling of these Spiritual Qi fluctuation and spiritual level of here., In on these destroyed place, Zhao Hai has not moved. After waiting for Zhao Hai these traces cancel, he with this all around environment has also established some relation, look at Zhao Hai has waved, they called Mu Yu , then Zhao Hai release large quantities of Monster Beast and Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race Undead Creature, then he also called from Great Magical Artifact these cultivator, making these cultivator perform in a good play with these Undead Creature. These cultivator felt very curious regarding this situation, each and every one is sizing up these Undead Creature, on the face unexpectedly unusual appears a excited facial expression. This matter they, but has not done, first time does naturally is some excited, Zhao Hai looks like a successful director is the same, command(er) these cultivator and Undead Creature. Then Zhao Hai release their these sword shuttles, three Great Magical Artifact also prepared. Mu Yu they curious look at all these, they have not thought really that Zhao Hai suddenly will find out such means. After waiting to prepare, Zhao Hai issues an order, all people moved, these cultivator of hundred treasure, release Magical Artifact, toward these Undead Creature attack, but their very careful control the Magical Artifact strength, by own Magical Artifact with these Undead Creature, is looking like probably is certainly thick as thieves, actually simply has not projected on the person. But these Undead Creature are also opening fire, in their spear|guns attire is some blank ammunitions, can only hear the sound, the simply files coming out bullet, this type of blank ammunition is also Zhao Hai makes the multipurpose manufacture machines do, used to act in a play to use specially.

In order to develop is more lifelike, before acting in a play, Zhao Hai also lets these Undead Creature, caused the massive blood from Space Blood Pond, then has made the blood bag, installed the bodies of these cultivator. These cultivator also don’t know these Undead Creature in being busy at anything, they feel curious, therefore each and every one is only look at, but Zhao Hai told them, when their blood bags explode, they immediately/on horseback feign death. These cultivator this may not act in a play for a lifetime, has not looked at others to act in a play, therefore regarding these thing, very curious. Just from the beginning these Undead Creature opened fire, but also gave to have a scare these cultivator, finally presently, these Undead Creature although are actually opening fire, was a bullet has not actually seen, this let acting in a play that their puzzled also understand Zhao Hai said is any meaning. Quick had many cultivator blood bag to break, they feigned death solitarily, downward fell, but they have not certainly fallen the ground, so long as in fell to forest, can look at others act in a play in forest. These fall in cultivator to forest, on look at frigid the fight scene, smiles stumbles and falls, they first time see this matter, naturally thinks very interesting. But lets Zhao Hai personally command(er) fights of three Great Magical Artifact that they pay attention among with these sword shuttles, that is also is certainly acting in a play, but Zhao Hai develops actually compared with these cultivator much better, saw these sword shuttles to gather round attack that Zhao Hai three Great Magical Artifact keep, on three Great Magical Artifact is also the crackle of gunfire rumbling, batters. But these sword shuttles look like swimming fish are the same, roves in three Great Magical Artifact, attack, is not making three Great Magical Artifact enter to battlefield there, at once scene rubber. If not know that Zhao Hai in acting in a play, these people think certainly that this is a true fight, moreover is a beyond example frigid fight. Before long saw cannon of a sword shuttle on by Yama Ship hitting, departed several people to come from the sword shuttle, these people just appears , a shell exploded in their sides, personal appearance of these people, downward fell. These sit cultivator that rests in the forest, sees this situation, is dumbfounded, this acts in a play to develop this lifelike degree, is they have not thought. But this has not ended, then sees these sword shuttles to see that had the sword shuttle to be hit, they were also anxious, all sword shuttles flushed away toward Yama Ship, before long Yama Ship protective shield was broken through, then these sword shuttles have put together the charge of carrying over, on Yama Ship appears several big cracks, has creakied.

At this time that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and pagoda also supported, the sword shuttle wiped out several, Yama Ship actually finally wiped out, the fight was still continuing, finally Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and pagoda were also damaged seriously, but has actually wiped out the sword shuttle, but fight of cultivator there, won to come to an end by hundred treasure. Loss very miserable of however hundred treasure is also heavy, is the battlefield cleanup, then withdrawal slowly, after waiting for all these to complete, Zhao Hai then lets cultivator returned to that these play dead on Yama Ship. These cultivator look at perfect Yama Ship, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and pagoda, are surprised and admire, these people instead to sharply were not entering Yama Ship, a each and every one face curious was sizing up Yama Ship, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and pagoda, some people of knowing well, but also met get together to chat several, excited of each and every one one face. Mu Yu stands in the Zhao Hai side, look at these face excited cultivator, cannot help but shook the head forced smile said : this there is goes to war likely, before won has not looked at their such happy, I said Little Hai, this play developed, should we also walk? Also can don’t know deceive these big Interface.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : certain energy, these big Interface extremely in believing to search the clan, I made these people such act in a play, for was makes these search the clan unable to look up, for caused some energy to fluctuate in here, this was these Expert, impossible from these energy fluctuations, assessed the here real fight situation.” Zhao Hai this saying is not speaks irresponsibly, some Immortal Stage Expert, regarding the fluctuation of energy are very sensitive, in adding on these Immortal Stage Expert, life don’t know has experienced many fights, the experience of fight very richly, they can definitely from these energy fluctuations, deduction bit by bit the process of entire fight, this be the reasons that Zhao Hai must perform in this play. ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;